all day err day!

Walk like a Witch

Me: *stocking up on a few Halloween things at the pharmacy during my lunch break*

Cashier: (older man) You sure got a lotta Halloween stuff.

Me: Yup! Just a few last-minute essentials. It’s tomorrow, after all, and it’s my favorite holiday.

Cashier: Your favorite? Why, you got the Devil in you or somethin’?

-Keep in mind, I am dressed head to toe in black with my favorite swishy skirt, pointy boots, several large rings, crystal pendant necklace, and silver earrings…and most of my jewelry features at least one prominently-displayed pentacle. Literally the only thing that’s missing from the stereotypical portrait is a big black hat.-

Me: Nah. It’s just the one night of the year I can dress like this without getting stares. Nobody looks twice at a witch on Halloween.

Cashier: ……Um…have a…good day then?

Me: *gives big bright friendly smile* You too, sir. Enjoy your holiday! *collects purchases and skips out as the elderly lady in line behind me crosses herself and mutters*

Me: You know I think Im gettimg better with car crashes :)
Me: Almost gets into one last nigjt, not rlly tht serious
Me: Has a fuckinh panic attack over it

Like for real next week has the potential to be the worst week of my life. There’s so much changing and mum is having her huge op but I’m feeling strangely positive about it!? No idea why but I’m going to roll with it and channel that positive energy all day err'day.

Me at 16: OCs are okay depending on the story


Me at 24-present: OCs all day err’day