all for u lj

the thing is though, why did they end Thor 2 how they did?

if there was the possibility of writing jane out for mystery reasons, why did they end the last movie she was in with smooches??? they could have been way more ambiguous about their relationship or outright broke them up

but instead: KISSING.


hello everyoneeee ( ・◡・)♡ I have been doing a lot of follow forevers lately but baaah, who cares! I decided to do this one since a while ago I hit another thousand followers, which is absolutely mindblowing???!!? I can’t believe so many people can stan my annoying ass?!!? ok but like seriously, I don’t know how to thank you all for always being so nice, reblogging my stuff, tolerate my weird obsessions and kinda understand my exaggerated tags(: Oh also my birthday is really soon (sept 22 :-)) so this had to be done, alright???!!.

I will list some really cool people that I follow here, which honestly was hard af to choose bc you all are so :/ I follow a bunch of people so please don’t be mad or sad if I miss you ok, bc I still love u a lot.  ˗ˏˋ Plus: ˎˊ˗  Excuse my shitty edit and, I confess to have no idea if some of you follow me back lmao sorry.

I guess bolded are faves 

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