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This is an Andreil Twilight AU for @alecolightwood (I went a bit overboard with it and the whole thing is over 6k words long so I put most of it under the cut)

  • Andrew has been a Vampire for a very long time
  • He was turned in 1918 at the age of 20 by his foster brother Drake
  • Drake tried forcing Andrew to stay with him afterwards
  • He kept Andrew locked away in a the basement for almost a decade and when Andrew finally escaped ( thanks to his ability to read other people’s  minds) he was just feeling empty
  • He tries everything to make himself feel something (even if it´s pain it´s better than not feeling anything at all)
  • He gets into fights with other vampires
  • A lot of  fights
  • He kills vampires, humans and animals
  • But he still feels nothing
  • So eventually he tries to kill himself because everything is better than this
  • Andrew is furious when he discovers that it doesn´t work
  • And for the next years Andrew just exists
  • He´s  not quite dead but not really living either
  • One day when he´s hunting he meets a group of vampires
  • He would´ve just ignored them or maybe picked a fight with the tall one (
  • He´s the only one who seems to be a worthy opponent)
  • But then someone catches his attention
  • Walking behind the tall one is someone who looks just like himself
  • This is why, when the girl holding hands with the tall one starts talking to him, he doesn´t immediately tries to kill them
  • Instead he stays and listens
  • Surprisingly she doesn´t send him away and just asks him to not kill any humans in this area because they don´t want to draw attention to themselves
  • Andrew is like “You live here????” ( because vampires normally  don´t stay in a certain area longer than a few months) and the girl introduces herself as Dan and asks if he wants to come with them and have a look at their home
  • Andrew is about to say no when he catches the eye of his Doppelganger and realizes that he wants an explanation for this and so he follows the group of vampires who call themselves “Foxes” home

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The way the new SM trailer was integrated​into the Pokken trailer was really cool
……… But that’s it lol

@algebraicbubbles and @phoenixsempai and I are finally working on that danged queer superheroes LARP, and we have all the character concepts and we love all of them????  “Crappy cyborg is my child” just appeared in group chat and it’s true.

Honestly I’m at the point where all I want to see of Anders in DA:I is confirmation that he’s safe, with Hawke if romanced, and then nothing else ever again because I’m so worried about Bioware fucking it up. Like when you go to meet a romanced Hawke and bring Varric, you’d get a dialogue along these lines (varied depending on Hawke’s personality):

Varric: So, Hawke, how’s, uh… you know… doing? After what happened, I have to wonder-

Hawke: He’s fine, Varric, and no, I’m not going to leave him. All you need to know is that he’s safe, and I dare not say more in unknown company.

Varric: Alright, fine, I get it. I’ll stay out of your business.

Hawke: Good. Let’s talk about something else now, shall we?

And then that’s it. Confirmation that he’s doing well, with no chance of Bioware doing anything else to him. Of course, I’d absolutely love to actually see him again (especially in the new engine), but I don’t trust them not to pull some ‘Crazy people aren’t allowed to be happy’ or ‘Look! Another chance to kill him! That’s the only reason you left him alive, isn’t it?’ sort of bullshit. As much as it sucks, we’re probably better off not getting a cameo, but they better damn well confirm he’s okay.


I got to play the Destiny Beta this last couple weeks. I really enjoyed it and am really looking forward to it’s release in September.

I don’t have many bad things to say about it, in fact. The only problem I found was that I absolutely suck at PVP. I pretty much felt like Emmet whenever I went into the arena.

Excerpts from the Counselor’s notes regarding Agent Alaska:

I am having trouble understanding Agent Alaska. Based on the results of his recruitment exams, he should be much higher on the leaderboard- however, he consistently performs merely adequately or even poorly on missions, and quite often will attempt to get out of them altogether. He also does not train, preferring to nap when off-duty, and the most strenuous behavior he does voluntarily is walking to the mess hall for mealtimes.


Agent Alaska continues to perform poorly in missions. However, in circumstances where it seems that his team is in mortal peril, he has shown a much greater exhibition of the abilities that he was recruited for.


I have learned that Agent Alaska was drafted into the army against his will, while working to provide for a dependent in school. I believe his poor performance is an attempt at being removed from the program and the army and sent home.


The Director has recruited Agent Alaska’s younger sister to the Project. That is not what I meant when I said we needed to find motivation for him.


The addition of Agent Virginia to the Project has done little for Agent Alaska’s motivation. If anything, he seems more determined than ever to get both of them thrown out.


I was curious to see how Agent Alaska would perform against a higher ranked agent if something he valued was on the line, so I placed him into contests against Agents York, Wyoming, and Maine, with promises of Oreo‘s, alcohol, and assignment of a plasma rifle recently recovered by Agent Washington, respectively, as reward for good performance.

Agent Wyoming and Agent Maine have reported surprise at his abilities, as well as admitting trouble adapting to his constantly changing styles. Agent York is still in the hospital ward, though the medics have said he will make a full recovery.


The Director will not allow me to requisition a steady supply of Oreo’s to be used as motivation for Agent Alaska. Unfortunate.

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