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Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*


Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective


quiet night

theres just a what-if here about ritsu getting just a bit of psychic empathy and achieving the rest with his writers brain, and theres also a headcanon about mob not being a very good singer or not playing any instrument but being able to whistle very well 

I remember theres a word for that, the very good whistler thing, from a jeffery deaver book Ive read, but I cant find it in my memory anymore

I kinda want it back


“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special

my hand is officially dead but here is more altean prince iwaizumi + designs :’D


This is what happens when you make jokes

Theory: Fukurodani To Win Nationals

alternatively: this is a shounen sports manga so literally anyone could win for any reason whatsoever but a Fukurodani win would not be the worst possible choice and could in fact be an excellent choice

The tricky thing about theorizing who could win nationals is that none of the teams talk about winning nationals. It’s all about the act of going and what they will do there. Past winners aren’t even mentioned. But we’re 234 chapters into this. For the story, for the characters, and for myself as a fan, I want our current teams to get what they want and deserve, but I want them to aspire for more in the future. Or as Coach Nekomata says in ch.96:

[Note: I’m sorry not sorry for this monstrosity of a post. This is by no means a definitive edition. Beware that below the cut is image heavy and full of spoilers.]

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Onew’s smile is literally the most BEAUTIFUL thing in this entire world and all of shinee were serving LOOKS making sure we hella ate good tonight


I have been sharing the horrible state of my country right now, so it’s only fair to show too how people get together and help.

This is just one of the many locations where donations are being received, went today with my sister and it was heartwarming to see so many volunteers and people coming to give what they could ;u;.


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

Nigel: *is given the most simple compliment*

Nigel, for at least 15 minutes afterwards:

theoretically practiced art during homework breaks today

“If you wish to be whole again young prince, you must prove your worth as a rightful king. Three times…”

So this is my art project that is already three months late.. We were told to do a movie poster so I decided to make a poster of a fantasy movie. Not the best I could do but I wasted more than 27 hours doing it….