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so. here’s a nice little graph I made of the 18-49 demographic ratings for episodes 8-16 (note: 8 is included to show the dramatic drop like damn). you see those peaks? the red dots?

those are the episodes lena is in


everyone bonds over how bad joey is with his damn budget

Look, can I just say: Going into somebody’s ask on anon or joining their creative brainstorming chatroom to yell at them and call them oppressive and bad for not producing the content you want them to (which i have seen MULTIPLE EXAMPLES OF this week)

is a shitty tactic for getting people to produce the content you want.

If you’re angry because the fandom doesn’t focus enough on certain issues, yeah okay me too, and there’s a place for anger, but the sad proof is that when you want someone to do more creative work, to focus more on a certain topic, singling them out and sending them messages about how awful they are is 100% counterproductive.

Only the most robust and pliant artists will do what you want, and “robust” and “pliant” aren’t words that leap to mind when I describe general personality traits of creative people. The rest will either do the opposite of what you want out of pure obstinacy, or get so anxious and overwhelmed that they stop producing entirely. So if your intention was to make them produce what you want, you lose; if your intention was to make them so distressed that they feel unable to produce creative work that, although not to your tastes, is not actually hate speech, then congratulations you are a bully.


  • Producing the kind of content you want to see!
  • Reblogging the kind of content you want to see!
  • Leaving feedback on the kind of content you want to see!
  • Following blogs that produce the kind of content you want to see!
  • Prompting the kind of content you want to see!
  • Commissioning the kind of content you want to see!
  • Writing essays about why you want to see this kind of content!
  • Ignoring people who don’t create work relevant to you!
  • Finding people who are as upset as you about the topic you care about and building community with them!
  • Finding a support group or therapy or something!
  • Finding a different activist outlet where you can use your willingness to be assertive and righteously angry in a productive way (because this tactic is a bad one for getting art made, but a good one for, say, getting legislation passed)!
  • Petting a kitten, or smelling a flower, or like, anything!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH for a fantastic AX experience!! ;w; <33 I honestly thought that it would be pretty chill at the booth but that was totally not the case hahaha _(:’D I also spent way too much $$ especially on enamel pins but i came to AX to buy all of those SO YEAP just making my dreams come true !! HAHA 

here’s some shameless loot pics–my friend queued on the first day to get the FS Yuuri nendo for me aaaa /squishes his little cheeks/ !! AND THANK U FOR THE GIFTS HAHHAHA you all are simply ADORABLE and i consider myself extremely lucky to have y’all come by the booth, asking me TO SIGN STUFF U GUYS ORDERED ONLINE BEFORE AAAA that feeling is so incredibly humbling and i still don’t know what to say?? and sorry if i seemed…totally out of it when we spoke?? ahahaha i’m naturally awkward but add on the tiredness and i just become even more uninteresting _(:’3 I’ll try to get more pre-con rest next time! Thank you again for making AX so fun and rewarding! ^^

(a few AX pics to come in a separate post!)


Here’s how the GOP’s new health care bill hits poor people the hardest

  • The basic outline of the health care reform could be summed up as follows: eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s taxes on higher earners, as well as some of it’s most important cost saving mechanisms, all while taking an axe to provisions designed to help poor and working-class people afford insurance.
  • The most notable example of this is the elimination of the Medicaid expansion going forward. Under the ACA, states could expand Medicaid to include anyone who earned up to 138% of the federal poverty line — $39,716 for a family of five in 2017— and the federal government would pick up 90% of the cost. 
  • But the new GOP plan eliminates those funds starting in 2020, promising to only help pay for people who would have been covered under the old baseline for Medicaid. Those who received coverage under the Medicaid expansion won’t have it taken away — so long as they stay in the program.
  • That effectively kills the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. If the bill were to pass, anyone between 100% and 138% of the federal poverty line would not be eligible for Medicaid unless they enrolled prior to 2020. 
  • For those who fall in that window and enrolled before that date, they can only maintain their coverage if they stay on Medicaid. That means if they get a job with employer-sponsored health care or a slight pay bump, but then lose that job later, they will lose their Medicaid eligibility unless they fall beneath 100% of the federal poverty line. Read more (3/7/17 4:01 PM)
Ivar’s Axe - a Vikings Imagine

Ivar x Reader; Ivar x You
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3200
Warning: improvised sex toy (otherwise known as ‘I can’t believe I wrote this, what have I become’)
Summary: Ivar asks you to admire his favorite axe. Then things get weird.

Inspired by conversations the resulted from this set photo we got yesterday:

Ao3 Link Here

Excerpt: Ivar flips the weapon in question idly, then holds it in a loose grip as he invites you to admire it. “This one has perfect balance; I never miss with it. The blade holds an edge well, and—“ he chokes up on it, extends the butt end closer to your face, “look at how polished the handle has become.”

It’s a strange thing to admire about a weapon, but you indulge Ivar, leaning closer and taking a look. It’s true, the ash wood positively shines in the evening light, smooth and flawless as a river stone.  

“I never let anyone else use it; I have kept this axe with me for years. It has formed itself to my hands.” He flips it around a few more times, then grasps it by the head and holds it out to you. “I want you to wash it for me,” he commands.

“What?” You are confused, but you only want to make sure you heard him right. You are used to Ivar making odd requests of you; sometimes he does it just to see if you will listen. These little power games would probably annoy another girl, but not you. You often feel like he is testing you, desiring to know the extent of your loyalty, or dedication, and you are eager to prove yourself to him.

His eyes go wide as he inclines his head toward you. Like he can’t believe he has to explain what he just said. “Take it down to the river where you wash your clothes, and wash my axe.” Ivar bounces the handle in front of your face until you take it, the wood warm and smooth under your fingers. Then he sits back and flashes you his most charming grin, the one that usually means you’re about to spend the next hour making out with him in some hidden corner. “And wash yourself, while you’re there. Then meet me in my bed.”

A thrill rushes through you. After weeks of nothing but heavy petting, Ivar finally wants to have sex? You’ll follow pretty much any instructions, no matter how strange, if it means he’s ready to lay down with you, touch you in all the places that you’ve been dreaming of…

He reaches over and taps you on the nose with his finger. “Run along now, y/n. I will be waiting.”

You can’t stop the smile spreading over your face, sweet tension already building between your legs as you stand and turn to go.

“And don’t forget my axe,” he calls after you.

Ao3 Link Here to finish reading this monstrosity… 

Heroes Team feat. Best Boy front and center + Ephraim Harem

Summer Anime 2017

As the temperature rises and students finish up the school year, it is time to say goodbye to spring and hello to summer! After picking up my badge for this year’s Anime Expo (AX), I feel that it’s appropriate to reflect back on this past anime season. Spring season has given me a variety of great shows to watch, such as Tsuki ga Kirei, Eromanga-sensei, Attack on Titan 2, etc., while also surprising me with the amazing show known as Boku no Hero Academia. Now with the anticipation of AX hanging over my shoulders, I am more than ready to start the SUMMER ANIME SEASON!!!

Here are the shows that I am planning on watching:

- Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu


- Ballroom e Youkoso

An anime on ballroom dancing…as a dancer it’d be a crime to not watch it!!!

- DIVE!!! 

What can I say…I’m sports anime trash.

- Koi to Uso

The premise of this show seemed interesting and Kana Hanazawa is one of the main characters!

- Netsuzou TRap

I’m probably cursing myself by watching a Shoujo Ai anime for the first time…but I’m curious hehehhehe

- Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

A sports anime with a clean-freak protagonist naturally poked my interest.

- Tsurezure Children

Each episode is only 15 minutes, but COME ON the characters are adorable!

- Fate/Apocrypha

There’s a lot of hype for this and it’s connected to the Fate franchise! WOOO!

- Konbini Kareshi

I actually have no excuse why I’m watching this…LOL XD

- Hitorijime My Hero



- Boku no Hero Academia 2

I picked this show up on a whim and I can say that I now understand the hype for this anime. I never expected to love the show and it’s characters so much to the point that I’m begging all of my anime friends to watch it so that they can geek over it with me. Consider me a part of this fandom from now on!

I’m super, super excited to start watching these shows! This summer season is even more special since I am starting it by attending all 4 days of AX. I am cosplaying as Yuuri Katsuki from…you guessed it, Yuri!!! on ICE. Plus, I have a chance to meet Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei! In the words of Yuuri, “I’m still in denial that this is actually happening!”

I’m praying to the anime gods that I will be able to get autographs from both of these lovely ladies and attend their panel. While I wait in line in the ungodly hours of the morning, I will be waiting to start this great line-up of anime. Thanks for reading!

🐺 - Lamb, tell me a story..

🐑 - There was once a pale man with dark hair who was very lonely..

🐺 - Why was it lonely?

🐑 - All things must meet this man, so they shunned him.

🐺 - Did he chase them all?

🐑 - He took an axe, and split himself in two…

🐺 - So he will always have a friend..?

🐑 - So he will always have a friend.

OLD MAN ATTEMPTS TO USE SELFIE STICK 🎅🏻 fr though this selfie stick is broken and I need to get a new one before acen but HELL I wanted to test Merle out before the con. And I’m so excited for acen and momo u have no idea. If anyone else is cosplaying taz hit! Me! Up! I want to get pictures with all of you and give you the good word of pan. at momo im going to be with the absolute squad of lup and taako!! (also. im so tempted to make the jortpurs. help)