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Survival of the Fittest Has Never Been a Bigger Lie: Part Five (Final)

For @sorcererinslytherin. Holy hell we made it through. I did it. I sat down and wrote the final chapter. It turned out to be long just like last time, so I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate it and I can’t wait to get started on the next story!


Three years after the beginning of the end, Jack found himself alone with his long-time friend Joel. They were all they had left of their old life back in the city. The others of their group had left, died off, or been infected.

The last time Jack faced a bad horde is when they were picking over a strip mall. Cornered by a nasty horde, they fought their way through, tripping and scrambling over piles of trash and makeshift barricades. And Jack thought they were going to make it. Until Joel tripped and a zombie fell over top of him. Joel screamed loud and shocked. Jack ran back to smash the zombie’s head in. He picked up Joel and half dragged him away into a room where they could lock the door. The horde followed them, knocking at the door.

“There’s a window,” Jack said hurriedly. “We can climb through it and get out of here.”

“Jack,” Joel said, panting.

“Come on. Help me move this desk.”

“Jack,” Joel said again, and Jack paused. He turned to look at Joel. Joel removed his hand from his shoulder. It came away bloody. “I’m sorry, man.”

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“I want you guys to forget everything you think you know about the games. Last year was child’s play. This year, you’re dealing with all experienced killers.”
Haymitch Abernathy