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Fredag 9.12.16 kl 20.24

Kjære Isak. Nå sitter jeg der vi traff hverandre for første gang og tenker på deg. Snart er klokken 21:21. Jeg har lyst til å si tusen ting til deg. Unnskyld for at jeg skremte deg. Unnskyld for at jeg såret deg. Unnskyld for at jeg ikke fortalte at jeg er bipolar. Jeg var redd for å miste deg. Hadde glemt at det ikke går an å miste noen, at alle mennesker er alene uansett. Et annet sted i universet er vi sammen i uendelig tid, husk det. Elsker deg. Even

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Dear Isak. Now I’m sitting where we first met and am thinking about you. Soon it is 21:21. I want to say a thousand things to you. I’m sorry for scaring you. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for not telling you that I am bipolar. I was afraid of losing you. I forgot that you can’t lose anyone, that everyone is alone anyway. In a different place in the universe we are together forever, remember that. Love you. Even


They’re going to come and try to tear your loved one away from you!
          Take their Miraculous.
                    They won’t be able to do anything against you.
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The progression of Camus
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IM WATCHING 5.O4 RIGHT NOW AND OHH MY GOD!!! FIRST OF ALL I! STAN !!!TALENT!!!! LIKE MS SARAHH? Pureee talent? im only 12 mins in but i love it!!!!!!! Anyway thanks for ur amazing gifs btw i saw one with shaw and my bi ass was obsessed !!

Lmfaoooooo yassss anon, I can scream about how Sarah carried 6741 flawlessly all day long. Actually, from that ep all the way until the finale? She KILLED.

And you’re welcome aha, knowing one of my gifs made you get into POI makes my days. You don’t understand.


So I promised a video didn’t I. 

Send me questions? Or things to say or show you or something. Especially the anon who suggested it originally, I expect several from you cause this is your fault

Also not as important, but last week I reached 1000 on my prompts blog so yay for that as well!! You guys rock