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Ask away

1. Tell me about your favorite person.

2. What was the last book you read and finished?

3. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

4. Recommended Netflix shows?

5. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

6. Do you believe in miracles?

7. Snorkeling, sky diving, bunjee jumping or zip lining?

8. How do you take your coffee?

9. All expense paid vacation to… ?

10. Favorite homemade food?

11. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

12. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

13. If you were going to go to the movies alone, what type of movie would you want to see?

14. Dream job?

15. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

16. Favorite vacation spot?

17. Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans?

18. What are you waiting for at this very moment?

19. Five favorite songs!

20. You have thirty seconds to tell the world anything you want. What do you say?

21. Favorite Disney movie?

22. What is your favorite board game or card game?

23. What did you love most about the place you grew up?

24. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

25. What is your most bizarre talent?

26. Do you collect anything?

27. If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?

28. Have you ever been arrested or in trouble with the law?

29. You could have any super power in the world, what would it be and why?

30. Ever been in love?

31. If you could achieve anything what would be your number one goal?

32. When was the last time you left your comfort zone?

33. Think of the five people you are closest to. Are they good people who influence your life in a positive way?

34. If you found $100 on the ground what would you spend it on?

35. Favorite quote

36. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

37. List five good things that happened today

38. Do you think we should make things happen or let fate guide our lives?

alittleprince-hs  asked:

Do you've any idea what kind of cars do shinhwa members have now. Thanks ♡ btw i love all ur updated post

Shinhwa’s cars.. 

Well, as far as I know It’s only Dongwan & Hyesung’s cars that are confirmed since both of them showed their personal cars publicly. For Eric’s car, there are some assumptions about it but not confirmed..

I’ll share the info I know about Shinhwa’s recent cars but I know nearly nothing about cars xD

Hyesung’s Car: Audi R8

It’s known that Hyesung loves his car a lot & treats it like a princess xD

some say that Hyesung got another car, “Lamborghini Gallardo, black color” but it hasn’t been confirmed.
For his old car, he used to have a BMW.


Dongwan’s Cars:

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S  

 He revealed his fancy car during “I Live Alone” & everyone was stunned by it.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

there were many fanpics for Dongwan while driving this Mercedes-Benz with Hyesung sitting next to him

In the past, Dongwan used to have a red Porsche.


Eric’s Car: It’s not confirmed yet. But some say that it’s “Porsche”. 
There was a pic Eric posted on his old twitter for 2 expensive cars (Lamborghini and Ferrari) in a parking lot & many people thought that they were Eric & Hyesung’s cars since that parking lot in the pic was very similar to the one at RicSyung’s building. But those cars aren’t RicSyung’s cars. It was just a pic that Eric got from the internet & posted on his twitter with a comment “look, no one wants to park between those 2 expensive cars”. 


Minwoo-Junjin-Andy cars:

They haven’t revealed their personal cars yet. They only show up using the company cars (the vans), & it’s not confirmed if some of them have personal cars or not.


That’s what I know about Shinhwa’s cars. Hope it helps! :D 
& Thank you for ur nice words :))


When Al Capone tried to buy the Chicago Cubs,

Al Capone was a big fan of baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs. But of course, it drove Capone crazy to no end that the Cubs couldn’t win a World Series supposedly because of the “curse of the billy goat”. Capone didn’t blame the Cubs lackluster performance on superstitions and curses, but a rather a shortcoming in management.  On a number of occasions he commented that with his experience he could run the Cubs much better than current owner William Wrigley. 

In the late 1920′s, Capone decided to literally put his money where his mouth was and attempt to buy the Chicago Cubs.  To head his team, Capone wanted his favorite player, Babe Ruth, as a player manager.  In fact, Capone organized an all expenses paid trip to Cuba in 1929 with Ruth in order to negotiate a deal.  Ruth was enthusiastic about the plan, having always wanted a management position.  The two sealed the deal by autographing this baseball, which sold for $61,863 in 2013.

Unfortunately for Capone, his plans were ruined by three major problems. First New York Yankees owner Col. Jacob Ruppert refused to sell Babe Ruth’s contract despite being offered $500,000 in cash. Second, William Wrigley likewise refused to sell the Cubs.  Finally, and most importantly, Capone was convicted on charges of tax evasion in 1931 and sentenced to 11 years in prison in 1932. Alas it was not to be.

history repeats itself: I

//screams because I finally finished chapter one

Summary: In which some people end up with an unwanted roommate.



It had been a perfect trip planned in the spur of the moment.

Or perhaps on the whims of a teenager’s obsessive fanatics.

Either way, upon hearing there was a museum dedicated solely to Ladybug (and Chat Noir), Chloé had instantly demanded her father fund a trip for her to go.

The mayor, however, saw it as an opportunity to gain favor with the voters and the heroes as their third anniversary approached. The way he saw it, if the heroes saw how much he appreciated them, they would help his campaign, and once the people saw the heroes favoring him, they would too.


So he compromised with his daughter; an exclusive, all-expenses-paid field trip for her class to see the museum in London, where they would roam the city and be able to learn the history of the two heroes before returning to Paris in time for the anniversary banquet he would hold on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s actual anniversary (since becoming heroes, that is).

It was perfect, and it certainly got the rest of the class up in a frenzy.

Alya, in particular, was bouncing with joy. She was almost excited enough to copy Marinette’s infamous butt wiggle.


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Happy New Year 2017! By: Lennon Black

I had a NSFW piece in mind for the “New Year” piece, but I wanted to make something everyone can enjoy! So here it is! I hope you all have a happy New Year! Any of you got resolutions?

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Days Off

how you spend your day off w your avenger boo

Steve: After spending years in the ice, he always explains that he’s spent too much time laying around. So on days off, the two of you make the most of it. Most of the time you guys go shopping, all expenses paid by Tony of course, and get new decorations for your house in upstate new york. The two of you were amongst the first to have a house outside of living in the avengers compound with the team, so you take great pride in showing your house off to the team when they come visit. Steve for some reason also enjoyed shopping for clothes, and most of the time it was him dragging you into stores when all you wanted to do was go home. There was something about the Nike stores that always drew him in like a kid to a candy shop, including him tugging on your hand until you weakened and went into the store with him. But you wouldn’t trade Steve for the entire world, considering how cute his butt looked in new nike sweatpants.

Bucky: It was a hilarious scene when you and Bucky had a day off. Most of these days were spent by aggressively watching HGTV, and commentating (more like yelling) what your ideas were for the houses on the various shows. Even Bucky had better style ideas then some of the idiots they hired to renovate. All the Avengers knew when you guys had the tv room, it was best to stay away from the hostile situation. Despite the yelling, you were always sprawled out on top of Bucky while he laid across the couch. Bucky loved the feeling of your warm body on top of his, and his fingers always found their way to massaging your scalp while you had your cheek pressed to his chest. Nat loved taking pictures of you guys like this to prove to the twitter world that despite the assassin title the both of you held, the both of you showed enormous amounts of love for one another.

Natasha: It was rare for the two of you to have a day off, since you were almost always training or on missions. Matter of fact, Fury was the one who had to tell the two of you to take a day off once in awhile, the last thing he needed was two assassins with an attitude from lack of sleep. So on those well earned days off, you made sure it was filled with laughter, movies, and lots of food. Neither of you had time for sad or sappy movies, so Natasha always managed to find the best comedies on netflix. She had also recently found The Office, which meant you were taking a lot of days off to finish watching it. The two of you watched said movies/shows curled up with each other on her bed, fingers and legs entwined. You put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, and hoped there wouldn’t be a world emergency while you shut off F.r.i.d.a.y.

Sam: The tradition started when the Avengers had a week off, and Sam was more bored than ever. He had asked you about some bar in the city, and if you would ever visit it. It was a such a weird question that you didn’t think twice about it. That was until he was on your balcony with the falcon wings, and telling you to put on some decent clothes. Luckily it was a cool summer night, because Sam holding you in his arms on the 6 minute flight was terrifying. But once you arrived and realized how amazing of a night it was going to be, your terrified thoughts from the flight went out the window. After many drinks, and lots of laughs, Sam made sure he rented a hotel room down the block for the two of you to stay in until the hangovers were gone. Plus he didn’t want to be drunk while flying, and holding you at the same time. The beer and the atmosphere was just too good to not go back, so you made sure the two of you got there every few months whenever you had off again.

Wanda: She always joked about watching too many cooking shows in her downtime, and even watching Food Network while she was on the treadmill training. So it was no surprise when one morning she came busting into your room with all sorts of ideas from Pinterest for themed cookies and full dinner ideas. With a smile on your face, you climbed out of bed and made your way to the kitchen to help her begin with the recipes. There was something that clicked in Wanda when she was lost in a recipe, and you later learned it was that she felt like a normal person when she went into a cooking zone. Wanda had called herself a monster too many times, and if you could help in the slightest by sitting there on a stool and taste testing cookie batter, you didn’t mind spending your days off in the kitchen with her.

Thor: Everyone in all the realms knew of how much Thor loved his beer, friends, and now you on top of it all. Thor treated you as his equal, and it was one of the many reasons he’s the love of your life. Being on Asgard is still a trip for you, considering you spent all your years on earth prior to being astral-projected to another realm. The avengers have vacation weeks every few months, and Thor wanted to make sure he showed you around his home as much as he could. The one major thing the two of you end up doing is spending time in the pubs on Asgard with his friends, and family. He recently learned about your alcohol tolerance, and the fact that you could keep up with him and all his friends. Even the asgardian alcohol couldn’t bring you down, or the annual pub fights. All in all, Thor really knew he had found the one when you chugged a pint of asgardian alcohol and kicked Loki’s ass in the span of twenty minutes.

Clint: Spending all his time shooting targets was the regular Clint activity, despite the fact that he was already at his best. You thought it to be futile, since he never missed a target, which then struck you with an idea. Learning to shoot with a bow was a skill you had always admired, and wanted to acquire. So, you approached Clint with this idea on your day off, and he was more than happy to indulge you. He spent hours with his hands on your hips, guiding you through a simple lesson in how to stand and hold the bow, and general mechanics of the art of the bow and arrow. His hands never left your body, either holding your hips or positioning your arms. (Not that you minded) Learning to shoot a bow with the love of your life was an ideal vacation for you.

Bruce: He took up meditation as a hobby at first, because it helped him keep a calm and collected mindset, which he needed so he wouldn’t turn green. It’s an all day event, so you hadn’t seen him on a random tuesday until dinner time had rolled around. You noticed that Bruce had a more tranquil air about him as soon as he walked in the doors, so you made it a point to accompany him on the next day off. This ended up paying off, because you had never in your life felt more at ease. Bruce was more than happy to guide you through his routine, sitting with you. He admired how peaceful you looked, and wanted to spend every day exactly like this with you.

Tony: Although never getting any time to sleep, when he finally has the downtime it’s as if he fights going to bed. Tony firmly believes in staying on his feet until he’s been awake for a week and can’t feel his legs anymore. However, you know him better than he knows himself. You know when it’s time for him to curl up in bed for several hours, and order some chinese food to your floor. There have been countless times that you’ve wandered around the tower to found him sprawled out on the couch, or on the floor in his lab surrounded by blueprints and abandoned parts. With this in mind, early one vacation morning when you felt him stir and get out of bed, you quickly grabbed his hand and yanked him back towards you. Tony was too exhausted to argue, so he fell back next to you, and immediately started snoring. Both of you slept the entire day, occasionally waking up just enough to creep closer into each other’s bodies. Tony appreciated your warmth and general presence, because he knew that he couldn’t live without you.

Peter: Going to the movies was a favorite pastime of yours, and it was like you struck gold when you started dating Peter. Every other wednesday of the month, he two of you spent a full day at the theater. Which started with buying all the tickets for the movies you planned on watching throughout the day, then using Tony’s credit cards again for the snacks. Sure you could’ve movie hopped, but when you’ve got a billionaire’s credit card, who would? After said movies were over, Peter took you on a fine date of getting Pizza. Luckily there was an amazing pizza place on the same block as the movies, so you had no problem walking down the street with Peter. Plus it gave you a few extra moments to enjoy his right arm pulling you close to his body while you walked, fingers resting comfortably on your hip. Kisses before walking inside the pizzeria were nice too.

Pietro: Dragging Pietro to go rollerskating with you became a regular thing once you had realized how much you truly enjoyed the freedom of it. Although, he was adamantly against rollerskating, because going as fast as he did with a pair of wheels was naturally bound to end very badly. (and a few broken bones in the process) That didn’t stop you from literally dragging him to the counter and getting a pair for him. Pietro refused to step into the rink while you gracefully skated around, yelling at him from all the way across the rink. Most of the time you resorted to yanking his arm to get him to release the death grip he had on the ledge of the protective glass. Begging him to just try and coast around, Pietro gave in and pushed off the wall at full speed. Before you knew what had even happened, he sped full speed into the glass on the other side of the rink and fell flat on his ass. You let out a burst of laughter as you rolled over to him, making a mental note to keep a hold on him at all times. Days off were full of laughs for you, and it was perfect.

Scott: Spontaneity was the core of your relationship with Scott, because he always took you to do outrageous things. Your first date was snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, which without a doubt turned out to be the best date you ever had. He kept that up with the following dates, always outdoing himself. Ziplining, hang gliding, and skydiving were among the other activities he had arranged for dates, and you were practically in love. So, he used his spontaneous attitude and thought up more adventurous things to do on vacation days. Ice skating was a personal favorite for both of you, because it warranted a reason for Scott to keep a grip on you, and vice versa. You both were laughing the whole time, while Scott continuously slipped and grabbed your arm for dear life.

Loki: Baking was something you did with your parents as a child, so naturally you found yourself doing this whenever there were days off. You had become very skilled in the art, and Loki appreciated just sitting at the counter, intently watching you with a smile on his face. Loki just silently watched you experiment in making the batter, just mixing different shit together with the essentials. Since cakes were a specialty of yours, sometimes you threw in some chocolate chips, or caramel sauce, or blueberries, whatever you could find to experiment with. He usually suggested a flavor for the icing, and helped you whip it up. It was nice, really. Loki loved a simple, low-key day with you. Helping you bake wasn’t his first idea of how to spend a day off, but in the end it worked out since Loki really adored spending time with you.

honestly how dare mark, moff, and sue not give everyone in tjlc an all expenses paid vip pass to the screening today… we deserve it

On the Open Ocean

Popping my head out from holiday stress to post this very, very late Klaroline Gives Back drabble for @thetourguidebarbie who continues to be amazing in every way and should definitely move to Vancouver. Her request was:  My best friend knows I hate you and as a joke he entered us in an all-expense paid couples cruise and it turns out we actually won. Smut included, bed sharing cliches abound. Hope everyone’s having a great holiday!

If Caroline ever saw Enzo again, she was going to kill him.

She didn’t threaten lightly. Sure there was the occasional ‘You’re dead to me’ glare after he’d made a bad joke about her love life, but it was nothing compared to this. No, this time, if Enzo St. John had any sense of self-preservation, he was packing his things to move to the Arctic Circle, because if Caroline ever got her hands on him, he was a dead man.

He also wouldn’t be the only one.

“Are you going to pout all vacation, sweetheart?”

Caroline gritted her teeth and spun on her heel to face the smirking Brit standing a few feet away, admiring the view of the cabin’s balcony.

Their cabin’s balcony.

“Love, you should really cheer up.” Klaus didn’t even attempt to fake concern for her current mood, the jerk seemed to be thoroughly enjoying getting her as riled up as possible. And why wouldn’t he, the perfect way to ruffle her feathers had fallen into his lap and he barely had to lift a finger. Somewhere up there, someone had it in for her, Caroline was sure of it.

(That someone was probably Enzo.)

“I’m going to the customer service desk,” was all Caroline said, because if she got into it with Klaus now, she’d push him overboard. Not a bad idea really, but the chances of someone else noticing were way too high. She’d have to wait until it was nice and dark.

She entertained murder fantasies all the way through the line at the customer service desk, marching up to the poor employee doomed to bear the brunt of her irritation.

“And how can we help—”

“I need a new room,” Caroline snapped, trying to rein her anger in at the slightly shocked look on the poor man’s face. It wasn’t his fault she was in this situation, and her mother always did preach southern manners.

“Sorry,” she said, plastering on her best pageant queen smile. “But would it be at all possible for me to switch rooms?”

The person behind the desk probably got whiplash but managed to collect himself pretty quickly. “Was there something wrong with your cabin?”

“Oh nothing’s wrong, I was just wondering if I could get a single room?”

If she batted her eyelashes a little too hard and leaned forward a little too far, no one had to know. The concierge gulped and took the room card she handed over, checking her reservation details.

“It, uh, says you were the winner of our ‘Romantic Sunset Sailaway’ contest,” he said hesitantly.

Caroline swallowed a groan and fought to keep her smile perfect. “Look—” she glanced down at his nametag, “—Brian. I know that I won, but the thing is, I didn’t actually enter the contest.”

Brian just stared at her, mouth agape, and Caroline decided to go with the truth and hope for the best. “Look, my best friend is kind of a jerk because he knows that I hate Klaus — that’s the other guy I’m with — but decided to enter us in a ‘romantic cruise’ contest because he thought it would be funny, except it totally isn’t because I wouldn’t date Klaus if he was literally the last person on earth—”

“Little harsh love, don’t you think?”

Caroline managed to contain a scream and turned to find Klaus standing next to her, smirking at her obvious rage. “I hope she hasn’t been giving you too much trouble?” he asked Brian with faux sympathy.

“We’re fine,Caroline near growled. “I’m getting myself another room.”

“Um, there may be a problem,” Brian said timidly, shrinking when she turned her glare back on him. “All our rooms happen to be full.”

Oh, someone up there really hated her. “Can we…separate the bed?” she asked, slightly desperately. “That’s a thing you guys can do, right?”

“Normally yes, but the suite you have is specifically for the ‘Romantic Sunset Sailaway” package so…”

Deep breaths, Caroline told herself, deep breaths. Klaus was barely suppressing his laughter next to her and with the last of her dignity left, Caroline swiped her room card back from Brian marched in the opposite direction, intent to put the entire ship’s length between her and Klaus. It would have been easier if the asshole in question wasn’t following right behind.

“I think you might have scarred the poor boy for life. Aren’t there websites where stories like these are posted?”

Caroline kept herself from making a scene in the middle of the ship’s main deck, resolving to at least try and enjoy her vacation. Especially if that meant avoiding Klaus at all costs.

“Look, this ship has 18 decks, and like, 14 different bars. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to see you at all this vacation.”

“I’m hurt sweetheart,” Klaus said, hand over heart in some pitiful attempt at sincerity. “That you would think so little of me—”

“I do.”

“—when I’ve done absolutely nothing to earn your ire—”

“You’re a dick.”

“—and just when we’ve been given the chance to know each other better—”

“I’m going to push you overboard.”

“—you resist any attempt at being civil.”

“Because you’re literally the worst.”

Klaus cocked his head to the side, studying her carefully for a moment. She was used to his leering (disgusting) but this was different and Caroline was on her guard, ready for whatever he was throwing her way.

“I bet I can change your mind,” he drawled, stepping forward. Caroline didn’t budge an inch, refusing to give him the satisfaction.

“Keep dreaming Mikaelson.”

“What’s wrong love? Scared that you’ll succumb to my charms?” He dipped his head forward ever so slightly, reaching a hand up to toy with one of her curls.

Caroline slapped his hand away in irritation, hating herself just a little for the flush of heat she felt at having him so close. Klaus was undeniably hot, she could admit that, if only to herself. But, she’d decided a long time ago that he was not worth her time and he’d in turn decided to be a thorn in her side ever since.

“No chance of me ‘succumbing’ to anything,” Caroline said determinedly.

Klaus smirked, red lips catching her eye. “Are you absolutely sure? You might enjoy yourself.”

By the last few words, he’d leant down close enough to whisper in her ear and Caroline was a little startled that it took effort for her to keep from stepping closer. God, this was going to be a disaster. Scoffing for effect, she stepped backwards and tossed her hair, pretending not to notice the brief flash of genuine disappointment on Klaus’s face.

“I’m going to the Solarium. Try not to stalk me.”

Turning away, she kept her head high and walked on. She could do this. She could avoid him.

Until of course, she had to go back to the room.

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Cut Loose

Request by @sherlocked-whovian-1969A John x reader where the reader is older (like the boys age) and she works at a bar that the boys stop at and Sam and Dean compete for her but she beeline to John fluff and smut if you write it THANK YOU LOVE YOUR BLOG

Word Count:1996

Warnings: Implied Smut

Version en Español: Cut Loose

“You know what you need?” your roommate, Jill, asked while you got ready for work.

“A million bucks? More dogs? A mansion so each of my dogs can have their own rooms? An all-expense paid trip to Milan so I can go shopping? A cruise with a hot, French man who feeds me grapes and reads poetry at sunset? How about three tiny—“

“A real date! With an honorable man who respects you as an intelligent, independent woman.” Jill cut in, exasperated. You didn’t know why she cared so much about your dating life. Or, lack of. You weren’t really even friends. Just thrown together by campus housing.

You rolled your eyes and kept working on your makeup. “I don’t have time for dating, Jill.”

“But you have plenty of time to hook up with slimy guys in the bathroom at the bar?”

Pretending to be offended, you gasped. “Only sluts hook up with people in the bathroom at the bar!” Then you grinned and went back to your makeup. “Everyone knows that it’s classier to sneak them into the back office.”

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I dare you to write about a tropical paradise which turns out to have a terrible secret

Be creative! It could be a family convinced they’ve won an all-expenses-paid vacation only to discover they’ve been kidnapped. Or perhaps a newly discovered land is the breeding ground of a terrible disease. How can you change this wonderful paradise into a horror? 

Think outside the box!

If you’re brave enough to post, don’t forget to tag I dare you to write and indicate whether or not concrit is welcome.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered killing people as just a hobby?

“Why, sure. I used to think about it all the time before I became an assassin. I even dabbled a little here and there, but here’s the thing. If you’re passionate about something and you’re good at it, why do it for free? If you could make money doing what you love, why wouldn’t you? Who needs hobbies when you can have job satisfaction, am I right? Now, that’s not to say all of my killing is work-related. Sometimes, I kill out of habit (kind of embarrassing, really, when you’re at a barbeque with friends and Joe Flogtopson Dromeda-9 casually comes up behind you without warning, and you shoot him in the head… makes things really awkward, you know? Especially with his husband who swears some kind of vow of blood vengeance? Sorry, Mr. Dromeda-9! My bad!). Sometimes, I kill out of self-defense. 

Sometimes, I kill because the Cult of Ub’thurt has a quota of killing, and business has been slow. And other times? Well, you know, I’ve always wanted to take my family on vacation to a Purge Planet. It really sounds like a lot of fun. Did you know I’ve never been? Shocking, right? It’s just so hard to find the time and money to plan a vacation these days!”

     LIVID.     so , some news . good news but still a huge deal for me . some of you may know i am heavily involved in the mental health field off of tumblr . the company i am in that helps me continue live past my tramua has offered me a chance to go OUT OF MY OWN TOWN , ON A PLANE TO A MENTAL HEALTH MEET UP in a rather expensive place in my state . all expense paid && very much important to me . they picked me because they say i have improved the BEST out of everyone in the group && think i would make a great impact in the field itself . so , in MAY i will be gone for a few days to go out && find further research in the area . honeslty , it is a HUGE honor for me && i could not refuse . i personally wish to thank YOU ALL because i have meet so many wonderful people that have helped me grow past who i thought i was into who i am now . so , from the bottom of my heart ; THANK YOU .


Clexa Jurassic Park AU 

Clarke’s an up and coming paleontologist who hopes to become one of the world’s first dinosaur veterinarians. Lexa works at a genetics lab and wants to go wherever the science takes her. Both are invited to participate in an elusive, all expenses paid internship program hosted by Jurassic Park. Each attendee is assigned a room mate to make their stay more comfortable. Unfortunately for Clarke and Lexa their interests couldn’t be more different. Clarke loves the animals and adventure and Lexa just wants to stick with the science side and take it easy. Neither is prepared for whats on its way.

Part 1/8 

(1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8)

( Thanks clarkegriffindork  for helping me get the idea off the ground& for the encouragement)