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Horizon: Zero Dawn, Please Platonically Marry Me

(&:) We’re breaking our long repost/shitpost/unnecessary comment tradition for the sake of the most awesome game we’ve seen in a long, long time. ChristopherOdd’s LP of Horizon: Zero Dawn just ended today and we’ve been licking the bottom of the barrel to try and find new things to watch because the emptiness in our souls is real and profound. This game is so fucking good. It would be pointless to try and list off all the ways in which it is so, so good. If you can get your hands on it, it’s amazing. If you’re broke like us and just like watching vids while eating, COdd’s LP is quite pleasant. (His work is generally a restful breath of fresh air compared to most other LPers I’ve watched.) OMG, it HURTS, how good this game was. It is so overwhelmingly good, all the damn time.

Do you know what one of the most unexpected and wonderful parts of the plot was? NO ROMANTIC SUBPLOT. AT ALL. NOT EVEN THE OPTION TO START ONE. The main character is just an incredibly skilled, attractive, 19-year-old woman who has WAY TOO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO TO BOTHER WITH THAT RIGHT NOW, AND IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I HAVE SEEN A MAINSTREAM PLOT DO IN AGES.

THAT DUDE: Gosh, thanks for saving my life, Aloy. You’re amazing. I made special armor just for you. I worked really hard. *___*
ALOY: Wow, nice. Good craftsmanship. Thank you.

THAT OTHER GUY: You are such a mighty warrior that you might even be a mightier warrior than my mom. I am constantly stunned by your badassery. You’re even favored by the local deity. Please allow me to follow faithfully wherever you lead. *_____*
ALOY: Sounds good. How about you manage our defenses out yonder. I’ll be counting on you in that one battle.

THAT SUBPLOT GUY?: Girl, I have never seen anybody who looks as good splashed down in the blood of evildoers as you do. We should partner up together and spend our lives happily taking out human trash all over the world. Also, I look fucking scrumptious in this armor. ;D ;D ;D
ALOY: Wow, you’re kind of creepy and sociopathic. I hope I never have to see you again.

OTHER OTHER GUY: I may be a bumbler with motivational issues, but I have a heart of gold and a lot of enthusiasm! Thanks to your guidance, I’m turning my life around and growing to become a better, more effective human being! How are you amazing like how my sister was amazing?? *______*
ALOY: Good for you. I have faith in your ability to do well from now on.

THAT TOTAL BABE: Allow me to openly hit on you, you super cutie.
ALOY: Allow me to not acknowledge that because I have to fix a civil war and kill robot dinosaurs.
THAT TOTAL BABE: My, I love how you get things done. If I come through here again, I’ll have to Thank You Appropriately~~~
ALOY: *pulls out to-do list and starts plotting map coordinates*

ACTUAL KING OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD: I know my love interest was horribly murdered, but you’ve supported me through my time of trials and I wonder if we could work toward more intimacy.
ALOY: Gee, if you really loved your love interest, perhaps you shouldn’t instantly rebound hard enough to get whiplash.
ACTUAL KING OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD: Damn, you’re absolutely right.
(much later)
ACTUAL KING OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD: Hey, I apologize for hitting on you before. That was really unclassy of me.
ALOY: We’re cool. Just don’t let it happen again.

ALOY: You’re being an obstacle, you inadequate scrub. *stab*

CUTE ENGINEER: Your tech-savviness is painfully charming. I am dazzled despite myself.
ALOY: Your enormous weapon is great for killing all kinds of things. Really nice work!
CUTE ENGINEER: I may be a fiercely independent isolationist, but please come back and see me lots.
ALOY: Probably not. Got stuff to do.
CUTE ENGINEER: Well, don’t mind me if I accidentally turn up to fight and possibly die for you at that one big battle. *_____*
ALOY: Reinforcements are always appreciated!

I don’t know if this might be called a canon asexual character. I think you could spin it that way if you wanted to, but I also think that a character shouldn’t have to be asexual in order to just have rational priorities and to thus understandably rate flirting/romance/hookups as really low on the list compared to genocide and world-ending. I really, really like both explanations. I LOVE the lack of an obligatory romance. I EXTRA LOVE how they deliberately included all those characters who crush so hard on Aloy so that she can be completely unconcerned about their dokidoki. I FUCKING ADORE THIS GAME TO PIECES. NUMBER ONE NON-ANIME WAIFU. WILL NOT PRINT ON A DAKIMAKURA COVER BECAUSE I RESPECT ITS UNIQUE INTERESTS AND LIFE AMBITIONS. MY HEART~~~~~ TTT_____TTT

profoundbond-epicness-of-it-all  asked:

Where can I watch the onmyouji móveis though? I've looked everywhere on the NET and couldn't find it with subtitles =((((

Hello! I also remember scouring the internet for it, but the answer is already on tumblr :)) Yuzusorbet has posted links to both the movies (with subtitles!!) here. Enjoy!! 

(Pre-warning: there are a couple of jumpscares, but they are pretty mild)   

So I finally watched Wonder Woman (and Pinter’s No Man’s Land, I watched that, too – I knew two shows would kill my back but who can say no to Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart? Exactly). I’ve got to say even though I tried to avoid spoilers like the devil, they still managed to get on my radar, disguised as sweet non-spoilery things. So thanks for that, WB. You should strive for more simultaneous international screenings, kthxbye.

Now I hope the next Wonder Woman movie will take place entirely Themiscyra. There needs to be more daily amazon life on screen :D

Hedy Lamarr
Allison Stock
Hedy Lamarr

HEDY LAMARR // this song is about giving up on your dreams to pursue… your other dreams. I am going to write something more verbose about this song in the morning. But that sums it up pretty well for now. So much love to everyone who worked on this song with me, it’s been such an inspiring, inspirational and exciting process, and I’m so thrilled to be part of it.

lyrics by cleanwhiteroom

mixed and master by elementals

music and vocals by me

art by littletinheart

The story is this: cleanwhiteroom wrote Designations Congruent With Things, wherein it is mentioned that Newton Geiszler has a band. This songwriting collaboration began as a way to give life to the songs of The Superconducting Supercolliders, said fictional band that is becoming realer every day.


svu is a serious show about serious things [1/?] → 10x06, “Babes”

Am I the only one that got tricked into watching Gintama...

with such pictures?

but instead this whole show is 90% this?

I think Gintama would even out-do Supernatural in “having a gif/picture for everything”.

If you’re band trash and you know it clap your hands
If you’re and trash and you know it clap your hands
If you’re band trash and you know it and you really wanna show it
If your band trash and you know it clap your hands

Sooooo I have like 85 projects in the works. I wanted to give the bamily a little preview of something one of the many things I’m working on. I’m not really sure what direction this one is going in but I kind of like it so far? Idk… what to do you all think?


“Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.”
Pierce Brown, Golden Son

People fall in and out of love all the time, and sometimes people have numerous loves throughout their lives. But you have two epic loves and no matter who you were with, I don’t think you’d ever get over or forget the other.
—  Molly McAdams, Taking Chances
The Hanging Men (2/?)

Summary: Emma Swan kills people for a living. Only bad people, mind - and if the stories are anything to go by, Captain Hook is certainly a bad person. Having been charged by the king to track him down, Emma has every intention of getting the job done quickly and quietly. Falling through a portal and getting stuck with the pirate? Definitely not part of the plan.

(Bounty Hunter AU, slow-build CaptainSwan)

A/N: Sorry this took so long! This is now the story I update between other stories haha

Part 1  AO3  FFN

The incredibly cunning plan was to seduce Captain Hook.

David was not a fan of the plan at all.

“This guy has evaded capture for years and you’re seriously going to, what, just walk up to him and ask him to buy you a drink?” he asked dubiously.

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K A N S A S:

Well I’m still here but we have some down time so I figured I’d share some photos.

• we took Kevin’s little brother out for some birthday BBQ and firework shopping. Had BBQ pork nachos for the first time. So so good. Fireworks are illegal in GA so all the shops and purchases seem so wrong. I was skeptical at first but loved it by the end of Friday.

• one of my best pals/little sisters from Georgia moved to Kansas with her fiancé in January. We got to meet up, eat, and shop. It felt like a piece of home was here. We also had cupcakes with glitter on them!

• the 4th was the absolute best. Kevin’s Dad is hilarious. I met aunts, uncles, Grandpa Black, and his older brother. We ate some really really good food. I felt like part of the family. Being able to watch fireworks from the front lawn was an amazing experience. We were all American people. How epic is Kevin’s outfit!?

• Team Butler vs Team Black laser tag happened!! If anyone is curious, Jeremy is just as fun and awesome as Sarah. They totally dominated us but we all had SO MUCH fun! we played 3 games and the last was just us four. We had burgers and special soda pop after. Can’t wait for our next double date.

• other events include but not limited to : the zoo, fro yo, purchasing expensive steaks for Kevin to cook tonight, eating lots of new places, and just hanging out.

It’s been a wonderful trip so far. And I plan on soaking up today and the half day I have tomorrow left here.

I shall be catching up with all of you upon my return.

I love you all.


Holy fuckiplier. 

How?!? Thank yo all so much.

Its crazy to think at the beginning of the year I set a target of reaching 10,000 followers and now here I am less than 2000 followers away. Its unbelievable. You’re all such beautiful, epic, glorious people. And sure sometimes you need a reminder because you don’t see it but remember I always see you that way. You’re my biggest inspiration.

Its my birthday on the 24th May, what you think we can get to for that? 

Oosh out
Thank you for existing