all for you amanda

I have never been beautiful,
and I am no one to judge;
but the girl peering out at you
through blood shot eyes and matted hair
is truly the ugliest I’ve ever seen.
Heaving through corrupted lungs,
clutching her broken ribs,
she falls to the ground.
I’ve never been much of a fortune teller
but this girl is dying.
Tears fall down her fragile porcelain face
like rain falling from a sad sky
and her heavy sobs are the thunder
that sends small children running for cover.
Yet there is no lightning.
No light left in her eyes.
Fading dye in her dead hair
and nails chewed to the cuticle
she shakes with anxiety.
Her hands shake as she pops pills
into her small pink mouth
greedily like candy.
This girl is dying.
Her small boney fist is raised
and with all the might left
in her emaciated
tortured body
She shatters the mirror.
My knuckles are bleeding.
—  I used to write love poems. How quickly things change.



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wowee three years, five blog reboots and a url change later and I’m still kickin’. I didn’t really think I would ever come back on tumblr again after last year but you know what I still love doing this, and I’ve met a load of new friendos so it’s been a pretty favorable experience. if you remember me from my @theyoungsir days, or are rather new to my carl I love you all the same. so here you go guys, I reached a significant follower number but that isn’t what it’s about any more. just paying respects to all you lovelies and beauts out there that keep me going strong. here are some of my faves.

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In light of the holidays eating up a lot of my month, and realizing it was likely a similar situation for others, I decided to extend the deadline 1 more week for submissions to Tim’rous Beastie. Now they’ll be due by midnight of January 7th, 2017. 

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- Amanda

anonymous asked:

So I got really inspired in my Intro to Shakespeare class and started rewriting Twelfth Night into a modernized story...right now I still have the same character names as the play (Viola, Olivia, Antonio, and Sebastian) and I don't really want to change them because I'm aiming for any future readers (if I finish it and ever actually publish it) to get that it's my reimagining of Shakespeare's work. But is that okay? Or is it considered plagiarism?

That’s really cool! I think you’re okay to do that. You’re paying an homage to Shakespeare’s work, not trying to steal it. Plus any possible copyright laws are definitely up on any of his works! :) Nobody sued the studio that made She’s the Man and they kept the names, I believe. (It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that.) All in all, I think you’re good to go!

Hope this was helpful!