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Roommates (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut and kinda fluff & angst ??

╳ Summary: Being roommates with your best friend can be fun until one day you look at him differently. 

(this is something that I found that I had written months ago and just decided to post it!!)

The day you looked at your best friend as more than a friend, you knew you were screwed. It happened out of nowhere. You just woke up one morning and looked at him differently. You were never going to tell anyone, you weren’t stupid. That would just lead to Jimin being freaked out and nothing being the same. Risking your friendship with Jimin was not worth the little crush you had on him.

Deciding that you couldn’t fall back asleep, you got up to start the morning. Walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast, you didn’t notice your best friend standing there.

“Holy shit! Jimin, you scared me!” You yelled, clutching your chest.

“What’s gotten you so jumpy?” Jimin asks, laughing while opening the refrigerator

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The absolutely fantastic @dettsu and yours truly are going to be at MatsuCon tomorrow at Ateneo!!! Try to stop by i’ll have stickers postcards and a doodlebook full of all new comics to sell 

Notice: One Month Break

Due to some private matters, the comic needs to go on a brief hold for the month of November. This means our next comic update will be on December 4th, just in time for the holiday season. However, rest assured we won’t go completely dark. The blog will continue to be active as we still have our Caretaker Print Raffle running, and we will continue to respond to asks and share fan content!

We also will continue to keep our Patreon up to date for our faithful supporters. In lieu of early access to Caretaker updates, we will be sharing the following rewards instead:

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We know that one month is a long time to go without updates, and a few might fear that such a long break will mean the end of Caretaker. We can assure you that is not the case. Our love for this comic and its community is strong, and we will finish our story.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

can i just say it kills me to see tony with peter right at the beginning of homecoming. i mean, the man has just experienced heavy shit in the last 48 hours and there he is, trying to be relaxed around peter, so that the kid feels comfortable. like, how much effort and self-control is it taking him not to immediately break down and just say fuck it all and leave? he just saw his parents being brutally murdered, he is physically fucked up, was abandoned by a friend, lost his team, his best friend can’t walk, he’s being pressured and blamed by the government, yet he still has the mind to crack jokes and take care of peter. he feels he has such a big responsibility on peter’s well-being, both physically and mentally, that he shoves all of his feelings aside for him and shows just how much he cares, and how important peter is to tony.

ck || t.h

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Request: anon: ok first i wanted to say that your writing is amazing and second i was wondering if you could do an imagine were the reader is a well known model an has a calvin klein photoshoot with tom holland and it gets steamy between the two and it ends with smut? i’m sorry if i was too specific

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: so. many. sins.

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listen, we have to talk about this. two years ago, supernatural went so far out of their way for a no homo moment that they wasted 15 minutes of a FINALE in order to introduce a completely new and boring character simply to kill him off just so that dean wasn’t SOLELY upset about cas. 

last night, supernatural killed cas and then immediately “killed” mary and then the literal antichrist was born and yet dean was on his knees, incapacitated, totally lost, kneeling next to cas. the shot was framed to focus SOLELY on dean’s pain for his loss of cas. a lot happened all at once, but the thing that brought him to his knees was the death of his friend. 

setting aside all feelings about the potential that cas is permanently dead, i, for one, felt like that was an apology for the season 10 finale.  


So many tomatoes in this strip

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Imagine demon!Dean beating a guy up to death because he touched you and he got jealous. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

“How-” you voice felt stuck in your throat “How do you know me?”

“He-” she glanced at the door, hesitating as if he could come in any given moment “Doesn’t matter.” she breathed out, shaking her head as if to shake the thought off and turned to leave.

But you weren’t having any of it “No” you breathed out, rushing to grab her arm “No, please.” you looked at her with pleading eyes, for the first time putting all feelings of jealousy aside “Tell me.”

“I-” she sighed, looking around nervously “He’s mentioned you.”

“He?” your hand fell on your side “Dean, right?”

“Yeah.” she pursed her lips and oh you knew that look very well, jealousy and envy “Without really wanting to, uh a couple times. Once or twice in his sleep and other during-” she stopped herself, shrugging and now it was your turn to feel that unpleasant burn inside your chest “I asked him who you were but he always brushed it off, insisting it- you didn’t mean a thing but seeing the way he looks at you just… proves how wrong I always was for believing him. And how wrong he was.”

“About what?” you said in a low voice, biting your lower lip.

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Sasuke Uchiha deserved a hell of a lot better ending than he got

Sorry but I really don’t want this ship to sail canonically…

Honestly and I don’t want to start Fandom Drama with this or anything but I don’t understand when people like characters who are templars (Cullen, templar Carver etc.) but then fully support the Chantry/Templars as an institution because like… you do realize that means all your faves are getting addicted to lyrium and getting embroiled in an institution that is bad and oppressive all around including to the templars themselves in many cases so like…. I just….. don’t………. understand……..

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None of these strong amazing boys actually needs protecting but is that gonna stop me from trying? Is it?? (the answer is no)

Anon said: Hi! If you haven’t already answered this, would you mind listing the tags/ships you aren’t comfortable with people tagging your art with?

Ohhhhhh what an interesting ask, I’ve been thinking about how to answer since I got it and?? I’m not sure, so let’s put it like this: generally, if the art is obviously meant as platonic I’d prefer it if you didn’t use the ship tag on it, but as a general rule I don’t actually mind people tagging ships anyway? I know how this site works so if I’m really uncomfortable with the idea of it being misinterpreted as romantic I’m just not gonna post anything with those characters in it from the start

That said, sometimes people tagging ships confuses me a lot??? For example the majority of people who’ve reblogged my latest bnha comic have tagged it with the bkdk tag and? There’s nothing romantic about it?? Bakugou is literally off to kill Deku why is that romantic we just don’t know, bkdk shippers seem to have an understanding of romance completely different from mine haha

Ah, also I’ve been having people tagging my bokuro and akaken arts with the ot4 tag, even if I rarely ever draw all of them in the same place. Please don’t do that. Like. Seriously.

As for the general tags, there’s a lot of tags I don’t understand, but from there to saying I’m uncomfortable with them is a bit of a huge step… the one thing that comes to mind is people trigger-tagging Bakugou’s mom. That’s. Hm. I happen to really like that woman and my drawings depict her in a positive light always, so if people could stop that it would be very nice? That’s about it tho~

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'What are the Odds?’ (Final)

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Series, based off of ‘Mamma Mia!’)

Author’s Note: I’m sad to say that this is the last part to WATO. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this series. Looking back at the past parts, I realized that I could’ve done a lot better. But you guys still enjoyed it. Still, I hope to do better with ‘Hot Guy’. Thanks for sticking by me the entire way! 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 2,133

Previous Part: Part Seven

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Tokyo Ghoul fandom is amazing

*witnessed characters getting chopped in half, torture and cannibalism*
*sees overly emotional sex scene*
Ex-fan: Sex is too much for me. This is too graphic and I feel uncomfortable.

All humor aside, it’s okay dropping something because it’s not your thing.
It is NOT okay dissing it off and calling it sh!t just because it didn’t turn out how you thought it would.

Cheers for momma bird and papa centipede.

The course of life - James Potter x Reader[AU]

Request: this is kinda weird and a really, really fucked up AU but the idea was in my mind for days and your writing is pretty. 💘 So I was thinking that James survived when Voldemort attacked them (didn’t think why/how) and he got to raise Harry with a lil help from the reader who was with them in Hogwarts (also harry’s godmother). So years pass by and he realize that he’s starting to fall in love with her and he asks harry’s permission cause he knows how harry cares so much about her and vice-versa.
Warnings: It’s an AU. My English and language(it’s me!) Gif aren’t mine/ Credits to their original owners. 
Word Count~3.6k
Pending Requests

It was always James. Since the moment you met, it was only him. It had always been him. His hazel eyes and his pouty lips; his crazy messy hair and his round nerdy glasses. His kind nature and his sassiness. Everything about him was intoxicating and calming at the same time.
At first, you were not very concerned about it because he seemed like a good guy and you immediately became friends. You were closer to him than the others but you considered them family. In fact, it was you that had insisted to find a way to help Remus every full moon. It was James though, who forbid you to tag along and told you that it would be too dangerous and that it was for the best if you were there afterwards to help them. You would have kept pushing him to change his mind but it made you feel too important to him. So, you didn’t. Maybe, just maybe, he actually saw you as more than a friend.
All your hopes died when he started flirting with Lily. He would bombard you with questions about your best female friend and he would confess his undying love for her to you. Which was a bit ironic and a tad painful. That was when you decided to put all feelings aside and move on.  Of course, that was easier said than done. Sirius noticed and so did Remus. They saw that their best friend was trying to avoid being in the same room as James and Lily; not when they were on their own but when they were together. They never said anything.
It became almost unbearable to be around them. You had done everything in your power to move on. You had dated other guys and you had been in a very nice relationship. But it didn’t last, mainly because none of the other guys was James.
You thought that he was so dense. How could he not notice that you had feelings for him? How could he look at you straight in the eyes and instead of seeing how much you loved him, all he would do was talk about Lily? You wanted to be mad at her. You wanted to hate her once she agreed on a date with him. You truly wanted to. But you couldn’t. Lily was a very, extraordinary kind person and an amazing friend. Besides, you could see how happy he was. You had never seen him that ecstatic. It was that exact emotion of his that made you realize that you never stood a chance.
Once they were together, there was nothing left for you. And you grew colder and distant. You would never try to ruin their relationship; they were your best friends and they were perfect for each other.
Sirius was the one to make a move. He kind of had formed a crush on you, even though he knew that it would always be James for you and well, it would always be Marlene for him. He couldn’t exactly handle though, seeing you sad and hurt. And since neither of you could be with the person you truly wanted to, why not be with each other? It wasn’t like you had never thought about it. And he moved fast. It was your last year after all and even though he knew that you wouldn’t just cut the ties with them after that, he was also aware that you would try to keep your distant. And in all honesty, he couldn’t blame you. He would do the same.
You hadn’t even taken a second to think your answer. It was simple as that. Being with Sirius was easy as breathing and as hard as that. It did feel natural; like being best friends but with…benefits. But it also felt wrong.
Surprisingly enough, your relationship had lasted a year. It was when Remus talked to you and voiced his concerns that you understood that you weren’t over James- who, by the way, didn’t even seem to be bothered… and why would he? He was with Lily and they were planning the freaking marriage for Merlin’s sake. And it was when both of them wanted you and Sirius to marry them, that you had to be honest with the gray-eyed man and with yourself.
You talked and talked for hours. You both knew the truth and you both saw it coming. There were no hard feelings between you and you still were very close. He was actually concerned about the whole ‘being the one to marry the man you loved with your best friend’ thing but you just shrugged it off. James didn’t even know. Honestly, you didn’t want him to know. It was better off like that. And with Sirius… it had gone back to being just friends- who would hook up occasionally, but that was okay.
The wedding arrived and you were in pain. You physically felt it. Your body was sore and your mind, clouded.
The wedding passed and you got wasted. You couldn’t remember a thing from the wedding reception. Well, you did remember one thing. How they glowed with happiness and love. That was the final hit. You kept on drinking and drinking.
You had woken up with a terrible hangover and a headache that made you want to bang your head against the wall. You tried to move but you felt a body next to you. You froze and tried to focus on – oh, it was just Sirius. And you had your clothes on. That was a relief.
You hadn’t mentioned to anyone that morning, afternoon really. You had made a promise to yourself. You would stop dragging Sirius into your mess. It was more than enough that his ‘family’ was with Voldemort and every time he went on a mission, he would stumble across one of them. He didn’t need your messy feelings.
You tried to stay away. For a while, you were just a muggle; did the things that Muggles did; got a flat near the Wizarding World but outside of it. You did try to make it work. You had gone out on dates and gotten an interesting job.
And then, your world came crumbling down. You were still in love with James and you loved him deeply. But life had different plans. You got a letter from Lily. A howler, really.  She was so excited that she could barely contain herself. And then she was too worried at the same time. Why? Because she was pregnant.
You didn’t get to listen to the rest of the letter as you apparated to Remus’ place. He would be lying if he was to say that he didn’t expect you to appear to his room right after you would find out. He knew you way too well. He knew that you didn’t want to go to Sirius because Merlin knows where that would lead you. The moment he saw you, you were already wrapped around him, your body shaking
with sobs. He held you close, whispering comforting things as you just fell apart.
Not only Lily and James were going to be parents, but they had the nerve to ask you to be Harry’s-that’s the name they had agreed on once they found out that it was a boy-godmother. It felt wrong. So wrong. Yet, seeing them so happy and so in love, made you swallow your emotions once again. Sirius saw it. Remus saw it. Peter wasn’t anywhere to be seen. It felt like you were drowning and your demons were holding you down, never let you breathe. Sirius tried to make it better by suggesting James to make someone else godmother/father. James didn’t really know why his best friend would say something like that for you. Well, he did. He truly did. But he had decided to bury it deep down, years ago, never letting it come to the surface. Instead of just pointing someone else, he told Sirius since he was your man-you never really told them that you had broken up in order to keep your emotions hidden- he should be Harry’s godfather as well.
At least, you would have someone to share the pain. Because he was truly asking you to be the godmother of his child- his child with Lily. And it hurt. Immensely. For everybody’s sake, you smiled and laughed and cheered. But when you were left alone… that was a different story. So, you tried to numb the pain. Alcohol, sex, sleeping pills. Whatever it took. But the pain was there. Every time you saw them smiling at each other, your heart- what was left of it- would break a bit more. Until you had a meltdown.
Thankfully, both Sirius and Remus found you and helped you. They were growing even more worried about you. It had been almost nine years. They realized that it wasn’t just a crush. You loved him. You loved him so much that you sacrificed your own happiness for him. And you cared about Lily too; she was like your sister. You had given up on your heart for the sake of theirs. For the first time, they saw how difficult it was for you and the got why after the whole ‘godparenting’ thing, you left.
The next thing you learned, had left you absolutely broken and almost too numb to react.
You were with Sirius and you had decided to visit them together, after almost a year that you had been abroad. You had travel quite a bit and you had found out that you would like to settle down in Rome. Well, the handsome Italian guy that you were in a relationship with had kind of helped your decision. You were well. Even happy. And then, the world fell upon you.
Peter, sweet, innocent, shy little Peter had betrayed them to Voldemort. And Lily was dead. She was dead. She was gone. Living a toddler and a broken James behind. Remus had rushed there and you had just apparated with Sirius, who was not just shaken but a complete mess.
And then you saw Lily’s body. It made your heart drop to the floor. This wasn’t right. She was just twenty-one. This was just a messed-up nightmare. It couldn’t be real. It just couldn’t.
In the years to follow, you could never remember that night. It all was so blurry and maybe it was for the best. Maybe your brain was protecting you.
James never asked you to ditch your life back in Rome. He never asked you to stay away from Jason-your fiancé as he was later informed- or to break the engagement. He didn’t have to. You did it, anyways.
It was difficult, in the beginning. You didn’t know where you stood. Everyone just got together and moved to your flat, since it was hidden in the Muggle world and it would draw less attention. The empty apartment was filled with four grieving adults and a toddler, who knew very well what had happened. James couldn’t handle Harry at first. He had Lily’s eyes and it felt too much to even look at him. At the same time, he felt guilty. He was, in his mind. He was responsible for her death, according to him.
You had stepped in, took Harry under your wing, helped your friends when you were just too numb to feel the pain at that point. You hated yourself. For a couple of reasons that would start to bother you after a few weeks.

Years had passed. Harry was already ten. You were living with him and James. James… well, he wasn’t exactly the boy you used to know. He had changed a lot. And who wouldn’t? He had lost his wife, his son’s mother when he was twenty-one. No matter how many years will pass, something like that cannot be forgotten. You hated yourself and even though you tried to put some distance between yourself and him-it never worked.
You were there when he couldn’t sleep, when he couldn’t function; you were there when he had a breakdown; you were there when he couldn’t stop crying behind closed doors; you were there when he couldn’t change Harry’s diapers; you were there when he would go days without coming out of his room; you were there when he started smiling again because you were the one who scowled him about his behavior-it wasn’t just him anymore, he had a child; you were there when he first laughed and it was genuine; you were there when he started cracking awful jokes with his friends and you had to run after a mini-him.
You were there all the time. You had been there forever. And you felt like you would die. Because your feelings were there as well. You pushed them away, buried them six feet under. You couldn’t possibly believe yourself. You had feelings for your dead best friend’s husband. It felt like you were the most sickening person in the world. That’s why you never even let them free again.
You had an amazing relationship with Harry. He was a wonderful kid. Lily would be so proud of him. When he was younger, you played with him, chased him around the house, fed him, tacked him in… That little creature had stolen your heart.
Once he grew older and he was asking questions that James couldn’t answer, you told him stories about his beautiful mother and his toe-rag father. James snorted but he smiled at the memory. Even though there were tears in his eyes. You kept telling Harry everything you could remember and it might hurt you but you couldn’t resist his big green eyes and his pouty lips. What you didn’t know was that you were never alone. He was always watching you-you hadn’t even realized it. James was speechless because he knew. He knew how you felt about him. At least, when you were all attending Hogwarts. He knew that it must have been one of the most difficult things you had ever undergone. He knew that you had broken your engagement with an amazing guy that you were truly in love with-for him and his son. He was admiring how strong you were and how discrete- you never told him how you felt because you valued his happiness way too much to care about yours.
One day, you were all in the living room, watching a muggle tv-show that Harry found hilarious. It was late and Harry knew that had to go to sleep. He was ten and he didn’t want to be tucked in. He was a man as had stated. The freaking Potter genes. But he was complaining and honestly, you would have laughed at the stubborn kid if it wasn’t for the word choice.
“But I don’t want to go to sleep, mom”. You froze. You could hear the stillness. Your heart wasn’t beating and you weren’t breathing. James had gone wide-eyed and couldn’t move. Harry seemed to realize what he had just said. He hugged you with his little hands and you found yourself on the verge of tears.
“I just have two moms” he said calmly as he looked at his father. The world was so much simpler and more beautiful through a kid’s eyes. James didn’t really know how to respond and that’s why you smiled at the little boy.
“You still have to go to sleep, tuff guy” you playfully tickled him and he giggled like someone who had just been busted. You carried him in your arms since he didn’t let go. Once you put him to sleep, you returned to the living room, only to find an empty couch. You knew that James had looked his door before you even tried to open it. And that’s why you didn’t.

After a few months he realized why he kept glancing your way and why he always felt more like himself around you; why you were his… what were you exactly?
He knew now that you weren’t just a friend- to him. He felt this sickening almost nauseating feeling. Again. It couldn’t be true. However, every time he looked at you, holding his son, playing with him or helping him with his homework- you had insisted that Harry should attend the elementary school as every Muggle kid did and James just couldn’t say no-his heart was beating a tad faster and he felt lightheaded. A good dizzy. When Harry had called you mom, his whole world stopped spinning. It didn’t slip. He had told you that he had two moms. He was acknowledging you as his mother and James had to admit to himself that he was right. He did have two mothers. But why had you stayed? Why had you given up your life willingly?
He needed to talk to you but first, he had to come face to face with his emotions. And the truth was that he was falling in love with you all over again. Because he had feelings for you before. He did but he was too coward to admit it. That was when Lily happened and he didn’t saw a reaction from you, so he thought that you didn’t see him like that. It was only after he had gotten together with Lily, that he realized everything. And okay, maybe Remus had let a hint or two, or a dozen. He was dense. But then, you and Sirius happened. What the hell was happening?
He was sitting down, next to his bed. The door was half-opened. He knew someone was there and he expected to be you. But it was Harry, who waltzed in and went and sat right across from him. James raised an eyebrow, stunned by his son’s actions.
“It’s okay, dad. I know you love her”. Say what, now? To say that James was shocked, it would be an understatement. He was choking on his own breath. Harry laughed at him, which didn’t exactly help. You heard a noise and went to check it out, but halted when you saw the two of them in the room. You stood behind the wall, far enough to not be seen but close enough to actually listen.
“Of course, I do. As I love Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot” he said carefully but the ironic expression that Harry had, reminded him of himself way too much. He knew that his kid knew.
“Dad, please. I am ten, not two. You are in love with her. Even if I don’t really know what that means. I heard Moony and Padfoot saying it” he stated matter-of-factly. You gasped and quickly placed your hand on your mouth. What did Harry say?
James closed his eyes. How was it that a ten-year old knew more and could see clearer? And why on earth would those two talk about his personal life? And in front of Harry?
“You are okay with that?” he asked before he could stop himself. He had just admitted his feeling for you. Feelings that were there for the last eight years. You didn’t dare to breathe.
“She is my other mom, dad. I love her. Not like you do, but I love her”. You didn’t know you were crying until the tears reached your lips and tasted the salt. Your boys. Your precious boys. You heard a sound that you guessed it was the sound of a hug and your heart melted.
“Mom would like her” you heard Harry whispering a little over-emotional. You must have done something extremely good for- no. How could steal Lily’s men? It didn’t feel right. Like, what? You waited for her to die and steal her man? You felt sick.
“She did” you heard James whispering. You were about to turn and leave when they walked on you. James was taken aback but Harry rushed over and hugged you so tight that you thought you would stop breathing.
“You make my dad happy and you make me happy” he simply told you before heading off to his room. You stayed there frozen. What could you do? You both just stood there, before he enveloped you in a bone-crushing hug. I need you, I need you, I need you, you kept screaming in your mind. You weren’t teenagers or school kids anymore. You were two people with a very disturbing past and a child. Because he knew that Harry was your as much as his; if not more. 
His hands were around you, holding you tightly close to him, as his head rested in the crook of your neck. He didn’t feel guilty anymore. He didn’t feel guilty for loving you, for moving on. And he slowly made you accept that too. From the way you hugged him like your life depended on him, he realized that your feelings hadn’t changed. You loved him for almost twenty years. Twenty years. You had kept your feelings hidden for so many years, just because you wanted him to be happy. You loved him for dear life. And he found out that loving someone is something selfless. And he gave himself to you- and Harry. Always Harry.
“We can take this slowly” he gently said, pulling an inch apart. You smiled. It was a real smile.
“I would like that very much” you answered truthfully. He was about to lean down but alas.
“Guys, I’m hungry!” Harry screamed and made both of you laugh.
It wasn’t going to be easy but it was at the same time. You were not replacing Lily. You were you and that was all they wanted. It might had started out as’ James, always James’ but it had turned out to be, ‘Harry comes first. And then James’.
And that was… a family. A happy one. 

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Yay look a video of me where you don’t see my face once

Honestly I’m probably going to delete this?? I’m not proud of it and I made a lot of mistakes, but I wrote this last night at 2 am and I wanted to post it somewhere

Believe it or not there’s a fACE underneath that MASS of HAIR

Here’s “Maybe”, hope you can get some enjoyment out of this mess


On this week’s “Someone forgot to tell Stephen and Emily their characters are broken up”