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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

- Dating a legitimate genius, which means he helps you study, and you get great marks on all your exams
- Always sitting in between his legs, leaning your back against his chest
- Wearing Slytherin quidditch sweatshirts with his name and number on the back
- Whispering in each other’s ears
- Getting your hair played with and your back rubbed all the time
- Reading to each other while the other massages their back, plays with their hair, cuddles them, etc.
- Loving being with him when he wakes up
- like his husky/groggy morning voice
- and messy hair
- and super warm and sleepy cuddles
- just everything about morning Draco is great
- He literally just wants to touch you all the time
- Cute little smirks
- Being super flirty, secretively during class
- Chivalry at a whole new level - holding doors open, fetching things for you, always making sure you’re warm/full/happy enough, standing up for you against others, talking you up to his friends
- Hickies/love bites
- Stealing his socks when your feet get cold
- Him complaining about it
- Even though he secretly thinks it’s the most adorable thing on the planet
- Passing each other notes in the shape of different things during class
- Kisses upon kisses upon kisses on your neck, shoulder, cheek, temple, back of your hand, forehead, lips…anywhere, really
- Seriously so many kisses
- Sometimes he just needs to chill
- But maybe not
- Sass and sarcasm back and forth
- Seriously…All of the sarcasm. All. Of. The sass.
- Holding your hand or resting his hand on your leg underneath the table during class/meals
- Being kissed with your back against the wall
- Having the literal best smelling boyfriend on planet earth
- Firewhiskey
- Sneaking into each other’s rooms
- Him loving you despite your non-pureblood status, and you loving and helping him even through his difficulties with death eaters/Voldemort
- Baths in the prefect bathroom
- Warming your hands up underneath his shirt and him just smirking at you
- His black suit
- Receiving incredibly nice holiday/birthday gifts
- Being hopelessly in love with his rare, but precious true smile and laugh
- The best cuddles in the world
- Jealous Draco
- But that not being a bad thing at all, really
- Him carrying your books to class, shopping bags at Hogsmeade, etc. for you
- Being fiercely, fiercely protected
- Alone time in the common room consisting of a warm fire, two glasses of firewhiskey, soothing music playing on a crackly ancient record player, and him eventually tugging on your hand to slow dance and kiss you


By @hphogwartsimagines

Thanks for reading! I’d love and welcome any feedback, requests, etcetera! Just message me or send an ask!


SD practice

After this:

And this:

It sort makes sense why Victor looks towards Yuuri with this expression when they meet:

It’s the fact that Yuuri was all up in face before, flirty and cute and begging Victor to be his coach but then afterwards, he acts like they never met. That they had never spoken. 

Yuuri doesn’t remember and Victor won’t say.

Victor was thinking about Yuuri before he officially became his coach. It might not have been love back then but Victor noticed Yuuri. 

Losing My Mind

Request: Hii can i request where you and shawn are apartment neighbors and you always bicker and fight until it becomes a thing between you to then sometimes it would get all flirty and cute hihihi love ur imagjnes

Word count: 2,059

Losing My Mind

You grabbed your keys from the table, walking out of your apartment door. You swayed down the stairs, half running towards your car. You were looked at the time on your phone; you were already running late. Fuck. You picked up the pace as if it would help, but you knew you’d be late for class anyway.

When you made it down, you sighted heavily from frustration. Taking a deep breath, you felt the anger spread around in your body. What the actual fuck, not again.

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What happens when @its-me-lsp leads the dance? THIS! Hnnnn touching!.. We talked about this! )^F<

( My GOD this was supposed to be a small doodle but oooh I just love these two so much I couldn’t stop there! <’D )

( I wonder when is she going to notice he can’t hear any of the music 8l… )


Can we just stop for a minute and be a lil bit pissed at this weeks supergirl episode. LENA FUCKING SAVED THE CITY! And no one said Thankyou, she had zero recognition from any of the team like I was waiting for Kara to go over to see Lena afterwards. It would have been so dam cute and Kara is all like I knew you had a good heart then Lena is all like cute and gay and flirty and supercorp happens 😍. But no not a single ounce of any appreciation for Lena. THEY WOULD ALL BE FUCKED WITHOUT HER!!!!! 🔫🔫🔫

One of the (MANY) things I’d love to see from Robron this Christmas is them getting pretty damn tipsy/drunk at the Dingles, and then being all flirty and cute with each other. Like they’re not normally one for PDA (or at least Aaron isn’t), but after a few drinks and the fact they’re just so happy and relaxed, they just can’t help themselves. And I love the thought of them being all giggly and not being able to keep their hands off each other, but not in a sexual “I need you now” way, but just because they love each other and they’re happy and comfortable and they’re just feeling all merry and Christmassy.

And then I like the idea of them having eaten waaaay too much, and it’s getting near the end of the day and everyone is getting to that sleepy part of drunk/food drunk, and they’re sort of lazing on the sofa, pretty close to each other as Charity or someone has squeezed themselves on the sofa next to them. And Robert is at the end, with Aaron in the middle, and Aaron is sort of squashed up next to him, and Robert has his arm slung across the back of the sofa, and Aaron sort of gradually slips down so he’s resting his head on Rob’s shoulder, and they’re all sort of in a food coma and everyone is just happy and contented as they watch something lame on TV while they recover themselves enough to help Lisa and Marlon with the washing up and then make their way home.

If we could even get a little taste of this I will be blissfully happy!

imagine for@suchcutepancakes

Hey! First off, I really like your imagines and I think that you deserve a million more notes! Also, I’m sorry if this isn’t really how people request things (I’m a tumblr noob). But my request is just that the reader and Dylan are dating and they’re at the Teen Wolf panel at Comic Con and Dylan keeps staring at her and they’re being all cute and flirty. Sorry if this is really broad, but I thought that I would leave the rest up to you!

You smiled at all the faces you could see at the front, the rest were out of your sight the bright lights stopping you from seeing all the fans faces.

“so we are going to open the floor to questions” the whole room filled with light finally allowing you to see all the faces that had come to see you. you smiled at everyone loving seeing all the support.

“first question please”said the interviewer.

“hey”a small voice said from a few rows back, you homed in on the voice and smiled at the teenage girl. “my question is for Dylan O’Brien”she said.

Dylan lean in forward to get a better look at her face. “hey”he said smiling at her. you smiled as you watched your boyfriend, you loved how amazing he was with the fans.

“how is it acting in scenes with your girlfriend?”

“awful”he joked looking over at you sending a wave of laughter through everyone including Tyler who was separating you. Tyler put his hands on your shoulders and rubbed them as he laughed and you glared playfully at your boyfriend. “no of course I’m joking”Dylan laughed. “its amazing you know” he rubbed his nose with his hand. “it makes everything easier like i don’t have to pretend to be in love with her, i already am”

your heart melted a little bit as he looked at you and smiled. what he said we true, playing love interests with your real life partner was the best thing.

everyone aaawwwed and the next question was asked, you lay your head on the table as Holland was talking. Dylan did the same and you locked eyes. you stuck your tongue out at him and he copied you making you laugh.

“(y/n)?”asked Jeff. you shot back up again making everyone laugh. “you ok there?”

“yep, Dylan distracted me” you laughed. “what was the question sweetie?”you looked at the young boy with the mic.

“what made you decided to follow acting?”

“oh well..”you paused to think of an answer. “i went to clubs when i was young, and it was what i did after school. like someone does a sport , that was my thing. i loved doing it, i had so much fun, and when i got older people started telling me that i was really good, like people who knew there stuff and then that was when i thought first about doing it as a career, and then thats what I’ve always to do, and hard work and luck got me here”

“you’re so pretty”Dylan said as he lifted his cap from his head and ran his hands through his hair. you smiled at him and watched as he put his cap back on.

“whats the funniest thing that has happened on set?”

“oh i have one”Dylan said leaning forward excitedly. “so basically, it was a really early morning shoot and we were outside and it was pretty cold, so (y/n) isn’t a morning person right, and we had just done this serious scene and then (y/n) was meant to run off but except when she did she tripped right over this wire and fell into this sound guy and he fell into about 3 other people knocking over some seriously expensive equipment, so there was a pile of people on the floor and (y/n) just looks at me from under these people and goes ‘i fucked up’, it was the funniest thing”

“hey! i thought we weren’t going to talk about that!”you protested. everyone laughed and so did you. everyone went back to answering questions as you caught Dylans eye.

“i love you princess”he mouthed.

“i love you too”

One Last Time (OMAHA)

|based on the request: Hi can you do an imagine where y/n and the guys are like best friends and they have a weekly sleepover on a Friday night after school with blanket forts and movies. And the guys are all like super cute and complimentary and even flirty with her and she takes turns snuggling up to each of them and then they tell her how much she means to them and they say how much it would kill them if she ever left them. 😩😍 thanks❤️❤️

|•1.7k words, requests are open, masterlist can be found in the description and this is sloppy lol for not editing•|

Everyone always dreams of their last day of school, about how they will never have to pick up another textbook again and how they’ll spend their summer partying with their best friends. Me, on the other hand, I am dreading it. Simply because it’s only half way through my senior year of high school and I’m leaving my school. Yeah, it sucks.

I have to leave all of my best friends behind, start an entirely new curriculum and make new friends. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was just moving cross country because I would just have to catch up on what they were learning at that school, but instead, I’m moving back to England.

I moved to Nebraska when I was 5 because my dad had just been given a new placement with a 12 year contract with his law firm. That makes me 17 now. I was put into an American school as soon as we moved here and I’ve been with all of my classmates ever since. I’ve made so many friends! I somehow became classified as ‘popular’ with my sports star friends, Jack, Sam, Nate and Jack. We’ve been friends since we were 6, but Nate is my next door neighbour, too.

The boys and I have a weekly sleep in, as they would call it, but we have a slumber party every Friday night at my house because I have a free house each and every Friday. We’ve thrown a few parties but they weren’t very good. We all got bored and just went upstairs to my room and fell asleep.

“Y/N, you’re cooking tonight, right?” Nate asks, looking over his shoulder at me. The four boys were sprawled out on my couch watching some lame movie on Netflix.

“Oh yes, with all the cutlery and food I have, I’m going to make a 5 star, 7 course meal!” I grin sarcastically. Nates face falls slightly.“

"Right, I forgot that everything was gone.” He sighs and pinches his lips into a sad smile. “We can order a mass load of take out, whatever you want.”

“And you don’t have to pay for it this time,” Sam laughs and sits up on the couch. “What do you fancy?”

I tilt my head and mentally survey my options, “I kinda want pizza but I kinda want Chinese.”

“You don’t like Chinese food…” Johnson turns around in his seat, furrowed eyebrows and confused eyes. “Why the hell do you want Chinese?”

“I think it’s just the memory of sitting here watching you guys stuff your faces with it whilst I slaved over the oven making myself pasta or chicken, only to have you guys eat all of that, too.”

They all start laughing and reminiscing at the many times that has happened, each of them probably remembering an entirely different night to each other. I can’t believe I have to leave these doofs all by themselves.

Gilinsky finally sits up so I can see all four of their gorgeous faces. “We have had some good times, haven’t we?”

“We’ve made so many amazing memories together in this house, it’s sad knowing someone else is going to be making their own memories in here.” Nate sighs and runs a hand through his newly flat hair.

I can’t help but roll my eyes at how emotional these boys are getting. Isn’t it stereotypical for the girl to be overly emotional at times like these? Because I’m far from crying at this point in time. “Don’t go all sappy on me now boys, if you start crying, I’m going to start laughing.”

“Same old Y/N.” Sam mutters. He picks his hat off of his head and turns it, so the cap was facing his back.

Johnson raises his hand and places it over his heart. “So heartfelt.”

“You know me, I’m never going to change.”

Sam rests his chin against the couch backboard, looking between the other boys and myself. “How the hell are we going to cope in sad situations without Y/N there to whoop our asses back into a smile?”

“You won’t,” I say, I’m being serious. These boys are highly emotional, what is going to happen when they’re in public and feel like crying? I won’t be there to grab their hand and hug them and comfort them. “You’ll just have to be like, "what would Y/N do in a situation like this?”, and you wouldn’t be able to call me at any time of the day because of the time difference.“

It’s like the boys only just realised what I had just said, that they won’t be able to call me at any given time of the day (or night) because I’m hours in front of them. All four of their faces had dropped and they seemed even sadder than they were before, and honestly, that makes me feel sad.

Nate purses his lips to the side and looks straight at me with raised eyebrows. "Which one of us should wife her up so she can stay?”

“Why don’t I just 'wife’ all four of you up and you can be brother husbands because there’s going to be an argument if one of you tries to marry me.”

“And you’re so sure of that?”

“Obviously because I’m fucking amazing.” I say as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, jutting my head forehead and pushing my lips into a cocky smile, I flip my hair over my shoulder and roll my eyes up to the ceiling.

“You got us there.” Sam.

“That’s true.” Gilinsky.

“I couldn’t put it any better.” Nate.

“You’re too good for any of us anyway.” Johnson.

My sarcastic looks instantly fades into a look of utter sadness, my pouty purse turning into a large frown. “Boo, don’t say that.”

Gilinsky takes a quick glance down at his hands before sighing and looking back up at me. “It’s true, baby girl, we’ve talked about it before.”

“Yeah, our best friend is so perfect to us that we’ve set our expectations for girlfriends so high that we literally can’t get girlfriends.” Sam quietly laughs, knocking his hand on the covered wood and not bothering to look anywhere but the floor.

Nate takes a deep breath before he talks, his lips quivering a little bit. “None of us have a crush on you, not that we’ve admitted anyway because I’m pretty sure we all see you as our little sister. If you asked us to describe our dream girl, she would be so much like you, Y/N.”

Johnson doesn’t add anything else on to what Nate had said, “Guys, you’re boosting my ego over here.” I didn’t know any of this, nothing at all. I didn’t know that they judge any girl that talks to them compared to how I am.

“Have you seen the size of Sammy’s ego?” Nate laughs, making Sam roll his eyes and flip him the bird. “But yeah, you’re our best friend, we can’t have a love interest if they aren’t anything like you.”

I shake my head at their overly flattering comments. They rely shouldn’t be doing that. “Don’t do that, guys, seriously, you need some flavour in your life, you need a new girl that is nothing like me, whatsoever, to brighten up your life! You don’t need another Y/N wannabe making your lives miserable.”

“You could never make us miserable,” Johnson snaps, shaking his head in disbelief.

Gilinsky licks his dry lips before lifting his head and looking me dead in the eyes. “You’re perfect to us, babe, of course we want our future wives to be like you.”

“How the hell am I going to cope without you guys?”

Mentally, my willpower is cracking and I know that I’m not going to be able to uphold the physical strength I’m holding up for much longer. These guys are just too much for me.

They’ve become a part of my every day routine. I can’t go a single day without seeing them, they, together as a unit, are my rock. They’ve been there for me through thick and thin and they’ve always rushed over to my house whenever I’ve needed them to. Yes, I do have girl friends, but none of them have ever had a huge impact on my life like these four boys. We just clicked and we can’t let each other go.

It’s going to be so fucking hard leaving.

“You can’t leave us, Y/N. We need you here.” Johnson’s voice cracks and that’s it for me.

One, single tear rolls it’s way down my face and I’m up on my feet. The boys instantly jump up and rapidly advance towards me, wrapping their arms around my body and forming a giant hug. My face is crammed into Sammy’s chest, I could just tell by the cologne he’s wearing that it’s him, because I brought it for him.

I can feel all four of their strong bodies crowding me and trying to pull me closer to themselves, this only made my mental will weaker. A few more tears managed to escape the barriers of my eyes and drip down my face onto Sammy’s shirt.

“What if I don’t make any friends?”

“Don’t be silly, baby girl! Of course you will!” Gilinsky chuckles quietly from behind me.

“You’re too beautiful to not make friends.” Someone’s hand runs through my hair slowly, my assumption is that it’s Nate because he knows that is an effective way to calm me down.

Sammy’s hand slips under my chin and swiftly wipes away the tears dripping down my cheeks. “There are so many kids at that school that are just dying to become your friend, don’t doubt yourself like that.”

After some comforting coos and heavy hugs, I finally manage to compose myself and break free from the muscly arms. I smile a big, yet undeniably weak, smile at my boys and clap my hands together. I notice all of them have red, glossy eyes, and Johnson even has a glistening line glazing down his cheek. I knew this was going to be tough, but I didn’t think I would be crying this early on in the leaving process. These guys just mean way too much to me to just ditch them.

“Can we just get into our pyjamas and build a fort in front of the TV and cuddle and cry over sad movies whilst stuffing our faces again?”

“Anything for our girl.”

that was hands down my favorite episode yet i man

  • luke and valentine meeting again was so raw and painful
  • “i couldn’t save your mother” kill me now
  • jace totally has the hots for simon fight me
  • malec being all flirty and cute and kissing so much
  • izzy is losing her grip someone help her!!
  • maia slaying first jace and then simon what a queen
  • everyone bumping into each other at the hunter’s moon and simon being all like “is this the only bar in brooklyn or what???”
  • jace being all cocky and arrogant and running out of the door the second luke mentions clary
  • are we not going to talk about the angel?!?!?!?!

@merry-go-yuki continued from this

Relax,” Yuri placed a hand on Yuki’s cheek and smiled softly. “I just wanted to try something…”

Yuri leaned down and placed a kiss on Yuki’s lips. After a few moments, he pulled away and slowly started kissing his way down Yuki’s jaw and to his neck. He settled on one spot and nibbled at it.

anonymous asked:

idk if requests are still open but can i request a fluff scenario with Jaebum and the reader where like, they both have a crush on eachother and he is constantly flirting and then he confesses and all that and then they kiss. (i don't know what i'm typing i just rlly want more fanfictions of flirtass jaebum but it's fluff akdjadlksaj

this is my aesthetic. Im Jaebum is such a biaswrecker especially when he’s all cute n flirty