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keeping a positive mindset

keeping a positive mindset is very important not only in facing school, but in our daily lives as well. i am by no means a ball on sunshine and am actually quite the opposite but here’s how i try to keep myself positive even when things are looking pretty crap.

1. using bad grades as a motivation

bad grades are inevitable unless you’re some genius who gets all A’s all day err day. i usually take these bad grades as a motivation for myself to study harder. i mean sure it’s completely normal to be upset but use it to bounce back and get yourself in the mood to study.

2. it’s just a bad grade, it does NOT determine your future

one fail grade doesn’t mean you’re a failure, that you’re stupid. no, no, no and NO. everyone has topics or subjects they’re better at. it’s okay to fail a couple of tests but the most important thing is that you’ve put in you best effort into each test. it also doesn’t mean you’ll do badly for the rest of the year/term!! with hard work and a little help from your teacher or your friends i’m sure you’ll be able to pick yourself back up :)

3. hard work always brings results

and by this i don’t mean working hard aimlessly. i mean studying hard and ensuring you clarify what you don’t understand and then practicing to make sure it sticks in your mind. not just writing notes for the sake of writing them and then not understanding a single thing. if you are highly unconvinced about this, i am pretty much your living proof. i’d failed my secondary 3 additional math exam with the second worst grade and managed to pull myself up to a distinction during o’levels, with the help of tuition and me hardcore practicing add math and asking my tutor and friends for help along the way. ((i don’t mean to brag btw!! ><)) so yes, it is possible to improve. if you already decide that you can’t improve, you really won’t.

4. talk/rant it out

ranting or talking about it to a friend may be able to make you feel better, releasing any pent up frustrations. this honestly works for me because i am an explosive af person ((whoops)) and would always ranting about it to my friends. the worst thing you can do, in my opinion, is to swallow everything and keep everything to yourself because that’s the easiest way to a breakdown, which we would want to avoid going through.

5. remember that you aren’t alone

there will always be people struggling with their studies as well, you aren’t the only one struggling/stressed/frustrated/upset. and that’s okay. you don’t always have to have your shit together 24/7, 365 or 366 days a year. it’s okay to mope around for a while but what’s most important is that you pick yourself back up again. in fact, those who look as though they have their shit together may actually be breaking at the seams as well. so no, you aren’t alone. and it’s okay to not be okay. as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. you can’t be perfect at everything; it’s unrealistic. 

i hope this post kinda helped and if you have any requests on what kind of masterposts i should make, don’t hesitate to drop me a message and let me know!

also, if you need to talk to someone, i’m always willing to lend a listening ear. just send me a private message, i’ll get back to you as soon as i can.

stay strong, hang in there and you can do it!! xx -alysa :)

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Heyo~ So I was curious if we could have some fluff between Xander and Corrin and their two kids? Maybe Corrin has a breakdown from all the stress she is under and all the boys rally together to try and cheer her up? If possible could it end in the ever glorious cuddle puddle? Thx :3

(Want to change the name? Use this!

He heard the tears start from the other end of your quarters. Your office had been relatively silent, following the boys’ nap. He was just going to rouse them when he heard the sniffles and hiccups from inside.

His brow furrowed, silently leaning closer to the door to make sure his ears weren’t deceiving him. Sure enough, he could hear your sobbing inside.

Xander’s heart broke, his frown deep and distraught. What in the gods’ realms could’ve made you so upset? More importantly, how was he going to make you feel better?

He glanced towards the boys’ bedroom on the far side of the corridor. An idea suddenly touched his mind like the sun breaking through the night sky. He knew exactly how to help.

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jimin; mine back then, yours until now

❝jimin had asked you to be his when he was ten. he repeats the same question when he’s twenty. 
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221B Con 2017 Intro!

ahhhh it’s next week omg

Name: Rachel

Pronouns: she/her

Age: almost 26 ayyy

Located: Northern Kentucky

What do you do in fandom?: All day err day I’m part of TJLC and basically I just read/write fanfics, make shitposts and memes, etc

How long are you staying?: Friday afternoon-through sometime Sunday

How are you getting there?: Driving

Cosplays: Sherlock’s Shirt Janine, with a Jealous John™ posterboard lmao (pictures of which should hopefully be up tomorrow) and also maybe some yuri on ice cosplay?

Roomies: @vanetti and @librarylock 💕

Where to find me: No idea yet! It’s my first 221b con but I imagine I’ll be buying tons of stuff from artists and just hanging out!

Drinks: Probs not, I pretty much never drink, but I don’t mind it!

Hugs: Fo sho. Bring it in fam.

Pictures: Please!

Anything else?:

I’m super looking forward to my first time at this con! I’m excited to make friends with anyone and everyone, I don’t bring fandom bs with me anywhere and I don’t tolerate pettiness or arguments, especially in person, so there won’t be any negativity! And I’m pumped to meet all my tjlc friends that will be there and eat katsudon with them. XD

Contact info: Tumblr is great! I am willing to add anyone fun to Facebook as well :)

Reblog this intro: If you want to lmao

Walk like a Witch

Me: *stocking up on a few Halloween things at the pharmacy during my lunch break*

Cashier: (older man) You sure got a lotta Halloween stuff.

Me: Yup! Just a few last-minute essentials. It’s tomorrow, after all, and it’s my favorite holiday.

Cashier: Your favorite? Why, you got the Devil in you or somethin’?

-Keep in mind, I am dressed head to toe in black with my favorite swishy skirt, pointy boots, several large rings, crystal pendant necklace, and silver earrings…and most of my jewelry features at least one prominently-displayed pentacle. Literally the only thing that’s missing from the stereotypical portrait is a big black hat.-

Me: Nah. It’s just the one night of the year I can dress like this without getting stares. Nobody looks twice at a witch on Halloween.

Cashier: ……Um…have a…good day then?

Me: *gives big bright friendly smile* You too, sir. Enjoy your holiday! *collects purchases and skips out as the elderly lady in line behind me crosses herself and mutters*

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16, 28, 32 🤔, 133 - Pumpkin Head😘

16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

All day, err’day ☺️

28. Who are you most comfortable around?

@reggieharper and Kali ❤️

32. Which celebrities would you have a threesome with?

Nice one babe.. but nah 🙅🏽💀

133. Favourite lyrics right now?

Sheesh you would hit me with one that would take me a min lol. uhhh.. 

Outkast- SpottieOttieDopaliscious 😂

From a private response to a witchling battling depression and trying to get back in touch with their craft:

Depending on your personal and craft preferences, you might ease yourself back into things by re-reading books that have inspired your practice in some way, or watching witchy movies to help you recapture that “I wanna do magic!” feeling.

(As a fellow witch with depression, I find that this actually helps TONS. People can laugh at The Craft all they want, but it puts me right back in that wide-eyed baby-witch feel that made me want to hop on the broom to begin with.)

If scents helps, you might try wearing some perfumes or oils that give you that feeling of power and security. Jewelry and clothing you associate with this feeling helps too.

I find that music is a HUGE factor in my mood in any given week, and there is a whole lot of lovely pagan and paganish music out there by artists like Loreena McKennitt, Kelliana, S.J. Tucker, Damh the Bard, Faun, Coyote Run, and Blackmore’s Night. Then again, plain old pop music can do the trick sometimes too. (I confess to using Disney, Linkin Park, and Panic! At The Disco for my purposes on more than one occasion.)

Probably the easiest spellwork you can do to get back in the swing of things is paper charms. You simply write down what you want the spell to do, include any sigils or incantations you wish, then fold up the paper and stick it in your shoe or your pocket or a box, or wherever is relevant to the purpose of the spell. You can even add little pinches of herbs and then seal the packet with tape if you wish. It’s a nice low-effort no-muss-no-fuss way of putting your toe back in the water, so to speak.

If it helps any, witchcraft isn’t something you have to practice all-day-err-day to be legitimate. You can do it when you have the time and the spoons for it and you’re still every inch a witch, no matter how small the spell. :)