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Stranger Things/Billy Hargrove imagines - Lose it - Part 3 (final part)

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AN: More Billyyyyyyyyyyyy for y’allllllllllllllllll

Overall Summary: You can see straight through Billy Hargrove

In this chapter: Withdrawal. 


Pairing(s): Billy Hargrove x reader

Word count:

Warnings: 927

Over the next few days, you stayed away from Billy, even if that meant carrying all your books around with you for the next few days. 

Billy found himself more irritated than normal, smaller things pissed him off, Max bugged him to the hill and only seeing the back of your head wasn’t helping as it only infuriated him further even though he wouldn’t admit that. Just like how he wouldn’t admit that the reason tensions were high around him were because he didn’t get his daily dosage of you. 

However, when it came round to Friday, he had a reason to try and talk to you. 

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Life is beautiful

Lesbian Spies (currently loving each other at a beach in Casablanca)

Lesbian Dragons

Lesbian Idols

NTR Lesbians

Flower Lesbians

Step-sister Lesbians (It’s not incest, trust me)

Gambler Lesbians

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Lesbian Witches

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i feel like a lot of the ‘girls can be awful too!!!!!’ discourse kind of ignores a key difference that is…even though girls can and are mean on interpersonal basis theres not that feeling of being undervalued bcus im a girl…like when i say that i want to be in an all girls school bcus itd be a more positive environment i dont mean everyone will be nice bcus that’s absolutely not the case i mean i wont have that feeling that no matter what i say it’s stupid and not worth sharing and i wont be ignored by teachers in favor of men…academics with men or taught by men is so humiliating and exhausting you constantly are undermined and have to prove urself and no one takes u seriously and thats definitely harmful to ur self esteem

breaking news:

you deserve the best!!!!!!! you are beautiful/handsome/adorable and unique and special and you deserve an amazing person! don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

You were supposed to be watching the door
You were supposed to be watching the door
Ashley Katchadourian
Do you know what these are, Ashley Katchadourian?
A little girls arms
A little girl with dreams, with legs, with a head!
She’s a pencil! She’s a swizzle stick!
You can use her as a pool noodle
And now I’m holding up her arms…HER ARMS!
I’m holding them because you werent watching the door
A girl lost her arms, Ashley Katchadourian
Do you know what has transpired while you were in Pearl Harbor?
Seeing the FUCKING Japanese museum?
We had our own Pearl Harbor here today
Oh my God? How could you do this to us?
And me, I’m Ben Affleck, I’m Ben Affleck and I’m HOLDING TWO FUCKING GIRLS ARMS!

Enlightening the world, one sunspot sketch at a time

Hisako Koyama was an astronomer who produced one of the most influential sunspot collections of the past 400 years.

Born in Tokyo in 1916, Koyama grew up in a society that didn’t encourage young women to pursue careers. Koyama graduated from an all-girls high school in the 1930s, which was rare for girls of her time.

From a young age, Koyama was fixated on the sky, and her father nurtured her growing enthusiasm. He bought her a telescope, and by 1944, Koyama directed that telescope toward the sun.

Sunspots temporarily appear when there’s high magnetic activity in a concentrated area on the sun’s surface. The temperature in those places are cooler, and the spots produce less light than the rest of the surface. The sun goes through an 11-year solar cycle, and sunspot numbers fluctuate at the cycle’s end. Scientists track sunspots because they predicate solar activity like solar flares–which can mess with satellite communications around the Earth.

Koyama hand drew sunspots every day. When her renderings are joined,  it’s like watching the spots move as the sun rotates each day.

Koyama watched images like this for more than 40 years. She pulled together her life’s work, about 10,000 sunspot drawings from 1947 to 1984, and published them in her book called “Observations of Sunspots.”

Koyama is considered a pioneer of Japanese citizen science and has been a messenger between the professional and amateur astronomy spheres. Today, astronomers from across the globe are learning from her work and hope her story can inspire young women everywhere to pursue their passions.

Photos: Asahigraph, Kawade Shobo Shinsha Publishers, NASA/SDO, National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo

Shout out to trans kids who started school today or recently.

  • Shout out to afab trans people who are forced to wear skirts/dresses for school, whether they’re out or not.
  • Shout out to amab trans people who aren’t allowed to wear skirts/dresses for school, whether they’re out or not.
  • Shout out to trans people who aren’t out and are deadnamed and misgendered.
  • Shout out to trans people who are out and are still deadnamed and misgendered.
  • Shout out to trans people who are out and and are spoken to with the right name and pronouns.
  • Shout out to afab trans people who are in friendship groups with girls.
  • Shout out to amab trans people who are in friendship groups with boys.
  • Shout out to afab trans people stuck in “all girls” schools.
  • Shout out to amab trans people stuck in “all boys” schools.
  • Shout out to all trans people for going to school. Just existing takes courage, bravery and emotional strength, and I am so proud of all of you. Remember that you are valid and important, and you’re doing great.

- Claude.


٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶  I’m back to my biggest love, my sun and stars: miyusawa! 

this strip is inspired by a scene of drama strong woman do bong soon (it’s cute watch it!) 
that kind of chocolate is roycé chocolate, a kind of ‘nama’ chocolate brand produced in sapporo that is famous for its squared shape.
I like to think that miyuki bought it for eijun when the roycé shop opened in tokyo and all the girls in school were talking about it (because your bf that buys you fresh -expensive- chocolate is a very shojo thing)
surprise ( ◞・౪・)