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Before there were heart stutters, but here’s where Cole’s emotional state takes a plunge. He’s still restraining himself, of course. But really, why would this information shock him? He should’ve assumed it meant anyone but him. The fact that he believes it’s him means his humanity’s returned with a vengeance.

I would also like to point out here that I love how Charmed handles this:

- Cole is Phoebe’s true love

- Coop is also Phoebe’s true love

- It’s possible to have more than one true love

- Just because you lose the first, doesn’t mean it was your only chance

There’s so much hope in this message.

Yes, writers, yes.


“I’ve  heard  of  your  methods  before  now,  Mr.Holmes,”  said  he,  tartly.   “You  are  ready  enough to use all the information that the police can lay at your disposal, and then you try to finish the case yourself and bring discredit on them
“On  the  contrary,”  said  Holmes,  “out  of  my last  fifty-three  cases  my name has  only  appeared in  four,  and  the  police  have  had  all  the  credit  in forty-nine. I don’t blame you for not knowing this,for  you  are  young  and inexperienced,  but  if  you wish to get on in your new duties you will work with me and not against me.” 

I am 34 years old and I love this film. Because for the first time, I’m seeing woman on-screen acting the way I act, and talking the way I talk, and being weird and intelligent (I’m definitely the former and I like to hope I’m a little bit of the latter!). And while I would have LOVED to have seen this film as, say, a ten-year-old, another huge part of it is these women are MY AGE. These people are all in their thirties at least! In fact, aside from Kate McKinnon the main actors are all in their forties. 

To me, they say “You can be clever and nerdy and weird and all that stuff even when you’re an adult”. The relationship between the four of them is not like Sex and the City, or Friends, or any other female-led group comedy. They don’t spend all their time talking about men, or sex, or clothes, they say FUCKING PHYSICS MAN THIS IS BATSHIT HOW AWESOME RIGHT??

Plus they aren’t infantalised for being this way. These are women with life experience and PhDs, they’re not “reliving their childhood” or being some kind of manic pixie dream girls, they are grown women with education and life experience behind them.

They also show how you can take a huge amount of pride in something that you find very important. And that it’s ok and GOOD to pursue self-improvement through being really passionate about something. They talk about their work in an OMG THIS IS AMAZING AND WE DO ALL THIS FOR FUN! way rather than a Devil Wears Prada career-ladder driven way. They’re clever and passionate, show the best elements of having female besties as an adult and they tell nerdy women like me to just go on and be nerdy and old and seriously it’s FINE!

So a shout-out to all the over-30 Ghostbusters fans, let’s all go and be clever and weird and gorgeous like the amazing women we all are <3


I was with him for forty nine years. You can’t begin to imagine. You can’t know. The bond, the commitment, the boredom, the yearning, the laughter. The love of it. The fucking love. You just cannot know. Everything we sacrificed, the years I gave him, the years he gave me. Did you ever think to ask? Did it occur to you to ask?

Admit it, Piper, you’re loving this.

Meanwhile, I don’t know anything about childbirth, but it’s 6 o’clock, right? Charlotte’s water’s broken. She has to walk until past nightfall, until sometime when it’s properly dark (8 o’clock maybe?), then says the baby’s coming now but it doesn’t end up crowning until midnight and I just

Fall Out pt. 4

Genre: annnngssst af

Warnings: mentions of rape, and cursing. 

Word Count: 2,228


a/n: The support for this story is greatly appreciated and I know this author is a bit slow in delivering the newest installments and I’m so so sorry for that guys. Please know this is not the last part five will be. And you will find out the reason behind what happened in this update in the next one. Enjoy guys!

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I’m starting to realize that I don’t have a fear of the blank page.  I can dash off story notes and scenes and ideas with relative ease, and then the page isn’t blank anymore.  Problem solved.

What I fear is the twenty-third page.  The forty-second page.  The page where I realize that I’ve screwed up the internal logic.  The page where I wonder if this scene would go better somewhere else, or if it doesn’t belong here at all.  The page where I start to feel like I’ll never reach the end.  The page where I decide that the tone is wrong, and has been all along.  The page where I have a hard time remembering why I started this story at all.

Beginnings are easy, it’s middles and endings that I find hard.

give you my heart;

member- jimin

genre- fluff, angst, au

words- 2, 000

summary- you’re a transplant patient with a crappy heart and jimin’s your adorable doctor with a perfectly fine one. doctor!jimin

a/n- i plan on writing a scenario for each member of bts as doctors, so…yep! hope you like this!

disclaimer- I am not in medical school, nor am I a doctor. I probably screwed up somewhere in this, but i really tried to make it realistic and correct! I’m very sorry if I got something wrong. 

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One more day. Twenty-four more hours. One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes. That was all you had to wait until you were finally free. 

In that short period of time, you would be receiving a brand new heart. You could finally go for a run, or ride a rollercoaster, or heck, go on an actual date, without feeling like your heart would crap out on you. You couldn’t wait to actually live your life without practically dying the whole time. 

“How is my favorite patient?” you heard a voice ask. You looked up from your very interesting celebrity magazine to see Park Jimin, your oh-so-handsome doctor. 

“Alright. I’d be doing better if I was reading about how Liam Hemsworth is looking for a girlfriend named Y/N with witty humor and a bad heart. But sadly, I’m only finding stories about how Kylie Jenner got another lip injection. Too bad,” you reply and let him check your vitals. 

You have been with Jimin- he refuses to let you call him Dr. Park- since you transferred hospitals around a month ago. You’ve had weekly visits with him to discuss your heart’s current shape, which, as always, wasn’t good. He was technically your surgeon, because he would be the one performing the long-awaited transplant, but you told him that calling him “Doctor” was sexier. 

“Hm, that is too bad. But hey, I heard Dr. Jeon down in trauma is single and ready to mingle.” Jimin wiggled his eyebrows and you rolled your eyes. 

“Too angsty for me.” You watched Jimin scan your charts and right down a few things. “Things alright?” you ask with nervous undertones. Jimin gave you a smile. 

“You’re doing great. Tomorrow you will have a new heart,  Y/N,” he replied and you couldn’t help but smile. Even though you knew that sometimes patients would reject their hearts, you had hope. You felt that this was going to work. 

You were born with dilated cardiomyopathy, which is basically when your heart decides to be an ass and not work right. Your main pumping chamber- the left ventricle- stretches and thins until it can’t pump blood like a normal, healthy heart can. Even though your disease wasn’t very intense when you were younger, as you grew, everything began to worsen and alas, you went from just a few pills a day to being put on the transplant list. It got to be the worst four days ago when you had such bad chest pains that you had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Jimin was not very happy with you for not coming in earlier. 

You laid your head back, suddenly feeling a wave of fatigue. Jimin smiled softly and brushed some of your hair away. 

“I’m going to make sure you have a better life, okay? No more hospitals and trashy magazines. You’ll be hiking Everest and running marathons before you know it,” he tells you and you chuckle. 

“Let’s start with going up a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted first,” you said. He shook his head and laughed warmly. 

“You’re something else,” he whispered as you began to go to sleep. He sighed quietly and left your room. He went out into the hall to talk with one of your nurses when his close friend, Taehyung, approached him. 

“How is Y/N doing?” he asked his friend with a concerned gaze. Jimin stole a glance back at your room before turning to Taehyung.

With a frown, Jimin shook his head. “Thank God she’s getting a new heart tomorrow.”
You read a book once about a girl who had a heart transplant. She talked about how weird it was to exercise and do the simple things most people take for granted. But she also spoke about before her transplant. You remembered reading about the days she spent in the hospital before. She did everything that used to scare her and contacted everybody she knew to say goodbye just in case something went wrong. She was prepared for the worst. You, however, were not. You didn’t make calls, or tell people the things you were scared to confess. You did nothing. And that was your one biggest regret. Because life happens without you having a say in it, it doesn’t wait for you to be prepared. Life just happens

“We need a crash cart in here!” a loud, urgent voice yelled out into the hall. You could hear them yelling. But it sounded like it was coming through water for some reason that you couldn’t figure out. 

“I’m her doctor, she’s scheduled for a transplant tomorrow! What the hell happened?” you heard a very familiar voice scream. His voice began pressing on your chest rhythmically as you tried to stay alert, tried to keep awake. But you were so tired. Everything was heavy and you found comfort in the darkness. So you just let yourself …slip away. 

Jimin yelled for help again just as the cart was being wheeled in. He kept with the compressions but saw that it wasn’t helping you much. He reached for the defibrillator, but decided against it. “Her heart is failing. We need to go to the O.R. right now! Someone call UNOS and say we need a heart now,” he ordered and hopped up onto your bed as they began wheeling it to the OR. He continued with chest compressions, hoping to get your heart to wake the hell up and work right. 

When he finally got your heart to begin beating faintly, he prepared for what was going to happen next- total heart failure. He tried to focus on the situation- your heart was beating again, but it wouldn’t last long. You were quickly fading away, and Jimin knew that they needed to get you a healthy heart quickly or you weren’t going to make it. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m sorry this is your life. But I promise I’m going to fix this. I’m going to give you a better quality life, I’m going to make you happy. I promise,” Jimin whispered as he hung his head over your body. He knew that his words had a double meaning, but you didn’t. To you or anybody else listening, he was just a concerned doctor.

Awake. Your eyes began to open as you entered the elevator and you squinted from the light. Jimin was still straddled on your body with his hands looming close to your chest. You felt like you were viewing and hearing everything from underwater again. Then you realized what was going on. Your eyes widened in fright and your mouth opened but no words made their way out as you looked desperately at Jimin for help. 

Jimin saw your panic and used one of his hands to cup your cheek very gently. He gave you a small smile. “It’s going to be okay, you’ll be okay. I’ve got you, alright? I’ve got you,” he assured you as you began drifting off again. The last thing you remembered was Jimin yelling at somebody down the hall before your eyes closed again to only reveal darkness. 

Beep. Snore. Beep. Snore. Beep. Snore. 

Grogginess encompassed your senses, but you still could make out two very distinct noises. The snoring was new, but the beep meant that you were alive. You were very aware of that beep. It hopefully meant that you had a brand new heart and a brand new life. You couldn’t remember them taking you to surgery, but you were sure that they did. I mean, why else would you be waking up in such a way?

As your eyes finally opened and your senses were fully awakened, you felt the breathing tube that was inserted into your throat and you also noticed all the new machines that were assisting your breathing and monitoring basically everything. You also took notice to a sleeping figure with their head resting on their arms that were folded on your bed. They sat in a plastic chair with their butt on the very edge, close to slipping off completely. The bright red hair gave their identity away, but you liked that you couldn’t see his face. It felt like a fairy tale- a mystery prince asleep at your bedside as you awoke from your supposed eternal slumber. And Lord knows you deserved a prince after all you’ve been through.

You tried to keep silent to admire him sleep, but the foreign tube down your throat caused you to make a choking noise. It didn’t take much for him to jolt awake. As soon as he woke, he stood up and started removing the tube with sleepy but focused eyes. 

“Nurses usually do this, but it’s okay if I do,” he whispered. You stared at him as he worked, admiring his gorgeous brown eyes and flawless skin. He was wearing a pair of grey sweats and a plain white t-shirt, which was something you had never seen him in. He was always wearing his scrubs and fancy doctor jacket with his name emblazoned on it. Seeing him so normal was weird, but…alluring. 

After the tube came out, Jimin made you cough and breath deeply a few times- which was surprisingly uncomfortable- which he explained would be done every two hours from now on to prevent any mucus from getting into your lungs. After he was done checking on a few more things, he pulled up the chair closer to you and sat down. 

“How did things go?” you croak out. This causes Jimin to chuckle and run a hand through his hair. 

“Well, I think you were trying to give me a heart problem with the way you were acting.” He stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. “You went into sudden cardiac arrest around five o'clock yesterday. Without a warning by the way. Thanks for that. So I did CPR on you until I got you into the O.R. and we called the transplant center and explained that you needed a new heart immediately. They bumped to the top of the list. A new heart was only thirty minutes away, so a team went to get it and I did something risky by opening you up and beginning the procedure without the actual new heart physically here. But everything went well and now all we do is wait and see what happens.”

You took it all in. You almost died? You didn’t even have the heart you were meant to have. You stole somebody else’s heart and took it for your own. And you know you should maybe feel a little upset about that, but you really didn’t. You were selfish enough to be thankful you got to live for God knows how long. 

“Thank you, Jimin. For saving my life and…for everything.” You reached for his hand. He took yours into his and gave you a squeeze. “But I do have a question.“ 

“You can ask me anything,” he replies.

“Why are you still here with me? Don’t you have to go home?” you asked him. It was weird that he was still here, not even in his scrubs, and doting on you like he was something more than your doctor. 

“Y/N…I know that it isn’t necessarily good when things like this happen, nor appropriate. But damn it, you are special. You make me feel things that nobody in this whole world has ever made me feel. I shouldn’t have these feelings for you, but I do. Y/N, I-I like you. A lot.  And that’s why I’m here right now by your bedside in the middle of the night instead of at my apartment. It’s because I really, really like you,” he confessed and you couldn’t help but feel shocked. Jimin liked you?

Jimin liked you. 

You giggled. “Well you did already steal my heart,” you tease and he laughs at your comment and gives you a kiss on the cheek. 

“It’s okay, you can have mine.”


Just when you think that Daily Mail readers must have run out of things to be pissed off about…

  • Dude: So where do you work?
  • Me: At the Barnes & Noble up the road.
  • Dude: Okay, what's your favorite book?
  • Me: I can't pick one, I have like forty.
  • Dude: All right, I'll make you a deal. You rattle off as many as you can while I'm making this bagel and I'll promise to read all the ones I can remember.
  • Me: ...Are you single?

it’s been forty-four years since
someone set foot on the moon.

i don’t want to turn this into
a metaphor but when you smile

the whole world shifts in orbit,
slanting beneath my unsteady feet,

until you turn your face into
the sun and rationality eclipses.

every corner you have touched has
a flag on it: the soft crook of

my elbow, the edge of my bruised
knuckle, the crater of my chest.

even as you spiral into the pull
of other planets i drift in wait

for the music of your footsteps
colliding against the ground.

i would wait forty-four years for
you to conquer me all over again.

—  the moon listens to elevator music, by ironedout

I got a couple requests for a drunk story time (Have we done that yet? I don’t think we have, also whaddup rylea7, you were first to you got to pick.) So this is the story of how I once got in a fight with a cop and busted my face open during a production of Midsummer.

Let’s rewind shall we sorry fucking italics too lazy to backspace to my junior year of college, when I played the QUEEN BOSS BITCH Titania in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We did this shit outside because (a) the whole thing takes place in a fucking forest and real trees are cheaper than a set designer (b) my school had a fuck off massive arboretum ( c) the director was a fucking hippie and (d) we thought it would be nice and warm by mid-March and MAN WE WERE WE WRONG ABOUT THAT. Pro-tip, when your fairies are all basically naked and it’s forty degrees outside, you’re talking about some frost-bitten fucking fairies, yo. Me and Oberon spent like most of Act III huddling for warmth with a blanket in the fucking bushes because he was shirtless and I was wearing a ripped up vintage nightgown made out of lace and let me tell you, it is hard to look sexy when you’re casually freezing to death. But wow, that’s like so not the point. 

ANYWAY. So Titania (i.e., me, I love telling people I played this role, bow down my fairy minions) and her little glittery retinue all enter at the top of Act II and the way we did this was to just kind of emerge from the darkness into the playing space, which looked hella fucking cool for the audience but was kind of a pain in the ass for the actors because we all had to like crouch in a fucking hedge fifty yards away struggling to hear our cue lines over half a football field of arboretum, which is a lot when it’s filled with crickets and shit and um, right. That. So we’re waiting to enter and all of a sudden this blinding flashlight beam comes out of nowhere and hits me right in the face and there’s this dude who says, like, as loud as he fucking can, “Excuse me, ma’am, but the arboretum is closed after dark.”

Sp a;;; wow okay had my fingers on the wrong keys there, but most of my fairies are freshmen and sophomores and they’re all freaking out (but like, quietly freaking out, because actors) like “Oh shit is it’s the fuzz” and meanwhile I’m hushing this guy and telling him to turn off the damn flashlight because it’s going to be like a fucking cat laser for the audience. And he’s hearing none of what I’m saying so I jump out of the bush and grab his arm and drag him behind a tree and I’m just like, “LISTEN, MY FRIEND, WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PERFORMANCE AND WE HAVE PERMISSION TO BE HERE. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME CONSIDER THE FACT THAT I’M DRESSED LIKE YOUR FUCKING FAIRY NIGHTMARE AND THERE ARE A HUNDRED FUCKING PEOPLE SITTING ON THE LAWN OVER THERE AND YOU ARE RUINING OUR PLAY YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING POTATO.” I don’t know who let this idiot walk around with a handgun but either I managed to get the point across or he was just terrified that this insane woman dressed like some kind of stripper Maenad was going to use her pagan voodoo on him because he finally was like, “Oh shit okay my bad, please God let go of me.”

So I turned around and the fairies are like already running across the lawn and I’m like shit shit shit shit I’m about to miss my magnificent royal entrance but I can’t see a damn thing because IT’S HELLA FUCKING DARK BECAUSE THAT SHIT HAPPENS AT NIGHTTIME, AND OFFICER SHIT-FOR-BRAINS JUST BLINDED ME WITH HIS FLASHLIGHT. But I take off running because the show must go on, right? But I kind of overshot my entrance and long story short I ran face-first into a low-hanging tree branch. It hurt like a bitch but I was like, “NO TIME, GOTTA GO ARGUE WITH OBERON” so I stumble into the playing space just in time. Oberon walks into the light, takes one look at me and his eyes get really wide and he looks really disconcerted and goes, “Uh, ill met by moonlight, proud Titania.” Because apparently the tree branch with which I had an intimate encounter was sharp enough to break skin and my forehead is now bleeding down my face. But we carry on with the scene and I’m like trying to seduce the fairy king while sort of surreptitiously wiping blood out of my eyes and Oberon’s pretending like it’s hot when actually it’s like really fucking gross. 

Eventually we go through the scene and we meet up again in the bushes that serve as backstage and Oberon is just like, “What the fuck happened to your head,” and I’m just like “Fuck the police.”

And THAT is the story of the time a cop ruined my big entrance for Midsummer and I got bitch-slapped by a tree.


First of all, Piper, how do you know you’re safe? YOU’RE NEVER SAFE. God the writers are lazy as hell in this episode.

Secondly, I never understood this lingering camera shot between Piper and Leo after she says this. I thought it might’ve been a hint that they’d get together that night, but then Leo leaves, so… what is it? Basically a “I know you want to get laid, honey, but I’m exhausted so leave me alone” shot?