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Like Fandom? International Consumer? American Net Neutrality Rules Do Affect You. Here’s Why & How You Can Help

Are you involved in a fandom? Do you log onto a site called archiveofourown? Do you use Tumblr? Do you watch youtube videos? Do you use wikipedia when you are writing a fanfic and need to know a ton of information? Do you use a site called storenvy to find fandom related merch? What about etsy? Like gmes and use Steam? WoW? Are you a German artist who has a solid American following? Do Americans consume any of your fanfic, fanart, webcomics, original art or fiction? 

This will hit you in sales, lack of fan produced content, or removal of fandom websites

Nonprofit organizations like Ao3 rely entirely on donations of the consumers. That site will not be able to sustain itself when ISPs are squeezing it for premium fast lane prices. You will not enjoy it when its broadband is constantly overtaxed because it cannot afford premium prices. This will at best, just annoy you and you will have to try again and again to even get into the site. At worst, it will close the site. The American fanfic writer though? They may not even have access to the site anymore because they cannot afford to be “granted access” to it and will no longer produce content for you to enjoy. Tumblr is owned by Verizon, a company so excited to see net neutrality laws done away with. If you think American content producers will escape the premium price pay-walls on this site, you’re wrong. If you think Verizon won’t find ways to also hit you, you’re wrong. The very nature of the internet is globalized. What hits America, trickles into the international markets. Every site and every example I put in paragraph one will see dramatic changes, some of them will just outright end. The most immediate change you will see is fandom changing for Americans. No more American produced fanart, no more American produced fanfic. At least from those who cannot afford it. You better hope your favorite American fanfic author is rich. This is not even a party line issue. Americans across the BOARD do not want this. We are screaming at the FCC. We must KEEP screaming.

Here is what you can do to help. Email the FCC. You don’t need to tell them you’re international. You don’t even need to give them a last name, or just go ahead and makeup a pseud if you’re scared. Mind you, they know when an account is a spam account or a bot, so DO NOT USE THOSE. Remember, these are American governmental persons. They are not serial killers. They will not track you down and kill you in the middle of the night. You can even use what I wrote out on my own.

Ajit Pai - (he is the champion of this and will unlikely change his vote but you should still tell him why he’s wrong)

Mignon Clyburn - (Will vote NO)

Michael O'Reilly - Mike.O' 

Brendan Carr - 

Jessica Rosenworcel - (Will vote NO)

[Introduce yourself, tell them happy holidays]

Please vote no against repealing Title Two Net Neutrality rules. These rules protect small business, non-profit organizations, individual American citizens. Repealing the rules will hinder American investment globally. Small businesses will cease to exist. in an online forum. Americans may be cut off from the international world. We do not want this. We have flooded your comments, we have created petitions. We have shared Facebook statuses. We have spoken and we say no. You as an agency must look out for the American people, not for a select few deep pockets. The American people say no. A competitive market is not an expensive market.

Again, do not repeal Title Two Net Neutrality rules.

[Insert salutations end]

Your name 

self care and beauty tips i learned in Poland
  • drinking nettle and horsetail tea is really good for your hair
  • dry skin brushing improves circulation, relaxes and energises you, removes dead skin and cellulite
  • parsley infused water helps to refresh and whiten the tired, unhealthy looking skin + it brightens undereye circles
  • AHA and BHA are really good for gentle exfoliation and they help to stay away from the clogged pores
  • drinking those old lady-ish herbal teas for varicose veins helps generally with fluid retention and puffy face
  • putting chestnuts into a pillowcase is supposedly a good way to keep bad energy away from your bad + it’s extra relaxing to put your legs on it
  • shots of the seabuckthorn juice are really good for the immunity
  • the best hairbrushes are the ones with wild boar bristles
  • if you have a painful headache, there is a good chance you’re actually dehydrated. dissolve some high-quality salt (i’ve heard that salt from kłodawa does wonders) in a 500ml of water and watch the magic happen
  • the flax seed jelly is really good way to moisturize dry hair
  • self-grip hair rollers are wayyyy better to get some curls and volume than all those fancy curling irons 
  • include fermented foods into your diet. healthy gut=healthy and happy everything else
  • if you have thin, straight, unbleached hair, just leave them alone, extensive hair care can only make them look worse
  • syrian aleppo soap or charcoal infused soap are really good for the skin imperfections (i mean the body tho! don’t use soap on your face you can end up crying)
  • eat loads of root vegetables in the winter to keep yourself grounded. those babes are so underrated
  • magnesium salt bath is best for sore muscles and stress
  • coffee grounds + olive oil make really good peeling
  • russians have really good hair care products, germans have good makeup and body washes. know your neighbours
  • drinking apple+ parsley juice increases hair growth
  • eat ginger. it helps with almost everything
  • extend at least part of your skincare to your neck or even breasts and thank yourself in 30 years
  • keeping fancy smelling soap in your drawers makes clothes smell nice
  • castrol oil is a holy grail for your eyebrows and eyelashes. but before you put something around your eyes check on a small patch of skin on your hand or sth if you’re not allergic
  • soups are one of the easiest, healthiest and most comforting foods out there. you can literally make any kind of soup to match your preferences and feed your body with all the good fats, minerals, vitamins and water

omg i just remembered:

yesterday, the guy who sits behind me in math class was like “oh hey i found your youtube channel last night” and !!! wow !!! my heart was pounding super fast and i replied, “man, i have no idea what you’re talking about.” and he was like “really?? i was pretty sure that it was you because the voice sounds exactly the same. and the names are pretty similar too.” and i just awkwardly laughed and thank god my math teacher was like “time for example 1!!” and we had to move on

but now that i’m thinking about it, i’m silently praying that no one finds me irl ohhhhh my god alrighty alrighty

Harry: And Dad, you know that mailman that you got fired? He didn’t steal your playboys. Tom did!

Tom: Harry hasn’t worked for a year!

Harry: Tom and Harrison are living together!

Tom: Harry married Some random girl in Vegas!

Paddy: I love cyndi lauper!

Sam: I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle!

Harrison: I wanna go!

Nikki: That’s a lot of information to get in thirty seconds.


There’s no one who can live their whole life being completely uncorrupted.

—happy birthday to the lovely hope @kamuisyato ♡

I am thankful for all of you, every day, but in the spirit of the American holiday, I am compelled to give an especially honorable mention to the following mutuals, friends, and people I follow, (in no particular order):

@shift-shaping @tel-abelas-mofo @fadedforyou @silent-of-spirit @wrenbee @galadrieljones @thevikingwoman @the-emerald-halla @b0ys-cry-t00 @candystrippers @bonsquiggle @sasshole-for-rent @buttsonthebeach @bearly-tolerable @redinkofshame @irlaimsaaralath @ir-atisha @enaste-fen @vvhenan @elfsplaining @elfroots420 @whosafraidofthebigbaddreadwolf @suzumicchi @amell-on @faded-wytch @smuttine @adventuresinastrangeworld @youriinquisitorialness @delirioushawke @therowdyravens @orallech @destinyapostasy @journeys-of-an-egghead

Thank all of you for being sources of strength and inspiration for me, for the ones of you with whom I have nurtured friendship, for getting me through another year alive, and for your all-around existences as amazing and unique people.

I’m also sorry for those of you that I’ve forgotten. Please remember that I’m currently very sick, and my brain is not working at full capacity. I love you too, I promise.

Have a great Thursday, babes— holiday or not. ❤


Here in the US it’s Thanksgiving Day so this is my thankful list!

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m so grateful for the Duck Fandom! It’s seriously the best fandom I have ever been in. Everyone is so supportive of one another and rarely do I see any negativity. It’s because of this fandom that I draw so much more and have the motivation to better myself. You guys are incredible and I honestly wish I could tag every single one of you, but that would make an already long post even longer.

There are some people on tumblr that I’m especially thankful for just because of their impact on my life. It’s these people that I specifically pray for and thank God for every night.

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Me: *gets around to finally watching South Park and falls head over heels for Pip

Me: What a great and likable character! I should check out his bio. I just hope everyone appreciates him just as much as I d–

Me: Oh. Well, at least he has his parents to comfort him when–

Me: O-oh, um, well maybe he goes to Chef with his problems like all the others d–

Me: Uh……..Damien. What about Damien? I know this fandom ships them like crazy, there’s like no Pip fanart that doesn’t have Damien involved in some way or the othe–

Me: Oh, come on!! He’s gotta have a purpose! No way did the writers just create him and then regret i–



Me: You know what? Fuck it. Pip may not be a popular character fandom wise or in the show or even with his creators, but at least he’s alive. When all else fails, at least I love him, and at least no one can tell me he isn’t completely, 100% ali

Me, flipping a table and reaching for my gun:


In honor of Thanksgiving

here’s a list of those i am thankful for.

even if you aren’t american or celebrating the holiday, i’m still thankful for you -

the whoopers gang (obvs):











mutuals that i adore:




non mutuals that i adore:














sorry if i forgot anyone, but i am really thankful for all of you – thanks for making these last past months so wonderful. i love all of you!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow wonderful Alexander Skarsgård fandom friends! 🦃 This man always makes me happy and I’m truly thankful for the joy he’s given me through the years!

It is not HAPPY people who are THANKFUL ~ but THANKFUL people who are HAPPY. 🤗

I’m bleeding out of my uterus but it’s thanksgiving and gosh I am thankful for so many things this year I don’t even know where to begin… except I do bc there’s one thing that brought all of those changes in my life and that’s yuri on ice. I began watching the anime with the biggest chill glasses on bc I know sports series. I’ve seen enough over the years. and they always fuck up somehow. but not this one! sure, there’s things that could be improved and my boys were robbed, I will stand by that till the day I die, but from ep to ep yoi kept surprising us all and keeping us at the edge of our seats, making the impossible possible right before our eyes, so I just want to take this moment to say:

thank you, yuri on ice, for this past year and here’s to hoping for another just as great!