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The Fraxus Baby That No One Asked For
(freed was gone a day and his boys end up like this.
actually: they were training. and they, uh… “fell” or something)
(a sorta sequel to Laxus Tries to Deal with Kids, supposed to be a fic, but i got lazy and i am tired so here ya go. besides, who even believed these two when they said ‘we’re recruiting the kid, not adopting him’?)


Lucy and the Strauss family from chapter 347

I really liked the parts where Lucy was interacting with the Strauss siblings it was really cute why haven’t i seen anyone colour these panels? So I just had to colour them <3  I just really love the relationship they have.


I made a theory that.. Remember when Zera was using telepathy to talk to ALL Fairy Tail Members on where the guild’s location is? Well, Gildarts is indeed a member ;>

Flower Crown Re-Drawn

White carnations Standing for sweetness and loveliness, innocence and pure love.
Black lilies Charm for being known chic and elegant, dark but warm.

Old piece –> Flower Crown

For heaven sakes everyone in the tags lets try not to go to the dark side of the fandom! Our Saber-babies will LIVE! Q^ Q !

Her Smile

A short NaLu drabble because my writers funk is back :’D


Pairings: NaLu, mentions of MiraXus 

Summary: Unable to sleep, Natsu goes to the deck for some fresh air only to see his blonde haired partner had the same problem.

Natsu groaned, slowly opening up his left eye. He tried to blink out the haze of sleep still lodged in there with a sigh. He couldn’t fathom what had happened today. Finding Makarov, fighting Ajeel, and Laxus coming to their rescue.


Natsu growled at his prior memories of Laxus saving him from Hades all those years ago. Natsu had left for a year to try to prevent others from saving him so instead he could save them. His thoughts settled down to what really mattered…

They were all together again.

All the Fairy Tail members were back together physically, but Natsu truly believed that they were never apart mentally. They’ve all been together since day one and he was sure as hell a little distance was going to break the irreplaceable bond they all shared.

The dragon slayer’s features softened at the thought of why all this was even possible, why they were all together again.


The one person he had missed the most on his journey. He missed her screaming at him for breaking into her apartment and stealing her food, the way she got annoyed with his actions but never went away… but more than anything, he missed her smile.

The smile he hasn’t seen since he departed.

Lucy has smiled to him since his return, but Natsu could tell they weren’t the cheerful ones she always use to give. No, these smiles were hidden behind a mask, the darkness that depression had made in her heart.

He hated that he was a cause of it.

He knew it wasn’t all his fault, but the fact that he was a mere fraction of her sorrow gnawed at his heart strings. He hated leaving, leaving her… but he had too. He had to deal with the grief of losing his father all over again. It had taken a heavy toll on his heart and Natsu knew Lucy had realized that. He just hopes one day Lucy forgives him for his actions, he doesn’t regret what he did…

Because it had to be done.

Natsu decided that he needed fresh air, that would make him feel better. He slowly got off the cot he was sleeping on, careful not to disturb Happy next to him.

He walked out the little area he was sleeping in, immediately feeling the cool night’s air on his skin. He scanned the area, eyes widening at the familiar figure who stood at the railings.

“Lucy?” He said her name in a whisper that carried to her ears. He watched as she twisted her head to face him, a small smile on her pink lips.


“What are you doing up?” He asked walking to stand beside her, leaning on the railing on the ship.

She shrugged her shoulders. “Couldn’t sleep. What about you?”

“Same. Just have a lot on my mind.”

“That makes two of us.” She muttered, her eyes glancing up to the stars above. “Its crazy ya know? How all of this happened so fast.”

Natsu’s eyes lingered on Lucy, eyes studying her expression. She looked so calm, but he knew it was just a facade. “You got that right. Can you believe Laxus’s hair?”

He listened to Lucy’s laugh ring through his ears. “I bet you anything Mira probably cut his hair like that.”

The dragon slayer scoffed. “And why would Laxus let her do that?”

The blonde shrugged her shoulders. “Mira is a determined person after all. In all honesty, she probably just wanted to touch him to know he was there with her.”

Natsu scoffed. “Why the hell would Mira wanna do that?”

“She loves him.”

Natsu’s observed Lucy, trying to see if there was any hints that she was just joking around but he found no such signs. He was about to respond when Lucy beat him to it.

“She was away from the person she loves unconditionally for a year.” Lucy’s eyes averted from the stars to Natsu’s onyx orbs. “How do you think she felt?”

Natsu didn’t have to guess what Mira felt, he knows what she felt. He understood the void that could only be filled by that one precious person. Even though he had already been reunited with that said person and he was currently having a conversation with her… he couldn’t help but believe that void was still empty.

Because he had shattered their trust.

And he knew he did.

“I know how she feels.” Lucy’s words brought him back to reality. She pushed herself off the rail, not meeting his eyes due to the unshed tears in her eyes. “And… I can’t handle it if it ever happens again.”

With that, she walked back into the ship. Natsu watched her retreat, his features clearly showing his worry for his beloved blonde.

“If it means seeing you like this…” Natsu pushed himself off the rail as Lucy had done, deciding sleep would be best.

“I don’t think I can handle it either, Luce.”

If Lucy never joined Fairy Tail

-All of the girls that Bora kidnapped would be slaves

-Kabey melon would have never been at peace with his father because natsu would of burnt the daybreak book.

-Lucy figured out that lullaby was dark magic

-All the guild masters would be dead because Lucy didn’t use Virgo to get past the wind barrier.

-Loke would have died

-All of Lucy’s spirits would probably have abusive/mean owners (besides Aquarius, cancer and Taurus)

-The first guild hall would of not been destroyed therefore the guild wouldn’t be as laid back

-Gajeel and juvia would never join fairy tail

-Gray, natsu and erza would have not been so close

-Laxus would have never rebelled so quickly because the reason he rebelled was because fairy tail was beaten because of Lucy. Making Laxus, freed, bixlow, and evergreen never good guys

- Mira would have never awoken her she devil form. Therefore never truly seeing that she needed to move on from lisannas “death”

-All fairy tail members would have died. (Let me explain) Lucy, natsu, happy, Wendy, Carla, and Gajeel were the only people not trapped in the lacrima in edolas. So Lucy would not have saved natsu and Wendy, and because Gajeel would have never joined, gray and erza would have never been freed. Therefore they could not save natsu and Wendy from being drained of their magic and the king would of killed all the exceeds and members of ft.

BONUS (Because everyone would be dead anyway)

-Cana would never tell gildarts that he’s her dad

-The love and Lucky guild would have been robbed.

-Lucy would have to marry and have children with someone she didn’t love.

-Aquarius wouldn’t have “died”

- eclipse wouldn’t have activated because Lucy has 3 gold keys

-Lucy wouldn’t have been in the 7 year gap.

And worst of all…

-Gajevy, gruvia, nalu, and graylu wouldn’t exist….

So don’t you DARE tell me that she has no purpose in this show.

Secret revealed
  • Zeref: It looks like all the members of Fairy Tail have gathered to fight me.
  • Natsu: great job stating the obvious.
  • Zeref: *sighs* I wanted you Natsu to kill me.
  • Everyone: O.o
  • Natsu: Why me?
  • Zeref: You are the only one strong enough.
  • Everyone: O.O !?!!!?!
  • Zeref: I won't fight back, Plz end me little brother.
  • Everyone else: THE FUQ!!!!!!!
  • Natsu: ! How?!!!!!!! LIAR!
  • Zeref: my name is Zeref Dragneel and I am your older brother Natsu.
  • Everyone: *faints*
  • Natsu: *Confused af* Wait, but wouldn't that make me your little brother?
  • Zeref: ... What has that over grown lizard done to you.

Even though Fairy Tail has disbanded and everyone is off doing their own thing, I’m still tagging all Fairy Tail members with ‘guild’ and their respective teams (i.e. team natsu, raijinshuu).  This is mostly for organizational purposes, but also because they’re still Fairy Tail mages. *pouts*

Yes, even Gray - though I have added ‘avatar’ to his tag list.  *sigh*


ShutoCon 2015

Had a wonderful time at ShutoCon this year. Thank you to all the wonderful Fairy Tail members, it was so much fun doing this shoot even though it was freezing cold outside! 

Really cool meeting mion1536 who cosplayed the other Juvia in the top photo! Hope to see you at Colossal-Con later this year xD

If you know anyone in these photos, please tag them ^^