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Munday Asks!

MUNDAY : Ask Mun Questions!

1. Have you ever hated on your art?
2. Ever been on a date? If so, how many?
3. Cats or Dogs?
4. Sexuality/Sexual Orientation?
5. What is your opinion on haters?
6. Name an important piece of advice you’d give someone who’s just started out art.
7. Ever animated things before? Were they good?
8. How old are you?
9. Would you specify yourself as a female, male or other?
10. How many friends do you have?
11. What does your work space look like right now?
12. What were you doing before answering this?
13. What’s your name/nickname?
14. Have you ever stolen something?
15. What’s your favourite movie?
16. What is your eye colour?
17. Do you have any phobias/fears?
18. Name 10 things you like.
19. Name 10 things you hate.
20. If you were the President of the USA, what would you do first?
21. Favourite singer?
22. Do you like Mundays?
23. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened for you?
24. Would you rather have penises for fingers or vagina for hands?
25. What would you do if you could do anything you wanted?
26. Before you die, recite your last words…
27. Describe your life in 5 words or less.
28. Have any pets?
29. What country do you live in?
30. Have you ever killed an animal before?
31. Favourite ice cream flavour?
32. Ever masturbated?
33. What are your kinks?
34. Virgin?
35. Do you have any siblings?
36. Are your parents a married couple? Or divorced?
37. What fandoms are you in?
38. What’s your favourite show/anime/etc.
39. What inspired you to do what you’re doing now?
40. Tell us a weird secret!
41. Yaoi, Yuri or Het ftw?
42. What are your pet’s names?
43. Do your teachers like you?
44. Have you ever roleplayed before?
45. Are you a feminist?
46. How big is your house?
47. Are you an emotional person?
48. When was the last time you showered?
49. What did you eat for breakfast?
50. Can we be friends?

And then all of a sudden you find that all your broken pieces start coming back together. This fits here and that goes there, and little by little you start to build back up. You can breathe again, and remember when that felt like it’ll be the last thing you ever do? Look at you now. And even if it only took one person to be the reason for the storm in your eyes, you finally realize that another could be the reason why you never give up…

I guess it really all does happen for a reason, the good and the bad.

—  c.f. // “I told you better was coming”

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Hi! I'm a big fan of your comic, Always Human. I recently started writing my own story and I could use some advice. I have somewhat of the plot planned, especially the end, but I'm not sure at all how to get from the beginning to the end. I kind of write as I go? I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. For Always Human, did you plan out everything before writing, or do you just write with a general idea of how you want the comic to turn out? Thank you c:

I’ve known how Always Human will end for a long time, and I have a vaguely-chronological list of things I wanted the characters to suffer though deal with, in order to challenge them and help them and their relationship grow. I’ve also known since the beginning what strengths Sunati and Austen have that will help them through the crap I throw at them, and also what weaknesses they have that will make everything worse.

Other than this, I tend to work out the details as I go.

Usually, I don’t know for sure how the next episode will pan-out until I’m at least half way through drawing the current episode. Sometimes, when I try to plan things out in advance, I realise that most of what I’ve planned won’t work, and then I panic and try to forget the things I’ve planned so that I can work out what actually is going to happen. This is super stressful! Trying to work out the details ahead of time never goes well for me. Many small details have changed as I write.

A couple of big details have changed too (eg. originally I thought that Sunati would change her look at around the same time Austen decided to stop dieting and chopped her hair off. Then while writing I realised that Sunati would change her look much, much earlier.)

I find that I work best if I write as I go, as long as I stay keep in mind how I want the characters to develop, how I want their relationship to develop, and what outside forces I’m going to throw at them :)

Of course, Always Human is 100% character driven, there’s no plot to speak of (other than me throwing crap at the characters) so it’s pretty easy for me to write as I go. For a different genre I might need to do a lot more plotting and may need to find a different way of writing.

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:I love how you review fanart, it’s such a nice and thoughtful thing to do. also a lot of the ways that austen and sunati interact remind me of me and my gf, and I couldn’t stop smiling when I was reading it yesterday cause I could put myself in their shoes so easily. also your art style is so pretty, I love everything about your comic tbh

Awww, you’re a sweetheart, thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoy the comic :D

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I was a primary school teacher for a few years, and during that time I developed the habit of being really specific when something made me happy, and that habit hasn’t faded away yet. I think it’s a nice habit to have :)

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pls tell us more about the renaissance artists!1!!!

here we go [ part one | leonardo ]

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Maybe more subtle tips? Im a broke secret wix and while i appreciate almost all of your posts but i just can't buy new things without a good reason

We’re gonna start a broom closet tag for subtle tips c: I hope that helps!

Cliches in YA Romance

gabrielarava said to fixyourwritinghabits: Hi! I’m in the process of outlining a young adult novel and am very adamant about avoiding cliches in the genre, especially romantic ones. What are some of the most common cliches in YA romances?

Truthfully, I’m a real sucker for a good romance my in YA novels. I’m also quite picky about what I read and ship. I feel like somewhere along the line, this answer turned into “all-the-things-I-hate-about-YA-romance,” but here we go!

The Love Not-Triangle. I don’t mind love triangles, as long as they actually are triangles, not something that looks vaguely like this from the start:

A “love triangle” that adds no suspense because we know by the end of chapter one that A is going to eventually end up with B, and B and C have no relationship other than their competition for A’s affections. It doesn’t matter how great C is, or how badly B treats A, A will end up with B. 

Write a love triangle that actually has the reader guessing who your protagonist will end up with. Write a love triangle with fleshed out characters that includes other complicated non-romantic relationships interfering. Write a love triangle that is memorable. 

Not-Plain Heroine. A heroine that is plain only to her eyes. Often with brown hair. Extremely pretty when she dresses up. Love Interest finds her beautiful all the time. 

The Eternally Smiling White Knight in Shining Armour and the Brooding Baddest Baddass also known as your typical male love interests. Please, give the White Knight some flaws and the Brooding Baddass some reasons for being brooding. Less cardboard cutouts, more rounded characters. 

Tragic Backstory. Everyone needs a backstory, but sometimes it goes too far. Sometimes, backgrounds with abuse and other very serious things are taken lightly and used for the sake of a flashy tragic backstory, to make a “broken” character that can be simply “fixed” by love. 

“I’m dangerous/I’m not good for you/Stay away from me.” Please no. If they really have that level of self awareness, and really are as good as the book later makes them out to be, then they should have made the effort to stay away. If someone said that to me, I’d give the creep a look and walk away. 

Unnecessary and easily solved conflict. If the problem can be solved through an easily do-able 2 minute conversation or a text, then it does not need to be dragged out into 5 chapters of angst. 

Romantic Stalking. I don’t know why this is a thing. Stalking is never romantic, it’s a creepy invasion of privacy. Overly “protective” and possessive guys are not romantic, they’re abusive. 

First Love at First Sight/Insta-Love. Well, we’ve all seen this one. People get crushes, people fall in lust, but two people do not fall in a deep, maddening, meaningful and heathy love within five minutes of meeting. 

The Jealous Third Party who exists for no reason other than to tear the main couple apart. Usually horrible, vapid and shallow. No character development other than to hate the protagonist more and more. 

Straight, cis and white. Not exactly a cliche, but you get the idea. You see a lot of YA out there with straight, cis and white people falling in love, and I’m getting a little tired of it. Of course, writing about other genders/sexualities/cultures takes a lot of work and research, but I highly encourage you to do so! 

The Magical Healing C***. Sex heals wounds. Falling in love cures you of depression. Your relationship means an end to any mental illness you’ve been struggling with. Please, stop right there. Just no. Stop. Don’t do it. 

Dumb Things I’ve Said While Being Pimped

This has happened a million times, but here are some notable ones. “A” for effort, right?

Resident: What is the first branch of the internal carotid artery?

Me: The… eye artery…

Resident: The ophthalmic artery…

Resident: What’s the first branch of the abdominal aorta?

Me: The one that starts with “C”, but all I can think of right now is the word cephalic.

Resident: Celiac trunk…

Resident (pointing to an x-ray with a thickened vertebral body): What’s the name of this disease?

Me: It’s named after someone. That’s all I’ve got…

Resident: Paget disease…

Pimping is very humbling sometimes. Even if I’ve studied something 100 times, it takes repetition, repetition, repetition. Sometimes you just forget things even if you swear you know it. That doesn’t make you any less intelligent. The good thing is that I never forget something I was pimped on and bombed. So don’t worry, and keep trying! I always try to say something other than “I don’t know” and give it my best try unless I literally have no idea. The funny thing is, on one of my clinical evals for a two week class, the only dean’s letter comment the surgeon put was, “good at being pimped in the OR.” Ummm, thanks? Hoping that one doesn’t make it to the final cut hahaha


[wheezes] We have 7 betta fish now c_c

This is the most I’ve ever had at one time but yesterday’s was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NECESSARY and the most horrifying situation I’ve personally seen a betta in. A pet store was getting in their shipment of fish in and placing them, no big deal, but they do keep the bettas in tanks as a community with the other fish. Whatever this one crowntail betta ended up with, they were bigger, stressed all to fuck, schooling, and suddenly started attacking him and pulling him by his stringy fins in all different directions. Kelli saw it start and her, I, and Cas flailed our hands in front of the tank to distract them into letting the poor betta go (who fled into the grass) and then we spent the next ten minutes waiting for the well-meaning fish-keeper to finish helping some other dude, wiggling our fingers at these fish to keep them interested in us. We also knew that the fastest way to get the betta to safety was just to straight-up buy him and get him somewhere soft and quiet.

Either way we got the betta out first and then the other fish we were already planning to get, and the poor boy is just ragged, and bleeding, and terrible. I don’t think the fish-keeper intended to endanger the poor boy, and probably didn’t even see him in the tank when adding the other fish. Those fish just weren’t having a housemate at all. We got him home and now he’s calmed down in a container like we have the others, with some silk plants and paper on the back of his container so he can’t see the nearby bettas. I’m gonna give him a long while before letting him know that he’s near any other fish. x_x;

An update on the last one I mentioned: He appears to have a permanent problem with his swim bladder, but has perked up nicely since we got him. The trick seemed to be frozen blood worms, which enticed him to eat and get his strength back. He swims okay, but in limited amounts, and does best with the water low and a plant to lay on. But yeah, he just sinks. Other than that, he’s bright-eyed, dances for us, and seems happy! So that’s all I could wish for. I really didn’t think he’d live when I first got him home. ;w; He was so thin and frail and ungh. I’m happy he turned around, so thanks all for the good vibes!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Edmund Pevensie [ISTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Edmund is detached and has his own, slightly sarcastic, view of seeing the world; when Susan says it’s good for them to all get “fresh air outside,” he retorts, “It’s not like there isn’t air INSIDE.” He doubts Narnia exists until seeing it with his eyes, then immediately starts considering how to turn things to his advantage through it. Once instance of clear, swift, concise rational thinking is observing the White Witch thinning their allies on the battlefield and knowing breaking her staff will render her powerless; it makes sense, and he doesn’t share it with anyone else, simply leaps into action; he points out that their enemies don’t even have to fight them in the second film, all they need to do is wait and “starve us out.” Subsequent films find him semi-detached and a decent problem-solver.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He is opportunistic and quick to react in his environment; when the Witch offers him everything he desires, Edmund agrees without hesitation; in the cave beside the golden pool, Edmund sees the potential in controlling the pool for financial wealth and power. He loves to swordfight and take action, and is often very good in a fight. He risks his life to break the White Witch’s staff. When the sea monster attacks the Dawn Treader, it’s Edmund who reacts on his feet and keeps it in one section of the ship so they can ramp it against the rocks, even though it is an extremely risky and dangerous thing to do. He is miserable not being able to fight in England, as he once did in Narnia, because he has a thirst for adventure. He quickly adapts to new situations and changes in the landscape.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Once presented with an opportunity, Edmund quickly sees the future potential in it; “Lucy, we could be so rich!” he exclaims upon finding the golden pool; they would never have to live with their cousins again, if they could but take this treasure out of Narnia! He immediately likes the idea of becoming a great Prince of Narnia when the Witch offers it to him, and holds that goal singular in his mind for a long time. Though his instincts are off in interpreting the Witch’s intentions until it is too late, Edmund quickly picks up on true meanings and likelihoods in subsequent films; he sees through the Witch’s various attempts to ensnare and manipulate them.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Edmund makes it very clear how he feelings about things, both in negative and positive ways – he’s so angry about his dad going to war and abandoning them that tormenting Lucy and provoking emotional reactions makes him “feel better,” since it means she’s miserable too. Edmund is careless in sharing information, until he realizes the severe consequences for innocent Narnians – then he pleads for their lives, and tries to show them mercy where he can. In the second film, Edmund is good-natured, but prone to persuasion. In the third, since he hates Eustace so much, he often airs these complaints, and finds ways to provoke Eustace into emotional reactions (“those chocolates you stole from your mother? I found and LICKED the top of every single one!”).

'Designated Survivor' recap: 'Backfire'

After an action-packed slew of episodes, Designated Survivor finally pumps the brakes tonight for one of the season’s slower episodes. There are no deaths or assassination attempts or explosions, just a bunch of political machinations.

But first things first: President Kirkman is finally out of the hospital! It’s good to seen him out of a gown and back in the White House. In fact, let’s start right there at the West Wing, where everyone is buzzing about the crazy events of last week.


All across D.C., phone calls and news alerts are waking people up in middle of the night: There was a shooting in D.C. last night.

Kirkman, back in the White House, is baffled - how on earth could they let the Vice President get killed?! Agent Wells confesses she hadn’t considered Beth MacLeish becoming a factor. The whole thing points to one answer, Wells concludes - Beth must have been a part of whatever conspiracy was afoot.

Kirkman informs his staff, which of course consists only of three people - Emily, Aaron, and Seth - of what happened and tells them the game plan. The official party line is that Beth shot her husband in a domestic dispute. “These next few days are going to be crucial,” he notes. “I need you to hold it together, project strength. The American people deserve no less.”

The next morning, Kirkman informs the First Lady of what happened… or at least some of what happened. She’s aghast! “This is surreal,” she says. Some people have wondered whether she might be in on the evil plot against the government. Could she be feigning shock?

At the White House Press Briefing Room, the president makes the official announcement: MacLeish was killed by his wife in a murder-suicide last night. He walks off, declining to take questions.

In other news, Emily gives POTUS some administration updates. Their pick for Secretary of the Interior is declining the job. “People just don’t want to be in Washington right now,” she tells him. Who can blame them! Although there is one person who’s interested: former Secretary of State Gary Dwyer is slated to meet with Aaron about resuming his old role. Kirkman is pleased - a guy like Dwyer would do a lot to restore people’s confidence. Emily suggests she take the meeting instead of Aaron, given the suspicions still surrounding him, but he insists on business as usual.

During Seth’s press briefing, one enterprising journalist named Abe Leonard finally asks the question I raised in last week’s recap - the issues surrounding Kirkman’s would-be assassin, Nestor Lozano. Leonard’s been tipped off about the fact that VP MacLeish overrode the FBI and gave a shoot-to-kill order on Lozano. “Why would he do that?” Leonard wonders. His questions whip the whole room into a frenzy, catching Seth off guard.

Kirkman and Aaron confirm Leonard’s information to a surprised Seth and look for ways to contain the fallout “before paranoia takes over.” (I’d imagine that by now, paranoia is the norm in D.C.) In current events-like fashion, Kirkman orders his staff to find out who’s leaking classified information.

Aaron runs to the most obvious source of the leak, Speaker Kimble Hookstraten. Not only does she not deny it, she points out that technically Aaron is the leaker for having told her in the first place. Nailed him!

Aaron comes clean to Kirkman, who ends up being pretty chill about it. But he does make one recommendation: He tells Aaron to get some rest. He thinks the stress and lack of sleep is compromising Aaron’s judgment, so he instructs him to take a week off. Could this be part of a larger strategy to figure out if Aaron’s a bad guy? Or is Kirkman just genuinely concerned?

Either way, he appoints Emily to take over as Acting Chief of Staff. Finally, it’s Emily’s time!

Back in the press shop, Seth’s assistants are complaining that the journos won’t stop asking whether the Vice President was involved in the plot to kill President Kirkman. Seth comes up with a counter-offensive: to publicly question the work of Abe Leonard, the apparently Pulitzer-winning reporter responsible for Seth’s headaches. He’s made mistakes before, right? Let’s remind everyone about that!

Out on the street, Seth runs into college friends who insist on taking him out for drinks. Reluctantly, Seth says yes.

As his buddies ply him with whiskey, they try to slap some sense into him. He’s on a sinking ship! He should get out while he can, rather than become the face of a failed administration. Seth hears them but rejects their premise forcefully before walking out.

NEXT: A former president gets in the game

The next day, Emily meets with former Secretary of State Dwyer about taking back his old job, but he stops her short. He only took the meeting out of respect and has no interest in the position. But he does give Emily a hot tip: Former President Cornelius Moss is eager to get back into politics to help advise the Kirkman administration through these turbulent times.

Cornelius Moss?? There’s a suspicious sounding name if I’ve ever heard one.

Kirkman is a little curious about this as well - he’s spoken to Moss several times since taking office, and he’s never expressed an interest in returning to the fold. Why now?

In the hall, Leonard runs into Seth and lets him know he’s on to Seth. What is the administration trying to hide? Leonard is determined to find out.

To help beat the nosy press to the story, Kirkman goes on TV to let the entire nation know about the truth - that MacLeish ordered the FBI to kill Lozano. It’s not how he would’ve done it, Kirkman says, but he nonetheless respects MacLeish’s decision. The president goes on to give some inspiring, Lincoln-esque words about a nation united, etc. etc.


Wells has a face-to-face with Joyner, the guy MacLeish met with before he was killed. She presents him with documents that confirm how things went sideways for their unit in Afghanistan. He cracks.

She takes the intel straight to the president. Lozano, the man who tried to kill Kirkman, was also involved in the bloodbath MacLeish’s unit found themselves in over in Afghanistan. And MacLeish was responsible for stopping his men from killing Lozano, a war criminal. Lozano owed MacLeish his life.

Her takeaway: This failed mission is how MacLeish became radicalized against the government. The very event that made him a hero also turned him into a traitor.

The episode ends with Aaron coming out of a car and getting approached by a shadowy figure in the sidewalk. “Langdon?” Aaron responds. “Not here,” the man says, and the two walk off together.

But, of course, they’re both being watch the entire time - by Agent Wells. “That’s Charles Langdon,” she says. As in, the former chief of staff who suspiciously didn’t die in the attack on the Capitol.


- In a late scene, we saw Wells check in on her old pal Jason Atwood, who’s still sad about his son dying. “Let’s make them pay,” Wells says. Atwood isn’t having it: “Justice won’t bring my son back.”

- Midway through the episode, Alex tells Kirkman she wants to take the children to Camp David for the sake of their safety. Kirkman doesn’t like the sound of this. He needs his family! But she insists that the White House - and, frankly, anywhere Kirkman is - is a dangerous place to be for the kids right now.

On the face, this is a pretty sensible move. But one could read something else into this. If Alex is indeed involved in the conspiracy, maybe she’s gathering the children somewhere off-campus where it’ll be easier to use them as collateral, or even as bait? Perhaps this could lead to some sort of blackmail situation? Or, there could be a whole other explanation-that the writers decided the show would be easier to write with the family out of the way.

- Before we get too carried away with Aaron theories, let’s consider the fact that Aaron seemed surprised to see Langdon. There’s a strong chance that the two haven’t been colluding all this time, and that Langdon is simply trying to flip Aaron now while he’s down. (But also, how does everyone not realize they’re probably being surveilled at this point?)

- I’m a big fan of this new Abe Leonard storyline. A disgraced Pulitzer winner looking to make his big journalistic comeback and becoming a thorn in the administration’s side along the way? Played by Northern Exposure star Rob Morrow, no less? Yes, please! But it also begs the question: What happened to that other journalist who was a thorn in the administration’s side, the one who briefly became Seth’s love interest? Did she suddenly decide to stop journalisming?

- Speaking of Seth, that scene where his old college pals take him out drinking seemed a bit out of place. The writers are probably trying to flesh out his character a little more, which I’m all for, but I’m not sure that was the best way to do it.

- I can’t wait to meet this Cornelius Moss fellow! What does the former president want? What does he stand to gain? Now that MacLeish has exited the picture, is he the next operative being sent in to dismantle Kirkman’s White House from the inside?

While it’s obviously too early to say, we do know one thing - Moss will be played by Geoff Pierson, a.k.a. the guy who played President John Keeler back on 24. Reunion! According to Deadline, Pierson’s Moss will be a recurring character whom Kirkman will try to appoint as Secretary of State. Should be interesting!

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We knew that clarke would move on, at least its not with a man, nor with the guy who is responsible for lexa's death and hundreds of grounders, so I take it, I'm sure C would die in the end so If she wants to spend her time with N, good for her, at least N respects her and L, which is the most important thing. I'd angry if it were with Lunda who doesnt respect lexa. When C dies she will be together with her soulmate.

Totally, I think that Nylon would be good to her cos she understands and knows where Klork hearts lies. In 5 years Klork will me more than okay to start smth w her and have a good life away from her genocidal ppl, but hey this is the fucking bitanic y’all, and yes, rose did get married and had a family but her one true love was jack. So yeah, in the end when Klark has lived long enough she will return to my smol bean extra Lexa.

prince-leorio  asked:

i loved your fic!! please tell me more klance things that make you weak 👀. if you don't mind of course!

ahhhhh okay my dude i’m sorry this took me a while 2 answer - it’s not bc i didn’t see it, it’s bc i wanted to give it the Meticulous Consideration™ it deserved jkgddsgjg ANYWAY here’s my attempt at sharing things that are My Jam  👀 👀 👀

  • ok so like the #1 Best Klance Thing imo is their relationship progressing from Just Physical to being full of E M O T I O N S, this is in both the fics i have written bc i just LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    • the tension of the rivalry develops into “oh shit he’s hot” unresolved sexual tension, so they start messing around, almost pissed at the other for being so fucking pretty and putting me through this hell – it’s a bit rough, a bit messy, all that good stuff. they look at each other and just want to s c r e a m, because why is my heart exploding from seeing this loser and his stupid perfect face and gorgeous eyes and–
    • –and then the gay feelings start hitting them both in earnest. none of them want to say anything because they are both insecure about themselves and where they stand, so they just… pine and pine after one another, trying to express what they feel in the moments when they get to have the other in their arms
    • keith kissing lance uncharacteristically soft, so he can breathe him in a few seconds longer; lance running his fingers through keith’s hair or over his skin, just marveling at him, at every detail; those small, tender moments that they think is all they’re ever going to get.
    • but then, eventually, one of them won’t be able to take it anymore and a confession will just slip
    • if it’s lance it will be soft and gentle and earnest, because he thinks about things, turning every scenario over in his mind ahead of time, and finally decides he just has to say what he feels even though he’s so nervous he thinks he’s about to faint. if it’s keith it’ll be more impulsive: it’ll come out when he least expects it, whenever he starts getting emotional, because eventually all the feelings he’s bottled up will come spilling out of him all at once
    • of course its mutual. this is where it REALLY gets soft and gay, and lance will inevitably say something dumb and keith will hit him and then kiss the stupid smile off his adorable face
    • (sdjglksjdg i feel like i just summarized my multichap fic but i mean… i wrote it like that for a reason :’’)))) )
  • insecurity & jealousy that get resolved in the end have always been a lovely trope and it works so well for klance i just… its truly amazing
    • lance, of course, has this inferiority complex toward keith because keith is just Good At Everything, and he has this cool aloof vibe that lance envies – he’s always been the goofy class-clown type, and lowkey wished he could be the Hero from all the dorky movies we all know he definitely watches, and keith just embodies all of this to him.
    • keith meanwhile thinks lance is absolutely radiant. it’s not necessarily that he wishes he could be like him, because keith has his own way of understanding the world and doesn’t feel the need to change that. but he wonders how a person can have such a glow, making everyone around them laugh, enrapturing the room, existing so naturally, so easily. it’s the opposite of everything keith is, and it blows him away, it makes his heart Ache.
    • and when they come together, they start to realize that they can both be so much more that way. lance is keith’s #1 fan and supporter, bc he admires him so much and believes in him no matter what, even after discovering that he is a Known Dork and awkward cutie. meanwhile keith will hold lance up whenever he starts feeling insecure, or like he’s not enough, because he’s seen lance from the outside: he’s seen that light he has, and it never fails to make him feel warm, and he is going to make sure lance knows just how wonderful he is.
  • and then, as boyfriends, still being able to compete about everything because it’s in both their personalities – but it’s Good and Playful and tbh they probably end up competing to see who is the better kisser bc they both have poorly veiled ulterior motives and, well, it is up 2 u from there  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this got really long and i’m tired so it’s probably incoherent,,, but i hope it’s what u wanted!! and thank u for reading my fic and sending me a message, it truly made my day <3

Some pictures of Sims 4 Amami under the cut. I’m…less than satisfied over how the clothes look. The pants are too bright and need to be a duller shade of brown. Furthermore, the shirt doesn’t look like what I wanted. I saw that marigold had posted up some boxy shirts similar to what Amami really wears, but alas, the download links were broken :’C

It’s not a perfect representation of him, to be sure, but I’m kinda satisfied. I spent an inordinate amount of time on his eyes, however. I wanted them to be just the right shape with his eyelashes b/c it’s the cutest thing ever. I’ll go back and fix a few things, like the shade of his eyebrows and possibly skintone, but I think this is a good start.

Before I could save him, I had to pick an aspiration, so I picked one of the family aspirations for now. Maybe it should be something else?

It all just reminds me how tedious customization of sims really is. I made him a teen sim, btw. Any tips are welcome!

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a - age: 16
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g - ghosts, are they real: Yes! We talking about the band right ??
h - hometown: Oulu
i - in love with: Toffee ((Svtfoe))
j - jealous of: Dumb to think about this
k - killed someone: Probably
l - last time you cried: Idk maybe like couple of days ago?
m - middle name: Eerika ((the mystery is my first name lmaooo))
n - number of siblings: 3
o - one wish: Someone I like would like me back asjkdlslskj
p - person you last called/texted: Mika :3
q - questions you’re always asked: “How about you” lmao
r - reasons to smile: Cute people, smiles, hugs, memes…
s - song last sang:  Starset - Last to Fall
t - time you woke up: 7:09
u - underwear colour: Pastel blue I think 0:
v - vacation destination: Scotland or Ireland !!
w - worst habit: Ehh idk ??
x - x-rays you’ve had: Teeth
y - your favorite food: Sweet potato ayyy
z - zodiac sign: Sagittarius !!

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Squeeks you make me feel all warm and fuzzy in my chest dude every time h o w aLSO if you haven't already answered this today how's yr day going? c:

thank you!!! thats such a wonderful thing to hear ;-; i just wanna make folks happy n warm 

my day has been kinda rollercoastery

started off good but now my mood is all wooooo aaaaaaah 


Doug Crawford & Chris Fala demonstrated Commodore 8-bit machines performing similar tasks to Arduinos (or any other microcontrollers).  I always like the VCF East exhibits that mix the retro with the modern to provide perspective and a point of reference for the younger generation.

Starting with a PET 4016, working its way through the VIC-20 and C64, all though the C-128.  Oh, and with an SX-64, C16, C64C, C128D, and Plus/4 thrown in for good measure.  Each machine was interacting with hardware just like an Arduino counterpart – both machines did the same thing.

For the most part, the demonstration machines were simply running banks of LEDs in unique configurations.  However, the C128D was hooked into a 40 column composite display, an 80 column RGBi display, and a tiny 20 column vacuum florescent display, all operating at the same time.

Everything was running BASIC, operating on simple peeks and pokes to interact directly with the user ports for I/O.  BASIC does a fantastic job of providing a non-intimidating coding environment for first time programmers. 

Since i wanna end 2016 on a sorta good note...

here are all the things that made my 2016 decent




-pokemon go

-i love that game

-summer of steven




-homestuck snap upd8s





-got to join tgddg!! love everyone there

-i got to meet the best people ever™!!

- @shadowshina @starrykatsu @sun-brushed @space-nico @trashy-dave @sphealrical @leopharry

-god bless you all, i love yall sm




-Haikyuu season 3!!!!

-omg and the manga


- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them




-so good!! i bought the entire soundtrack, $15 well spent

-Klance week!!

-rosemary MONTH







im probs missing more but ya know, whatever. i hope 2017 is a better year bc HIVESWAP, VOLTRON season 2!!! and more. But i just wanted to end 2016 on a high note. Just to try and restore some faith in life

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Any stucky fic recommendations ? I'm just starting out and I want some good ones but idk where to start

Oh Nonny, you’re in luck, I’ve read a couple of absolute belters recently! 

Read any one of these and you’ll be torn trying to decide which universe you’d rather Bucky and Steve lived in.


Okay so first thing I’ve got to recommend is

spitandvinegar’s Ain’t No Grave series ( I’m a sucker for slowburn H/C angst-and-domesticity post-Winter Soldier fic and this was the first I came across which dealt with all Bucky’s trauma / PTSD troubles in really well thought-out detail; this series has some- ahem- interesting kinks for Steve and Bucky’s sex-life but they’re so well-written you end up going with it. )

The Needle and the Killing Done (sad just-Bucky prequel)

Ain’t No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) (mainstory)

You’re the Pants on a Roxy Usher (sequel)


Then, if you fancy having your heart ripped out of your chest and held up still-beating before your very eyes, there’s an Interstellar AU I just read and loved called

Into That Good Night, by Nonymos. ( I don’t think you need to have seen the movie Interstellar to understand it because it’s all pretty well-explained. It has a heart-breaking take on the ‘Bucky doesn’t remember Steve’ thing from TWS, and genuinely blind-siding plot twists. )


But if you’re not in the mood for heart-rending agony, then look no further than

Owlet’s Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail series ( this is another post-Winter Soldier fic about Steve running around DC trying to find Bucky, unaware that Bucky is currently tailing him, picking off Hydra-mooks at the same time and leaving them at Steve’s door like a cat leaving dead birds and oh my lord it’s a fucking SCREAM; then it segues into domestic fluff that’ll make you cry with happiness, honestly. It has a lot of Bucky baking, adorable old people, Avenger cameos, Sam Wilson: Couples Therapist, and a cat. )

This, You Protect

Team-Building Exercises

The Long Road Begins at Home

Truth, Justice, and the Cheating, Cheater Way

Upgrade: Advanced Happiness Skills

A Chance to Try Bravery


Hope that kicks off your Stucky Reading Experience™ Non!


Chrome and Hibari switched.

-Hibari likes fluffy animals right so he saves the kitty and gets hit and Mukuro saves him and hes like “What no I’m fine i don’t need you go away” But Mukuro’s like bitch please. 

-Hibari denying that he actually needs Mukuro to survive and pointedly tries to beat him up every time Mukuro visits in his dreams

-Hibari with Mist Flames

-Chrome being all justicey and starting the Disciplinary Committee and being cute but aLSO READY TO FIGHT YOU IF YOU TRY TO BREAK THE RULES

-Tsuna= “This person, who seems innocent,,, Is really scary!!!”

-Chrome protecting Namimori because she wasn’t able to protect her things from her parents

-F U T U R E  C H R O M E 

-Mist ring fight Hibari tries his very best but hes really not too good at illusions and prefers to hit his problems til there gone and attempts to resist Mukuro’s take over and Muku being all like “What a troublesome vessel”

-People don’t really realise how strong Chrome is until the hyped up Cloud fight and its like “Oh no were going to loose shes a tiny girl welp” And then bAM ONE HIT KILL WHOO BABY


-Reborns like “I found you another family member she’ll be great”

Tsuna: “What no shes smol and cute I cant drag her into the mafia”


Gokudera: “Women are weak and also annoying”

Chrome: “Talk shit get hit.”

- I just really like badass Chrome

-You cannot stop me