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 You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first? That’s bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you? Oh, Gods above. I loved you. I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. 



Hi everyone! @bangtanmasterlist and I have currently updated most of the videos on the BTS videos masterlist, and we have completely revamped the page! Now videos are more organized, categorized by month and year, and easier to find. The masterlist includes:

  • all bangtantv and bts youtube videos (including bombs, logs*, and episodes)
  • all variety/tv shows
  • all v app videos
  • all music show performances and backstage/interviews*
  • all radio shows
  • all chn/jpn/tha shows
  • all special dvds*
  • and more!*

As always, all videos are english-subbed, and all credit goes to the wonderful subbers who help our fandom out so much. 

Please check out @bangtanmasterlist, aka belle, who is an absolute sweetheart and is helping me so much with this list, in order to keep it updated for you guys!

If you guys are looking for ANY english-subbed video, feel free to drop by my ask! I really hope this masterlist serves as an early christmas present for you all, and I hope that it’s helpful!

*in the process of being categorized and/or updated

That’s right; November 20th through November 26th will be official ‘Tidus Appreciation Week’!

Each day of the week, there will be a prompt, which you are invited to respond to using the medium of your choosing: graphics, art, fanfiction, just simply answering the question– whatever you want! It’s a week dedicated to the love and analysis of all things Tidus, so however you choose to express that is welcomed. When you post your response on your blog, make sure to use the tag #tidusappreciation so that we can see everybody’s posts! We look forward to celebrating Spira’s hero with you all! The prompts are below…

Day 1  ☀  November 20 : Favorite Scene
Day 2  ☀  November 21 : Favorite Platonic Relationship
Day 3  ☀  November 22 : Favorite Cameo (such as his appearances in Dissidia Arcade, Duodecim, Kingdom Hearts, World of Final Fantasy, etc.)
Day 4  ☀  November 23 : Favorite Quote
Day 5  ☀  November 24 : Favorite Ship
Day 6  ☀  November 25 : Favorite Personality Trait(s)
Day 7  ☀  November 26 : Bonus Day! Anything else related to Tidus that you want to share.

Remember, the tag is #tidusappreciation for all prompt posts, and feel free to reblog this to spread the word!