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Signs as bitchy  characters

 Aries - Santana Lopez (Glee) 

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Taurus - Hayden McClaine (AHS Murder House)

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Gemini - Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens)

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Cancer -  Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

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Leo - Katherine Pierce ( The Vampire Diaries)

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Virgo - Sadie Saxton (Awkward)

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Libra - Regina George (Mean girls)

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Scorpio - Madison Montgomery (AHS Coven)

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Sagittarius - Alison DiLaurentis (Pretty little liars)

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Capricorn - Nina Patterson (Scream)

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Aquarius - Georgina Sparks (Gossip Girl)

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Pisces - Brooke Maddox (Scream) 

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I have watched this video like four times already.

And I’m going to watch it again.


Mercedes Jones+ sharing her success

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Am I the only one who thinks all the girls on glee could be canonically queer? Quinn never seemed to care much about boys other than status and she slept with Santana. Plus she seemed repulsed by boys at times. Then idek how to justify it but I kinda headcanon Tina, Rachel and Mercedes as bi.

quinn was absolutely biSEXUAL NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. tehr was WAY too much subtext w her and cedes (and NOT EVEN SUBTEXT W SANTANA LOL)

the only girl i know as straight is rachel bc she was…painfully straight tbh JNFUhsg 

National's Surprises || Schueberry

After knowing what was happening with Will they tried to take it easy. Rachel left Funny Girl a week after the hospital day and she and Will with the help of Mike, Blaine and Kurt got the nursery ready for Daniel. Rachel was in the nesting stage, she loved to be at home, going grocery shopping, taking Lola out, cooking and buying tons of little cute clothes for Daniel, she even started a baby book for him, with all the ultrasound pictures and pictures of their family. Kurt had organized a baby shower for her, with all the glee girls and guys so the baby was spoiled by all his aunts and uncles with gifts. 

Will had been busy preparing Vocal Thunder for Nationals, they had learned that New Directions had won their Regionals so they would also be at Nationals with Shelby. But Rachel and Will were sure that Vocal Thunder will win or at least placed in the top 3, their choreography was amazing and their vocals were perfect. Today was Nationals so Will had left earlier to meet the club at school and go to the theater, Rachel would meet him there later with everyone else. She was already 8 months 2 weeks, and she was really feeling huge. Today she woke up feeling like her back was stiff and tense, but she brushed it off, she probably slept badly, since finding a comfortable  position this far along was becoming harder. 

She hadn’t told Will or anyone else, but the headaches had become more frequent and more strong, for the past couple of weeks she had to take naps before Will got home so she could bare being with him on a lit up room, the light sometimes made it worst and she tried to go to sleep early so she could be in a dark room and just sleep the headache off. She showered and dressed in a maternity dress, black with an empire cut and flats. When Mike came to get her she was ready and they headed to the theater were Nationals was being held.