all earth was once sky


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the ocean at night, but there is a time of stillness just before dusk arrives where it’s an extension of the stark night sky. Reaching all the way to earth. Once, I thought of it as a doorstep into the skies, as if you walked on top you’d eventually reach the moon.

Instead it consumes you into water that’s cold, can’t see your feet.

The ocean makes me think, that’s why I endear it.
The ocean makes me think, that’s why I fear it


Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: Safe for Moon

The mirror shows you how you truly are, but for a Miraculous holder, it shows what was. All Marinette can see is ghosts and she doesn’t want to become one.

AO3  FFnet

More complete form of this.

Marinette doesn’t like to look in the mirror.

It’s not her reflection that startles her. Pale face, clear eyes, dark hair. Her reflection hasn’t changed, except perhaps the addition of the scars, the muscles grown from necessity and the bags of exhaustion lurking beneath her eyes. What she hates the most about mirrors are the ghosts who stand behind her.

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