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The Doctor's Christmas Message

Aha!! Yes, hello! There you are! …You! Yes, ‘course ’m talking to you! The one sitting there on your computer! Don’t be alarmed if you’re reading this text in my voice, I’ve done some whoo-and-wow-too-complicated-to-begin-explaining sciency things, 'n pow! My voice’s in your head. Nothing to worry 'bout, though it might be permanent. Which, let’s face it, permanently hearing my sultry voice from reading text? Haven’t had any complaints yet. Anyway! It’s brilliant, really, 'cause I have a very special message for you on this very special holiday.

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Wouldn’t it be beautiful if when it comes time for 12 to regenerate and he has a new companion because he lost his Clara, he gets into an awful mess and as he’s just about to regenerate he sees one of Clara’s echoes and she simply says “I’ve seen all your faces, remember that.”