all downhill from here gif

there’s a fuzzy memory you can’t get rid of, like the burnt remnants of a light you stared at too long. you blink and think for a second, it’s gone.


It’s All Downhill From Here

; a bellarke Rogue One au

Captain Bellamy Blake of the Rebel Alliance has completed more than his fair share of extraction missions.

But when rumours of an Empire weapon that wields an unprecedented power start to spread, he’s tasked to rescue and secure the aid of Clarke Griffin – the daughter of the Imperial engineer responsible for building the single greatest threat the Rebellion has ever faced.

He expects all the things one usually comes to expect on a covert mission of this sort: danger, risks and scrapes, tight situations, and perhaps a near-death experience or two. 

What he doesn’t expect is for this one encounter to set him and Clarke on a path that leads to something so much bigger – including, perhaps, a chance at redemption for them both.