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You with me? 

 You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first? That’s bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you? Oh, Gods above. I loved you. I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. 

since I am near 2.5 I decided to make a mutuals appreciation post for all the lovely people I learn from every day ♥ I hope I don’t forget anyone because tumblr can be funny

  • closest to my heart: (go follow them ASAP)

@ravenclw @kingscross @slytherin-salazar @ginnyweaslcy @gryffindorkx @pctter @avadalestrange @mvlfxy @scourgify @cruciotus @njmphadora @sadnessandteabiscuits @scvrhead @potthr @slughcrn @dementvr @astohria @saladtsar

  • more lovely mutuals: (lets be friends)

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