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In all honesty this disgusting storyline it’s just disrespectful to Sarah and Jesse that have been working for 8 years and now all their work have been thrown away like it doesn’t matter for something that NO ONE wants and that doesn’t work. What a waste of time.

At least now I’m free from this ugly show.


If you watch me on Deviant Art than you knew before everyone else of the news. If you remember the original Midna drawing I did, I submitted it to Game Informer a few months back.

Then I got an email last month! And now, Im 18 and published in an actual magazine!! :DD

I wanna thank all of you since I wouldn’t have drawn this without the support of you guys! ^^ youre all epic, awesome, TERRIFIC people! And I hope you’ll all support me through the rest of my career.


svu is a serious show about serious things [1/?] → 10x06, “Babes”


“Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.”
Pierce Brown, Golden Son

If you’re band trash and you know it clap your hands
If you’re and trash and you know it clap your hands
If you’re band trash and you know it and you really wanna show it
If your band trash and you know it clap your hands


 sa·lut·ed, sa·lut·ing, sa·lutes

  1. To greet or address with an expression of welcome, goodwill, or respect; to express warm approval of
  2. To recognize a superior with a gesture prescribed by military regulations, as by raising the hand to the cap.

Sooooo I have like 85 projects in the works. I wanted to give the bamily a little preview of something one of the many things I’m working on. I’m not really sure what direction this one is going in but I kind of like it so far? Idk… what to do you all think?

Holy fuckiplier. 

How?!? Thank yo all so much.

Its crazy to think at the beginning of the year I set a target of reaching 10,000 followers and now here I am less than 2000 followers away. Its unbelievable. You’re all such beautiful, epic, glorious people. And sure sometimes you need a reminder because you don’t see it but remember I always see you that way. You’re my biggest inspiration.

Its my birthday on the 24th May, what you think we can get to for that? 

Oosh out
Thank you for existing