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  • some girl on facebook jst trying to make a cute status: my bf is such a jerk! he ate all my leftover chinese food! THANKS A LOT, steve :P
  • a dreaded nice guy, who has been lurking online all night in hopes he would see something like this: FOR THE RECORD, if you were my gf, i would never eat your leftover chinese food. I would treat u like a queen and buy u the whole restaurant. it's amusing to me... how little this "man" respects you. perhaps that's why he is simply your boyfriend and not your... Manfriend

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I love how the tag has been able to stay trending for the last three days! :D really shows how interactive and creative we all are here ^-^

(*cough* I also know I’m not t̵h̛e͠ ̕o̶nly on̛e̕ who’s loving this *cough*)

HI GUYS!!! So I FINALLY sat down and recorded something, because how could I not after watching the perfection that was Islands and hearing this wonderful song? I did a ton of experimenting when I recorded this and tried stuff I had never done before… but I think I’m really happy with how it came out! :)

Also, thank you @cosmicowly for posting the chords!! If you haven’t heard their beautiful piano cover of this song yet, GO LISTEN TO IT!

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i hope u guys are all familiar w the best video ever recorded

Death Note The Musical Original Cast Recording Masterpost (Urai Kenji version)

01. オーバーチュア- Overture
02. 正義はどこに - Seigi wa doko ni - Where is the justice?
03. 哀れな人間 - aware na ningen - Pitiful Humans
04. デスノート - desunôto - The Death Note
05. キラ - Kira
06. 恋する覚悟 - koi suru kakugo - Ready To Love
07. 私のヒーロー - watashi no hîrô - My Hero
08. ゲームの始まり - gêmu no hajimari - The Game Begins
09. 一線を越えるな - issen o koeru na - Don’t Cross That Line
10. 秘密と嘘 - himitsu to uso - Secrets and Lies
11. 正義はどこに リプライズ - seigi wa doko ni ripuraizu - Where is the Justice (reprise)
12. 残酷な夢 - zankoku na yume - A Cruel Dream
13. 死のゲーム - shi no gêmu - A Game of Death
14. 秘密のメッセージ - himitsu no messêji - A Secret Message
15. 揺るがぬ真実 - yuruganu shinjitsu - The Unshakable Truth
16. 残酷な夢リプライズ - zankoku na yume ripuraizu - A Cruel Dream (reprise)
17. 名誉にかけて - meiyo ni kakete - With Honor
18. ヤツの中へ - yatsu no naka e - Inside Of Him
19. 命の価値 - inochi no kachi - The Value Of Life
20. 愚かな愛 - oroka na ai - Foolish Love
21. 最期の時 - saigo no toki - Last Moments
22. レクイエム -rekuiemu - Requiem

Come on down to recording town we got the whole gang here we’re not sitting around!
Take that frown and turn it upside down I’ve got the mic and I’m comin’ down!
Come on down to recording town where the magic is made and we wear the crown!
Step right up and hear that boom boom pow, come down, don’t drown this is our playground!

So, how ‘bout that chapter 2 huh? 

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I know I’m going to SERIOUSLY regret this…since this is way, WAY over my upload limit…and it isn’t even subbed…=_=“


Might set this to private or even delete this without prior notice if I start to feel too insecure about having this up. Probably will be just an one-time thing. I do like to share seiyuu moments that are interesting to me, but not as a long unsubbed video like this, so…=_=“

Monster High A to Z - Ghoul Challenge :)

Decided to try and draw all the Ghouls alphabetically starting with Abbey of Course :) I hope to record all of them as well for my channel! Want to add a little of my own Flair to them :) Might draw a few of them into full body shots too!

Winter Bloom Abbey :)

Process here :


Here’s my reading of chapter one of Suzy of the House Miller! I really hope you all like it, I had a lot of fun recording it.

I apologize in advance for a slight microphone buzz, I couldn’t figure out how to fix that without reducing gain.

Thank you so much to Haredrier/ Eggheademporium for giving me permission to record a reading of their story!


I can’t believe that I heard that masterpiece. Seriously it’s so beautiful, so mature. I’m so proud of him.


Meet me in the halfway is so beautiful and the sound is so weird, like alternative rock with an epic sound. Distortion and cool stuff. It’s very clear the Pink Floyd influence.

Two ghosts almost made me cry, I would cried if it wasn’t because I was on public with 30 persons in a quiet room. It’s like a ballad, so sweet and deep. Sometimes Harry’s voice is heartbreaking, and the lyrics are beautiful. It’s so explicit, like almost obvious that it’s about Louis and all the stuff they went through a couple years ago, and talks about that they are not allowed to be together in public and act like they used to act. It broke my heart.

Only angel has a beautiful intro and then WOW. Another great rock n roll song. Classic sound and the band is brilliant as always.

Kiwi is one of my faves, pure rock n roll again. The lyrics are so weird, I can’t remember exactly but I was like “wtf are you talking about? I don’t care but this sounds sick”. I imagined him dancing and screaming at the shows and I would sell my soul to see him singing that song live. Also I pictured Keef with his solo. The Stones vibezzz are everywhere. The beat, the drums OMG the drummer is pure talent, I love that woman.

Speaking of woman, Woman again another rock song. So cool. You can hear a bit on the Snapchat filter and it’s so catchy. Really good.

And last but not less, From the dining table. The last song, and the last beat of my fucking heart. It’s so sad, really sad for an ending, like SERIOUSLY HAROLD? Such a bad choice or a great choice if you want to end with MY LIFE. Again, his voice is heartbreaking and I almost cried (again). I would advice you to be prepared to cry and try to not kill yourself with that song. Very sad but also very beautiful and emotional.


So my veredict is that I cannot tell how proud of him I am. Because seriously, I met him when he was only a child, with his dimple and his curls. And now I feel like he’s a man. A beautiful man, a talented man. That band sounds amazing, they clearly know about music. The album is like The Dark Side of Harry Styles, in a good way. It shows his influences, his music taste, his capacity to sing and play instruments and to write such a cool lyrics. He’s brilliant. And I’m so proud of being his fan since he was a kid and support him then and now. Watching him grow up and grow up with him, because I’m getting older too, I’m changing too, and I have him in my life. I am part of all of this, and so are you. All of us. We are a team, like Louis says.

So I hope you all enjoy and love this record as much as I do now, because you can hear and feel how pure this boy is, and how much he loves to sing and play music.

I’m really proud of you, Harold.

it ya girl back again with another cover after more than a year - this edition: Hard Feelings by Lorde aka the queen of my fucking existence

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Holy shit, I still can’t believe I actually got to go see gay heathers in Berkeley today. I drove 3 hours there and 3 hours back and it was completely worth the show. The acting was great, the set was amazing, the lighting was aesthetic and dynamic as fuck, the pit was sooooo good, the violin man made me feel things, and everyone sounded fantastic. I also got to meet McNamara, Chandler, Ms. Flemming, and JD. They were all super nice! I made eye contact with McNamara (I think her name is Sofie?) and she immediately started talking to me without any sign of doubt or hesitation. Then she called JD/Teddy over when she saw I was wearing my JD jacket and she started talking to me too and it was all so amazing. I hope they record one of their shows and put it on YouTube or even a dvd that I could buy. 10/10 night, would do again.