all dis weed

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin

Ginga 30 Day Challenge (Remake)

Day 13: Favorite Quote(s)

“My body may crumble and rot, but my mind will live on, a mind that has become home for the spirit of justice. This spirit will dwell within my comrades after I’m gone. An insignificant cur like you will never be able to destroy it!”        - John to Hōgen

“Hōgen, a soul full of justice is very heavy. We continue to live on through the ones who hold pure hearts.”
- Smith to Hōgen

I’m scared. I don’t want to die. But I was proud to be able to save you"
- GB’s last words to Weed

“The mountainside will soon turn red from blood but it will not be our blood! It will be Akakabuto’s!”
- Riki encouraging the Ohu soldiers

“I did not want to crash to them.. I’m going to die on my feet.. My pride will not let down to crash. I don’t want succumb .. I’ll show them that even if the body can die, the spirit of the right can continue to lives.”
- Tōbē’s last words