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this is really good i got chills please watch this 

i dont understand what the fuck happened in the shining

ID #90013

Name: Mikayla
Age: 17
Country: United States 

I’m just looking for a pen pal that i can talk to about anything. I love to learn, no matter the subject, so I’m all ears all the time. Some of my favorite interests though are photography, interior design, baking, music, poetry/writing, and art. I enjoy the little things and I get excited easily, so I need someone that will share that with me and let me get to know them as well.

Preferences: I prefer someone close to my age, so around 16-20ish.

this is my favorite thing in existence

dancing libra/olivia because of reasons (i absolutely love dancing couples ;____; ONE OF MY MANY WEAKNESSES)

and i’d like to thank you all for the +400 follows ;___; i got like the ¾ of my followers during this summer so it really means a lot to me!! thank you for all the support you’ve unconsciously given me (❁´▽`❁)


demonqueen-oceanking  asked:

this blog is wonderful and i love it but also. May I ask u to consider Spock being super into Earth Pop Party Music bc i literally? Can't? Stop thinking about him listening to Cheap Thrills by Sia???? Help???????

Spock doesn’t enjoy earth pop party music. But he does listen to it as a study. Chekov introduced him to it and he was curious as to why everyone seemed to find it so enjoyable and energizing. For the past week he’s spent all his off time listening to different groups play this style of music. For research, obviously. as a vulcan he can’t enjoy things, he can merely observe. Cheap Thrills is just a very good example of this music. It’s catchy. NOT TO HIM OF COURSE. But to others. Sometimes he’ll sing it to himself while he’s doing science stuff. To-to remember… what it sounds like. haha it’s a study… Need to be thinking about that stuff. Gotta tap that foot along to the beat, you know, for research. yeah. science and stuff…

Mamaboy (This will have no links. If there is not a review the fucking porn blogs took it again report them.)

I see you judging me.

A friend saw this and we planned to watch it to have a bad movie night. Jokes on us we both cried, loved the music, and became crazy supportive of our hero, Kelly.


Summary: A baseball player (Kelly) and the preaches daughter (Lisa) are going to be graduating this year, problem? Lisa has gotten pregnant. At no point does Kelly try to leave her, and they vow to make it work. Kelly’s mad scientist uncle (this is integrated so much better in the movie I swear) finds a way to allow the male body to carry a child to term. To save Lisa’s reputation and relationship with her family, Kelly decides to carry their child. When Lisa decides she’d rather mock Kelly for his weight gain and poor performance on the school baseball team, Kelly’s friend Ditto steps in to teach Kelly about how to give birth, through parenting books, baby dolls, incredible support and relentless optimism. Kelly’s dad remains a stable accepting influence, and Kelly grows to love the baby that’s more or less made his life hell in some of the most emotional scenes I’ve ever seen. 

The Soundtrack is A++ I’ll listen to it forever. Check out John Flanagan and Matthew McKay if you don’t believe me.

There is no obligatory female help. There is a cross-dressing scene not played for laughs. 

Kelly and Ditto think women have been lying about how hard pregnancy is, but learn very quickly, in a both humorous and touching way.

I took off a point for the three fart jokes.

The romance is there, and unsatisfactory, but for how great the movie was anyway, I’ll let it slide. 

It takes a weird religious turn at the end, with a lot of God talk. However, while the church is shown in a negative light for a time, Kelly’s family is a prime example of Christianity done right, and are accepting, kind, and 100% in their kids corner. Except the little brother. He’s interesting.

All in all. Go watch this. Now. Stick through the goofy comedy and you find a really cool gen waiting underneath. This has a 4.7 star rating, and I’m not sure how.

lamby-grahamy  asked:

I was going to send you something and I completely forgot what it was which is frustrating, but I would like to know what's on your Cernunnos playlist when you have the spoons. :)

Ohohoho you’re going to regret asking this

Some of these have more personal meanings so their association won’t be immediately obvious, and also a lot of these came up during my song req spree. But here goes! Sample/condensed playlist in bold:

  • In the Pines, Janel Drewis
  • Devil’s Spoke, Laura Marling
  • The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?), Snow Patrol
  • Work Song, Hozier
  • El Manana, The Gorillaz
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Black Sun, Death Cab for Cutie
  • In the Pines, Widowspeak
  • I Wanna Be Yours, Arctic Monkeys
  • You’re So Dark, Arctic Monkeys
  • Body, Mother Mother
  • Opium, Marcy Playground
  • Crystalized, The XX
  • Gravediggress, CocoRosie
  • Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool, The Editors
  • For Everything a Reason, Carina Round
  • Leave My Body, Florence and the Machine
  • Navigate, Band of Skulls
  • In Dreams, Ben Howard
  • And the Snakes Start to Sing, Bring Me the Horizon
  • Silent Sea, KT Tunstall
  • Singin’ My Soul, Gin Wigmore
  • New Rush, Gin Wigmore
  • One Headlight, The Wallflowers
  • Secret Song, The Pink Spiders
  • If I Had a Heart, Fever Ray
  • Ghost Lights, Woodkid
  • Glorious, Foxes
  • Talking to Ghosts, Foxes
  • Home, Foxes
  • I Will Never Die, Delta Rae
  • Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, The White Stripes
  • Soil, Tegan and Sara
  • Bones, MS MR
  • The Parting Glass, The High Kings
  • Kiss, Kiss, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Blood Bank, Bon Iver
  • Exile Vilify, The National
  • Kingdom Come, The Civil Wars
  • Lullabye for a Stormy Night, Vienna Teng
  • Wake Up, Arcade Fire
  • We All Become, Darren Korb feat. Ashley Barrett
  • Paper Boats, Darren Korb feat. Ashley Barrett
  • Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix), Kyla La Grange
  • Sound Check (Gravity), The Gorillaz
  • Home, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
  • Counting Stars, OneRepublic
  • Last of the Wilds, Nightwish
  • Body Electric, Lana Del Rey
  • Just One Yesterday, Fall Out Boy feat. Foxes
  • Float On, Modest Mouse
  • Omen, Mother Mother
  • Ghosting, Mother Mother
  • The Islander, Nightwish
  • Belispeak, Purity Ring
  • Lofticries, Purity Ring
  • Soft Shock, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • No Light, No Light, Florence and the Machine
  • Bedroom Hymns, Florence and the Machine
  • Radioactive, Marina and the Diamonds

There’s definitely more but… yknow. GOSH I HOPE THIS DOESN’T SOMEHOW EMBARRASS ME. I’m sure someone thinks my choices are utterly pedestrian but…. whatever lmao

TUMBLR WAS REFUSING TO UPLOAD THIS LIKE 100 TIMES UGH FINALLY IT’S UP AFTER SUCH A LONG WAIT. As requested by @leons-feline-goddess, here’s Enchanted In The Moonlight’s main theme. NOT the sad piano version that’s all over Youtube, but the original ROCK(-ish?) version you hear on the main screeen. I’ve always wanted to play this but I didn’t have the time to fully master it until recently. ;;

Now that I’ve finally caught back up on my sleep and can be a little more productive, I thought I’d draw my tsun baby today since I really miss her. iT FEELS LIKE I HAVEN’T DRAWN HER IN FOREVER a travesty it is, really 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。

It’s really refreshing drawing her again though, especially since her design and everything still comes so naturally to me (*´∀`*) and I’m super happy with how this came out!  It was pretty interesting too since I had to pull out one of my older Severa pictures to grab her palette and saw how much I’ve improved with her in like a year and a half oaiherg IT WAS P. COOL TBH

99 awesome songs by artists you maybe haven’t heard of
  1. Arcadia – The Kite String Tangle
  2. Bittersweet – ARCHIS
  3. Luck That Keeps You Guessing – One Night Only
  4. (*Fin) – Anberlin
  5. Dark Matter – Andrew Belle
  6. Not Going Home – Great Good Fine Ok
  7. Weathered – Jack Garratt
  8. A Thousand Suns – Cartel
  9. They Don’t Need To Understand  Andy Black
  10. Take Me Home –  Hollywood Undead
  11. Long Night – Rawlins Cross
  12. Honestly – Cary Brothers
  13. Fallen – Forty Foot Echo
  14. All Will Be Well – The Gabe Dixon Band
  15. This Empty Northern Hemisphere – Gregory Alan Isakov
  16. Le Pony – Italian Japanese
  17. Mr. Rogers – Travis Garland
  18. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls Cover) – Alex Goot ft. Chad Sugg
  19. Where The Nightingales Sing –  Alan Doyle
  20. Busy Busy – The Royal Concept
  21. Oh Death – Jen Titus
  22. The World Spins Madly On – The Weepies
  23. Blow My House Down – 78violet
  24. The Minstrel’s Prayer – Cartel
  25. Here’s To Us – Kevin Rudolf
  26. So Let’s Go – Alan Doyle
  27. Wonder – The Kite String Tangle
  28. Sellouts – Breathe Carolina ft. Danny Worsnop
  29. Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover) – Laura Jansen
  30. Ends of the Earth – Lord Huron
  31. Sooner Or Later – Mat Kearney
  32. Forget and Not Slow Down  Relient K
  33. Saint Valentine – Gregory Alan Isakov
  34. Stage I Remember – Matt Webb
  35. Where Is My Mind (The Pixies Cover) – Emily Browning & Yaov
  36. What I Know – Parachute
  37. 1901 – Phoenix
  38. Curl Up and Die – Relient K
  39. Free – Lighthouse Family
  40. Cabin Down Below – The Royal Concept
  41. What If – Safetysuit
  42. Paperthin Hymn  Anberlin
  43. Ancient History – Set It Off
  44. Pieces – Red
  45. Lie To Me – Shane Mack
  46. Can’t Hold On – Shiloh
  47. Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups
  48. Learning To Love Again – Mat Kearney
  49. Shut The World – The Royal Concept
  50. Killer Whales – Smallpools
  51. These Days – Take That
  52. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
  53. Hurricane – Midnight Cinema
  54. Skeletons – Breathe Carolina
  55. Windmills – Toad the Wet Sproket
  56. Shattered – Trading Yesterday
  57. Whatcha Say (Jason Derulo Cover) – Alex Goot ft. Tyler Ward
  58. Chariots of Fire – Travis Garland
  59. Love The Fall  – Michael Paynter ft. The Veronicas
  60. Catch Me If You Can – Walking On Cars
  61. 27 Forever – The Royal Concept
  62. Can’t Go Back Now – The Weepies
  63. Youngblood – 3OH!3
  64. Illuminate – The Kite String Tangle
  65. Bullet – 78violet
  66. Life In The Pain – Safetysuit
  67. Mason Jar – Smallpools
  68. Blood – ARCHIS
  69. Smile – The Royal Concept
  70. Blank Space (Taylor Swift Cover)  Postmodern Jukebox
  71. Paint Me Black – Ben Hazlewood ft. Mali Koa Hood
  72. Revolution – Trading Yesterday
  73. Money On Your Tongue – Michael Paynter
  74. Teardrop – Newton Faulkner
  75. You Wanna Know – Don Broco
  76. Duet – Everything Everything
  77. How You Survived The War – The Weepies
  78. Dice – Finley Quaye
  79. End Of The World – Hunter Hunted
  80. B-13 – Jump, Little Children
  81. Atlantic – The Midway State
  82. Say You Don’t Want It – One Night Only
  83. Running Up That Hill – Placebo
  84. The Edge – 78violet
  85. Two Stones – Walking On Cars
  86. Clouds – Travis Garland
  87. Straight Lines – Silverchair
  88. Why Worry – Set It Off
  89. Goodnight Song – Tammany Hall NYC
  90. Perfect Stranger – Midnight Cinema
  91. In My Head – Your Vegas
  92. Words – The Kite String Tangle
  93. Happy (Pharrell Cover) – Palisades
  94. Money Power Fame – Don Broco
  95. Retrograde Cartel
  96. We Get By  JoJo
  97. Daisy –  Brand New
  98. English Girls  The Maine
  99. (Submarine) Smallpools

Summer’s Last Light - Listen Here - Full Picture

Always and Never (Coheed and Cambria) // Dreaming (Bruno Coulais) // Deep in the Woods (Nox Arcana) // The Stars Drop Away (Ben Babbitt) // Strawberry Swing (Coldplay) // Little Fang (Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks) // July Flame (Laura Veirs) // Right Before Your Eyes (Cage the Elephant) // Violent Dreams (Crystal Castles) // Starlight (Muse) // Let Me In (The Unseen Guest) // Crystals (Of Monsters and Men) // Civilian (Wye Oak) // The Kursk (Matt Elliott) // Sunday (Moby) // Worth Wondering (Bronze Radio Return) // Changing Seasons (Sea Wolf) // Escape [Acoustic] (KONGOS) // Just Watch the Fireworks (Jimmy Eat World)