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Who is it that Bbong Ssuni is saving?
A prince that lives alone in a castle.


Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 2
   ➸ Favourite Malec Moment(s)

watching fanwars break out between armys and exo-ls like

It’s funny how the things you take for granted just disappear, isn’t it? That school you went to every day and then never go back to, that friend you part from laughing and never see again, all those doors that click behind you without you knowing they’re closing forever. I first wrote Doctor Who in early 2004, and I very much hoped I’d get to write it again. Then I wrote more, and then so much more, until I thought it might go on forever. I remember at some awards dinner, telling Brian I loved my job so much I couldn’t imagine ever stopping. In other more melancholy moments I knew everything ends and wondered what the very last words I’d ever write about Doctor Who would be. Well the time has come, and here they are.

All my love, good luck and goodbye.

Steven Moffat


“Was there any occasion in which you were grateful to each other recently?” or basically Changmin will fight anyone who dares to say that Yunho isn’t amazing.


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

The AMAZING commissioned piece from @istehlurvz of my Cassian Highborn expatriate, Valkurius Salonius in a before and after defection back-to-back.

He looks AMAZING and PERFECT oh my god, I can’t stop looking at it, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


twelve days of twelve // day twelve: peter capaldi appreciation day

i’m doctor who!

@doodledrawsthings the idea of the whole colored ink drunk!bendy side affects are so cool, i wanted to draw his original design with these

I hope Kesha is the harbinger of an apocalypse where everyone suddenly explodes in a burst of glitter and smoke, grows rainbow butterfly wings, unlocks their whistle register and ascends to a higher plane of existence 

when will renjun’s vocal skill be acknowledged n appreciated more

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit