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so. here’s a nice little graph I made of the 18-49 demographic ratings for episodes 8-16 (note: 8 is included to show the dramatic drop like damn). you see those peaks? the red dots?

those are the episodes lena is in

🐺 - Lamb, tell me a story..

🐑 - There was once a pale man with dark hair who was very lonely..

🐺 - Why was it lonely?

🐑 - All things must meet this man, so they shunned him.

🐺 - Did he chase them all?

🐑 - He took an axe, and split himself in two…

🐺 - So he will always have a friend..?

🐑 - So he will always have a friend.


I do have an enormous amount of women readers and fans. A lot of them said they like the women in the books, a variety of women characters that appeal to a variety of women. Women are different. Some of them do like the princesses, some of them like the tomboys, some of them like the strong women or the weak women. I’ve tried to provide a full range of different types of women. - George R.R. Martin

i understand. i’m not always fun to be around.

the saddest things marco says are him always being lowkey jealous of the relationships all his friends are in, especially when he implies it’s because he thinks he’s too fucked up a person for it. the sweetest relatable lonely bi kid feelings.


Dean:“He [Graham] got unexpectedly choked up when we wrapped, and he started crying, he came up to me and Aidan and we thought he was joking!”

Aidan:“It’s Dwalin, he’s huge!”

Dean: “He’s [Graham] got orc blood all over him and axes and he gave Aidan a hug, then he just [sobbing noises].”

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Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Jake
Looks like a cinnamon roll but would actually kill you: Tobias
Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Cassie
Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Rachel
Sinnamon roll: Marco
Would actually kill you for a cinnamon roll: Ax

Am I the only one who wouldn't be completely crushed if Finn didn't turn out to be force sensitive?

I just think it’s good to have characters who can kick butt and take names without magic powers. A protagonist who can hold their own, shoulder to shoulder with a Jedi without having access to the force.

Leia and Han were good for that, but then Leia turned out to be a Skywalker. So y'know, that went out the window. Still, Han is a good supporting character, though fannon would like to insist he is also a sensitive. Which is on the one hand hilarious because he would hate that, but kind of screws the ‘you don’t have to be a Jedi to do anything useful in this story’ thing.

In the prequel trilogy, we had Padme, who would have been an awesome example, if she hadn’t had all of her character development axed from the final product. As it stands she’s kind of bland and doesn’t accomplish much after TPM. (In the movies! I know she’s the bomb in The Clone Wars)

In all honesty, I want Rey to keep Anakin’s lightsaber. I want Finn to find his own way to help.

He's already an enjoyable, heroic, multifaceted character all on his own. 

Anyway, that’s my opinion. Not trying to start anything. Please don’t shoot me. I would resent that. :(

Why Does The Super Grimm Have So Many Weapons?

There are no clothes or corpses or anything…… just weapons…….. normal weapons.

We even see the same arrow Ren’s father used (or it could be a similar arrow).

Also, there are two hammers in the cave, so the idea that the Grimm ripped the weapons outside of his body wouldn’t make sense because those 2 hammers would not get stuck into his body.

Is it a code of honor thing to get the weapons of those who fight the Grimm as a way to honor them since Ren’s dad use that arrow against him?. I mean, the Grimm even has the Shion symbol flag. It could be the case that he has some respect to those he defeats, right?.

But If that is the case, why doesn’t he get the huntsmen weapon from episode 2?….. unless, the Grimm doesn’t take it because it’s a gun?.

You can even see another image of the weapons the Grimm has. All you can see are axes, spears, hammers, and swords. No guns at all.

Or….. could the Grimm be searching for something? A specific weapon?.

Come to think of it, the same Grimm is heading towards the same village jaune and ruby are at.

It could be because of Qrow’s bad luck plot device, but Grimm are attracted to negative emotions like Ruby’s doubt in herself this episode. However, Jaune and ruby share a heart warming conversation with one another. Therefore, is that short lived “doubt” enough to attract the Grimm?.

But… if it isn’t bad luck or negative emotions, what could it be?

Come to think of it, is there a normal looking weapon in that village that we don’t know that much about aside from vague stuff that the super Grimm might be interested in?…. maybe even searching for it?.

And didn’t Jaune say that Shion village was a place for his family to visit all the time as kids and possibly still visit it?. I mean, the village was still attacked because the bandits created panic but……. that is a strange detail about the Arc family to add that doesn’t really amount to anything right before we see the village destroyed, right?.

Ransom, a bro with Refined Taste™

•Collects all the Axe that enters the Haus during the first week of every school
• Only the finest of English teas can be brewed, ESPECIALLY during coral reef episodes
•Yakee scented candles stay lit in the attic because hockey starts to smell and that’s not okay
•The Haus bathroom better be pristine or else everyone get extra suicides at the end of practice
•He’s also on laundry patrol, Bounce dryer sheets or bust


On 31 October 2016 two 16-year-old teenagers (female and male) of Novosibirsk armed with a baseball bat, an axe and knives entered an apartment where were 80-year-old woman and her 11-year-old grandson. The male attacker hit the woman with baseball bat and stabbed her with knife, while his female accomplice stabbed the little boy. All of sudden, the 40-year-old mother of the boy came back home. She was hit with baseball bat and the axe. All three occupants would be soon dead if not their neighbors that heard the noise and called the police which scared attackers off. Both teenagers were detained.

“As soon as Ax had human arms we slipped his Controller’s suit and shirt on him. We’d all seen Ax try to put on ‘artificial skin,’ as he called it. We didn’t have time to wait for him to figure out the difference between arm holes and leg holes.

Then we tried to put on the tie. Just one problem: Cassie had picked up the tie he’d dropped and nervously unknotted it.

None of us guys had a clue how to retie it.

For about ten seconds, Marco and David and Tobias and I just stared at one another and at the tie and back at one another.

Then Rachel whispered, 'Oh, good grief, you guys are pathetic. None of you has ever tied a tie?’ She snatched the tie out of my hands, whipped it around Ax’s neck, tied it neatly, cinched it up, rebuttoned his shirt using the buttonholes we’d managed to miss, buttoned the top button of his jacket, straightened his lapels, and pushed his hair into place. All in less time than we’d wasted staring blankly at one another.”

- Book #21: The Threat, pg. 111 (by K.A. Applegate)