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Things I didn’t know Desmond could do 1/? - Mah boi pulling some John Wick style right here

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I’ve been thinking about this line a lot. And I’m not sure it’s given all the credit it deserves. It is well overshadowed by Thor’s immediate response (”surrender’s not in mine”), and by the line that steals this whole scene: “Trust my rage.” 

But there’s something about this line that gets me, and I think it’s because it is probably the truest thing Loki has ever said about himself. 

Loki, as we well know, is a master of avoiding his own problems, or else manipulating them to look like everyone else’s. He has told himself so many lies that he has begun to believe them: that he is hated, that he is alone, that he will never be anything but Loki. Frigga even points this out: “Always so perceptive, about everyone but yourself”. Loki can read everyone else, but when it comes to reading himself? Oh, Hel no. Those are dangerous waters, and he would rather not drown there. 

And that’s why this line is so surprising and just so good. The fact that Loki is never satisfied is, when you think about it, pretty much the root of all his problems (at least ones that he can control). As a child and young adult, he appears to have mastered magic, but that was never enough, because it wasn’t like Thor, it wasn’t what Asgard wanted, it wasn’t what Odin wanted (or so he thought). He wants to be Thor’s equal, little realising that in many ways he is, but that, too, is not enough. He tries to be Thor, and is never satisfied. He tries to be Loki, and is never satisfied. He goes out of his way to prove himself to his family, and still he craves more. And so it escalates. A throne. A planet. He keeps reaching and reaching, oblivious to the fact that whilst he is grasping for the mountain’s peak, the rocks beneath him are slipping away. 

And now we come to Ragnarok, and Loki has what he claims he has always wanted: the throne. A chance to rule. And I don’t think for a moment it is what he expects. Because once he has something, it no longer fulfills him; and he is stuck without a family, bearing the weight of the kingship, and I’m nintey-nine percent sure all he can do is sit there thinking ‘Well. Now what?’

And this is why happiness is so foreign to Loki, and always will be, and why he has doomed himself: for contentment, he must learn to settle, and because he is Loki, he will never settle. And so the cycle continues, and he proves time and time again that Loki’s worst enemy will always be Loki. 

Hi. I hate seeing anyone cry (especially Hobi because it’s heartbreaking), but I think it is important as fans that we remember these people we see as perfection are in fact just actual, regular humans like me and you (just with a lot more social cred and talent).
They aren’t always happy.
They aren’t always sexy.
They aren’t always thug.
And they don’t always wear their true emotions. In fact, most of them wear a facade.
We, as fans, need to remember that no person is perfect, no matter how close you can get, and that these idols are allowed to have human emotions like the rest of us. They are allowed to feel anger, pain, loss, depression and anxiety.
They are allowed to be vulnerable too.
Because if you don’t love them when they show you their true colors, you just love the facade, not the person behind it.


Dear idols,
Please show us your true emotions so that we may empathise with you and love you on a whole new level.
You don’t have to be strong and perfect all the time.

- Your Loving Fans.

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got requested to draw Zen from Mystic Messenger doing Rin’s hip thrust from Free! i had a lot of fun making this~

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