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what?????a follow forever??? where the heck is this coming from?? short answer: my drafts

long answer: i follow a lot of people i want to say ‘thank you’ to, and since i can’t do much in the way of gifts, i figured this was the next best thing. so yeah! here are my fave blogs!


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~GENERATING!~ Live - Mamo Jokes With His Fanboy in the Audience with English subtitles (*^ . ^*)

More Info here!!

So a few weeks ago I hit 500 followers and I’m so blown away!! When I first started out I didn’t know if my art would get any kind of attention, and honestly this little corner of the star wars fandom has been so lovely and positive and encouraging and I really can’t thank you enough for helping me to come out of my shell I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHH 💖 💖 💖

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of something to do for you all, and I finally decided that I’d love to try and do a giveaway!  😊

The rules!

- This giveaway is only for my followers, so you must be following me to win. New and old followers will be counted all the same!

-To enter, reblog/like this post! You can do this as many times as you want, all notes will be counted! (tho you can reblog even if you don’t follow me if you’d just like to help me signal boost my giveaway)

-If you want me to draw an OC, you must have a visual ref. It doesn’t have to be a full ref sheet, just enough for me to work off!

- I’ll save a list of all the urls and put them in to a random generator to pick the three winners. You must have your tumblr messenger open so you can be notified that you’ve won! You’ll be given 48 hours to respond- if not I will put the numbers through again and pick another winner.

Your prizes may take me a few days/up to a week to complete. Please be patient! If you’re a new follower you can check out my art tag for more examples of my stuff!

Deadline: Midnight, 18th of June. That’s three weeks!

And that’s about it! Thank you all so much, and the best of luck! 🍀


“I’m looking for two girls. Both of them… friends,  I guess you could call them,” huffed the male Gothitelle as he folded his arms, lowering his head with closed eyes.

“I was originally only going after one after she took off on her own, a soft-hearted Audino. Someone who’s supposed to have a protector with her at all times. But after she said she was trying to look for the other… a Gardevoir I know from childhood… my concern inevitably escalated.” It was then the psychic type balled a hand into a knuckle-popping fist, fitting a disapproving yet determined sneer to mask his worry.

“They just had better not be in any trouble…“ he then thought to himself, we already are dealing with enough…

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Hey look it’s these troublemakers. I don’t think I had shown Francis since I changed him to the custom Yager skin. As always he’s kind of a clone of his daddy but that’s alright. He is his own kind of special personality wise. 


i just wanted to say that my cat (as do the other two that we have) would always be able to sense when i’m having worse pain days or when i am upset or happy and she spent so much time with me just cuddling me and calming me even though she was a little shit who demanded attention at least convenient times and would just climb up my back and sat on my shoulder if i was walking somewhere and losing her after over a decade is so painful but i know that i gave her all my love and she’s always returned it and i want to say PLEASE treat your pets with love, protect animals, give your cat that extra tummy rub they’re all angels and they love you and care about you 

anonymous asked:

Who in the Naruto Universe would date a black girl?

So I’d like to think that all the Naruto characters wouldn’t just date based on skin color, but just for the sake of not having to list 100+ characters I’m just gonna name the ones that come to mind first that I can really envision if that’s okay?

under the cut just in case though

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