all ears music


this is really good i got chills please watch this 

dancing libra/olivia because of reasons (i absolutely love dancing couples ;____; ONE OF MY MANY WEAKNESSES)

and i’d like to thank you all for the +400 follows ;___; i got like the ¾ of my followers during this summer so it really means a lot to me!! thank you for all the support you’ve unconsciously given me (❁´▽`❁)


this is my favorite thing in existence

ID #90013

Name: Mikayla
Age: 17
Country: United States 

I’m just looking for a pen pal that i can talk to about anything. I love to learn, no matter the subject, so I’m all ears all the time. Some of my favorite interests though are photography, interior design, baking, music, poetry/writing, and art. I enjoy the little things and I get excited easily, so I need someone that will share that with me and let me get to know them as well.

Preferences: I prefer someone close to my age, so around 16-20ish.

the world is quiet and the night is ending giving way to a new day in an old world. it’s not awake yet it’s just silent and all you can hear is him. his slow rugged breathe accompanied by the occasional growl. this beast is here next to you even now and you are not alone and you wont be ever again. the emptiness and his heartbeat in your ear is all the music you’ll ever need.

demonqueen-oceanking  asked:

this blog is wonderful and i love it but also. May I ask u to consider Spock being super into Earth Pop Party Music bc i literally? Can't? Stop thinking about him listening to Cheap Thrills by Sia???? Help???????

Spock doesn’t enjoy earth pop party music. But he does listen to it as a study. Chekov introduced him to it and he was curious as to why everyone seemed to find it so enjoyable and energizing. For the past week he’s spent all his off time listening to different groups play this style of music. For research, obviously. as a vulcan he can’t enjoy things, he can merely observe. Cheap Thrills is just a very good example of this music. It’s catchy. NOT TO HIM OF COURSE. But to others. Sometimes he’ll sing it to himself while he’s doing science stuff. To-to remember… what it sounds like. haha it’s a study… Need to be thinking about that stuff. Gotta tap that foot along to the beat, you know, for research. yeah. science and stuff…

TUMBLR WAS REFUSING TO UPLOAD THIS LIKE 100 TIMES UGH FINALLY IT’S UP AFTER SUCH A LONG WAIT. As requested by @leons-feline-goddess, here’s Enchanted In The Moonlight’s main theme. NOT the sad piano version that’s all over Youtube, but the original ROCK(-ish?) version you hear on the main screeen. I’ve always wanted to play this but I didn’t have the time to fully master it until recently. ;;