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Thread of cute men who will ruin your life

The guy who swears that his ‘adult origami’ career will pay off one day. Eats all your snacks. Tells you that he’s having an “artistic breakthrough” every time you want to talk about breaking up

You broke up with him because he kept dating your guy friends behind your back, but you still mess w/him every now and then

He ruined your credit and your life, but he’s a sexy ass Care Bear so you don’t wanna let him go

Your friend’s dad. She’s salty bc she has to call you “stepmom” now, but whatever, she’ll be aight

You sneak in the bathroom to have midnight phone sessions with him while your boring husband snores and farts in his sleep

He’s so hot that you’ll forgive him for being 5′7 and for having an entire family back in his home country

Might possibly be Jesus. 

People judge you when yall go out bc he looks like he’s in HS. Will eat all your snacks, but will show you how to play 2K

Responds to your 4-part texts with “lol”, but he’s sexy and 6′4, so you don’t care

Like Father, Like Son.

Everyone felt it that day.

The castle was quieter than it should have been, and quieter than it had ever been before.

It was Father’s Day.
And someone was missing.

Breakfast was silent, and Keith didn’t e bother to show up. That had become the norm for the red paladin though.

Pidge sat quietly next to Hunk, eyes red from lack of sleep and probably crying too.

Hunk are slower than usual, looking around at the members of the table but never making eye contact.

Coran was trying to get Allura to eat something, for he knew how today troubled her. Alfor was gone, but this was her first Father’s Day without him after 10,000 years since the last.

Lance sat at the end of the table, away from everyone. He stared at his food goo but took no particular interest in actually eating it.

Shiro was missing, the most father like person he had was gone. His hero.

Lance and the others had planned it all out; once they found out when it would be in space.

They were going to make him a food goo feast, and have a sort of celebration in the training room.

The mice rehearsed a show, and everyone made gifts or cards of sorts.

It would have been the best Father’s Day once could have in space. That was until Shiro went missing weeks prior.

Lance was also missing Fathers Day back at his home on Earth, and he knew for sure the others did too.

They all had a Space Dad to miss, and actual Dad’s to miss. The castle was quiet.

The blue paladin stood, taking his plate and putting it in the washer. He wasn’t that hungry anyway.

With head bowed, he padded off to the observatory, where he had been everyday since Shiro went missing.

Everyone stayed away from each other, unless it was time for a mission or there was an attack.

Pidge in her room.
Hunk in the kitchen.
Keith in the training area.
Allura and Coran just… about.

As the door glided open and Lance entered, he let out a sigh and went to sit in the middle of the room.

“Show me Earth.”

The holographic map of the solar system covered the room, and right in front of Lance flowed Earth, brightest of them all.

Lance smiled sadly, “Hey there.”

He sat down, and just watched it spin in time. Lance wondered what it was like back there.

His mama would be cooking all day. Making snacks and dips and punches of all flavors.

His papa would be out, sent off away from the house as his day was prepared.

All of his brothers and sisters would be cleaning the yard, cleaning the pool, or cleaning the house.

It would be very busy.

Lance always preferred to stay in the kitchen and cook with his mother.

When father would come home, he would always scoop Lance up, no matter how big he was or how old he had gotten, and place him on his back.

“Lance! You ready to get in the pool?”

It was fun.
The blue eyed boy missed them.

His reminiscence was interrupted by the door open, and Lance looked up to see Coran approaching him.

“Lance, my boy, I saw you didn’t eat your breakfast this morning. Are you alright?” He came over and stood next to the boy, a twinge in his eyes.

The paladin smiled a bit, “I wasn’t really hungry. Thank you for asking, Coran.”

He turned and stared back at Earth, cheek resting on his knee.

A few ticks of silence based, and Coran broke it by sitting next to Lance. He tilted his head at Earth. “You know…”

Lance looked over at him.

“… I regard you like a son, Lance. I might not be Number One, or your Earth father, but I love you like my own and I want you to know that.”

Lance’s eyes widened a bit, looking to the red haired Altean next to him. “I… Thanks, Coran.”

The gorgeous man shrugged, “If you’d like I can take you to do some training.”

Lance groaned, “Keith is in there.”

Coran seemed to think for a moment and then looked to Lance with a grin, “How about we get in the pool?”

The blue Paladins heart skipped a beat and he sat up, staring at the Altean next to him.

How did he…?

Lance wiped his eyes, discovering they had teared up a little, and he smiled.

Coran wasn’t his biological family, but he was the next best thing. He remembered something he’d seen on a tv show once.

Family don’t end in blood.
Such wise words.


Coran helped the boy to his feet with an offered hand, “I can show you how to flip the pool too, if you’d like.” He suggested as they walked.

He winked, twirling his mustache, “One thing you can know that Keith doesn’t to twist is undies, eh?”

Lance laughed, “Yeah, I guess so.”

He hadn’t laughed in forever.

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Melchior Gabor insists that all colors of fruit snack taste the same then complains when he gets an all orange pack

“You’re just mad because you don’t like orange, Melchi.”
“Shut up.”

Humans Are Weird- Period Edition

Commander Tehk'laki was confused. He had been ordered, ORDERED, to give the female human this box of… sticks. Upon closer inspection, he discovered the stiff tube revealed a soft white stick with string attached. He had asked the expert on humans what exactly the purpose of these things were. They were both clueless. But when they approached the male human, he had seemed… afraid of it. Further study showed that all the males had a similar reaction, some going so far as to back up and refuse to so mich as look at it.

This would have led the Commander to assume they were dangerous, if bot for the reactions of the females. Not one of them reacted the same way as the males. Several looked amused when they saw him studying one, trying to determine what was so dangerous about it, then flat out laughing when he asked what the purpose of it was. They also refused to answer, seeming to find it more fun to have him trying to figure it out on his own. But then one came and demanded he give her the box of remaining sticks. The females all looked at her with sympathy, the males just avoided her all together.

Watching the human was only slightly more revealing than studying the object itself. For the length of one week, she was angrier than normal, then suddenly started crying. She spent large amounts of time curled up in a ball, complaining about pain, for which the other females gave her small colored objects they called “pills”, saying that it would help. She would also eat far more amounts of food than she ever had before. Having several servings at meals, then walking around all day with these “snacks”. The smell of blood followed her around. The Commander cautiosly asked another female if she was bleeding, to which the other female replied with “Yes, but it’s almost over”. The Commander was worried. He didn’t want her to bleed to death, but the other female was unconcerned.

True to the word, one day later the female gad recovered, walking around, talking just as she always had. When asked if she was all right, she would say yes, and look confused, as if she didn’t understand why she wouldn’t be.

The Commander would have thought it was a one time thing, if it wasn’t for the fact that every few days, a different female was hit also, each exhibiting most of the same symptoms, some showing new ones. For some it only lasted 3 days. For others, it lasted as long as a week. Then they were fine… Until the next month when, at roughly the same time, it happened to them again. The males never got this strange disease, and none of the humans questioned it

Triple Time

Hello there~! This is such a cute request! Thank you for asking! You didn’t give an age, so I made the kids about 6/7 years old. I hope you like it!

Rap Monster/ Namjoon: He would be a bit overwhelmed initially. He would want to make sure the transition seamless as to ensure the children would be okay. Before his S/O’s departure, he would pick up more shifts with the kids to be more comfortable with dealing with them alone. He would perform well despite his natural clumsiness. As his children know their dad can be a bit hapless, they would be rather independent and play by themselves. Initially, Joon would be a bit saddened but would respect his kids’ space. When they got bored they would approach him for entertainment and he would probably talk to them about everything and anything, weaving intricate stories and wondrous tales. He would tell them about space and stars, bestowing all the knowledge he could.

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Jin/Seokjin: Jin is naturally very caring and would be just fine. As the oldest member of Bangtan, he has quite a lot of practice in being responsible for those younger than him, Jin would have them all on their proper eating and sleeping schedules. He would keep them entertained by showing them how to play Mario Cart or some of his other games. He would make sure they all ate nutritious meals and would tire them out by running about with them throughout the day. His children would love to tease their father in cute and innocent ways like taking his shoes or running away and hiding when he calls for them.

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Suga/Yoongi: Despite his cold exterior, Yoongi is also very caring. He has been cited as the member to take care of the others quietly, like a “silent guardian”. He would take care of the children in a mostly hands-off kind of way. He would let them play while keeping an eye on them and multi-tasking around the house, probably cleaning up behind them. When it came time for dinner, he would order in something simple like japchae or kimbap. He would put them all to bed with soft music and maybe a bedtime story if they hadn’t already tired themselves out.

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J-Hope/Hoseok: Hobi admittedly would be a bit erratic in the beginning. He would try and follow the schedule his S/O left to the letter. While he had taken care of his children before it was a bit different knowing he was utterly alone without backup. He would radiate nervous energy that the kids would pick up on and go wild with. However, after a couple fumbles he would be okay.  Hoseok would rally the kids with his creativity, creating fun dance-centric games to keep them entertained and happy. He would do his best with tea parties and power rangers and in the end, would have a deeper appreciation for his S/O and his children.

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Jimin: Jimin is another member known for his caring nature and he would probably have created an itinerary for him and his children that started the moment his S/O walked out of the door. He would dress the kids, take them to the park and have a field day. As a family, they would play all day, with breaks for snacks and hydration. As a very conscientious person, Jimin would pack healthy snacks for his children to ensure they grew well. However, as his children take after him they would like to wander and look at whatever caught their attention, leaving Jimin in a state of constant panic. After collecting his triplets jimin would return home for dinner, bathtime and hopefully a good nights rest.

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V/Taehyung: As we know he loves children. V would be a great father and in fact, his S/O departure would not affect him or the kids too much.He would spend as much time with them as possible regardless of his S/O. Taehyung and the kids would build forts, play fight and overall have a very good day filled with laughs and fun. He would creatively incorporate lessons or get them to do what needs to be done with relative ease. He would make them tiger shaped pancakes for breakfast and read a big cat book for story time. He would be more than happy to be a full-time dad.

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Jungkook: Quite the child himself, he would be able to empathize with the children upon their mother’s departure. He would be a bit confused initially. however, he would find a way to make it work. While he may not follow the “rules” to the letter he and the children would find a system that works for them. He would compromise with the kids on certain things in order to get them to comply with his orders. Jungkook would be amazed by the children and how much of himself is reflected in their little faces. If only for a day, he would become the parent that sends videos of his children doing anything to his closest family members and friends.

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 I hope you like it! Thank you again for the request!

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Look at this adorable baby titan watching a game with his bae and his pile of snacks (which is mostly, if not all, gone and its only halftime lol)

Hooray for MuraHimu game commentary! 

Ok but seriously…. Mommy is typing away furiously at the computer with headphones on, obviously concentrating… Daddy is standing right next to you doing absolutely nothing. Who do you ask for a snack?

Here’s a hint: it’s the person you’ll annoy the most. Mommy! *hard eye roll*

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Food/drink asks! Send a symbol!

🍭 what are your muses favourite sweets?
🍪 can they bake/cook?
🌶 what is their threshold for spice?
🍓 favourite fruit?
🍎 is there something they can’t resist?
🍳 if they could have anything for breakfast what would it be?
🍞 given the choice, what one food could you muse eat for the rest of their life?
🍕what three toppings would they put on their pizza?
🍜 what food group do they eat most of? (Sweet, sour, salt ect)
🍻do they get drunk easily?
🍯are they prone to snack all day or do they stick to three meals?
🌽what was the one thing they refused to eat as a child?
🍦favourite ice cream flavour?
🌮do they eat what they know or are willing to try new things?
🍔any bad eating habits?

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Could you do headcannons or a scenario (your choice) on kakashi spending a day off with his so


•Kakashi’s idea of indulging a day off is just lying in a tree somewhere and reading. The idea might not be as appealing to his s/o though. So if they’re not up for lounging around on a branch all day then Kakashi will give in and hop down

•They just shouldn’t expect him to want to do anything particularly engaging. It’s his day off. Don’t make him do work. He’s lazy. Let the man chill out and sleep

•Oh yes. Naps. Definitely a day off activity he could go for. Especially with a s/o. Nice to just lie down together on the couch and sleep. Their head on his chest. His head on their chest. Literally anywhere at anytime in any way. He just wants to relax

•Idk I also feel like it would be fun to just sit on one of the Konoha rooftops and watch the village all day. Bring some snacks with them. Watch the sunset and watch the stars. Kakashi might like that

•If it’s been a particularly long time since they’ve had an official ‘date’ (Kakashi is hesitant to call them ‘dates’. “Just hanging out with a cool person I like” is synonymous for date) then he’ll take them out to a nice dinner on his night off

Nyx Ulric -Kingsglaive- Headcanons SFW & NSFW

(NSFW under the cut!) Requested by @bat-mary2718-stuff I made it a bit short I figured you would be okay with that as that will give me more time to work on your Nyx smut. :) -Jinju-

Sleep doesn’t come easy for Nyx so when he does go to sleep it’s best not to bother him even if it’s on the couch and he’s in this pretzel like position. Just leave a bottle of aspirin and a cup of water beside him for when he wakes.

His eating habits are very irregular some days he only eats one meal then days he snacks all day. Never really having a full course meal just on the go meals and things that have the complete daily nutrition in one granola bar. When he is having down time it’s the bars and the food there is less than savory most of it heavy with oils and salt that is not needed to be consumed at the high amounts. A lot of alcohol is consumed on those days.

Drunken Nyx is a boastful one. Oh to dare him to warp far out of the normal range to warp to push the Stasis even further, he’ll do it. Can I warp while carrying six people? Sure let’s try it! (Please don’t. . .) He will make plans for the next day as well like wake up early and go for a five mile run and then fall out of bed at noon and wonder why his phone has twenty missed calls. He also likes playing the “punch for punch” game while drunk and beer pong. (In which he never fails to win.)

Nyx is very loyal to his friends though he doesn’t have many friends he will do anything for them and stay with them through thick and thin. He’s also very loyal to his job, dying if he has to just to finish the job. His life is expendable in comparison to the lives of the innocent. His death is just a single drop of water in a rain storm.

He likes to shower often as possible something about the hot water running down his body is relaxing. All this sore muscles relax and the tension just flows down the drain.

For music he likes grunge, heavy metal, EDM, and progressive rock. Movies he likes a good comedy something to take his mind off work and the battles around him. He’s not much for video games as he doesn’t have much time for them and they are pricey.

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21. Rainy days.

It was a little stormy here so here’s something to lighten the mood. 💕

rainy days with Shownu are spent feeling protected. cuddled up on the couch and under his arms. sometimes it’s his laughter that makes your chest bounce and your heart leap that’ll take your mind off the thunder. sometimes he’ll feel you jump when you hear it and he’ll jump off the couch and do silly awkward dances to make you laugh. then he’ll turn the music up and pull you up until your own laughter and the music is blocking out the thunder and everything is warm again.

rainy days with Wonho are spent feeling warm. meaning you two grabbing all the pots and ingredients you can find and having a ramyun competition. with him blasting music from his phone and wearing ugly aprons. with him stealing the seasoning from yours and you trying to dump pepper in his. with you both laughing and stealing bites, forgetting about the downpour until it becomes gentle instead of gloomy. with you two sitting atop the counter, huddled close and finishing both pots.

rainy days with Minhyuk are spent watching movies. stacks and stacks of movies, Disney movies, comedies, all genres because the rain looks like it’ll last all day. snacks galore, your favorites, his favorites and a giant blanket that eventually gets kicked around because you’re both laughing so much. with thunder that makes horror movies not such a good idea but you do it anyway. with rain that makes the romcoms so much more emotional and him leaning against you and exaggerating his reactions. with lame jokes, laughter and food everywhere.

rainy days with Kihyun are spent cleaning. but not in a boring way, cleaning with the matching aprons you both finally get to wear. with him wearing a full outfit that makes you fall over laughing. with music in the background and the whole house being turned upside down. with you two running around chasing each other with a duster and trying to decide how to reach the high places. with his singing in the background and eventually yelling when you slack off to snack. then he slacks off and it never gets done but it passes the time.

rainy days with Hyungwon are sweet. like hot chocolate mugs in your hands and marshmallow kisses everywhere. being bundled under the covers, layer upon layer. like soft music that runs through your entire body with the rain as the backdrop and his smug grin at the atmosphere he’s created. like candles around the house and an overwhelming desire not to leave the sheets. with rain lulling you two to sleep, empty mugs on the counter and full hearts.

rainy days with Jooheon are spent wet. because he’s going to catch a glimpse of the rain and when it’s light pull you out the house and run through it. you’re going to scream and try to cover your head and he’s going to laugh. he’s going to stand under and yell at the thunder and he’s going to be so full of life and excitement that you can’t help but join in. when you do you’re both yelling and smiling and alive soaked to the bone. when it’s over and you’re both back inside and hitting each other with towels you realize you don’t mind it as much.

rainy days with Changkyun are spent playing games…until the power goes out and you have to get a little creative. even if that means looking up silly games on your phone so you won’t be bored. even if that means running around the house because no one’s ever too old to play tag. with hide and seek that’s only fun when you hear him trip. or throwing pillows at one another because he keeps trying to scare you whenever the thunder sounds. eventually the power’s on but you’re both beat and lying awkwardly in a heap of pillows.


On a side note: I did get his permission to put these pics up and to tell this story. If you have any other questions please message me and I’ll try to post what answers I can. 

This is my mate from London, met him while out on the club scene in 2014. He used to always be out taking drugs, partying and fucking so many guys. A real recognisable face everyone knew him and everyone fancied him. He used to get loads of attention, modelled quite a few club nights and even modelled fashion stuff as well.

Anyway in early 2015 he was prosecuted for some drug charge and sent to prison for 16 months. While in prison without his drug taking partying lifestyle he jus got massively overweight. His chiselled abs and rock hard pecs swelled and softened, and his belly just ballooned out in front of him as he wasn’t really able to be active he said that he just became really lazy, watched tv and ate snacks all day for the whole time. He was weighed when he went in, he was 5′10″ and 167 lbs and left 16 months later 236 lbs. Since he has been out he is still gaining more weight even though he has made poor attempts to get back into shape. 

Now back in London I made contact with him again. He wanted a hook up and when before I wasn’t his first pick, all his former gym bunny conquests aren’t interested in him now he has let himself go and let himself get so massively overweight. 

I see him occasionally, firstly I was shocked at how big he was and would tease him about his chubby fingers, his slight waddle and how his vest barely fits over his round belly now. Now he knows I’m into him being big and gaining more weight and even though he says he is ‘trying’ to lose weight, he lacks self control with me and I can always get him to pig out at a buffet or chug a few beers at a bar. Even had some feeding sessions while having sex where he has chugged pints of cream for me. Its weird how before I was too fat and not ripped enough for him and how I am in way better shape than him and I’m making him get fatter and fatter and becoming a big blubber boy.