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‪It’s one thing when over committing makes you constantly late and do subpar work, but you really get the message when it makes you sick and have to miss important or fun times with people you care about.

I hear ya, universe. I don’t know how much more I can scale back, but I’ll keep trying. For now, I’ll be a sad sack staying home on Friday night resting and writing grant applications instead of moshing to the political punk of my friend’s band.


I wanted to draw Grimmjow with long hair. Also Ichihime as soldiers… or rather a princess that can protect the soldier back. Took a lot of liberties with the armour please don’t try to make sense of them!  (ichihime only version of this post)

I have some personal notes for Grimm’s Alternative Versions under the ReadMore, but as far as the other pics go, there’s not much to say. Hope you like it anyway.

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What’s Wrong with your novel, by MBTI type:

ENTP: You couldn’t decide on a central plot, so you tried to juggle all 424 ideas at once

ISFP: No one knows, because you haven’t let anyone look at it yet

ENTJ: You can’t stop being responsible long enough to sit down and write

ENFJ: You want all your characters to be healthy and happy, so you keep solving their problems for them

INFJ: Your book was fabulous three years ago, but you can’t stop editing it

INTP: You’re still waiting for your Fe to show up and make your characters relatable

ESTP: You won’t stop using the paper to make spitballs

ESFP: You can’t find your doc behind all the open chat windows

ESFJ: Your neighbors are angry because you didn’t even bother to change their names before you made them into characters

INFP: Every time someone offers constructive criticism, you lock your MS away in a vault and drink yourself silly

ENFP: You wrote something wildly original and relatable, but got bored 1/3 of the way through. You try to feel bad about it, but can’t

ISTJ: You can’t quite get the dialogue to flow 

INTJ: The 34 complete novels in your head are masterpieces. Why go to the trouble of typing them? 

ISFJ: You want to write, but people keep having crisis that only you can fix

ISTP: You’ve written several successful How To Survive manuals, actually

ESTJ: You’ve murdered all your critique partners for not being able to appreciate your blunt approach. You’re now reading “How to Make Friends and Influence People.”