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Johnny Weir Instagram: “Rehearsal love pile with these boys! | Nobu-kun, Yuzu-kun, @slambiel, Shoma-kun | #fantasyonice2017″

Y’all need to support this movie so this cast can hang out more for a sequel [Part 2]

(These are just highlights. There’s so much more adorableness from their snapchats on this youtube account)   

Hahaha the Riverdale Cast writes their speculations on “Who killed Jason Blossom.” Lol their theories are so strange and wild, especially LUKE! LMao… how on earth did he come up with a mathematical formula on the killer hahaha [Netflix]

4 types of clapping demonstrated by Figure Skaters

Okay, here we go:

  1. The “That was awesome!”-type. Usually used when feeling a great amount of joy and amazement.

       2.  The “You rock! Keep going!”-type. Often seen when people feel the              urge to cheer on performers they’d like to continue performing and/or                as a sign of support.

      3. The “I’ve no idea what I’m doing but I don’t want to be rude”-type.            Executed when a person did miss the reason for cheering but still desires          to be polite.

      4. … and then there is Yuzuru Hanyu