all day drifts

does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

Lazy days
  • Gregg: Aren't the clouds beautiful? They look like big balls of cotton... I could just lie here all day and watch them drift by.
  • Gregg: If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things in the cloud formations... what do you think you see Angus?
  • Angus: Well, those clouds up there look to me like the map of the British Honduras on the Caribbean.
  • Angus: That cloud up there looks a little like the profile of Thomas Eakins, famous painter and sculptor.
  • Angus: And that group of clouds over there gives me the impression of the Stoning of Stephan... I can even see the apostle Paul standing there to one side.
  • Gregg: Uh-huh, that's very good. What do YOU see in the clouds Mae?
  • Mae: ...
  • Mae: Well, I was going to say I saw a ducky and a horsie, but
  • I changed my mind.

A Family Addition for Captain Swan

A Canon Divergent set sometime after season 6.   Pregnant - Killian’s POV-  here.     Doctor’s Visit - Emma’s POV - here: Killian’s POV - here ; Heartbeat - Emma’s POV -  here ; Killian’s POV - here :  First Movement - here 

Pregnant - Emma’s POV   AO3

Word Count - ~3700              Rating - K

There are some things in every woman’s life that she just knows.  Things like if it’s going to be a good hair day if certain pants make your butt look big, or when the only thing that will hit the spot is a piece of chocolate.

There are also certain things about a woman’s body that you know when they are off and when you need to start asking yourself questions and no longer blame the fact that they are off because of the magical disarray that is your life.  Questions like how long have things been off?  Or how careful have you and your pirate husband been about protection?  And most importantly asking yourself when you are going to get the courage up to just take a test and get the answers to said questions?  All of this and more were running through her mind as Emma showered, dressed, kissed her boys goodbye and drove away from their home by the sea.

When Emma opened the door to Granny’s the smell of frying bacon and percolating coffee hit her in the face, causing her throat to tighten and her stomach to roll.  “Breathe deeply, in through the mouth, slowly out through the nose,” she murmured softly as she made her way to the back booth where her mother waited for her.   "Get something into your stomach fast,“ she continued just as she reached her mom and baby brother and slid across the seat.

"Emma, I’m so happy you could meet me this morning.”

“Sure, mom, I’m starving where’s the waitress?”

Snow frowned at the anxious tone in Emma’s voice, “Here she comes now. Go ahead and order honey.”

Emma looked up into the expectant face of Candy or Mandy, one of the Hubbard twins, she wasn’t sure which as she could never tell them apart.

“Good morning ladies, what can I get you?”

Instead of ordering her usual, Emma looked down at the menu, “I’m starving.  I’ll have a three- egg omelet with ham, cheese, peppers and mushrooms, a glass of orange juice, a short stack of pancakes with butter-rich maple syrup and a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream.” She finished her order, shut her menu and looked up into the face of her mother who was sitting there with her mouth hanging open.

“Emma,” she hesitated, “did you just order for the table?”

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anonymous asked:

IDW wtarsream, jazz, mtmte rung, Megatron, drift, and swerve reaction to their bot s/o being turned into a sparkling. And every time they leave the room , go somewhere their s/o can't see them or hands over to someone else their s/o burst into to tears and won't stop wailing unless they are carrying them even then there would still be some tears

Starscream is Frazzled. He’s one of those stressed-out single parents who have so much to do and no time to do it, and the baby is crying, and the phone is ringing off the hook, and oh no the soup is bUBBLING OVER-! He calls for Wheeljack to please figure out a way to get you back to normal. There’s really no one he trusts enough to hand you off to so you’re on his hip for the entire day. You owe him once you’re back to normal!

Jazz figures out he can keep you from crying with his music. He plays the radio for you on the way to the nearest medic. He’s good with kids, so it’s not hard for him to take care of you, but he can’t hide how scared he is that you might be stuck like this. He’s shaky and dotes over you until he finds a cure. When you’re back to adulthood he falls over in relief- and for a nap. 

Rung is calm. Taking care of sparklings isn’t hard, and there’s plenty of weird science on this ship to get you back to normal. He takes you to both Brainstorm and Perceptor, then takes you back to his habsuite to give them time to work. While the cure is being made he shows you his ships and plays patty-cake with you until you’re tuckered out. Then he feeds you and puts you down for a nap. Later, after you’ve been cured, he brings up having sparklings with you. 

Megatron is a mixture of worried/holy slag/tired of everything. The whole time he’s protective of you and won’t let anyone else hold you. He even keeps you in his lap while Ratchet checks you over. No one messes with him while he’s this on-edge, and a cure is made as quickly as possible. The whole crew sighs in relief when you’re back to normal. 

Drift doesn’t know how to take care of sparklings. Why are you crying? Are you hungry? Tired? He can’t even hold you right. Ratchet pretty much has to stay beside him all day because Drift is clueless but doesn’t want to leave you alone. Eventually he kind of enjoys baby you. Your giggles are adorable and look- you’re trying to put your pede in your mouth! How cute! After Brainstorm fixes you up Drift immediately brings up having a family. You tell him you’ll discuss it later- after you both get a shower and a nap.

Swerve has seen this one movie where the exact thing happened and it was awesome- oh. Oh no no no, don’t cry! He panics and runs to the medbay. He is now also crying. Help, his s/o is a baby what does he do?? Until you’re cured he’s doting mother hen- and even afterward he still hovers a bit. 

Overdue [a Barry Allen Smut AU]

Request: evil!Barry breaking his long time girlfriend out of a meta prison and leaving a sarcastic note for Joe or the gang. Reuniting never felt so good… aka smut ;) dom!Barry maybe?

a/n: im a sarcastic horndog too……


Fucking Vibe caught you. You can’t believe you’re in the pipeline; you’ve been in the pipeline for days! The leather of your red jacket squeaks against the padded wall when you cross your arms, ass leaning and legs stretched out. This is exhausting; it’s exhausting doing absolutely nothing all day! Your mind drifts to your boyfriend…if he was here…

“Someone call for a villain?” Barry smirks, light red button down hugging his torso due to how fast he was going. His arm is propped up on the pillar, hand hovering over the keypad. “Sorry I took so long, babydoll. Didn’t know where you were…” he trails off, biting his lip while cracking the cell door open.

You roll your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck, fingers toying with the collar of his shirt. Damn, he looks hot. “That’s okay… But you know what’s not okay?” you pout, “We haven’t fucked in like a week…” Your fingers drop to the top button, eyelashes fluttering at his lust-filled green eyes.

He catches your hand, making a tsk noise with his tongue. “You know my rules, princess.” he scolds, pushing your jacket off your shoulders. “I get to undress you first.” His voice is deep, dominate, creating a wet pool in your underwear. Next is your tight black tank top, which meets the floor, along with your bra. “Oh, I can’t wait to fuck you with the camera taping.” he purrs into the shell of your ear.

When Barry unbuttons your baby blue skinny jeans, you gasp, feeling the fabric pool around your ankles. You go to take off his shirt only for his hands to stop you again. The speedster rips the buttons, popping each one, shrugging the red dress shirt off. His toned chest presses against yours, lips tilting in his famous smirk.

Before you can blink, he already has his formfitting tan skinny jeans kicked off, bare ass exposed to the camera. “You ready, babydoll?” he asks, not giving any time to answer before inserting the tip of his dick inside you. A yelp comes out of you; hands clawing at his pale back. “Scream my name, Y/N. Tell them who’s yours.” he hisses, snapping his hips into yours harshly.

His dick stretches out your pussy and your mouth hangs open slightly. A moan drips from your lips as he pounds into you, blunt fingernails digging into your thighs. “Barry!” you repeat over and over again, eyelids shut, breasts bouncing against his pecs. He chuckles, dipping down to bite your neck while starting to vibrate.

Sweat forms on his thick brow, muscles flexing with every movement; his full chestnut locks tumble in front of his lime green eyes. “Yes, that’s it, baby girl, you’re mine…” he grumbles, breathing heavily; thrusts becoming sloppy and uneven. You cry, back arching on the wall, stomach becoming tight. “Oh, you want to cum, princess? Cum then.” he orders, squeezing one of your breasts in his giant hand.

“Ugh, Barry!” you shout, nails digging into his skin. He pants, feeling your juices around his cock, still rocking back and forth, until he lets himself go. A blissful groan rips from his throat and he throws his head back, hair flying around, green eyes wide, adam’s apple bobbing. “Barry….” you hum, trying to catch your breath.

With a deep sigh, he waits a moment before detaching himself from you. His lips twitch upward into a smile, “That was long overdue, babydoll.” He kisses you before flashing both of your clothes back on. You grin mischievously, stopping him from buttoning a few of the top buttons; he winks at you, licking his teeth as he faces the camera. “Well,” he claps his hands, “That was fun. Right, right, babe?” he looks over his shoulder; you nod. “Next time, leave some toys for us to play with? And, oh, one more thing.” he walks up to the camera, only inches from it. “Hurt my girl and I’ll end you.”

That's How It Works

Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Characters: Dean x Castiel (Destiel)

Warnings: super smutty smut, fluff explosion, cussing, self pleasure

Dean’s brain was fuzzy all day. His mind kept drifting back to Castiel. He kept telling himself it wasn’t like that. He’s not like that. They’re just friends. Why this sudden change of heart for the dorky, little guy? Dean didn’t know, but he was freaking out a little bit. He started thinking about his bright blue eyes, and God, that smile. It could just power all of New York. Dean started to blush, and of course Cas had to show up at that exact moment. Sam had been poking fun at Dean the last few weeks because he wasn’t bringing a girl home every other night. Dean knew he wasn’t bringing home girls because that’s not what he wanted. But he kept reminding himself he didn’t have a thing for guys either.

“Hello, Dean.” Cas walked up behind him.

“Oh, uh hey, Cas.” Play it cool, Dean thought.

“Where’s Sam?” Cas did the slight head tilt that just turned Dean’s legs into spaghetti.

His voice was uneven, “He uh, he went for supplies. He won’t be back until the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Cas answered. “How are you?”

“I’m fine, Cas. You?”

“I am well. But I don’t like that you’re lying to me, Dean. I can sense that you’re stressed. Why is that?” Cas’ voice was demanding and gruff, the way he talked was turning Dean on.

“I’m just- just worried about Sammy. That’s all.” Dean stammered.

Cas’ blue pools bore into Dean’s green ones.

“Okay. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was safe. Goodbye, Dean.”

“Bye, Cas.” Dean smiled.

And Cas was gone. That just left Dean and his thoughts, which was the most terrifying thing for Dean right now. Thinking.

Maybe he just needed a reboot. Yeah, that’s it.

Dean went to the bar that night, got drunk, and found himself a pretty girl with a nice rack. They went back to her place and he drowned himself in her femininity. He left her after they were spent and he went back home. By the time he got back to the bunker, he was already transitioning into a hangover and hating himself more than ever. There was no way he was going to get to sleep for at least a couple hours.

It was him and that damn mind of his again. All alone.

The girl he just banged was hot, but he didn’t enjoy it as much as usual. He thought about the way he made her eyes roll back in her head as her mouth hung open and strings of moans came from her throat. He thought about her blue- no, brown eyes. And her messy, dark- no, blonde hair. The way she cared for him- what is he talking about? They just met a few hours ago.

It was Cas. Dean didn’t want girls, he didn’t want guys either. He wanted Cas.

Dean wondered about the toned body that hid beneath Cas’ many layers of clothing. The way his arms would flex while he took off Dean’s shirt. How his scruff would feel against his own, while their lips moved with each other’s. How it would feel if Cas’ hard-

“Fuck.” Dean groaned as he shifted around on the couch, realizing that he’d gotten himself worked up.

What else was he going to do but take care of it?

Dean leaned back and unbuttoned his now way too tight jeans. He pulled the zipper down, moving his hand across his hard-on on the way down. He hooked his thumbs in the side of his jeans and boxers, pulling them down to mid thigh until he was freed. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and began slow movements up and down. He couldn’t hold a steady pace for long before he threw his head back and groaned, his jaw slacked. His hips bucked up into his hand, begging for more. He finished himself off, his hand gripped the arm of the couch so hard he didn’t know how it was still in tact. His cum made a terrible mess, he sat there for a few moments trying to catch his breath before going to change his clothes.

He felt better and maybe tonight he would sleep, knowing now what he wanted.

He wanted Cas.


Dean woke up, happy, for the first time in a long time. He made himself a cup of coffee and ate a piece of his favorite pie, pecan. He savored it, enjoying every sip, every bite. Things were normal for awhile, until reality hit him like a train. He had feelings for Cas, and there was no way he could see him again without going completely crazy. He had to tell him, he was going to tell Cas, whether he felt the same or not.

Dean sat on the side of his bed, elbows propped up on his knees, hands folded, head bowed.

“Cas… If you’re not too busy running your feathery ass around heaven, I need you.” Dean whispered, voice breaking a little.

A flutter of wings, then a voice. “Hello, Dean. Are you okay?” Cas’ brow furrowed.

Dean stood up, “Yeah- uh… No, actually.” Dean’s face turned red, thinking about what he’d done last night. His heart started beating faster just being in the same room with the angel.

“Dean, what’s wrong?” Cas came towards Dean, placing a hand on his shoulder. Dean looked down at the contact, then back at Cas’ face. He studied the way Cas’ blue eyes darted around, and how his lips were just slightly parted.

“I don’t- I’m not sure how to say this, Cas. But I just can’t stop thinking about you. And not- not just like a friend. You’re more than that to me, Cas.”

“I don’t know if I understand, Dean.” Cas looked back and forth between Dean’s green eyes.

Dean let out the breath he had been holding since Cas showed up, “Listen, do you trust me?”

“I do.”

Dean’s right hand came up to cradle Cas’ neck, his fingers brushing the hairs at the nape. Dean leaned in slow, watching Cas’ eyes for any sign of panic that would signal Dean to stop. Dean was so close that their lips would’ve brushed if one of them were to talk.

“Dean.” Cas whispered. “I understand now.”

Cas closed the gap between them, pressing his lips against Dean’s. Dean was the surprised one now. Both of Dean’s hands were now on Cas’ neck and running up into his hair. Cas moved his hands down to Dean’s hips, resting them there. Dean walked Cas backwards until he was against a wall. The kissing never slowed down and their hands started to roam. Cas’ fingertips were now under Dean’s shirt, his thumbs drawing circles on Dean’s v-lines. Their right legs were between each other’s. Dean moved his right leg up a bit, nudging Cas’ crotch. The movement made Cas break the kiss and throw his head back.

Dean started his next attack on Cas’ neck, finding a sweet spot with just a couple tries. Cas groaned and started pulling his trench coat and suit coat off. Their clothing felt odd, too much, too hot, too thick. Dean’s lips came back up to kiss Cas’ lips and jaw while undoing his tie. Cas started unbuttoning his own shirt, freeing Dean’s hands. His left went into Cas’ hair while the other went to palm Cas through his pants, Cas had a serious boner. When Dean started, Cas pulled his face as far from Dean’s as he could, pressed against the wall. His eyes were wide, bright, and on fire. The look he was giving Dean was something like the look a mother would give her child if they had done something wrong. But Dean knew that look, he was doing everything right. Cas’ eyes almost burned holes into Dean’s face before he could get a grasp on a coherent sentence.

“Dean. I need- it- this is nice yet unpleasant at the same time.”

“That’s how it works.” Dean smirked.

Dean was suddenly feeling the same, needing to be touched, his own erection needing real attention. He just needed friction, he wanted it.

Cas shoved Dean back onto the bed. He snapped his fingers and both of them were naked. Dean’s eyes slid down Cas’ figure, landing on his crotch. Cas’ dick was flushed with arousal, the tip shining with precum.

“Fuck.” Dean breathed.

Cas crawled on top of Dean, his eyes drinking in Dean’s figure as well. Cas kissed and nipped at Dean’s jaw, as well as his ear. Dean’s hips jerked towards Cas, needing them to touch. Cas used one hand to hold himself up and the other came in between their bodies. Cas wrapped his hand around their cocks, starting to thrust. Dean needed this, he wanted this. Dean dragged his hands up Cas’ back, nails digging into the skin. They were both lost in each other, not sure how to return, on the brink.

Cas orgasmed hard with a scream, his cum spurting out onto Dean’s hips. Dean looked down at their dicks rubbing together, at Cas cumming and listening to him. All of it overwhelmed Dean, sending him over the edge with Cas.

They fell into a moment that lasted forever, never knowing how long they were there. They couldn’t tell between their bodies who was who because every inch of their bodies were touching. Cas laid on top of Dean, their legs tangled and fingers intertwined. Cas’ head was resting in the crook of Dean’s neck, his eyelashes tickled Dean’s collarbone when he blinked.

“Dean, I think you love me.” Cas stated.

“Oh, yeah?” Dean chuckled lightly.

“Yes. Because I love you. Isn’t that how it works?”

“Yeah, Cas.” Dean whispered. “That’s how it works.”

The Beating of Young Hearts

I wrote this, like….three years ago? May as well share it instead of letting it rot in my hardrive.

The ghost was crying. Nothing new; she’d been doing that a lot since Valerie and Phantom first found her. Phantom claimed it was separation anxiety, though how a ghost—young or not—could have such a human response to being lonely was believed to be impossible. They didn’t have feelings. But whatever the reason for the baby’s crying, Phantom was usually able to calm her down.

The problem was, Phantom was out searching for the baby’s parents. He was supposed to be back soon—according to Valerie’s schedule—but in the meantime, the baby was stuck with Valerie. And neither ghost baby nor ghost hunter approved of this arrangement.

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anonymous asked:

i saw someone else do this and i thought it would be really cute if you could too: if you could assign your mutuals with fanfic AUs what would they be (like soulmate au, flowershop au, etc)

awwww, that’s such a cute idea!

@heochannies she gives me those midnight diners, flickering neon lights vibes so I’d say greaser!au? Like think of leather jackets over white tees, slicked back hair, grease covered hands from working on cars all day, smoke drifting in the midnight air. 

@simplicitwannaone lau dies whenever there’s a hot and heavy makeout scene posted somewhere in the world so I’d say greek life!au. You got your frat boy fuckboi, the wild parties where naughty things happen behind locked doors, the blur of alcohol and something else tinging the atmosphere. Plus greeklife!aus always have that makeout scene, always.

@kakaotaeks elena is a singer so I’d like to say reverse idol!au. Like everything is flipped on it’s head when the idol ends up the fan and the fan ends up the idol. Just lots of adorkable interations, and plus, kenta fanboy mode is on for every single one of the idols.

@laji-101 I’d really like to say hot mess!au. not saying kris is a hot mess, bc she’s definitely not. But bc she’s such a lil meme I feel like this au fits her? Like hotmess!au’s always have an element of humor/crack somewhere in there as the reader/idol have a really bad day and everything is resolved at the end.

@seungkwanslowqualityenglish  mom is def getting paired with domestic!au’s (tbh I wanted to match this with elena for reasons, but highly decided against it lmao) I’m talking matching aprons, pillow forts, bickering over who does laundry domestic. Also, her being exasperated by her children (and her husband lmao) level domestic. 

@jihoonslattee chiii is the cutest softest child and you know what au is soft? ouran freaking high school host club!au or ohshc!au for short. This is definitely bc she remind Hunny Like chiii reminds me of like soft yellow, the kind of yellow you think of when you think of the warmth of sunlight??? and you know what’s yellow? the ugly ass uniforms for girls in ouran lmao. No but like, cute boys? cake? what’s not to love?

@peachiejihoonie I want to say coffee shop!au/bakery!au? this is definitely not bc her name is peachi,,,,pft definitely not. Lmao but in all honestly peachi is such a sweetie, and what better au to match her with than this one? tbh peachi gives me those fruit teas, acoustic music, and fresh baked good vibes.

@princess-megz I’d pair meg with soulmate!au’s. honestly, meg is just so soft and sweet and adorable, just how soulmate au’s should be not mine tho mine are just angst and despair Also, idols are always going to her city?? And I had a dream one time she bumped into one (I don’t remember who gdi), and 15 minutes later texted into the chat she was getting married to them???? So yeah, I highkey believe meg will randomly either lose her color vision, get a random tattoo, etc. and end up bumping into wanna one/got7/etc. and suddenly wow, romance is real.

@dae-vil I pair dae with office!au. And tbh hear me out. Like I imagine her as the hella exasperated floor manager who’s done with her coworkers bc either one they do jack shit or two they do jack shit lmao. 

@ladynightmareii i pair naz with royalty!au. and tbh this is definitely bc naz looks like a freaking princess. Also she’s so much more mature than other people her age, like I forget she’s younger than me lmao. And royalty!au’s have that sense of regality I see naz having. 

@wilderye rach is 101% high school!au. I’m talking the whole nine yards here. Football/any other ovehyped sport, theater, marching band, etc. Like rach seems to be getting hella lit at marching band and wow youth is wonderful. 

@splashinglys the goddess that pretty much invented the mafia!au for pd101 is now paired with the mafia!au lmao. No but in all honestly, carina gives me like, smokey eye, idgaf attitude, perfect hair vibes and tbh that’s what I associate with mafia!au’s. Like, she’d be the hbic and have her henchmen beat up an opposing gang’s member as she watches on with a perfect eyebrow cocked. 

How To Break The Heartbreaker

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: kinda gets spicy, but eh nothing to bad. swearing probably somewhere

Authors Note: sorry this isn’t a request, but I had this title awhile ago and out of me sprung this word vomit. enjoy.

The plan was set, the choices pre-made. The only thing left was to put this plan into action.
You’d checked and re-checked for errors or flaws in your plan, and made backup plan after backup plan.
The only problem?
You never thought of the possibility that you’d fall in love with the heartbreaker.
Daveed Diggs.
Known mostly as the Heartbreaker.
He had the most perfect body, the curly hair, and the bright smile. The only problem? He lacked commitment.
Girl after girl, he never settled. He got bored, broke her heart, and was onto the next.
He never reused old ways, he found new ways to shatter girl’s hearts and ruin their love life, at least for awhile.
He made them fall helplessly in love with them, and then?
Well, onto the next.
You absolutely despised Daveed Diggs, but couldn’t help but let him catch your eye every once in awhile.
How could you not? He was quite perfect, there was no denying that.
Until he broke your friend’s heart, you tolerated his acts of immatureness and turned the other cheek.
Step #1: Catch his eye
The make or break of the plan. If you couldn’t catch his eye, the plan was useless.
You stood in front of your closet, willing for your inner fashion diva to come forth and find the perfect outfit. To no avail, she stayed hidden inside you, and you were left to your own devices.
To catch his eye, you needed something that caught your eye…
Your eyes stopped on a black shirt, the string crossover in the front showing more skin than you were used to, but you knew that you’d be turning heads with this shirt. You slipped it on, along with your signature tight leggings. And shoes…?
Being as short as you were, you needed to be able to be seen. And for that to happen…
You groaned.
Heels it was.
Stepping into school that day was a sight to see, with your heels clicking the floor as you made your way past a gaping Diggs. You kept your demeanor cool, but on the inside, your heart was shooting out of your chest.
Phase 1 completed.
Step #2: Talk to him
Absolutely not what you had on your mind when you had woken up this morning, but you weren’t going to break his heart without any sort of conversation.
Fortunately for you, people followed like lemmings as you walked around that afternoon, and Diggs was bound to steal the spotlight somehow.
Much to your gratitude, you saw in your peripheral vision the approaching shadow of him, and you willed your awkwardness away and let your much cooler alter ego take over.
You shut your locker and turned around, finding yourself almost getting lost in the sea of brown that his eyes housed. You willed your heart to relax and smiled, leaning against your locker to assume a more relaxed stance.
You saw his muscles tense, maybe because the girls were always the ones fawning over him.
“I don’t seem to know your name. Do you have one, or can I call you mine?”
You fought the urge to roll your eyes and scream. The classic pickup line, he’d used it on every girl that he talked to. And weirdly, it worked every time.
You laughed.
“It’s actually Y/N, but to get that other title, you’ll have to work for it.”
You pushed off the locker, and made your way down the hall, praying that you had done the right thing and that Diggs would try again tomorrow.
Phase 2 completed.
Step #3: a gesture
This wasn’t something you could control, it was something that you prayed and hoped all night that Diggs would get the message to do.
Your friend had said that he always made some kind of gesture when talking to girls, and you weren’t sure what to expect, but a locker full of roses sure wasn’t one.
When you arrived at school the next morning, made up and dressed to impress yet again, there were quite a few eyes on you as you walked down the hallway, and you could feel Diggs’s eyes boring into your back as you opened your locker to reveal a huge array of multi-colored roses, but predominantly, red.
You fought the urge, once again, to roll your eyes. Roses, and on display for all to see. The gesture was sweet, but it was so public that it didn’t feel genuine. The sickening smell of the perfumed roses was starting to nauseate you, so you turned to Diggs and smirked.
His expression was hard to read, and you settled for a look that read satisfied.
You weren’t looking for satisfied.
So, you closed your locker and went on your way, much to the confusion of Diggs.
Phase 3? Completed.
Step 4: make him find you
You hated not being able to control this part of the plan, but you had to leave it up to fate that Daveed Diggs wanted you enough that he had to come find you. You didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, but when it did, you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself that you were growing on him so fast.
You had stayed after school for a couple minutes to talk to your friends about to upcoming choir concert, and the building had mostly cleared up by then.
The teachers were in a meeting room, so the hallway was eerily quiet as you advanced to your locker to get some books for homework that night.
You felt a hand touch your back, and you jumped out of your skin and flipped around.
“Relax, it’s just me.”
You clutched your chest, and willed your breathing to slow down.
“Sorry for scaring you. I just wanted to talk to you for a bit.”
You nodded, feeling much like the professional plan maker in that moment.
He started, expecting you to say something. When you didn’t, he filled the silence.
“So, Y/N, why have I never noticed you before?”
He drawled out the syllables in your name, making you both surprised and smug that he had remembered your name.
“Maybe because I never wear something that makes you stare at my ass and boobs all day?”
His eyes drifted down when you spoke, and he cleared his throat as his eyes went back to meet yours.
“I suppose that could be a reason. But I regret not noticing you until now… Y/N, are you single?”
The question caught you off guard, because this part of the plan wasn’t supposed to happen quite yet.
“Mm. I’m not sure. I could be…”
You bit your lip, smirking.
“But you don’t have to know.”
You slid under his arm, and out of the school, breathing a sigh of relief as sunlight and fresh air greeted you as you began your walk home.
Phase 4 was complete.
Step 5: tease him
How in the hell does somehow who’s never been kissed before TEASE a man who’s broken half of the girls in your school’s hearts?
You wracked your brain for ideas, and went to your friends as well. They were as lost as you were, until your friend brought up some useful information.
“He really likes the color red. Could that help you at all? He’s having a party tomorrow night, and he’s inviting everyone in the grade. Are you gonna go?”
You thanked your lucky stars of the convenient timing of the party, and set to work on how to tease Diggs.
You arrived at school the next day in a tight, white v-neck shirt, ripped maroon pants, and a flannel tied around your waist, making this day the laziest of them all, and still somehow, Diggs followed your every move with his eyes.
He approached you as you were waking to lunch, cornering you.
“Hey. So tonight, I’m having a party at my place. I’m inviting the class, but I wanted to make sure you’d be there.”
You smirked, and raised your eyebrows.
“Yeah I’ll be there, but only if…”
You pushed closer to him, and his eyes darted to your lips.
You quickly backed away.
“…my friends can come too.”
You finished, successfully leaving him flushed.
“Oh, yeah. Yeah they can come too.”
You smiled.
“Great, see you tonight then.”
You pushed past him and walked to lunch, in a trance-like state. You just teased Daveed Diggs into thinking you were going to kiss him. That was just part of the plan, because tonight was the real deal.
When you arrived at Diggs’s house, the loud music was already pulsing throughout the street, and you winced as you struggled through the throng of people in your long black heels.
Your short maroon dress was making it more difficult to maneuver around the room, but you had to make sure that Diggs would notice you tonight.
Luckily, his eyes caught yours as soon as he saw you, and he made his way over.
His voice was a bit rugged, and you pushed away any thoughts of sexiness that were brought immediately to mind.
His eyes scanned your body.
“You look good tonight.”
“Thank you. I wasn’t sure about the red, do you like it?”
You spun for him, and he bit his lip to suppress a comment on how much it turned him on.
“I-I like it. It suites you.”
You smiled as he blushed.
“You don’t look to bad yourself.”
You put a hand on his chest, and he put a hand on your waist.
“Yeah, well I try sometimes.”
You laughed, and removed your hand from his chest.
“Well, I’m going to go find my friends. Catch ya later.”
You walked away, swishing your hips a bit more than usual, and when you glanced behind you, Diggs was staring with lust filled eyes.
Phase 5 was completed.
Step 6: get him to ask you out
Every time you thought about the next step in your plan, butterflies would fill your stomach until you crushed them, denying the fact that you were slowly falling for Daveed Diggs.
It wasn’t like it was a possibility; he was your friend’s ex, he was a renowned heartbreaker, and you were trying to break him, not fall in love with him.
Yet, it was a struggle to constantly ignore your feelings everyday when you saw him staring at you.
For 2 days nothing happened, and you were worried that you’d done something wrong. Was your whole plan ruined because Diggs’s couldn’t keep it in his pants?
Thankfully, on a Friday afternoon, you saw Diggs coming down the hallway, and straight towards the place where you were standing with your friend.
Your friend smirked.
“I see you have company. See ya later.”
She’s linked off, leaving him to fill her spot.
“Hey, Y/N.”
“Would you-”
He stuttered.
“Would you like to go-”
“-out on a date with you?”
You interrupted, half shocked that he still wanted you.
He nodded.
Did he want you? Yes.
Did you want him?
Phase 6 was considered accomplished.
Step 7: have him fall in love with you
The date had you stressing out, 1. Because it was in a super fancy restaurant and 2. Because Diggs would be there, all alone, with you.
Not ideally what you had planned for a Saturday night, but you went along with it as you dressed in a dark red dress that hugged your curves and went down to your ankles. You had really went all out, with your red lipstick and curled hair, ready to walk out the door into Diggs’s car.
Unfortunately, your mother stopped you at the door and told you to invite him in.
Sighing, you grabbed your phone and texted Diggs, letting him know of your situation.
Seconds later, you heard a door slam and a doorbell ringing.
You opened the door to reveal a pretty (you hated to say this) handsome looking Daveed Diggs standing on your doorstep with a bunch of roses.
You smirked and invited him in. He handed you the roses, and leaned down to whisper in your ear,
“For old times sake.”
You smiled, and felt the butterflies returning, but this time you didn’t squish them back down.
Instead, you let them fly around your body.
Your mother came out from the kitchen, and her eyes widened when she saw Diggs.
“Well, Y/N. You have some magic left in you after all.”
You smacked your forehead as Diggs laughed and shook your mother’s hand.
“I’m Daveed Diggs, nice to meet you ma'am.”
God dammit. It would be 10 times harder to break his heart now that you learned he had manners.
Your mother was impressed with your date.
“Don’t stay out too late. And no funny business you two!”
She waggled her finger, laughing.
You turned bright red as Diggs wrapped an arm around your waist.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Y/L/N. I’ll have her back soon.”
Your mother stood waving on the porch as you drove off. You put your head in your hands and groaned. Diggs laughed and patted your back.
“Sorry about her. Always looking to embarrass me.”
He stopped at a stoplight, and turned towards you.
“I think it’s cute, how flustered you get. How your mom cares about you a lot.”
He smiled, but there was a sad look in his eyes, something that was hidden away.
Something you didn’t know about.
In that moment, you knew there was more to Daveed Diggs than what met the eye. Sure, he was a heartbreaker and the school player but…
There was something more there.
And you felt bad for judging him.
Once you reached the restaurant, Diggs got out of the car and raced to the other side to open it for you.
You smiled at him.
“Such a gentleman.”
He flushed, and you let him lead you inside.
Once seated, you were faced with an array of menu items, all of them so fancy sounding and so French sounding that you pronounced yourself incompetent of being able to order, and you placed the menu down.
Diggs peeped at you from over the menu, and laughed at the sight of you struggling to pronounce the French names.
“This place is kind of snobby. You want to just get out of here and get coffee?”
You immediately perked up at the mention of coffee.
“I’ll tell you what, Diggs, I’ll get coffee with you only if you promise me doughnuts.”
You reached across the table and shook on it, and then sprang up and ran out of the restaurant, leaving Diggs to laugh and promptly follow you.
You laughed all the way to the Doughnut Shoppe, a local place that you absolutely adored.
After ordering 2 cappuccinos and a dozen doughnuts, you settled at a table in the corner of the restaurant, and laughed at how out-of-place you and Diggs looked in your fancy attire.
You bit into a chocolate doughnut with M&Ms and groaned.
“I love this so much.”
What you didn’t know was the Diggs wanted to say the same thing, but about you. He admired you from across the table, how cute you looked with your hair in your face and a bit of chocolate on your lipstick.
Instead, he laughed and swiped the chocolate off your lips, leaving you a bit dazed and slightly giddy.
He loved the sight of you, laughing and smiling.
And without you knowing it, Phase 7 was complete.
Phase 8: break his heart
You couldn’t do it.
You could hardly stay away from Diggs now, and he was your every thought when you weren’t together.
You had gone on several more dates with him, each of them leaving you as lovestruck as the last.
Word around the school was that this was the longest Diggs had kept a relationship going, and with this gossip, your friends were pressuring you to break his heart.
“I mean, that’s the only reason you’re doing this plan, Y/N.”
Your friends all began to seriously doubt your belief in the plan, and you were doubting yourself as well.
“I can’t do it.”
Not to him.
After all this planning, after all these phases, you had never expected to fall for the heartbreaker.
And yet, you had.
Phase 8 was not completed. Not yet.

There was a missionary sister from Cairo at mass today giving an appeal and though she spoke beautifully and mass was lovely I’m kinda just. Sad.

I feel quite often that had things turned out differently, had I not had a brain that’s constantly trying to kill me, had I not had a laundry list of personality defects and mental disorders that’d scare off anyone but Christ Himself, I’d have quite liked either a missionary or monastic life. I think I’d have found great peace and purpose there and been able to do real Good.

I’m self aware enough to know that’ll never happen and I don’t entertain any delusions of grandeur because I know I’m a weak, feeble, needy person who is mentally incapable of that type of life. I struggle with basic things most days - getting up, doing laundry, just living. I’d not be able to cope with those kind of lives and I know that but it hurts sometimes. Alot.

I know logically that (with God’s Mercy) I’ll have all eternity to worship and be with Him, but again, if things had been different I’d have liked I think to do that here too. I feel a bit like Cordelia and Sebastian in Brideshead, caught between vocations, never truly fitting into the world or the monastery. And I think it’s going to require a daily humbling of myself and my aspirations and my heart to just live a monotonous, boring, ordinary life. (Not that there’s not wonderful things about the world and ordinary lives!! I quite enjoy the *outside world* but there’s always been a part of my heart that craved something else). It’s humbling to accept I cannot do any of those things, that I’m not called to some grand martyrdom or life of service. I just have to live. Be ordinary. Try and struggle to be holy in a small boring life in my small simple actions. And perhaps that’s my cross, a burden in and of itself for me to carry. To just be. To be called to that Long Defeat.

     To all people that has written with me or wanted to write with me but I’ve made you feel either ignored, unwanted or forgotten, I give you my sincere apologies and a reassurance that I didn’t mean to make you feel that way, truly. I’m a pretty much an absent-minded person who gets distracted so easily and forgets as quick as a fly passes her way, who takes more than she can handle (not to mention blogs, tis my curse, and drafts) and tries her best to do the best but failing miserably.
    So if I ever promised you a starter, or we started plotting but it never got anywhere or I took so long in replying to our thread, or even we were talking in IM but I didn’t reply, please know it’s not my intention to make you feel bad, I’m trying. </3 You can poke me and remind me if you’d like, or by all means tell me what you feel, I’ll listen. If you wanna write with me just tag me in something or IM me or write in caps on any ooc thing I have posted.
      I’m just a potato trying not to be a potato. Tis not you, tis my potato self and my potato self loves you. (And sometimes my potato self is shy and/or frightened to approach ._. I’m sorry) but I’m really sorry.

Shake ‘Em Down (E)
Bellamy comes home from a long day at the museum to find Clarke dancing in the kitchen. (Bonus Scene from the Fall Back Together universe. Prior reading of Fall Back Together not required.)

Additional Tags: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Established Relationship, Smut, PWP, Domestic Fluff, Modern AU

(Day Six of #OneYearOfThe100: Favorite Genre)

When Bellamy walks in the door, he’s got the niggling start of a headache, so he’s a little perturbed by the retro music blasting from the kitchen and the lights blazing throughout the house. He hangs up his jacket, kicks off his shoes, puts his keys in the little misshapen bowl Clarke made in the first and last pottery class she ever took (“Even you can’t be good at everything, princess,” he had soothed her when she came home smudged with clay and grumpy as hell; “I’m an art teacher, Bellamy, and I can’t even operate a potting wheel properly!”) and silently makes his way to the kitchen.

The music is coming from Clarke’s phone in the docking station she insisted on for the kitchen when they moved into the house. Clarke’s swaying in place in front of the stove, circling her hips energetically to Twist and Shout as she stirs a pot of spaghetti sauce. In spite of his headache, Bellamy smiles at the sight of her with her hair twisted up in a knot on top of her head, already changed out of her work clothes into tiny sleep shorts and a tank top. As he leans against the doorway and watches, she grabs a glass from the counter and takes a big swig of a Jack and Coke, and Bellamy raises an eyebrow.

Dancing and Cooking Clarke might just be Tipsy Clarke, too.

Just then, as the song changes, she taps the wooden spoon clean, sets it down on the spoonrest, and spins away from the stove, singing the lyrics. He knows as soon as she spots him, because she nearly trips over herself as she pirouettes, but then she just grins at him and blows a kiss as her hips start circling more dramatically.

“Do you love me?” she sings, shimmying back and forth across the tile floor in socked feet and pointing at him. “Now that I can dance?”

He can’t help but laugh at her, even as the pained exhaustion of dealing with recalcitrant donors all day long slowly drifts away.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Moon enters Gemini, 1:29 pm MDT

Void in Taurus before this, means a slow, reluctant start to the work week; the ingress into Gemini comes as a nasty wake-up call if we aren’t careful. If we keep the Taurean patience going all day, without letting it drift into Taurean torpor, that will help. Am I allowed to say “it just doesn’t look like a pleasant day”? Maybe if we keep that in mind - and also that it’s going to be equal-opportunity unpleasant - we can get through it more or less intact. If I had to pick one word, it would be prickly.

Transiting Pallas stations retrograde, 11:49 am MDT

Blog post here.

Vesta/Virgo opposite Chiron Rx/Pisces, 8:13 pm MDT

First, this may take some kind of toll on physical health - wash your hands obsessively. We’re sensitive to criticism, but we go on dishing it out to others. We have to be able to discern who is trying to help us, and who is just venting or is hostile.

Looking ahead to Tuesday: revising our focus.