all day car ride


Word count: 4009
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Daddy kink, rough sex and domination, orgasm denial, minor bondage, water play, spanking.
Summary: You tested Jaebum’s limits, now he is testing yours.

You decided to play a little game with Jaebum today, no particular reason for it, just pure curiosity of how much of your shit he could take. You’ve wanted to try pushing his limits for a while now, and today, you saw your chance. Jaebum has always been a dominant in bed, he absolutely adorned making you take orders from him, making you beg, making you desperate and needy and he loved seeing you give him absolutely anything he wanted, he thrived on it. So today, you were testing the waters, playing him for a reaction, playing on his self control. You knew he would probably kill you, but… why not try?

You and Jaebum had decided to go shopping today, just the two of you, you thought it would be the perfect opportunity to set you plan in motion, so when you started to get ready, you purposely put on a top that showed cleavage, along with a short black skirt and white sneakers, an outfit you knew he would love, but usually only for his eyes. You walked out of your shared room to see Jaebum standing at the doorway already waiting for you.

“Ok babe, I’m ready to go” you say, walking up to him. His eyes fell to you cleavage but turned away just as fast as you passed him without another word. You already felt his eyes on you as you walked through the door, smirking to yourself cos you knew that what he loved most about these clothes was taking them off.

You turn around to see Jaebum still standing in the doorway. “What are you waiting for babe?” you ask him, as innocently as possible.

“Nothing, lets go” he shook his head and started walking to you, as you two walked outside to you car. You slid into the passengers seat as Jaebum started to drive. You stared at the open road as you innocently but then again not so innocently placed a hand of Jaebum’s thigh. He took a glance down at your hand but thought nothing of it as he kept his concentration on the road, that was at least until you started moving you hand very slowly higher. You felt Jaebum’s thigh tense under your touch but you kept staring out the window, as though nothing was happening. This was another story for Jaebum though, his mind kept concentrating on you hand that was now just below his crotch, and it didn’t move anymore, but he wanted it to. He gave a small glance over to you staring out your window as he wondered if you knew what you were doing to him, which you did, and you smirked to yourself slightly as you felt his glance once again on you. What you didn’t realise was Jaebum caught that tiny little smirk, he knew you did it on purpose but was hoping for your sake you would not continue.

You two had walked into the shopping center, had grabbed a bite to eat and started shopping in all of your favourite clothing stores, you were already carrying bags of clothes before you reached your favourite lingerie store, with the perfect idea in mind you excitedly jumped in front of Jaebum’s face. You have already been teasing Jaebum through out all the stores, whether it was undressing slowly in changing rooms, emphasing the wiggle of you ass when taking clothes on and off, moving breast or ass first across him in tight or small spaces, or licking you icecream extra slowly when he was watching you, it was very clear how frustrated he was getting with you, evident with his little sighs and his attempts not to look at you, which made you wonder how he would react in the lingerie shop.

“Oh!!! Jaebum please!” you hopped up and down. Jaebum sighed at you, a bra and lingerie shop understandably not being his favourite. So you motivated him.

“Just think how exciting it would be to rip off all the new lingerie with your teeth” you taunted, whispering seductively in his ear. A shiver went down his back and your words when straight to his crotch, but you ran off to the store before he could say anything, your words creating many thoughts in his head. He sighed in frustration, shaking his head of any thoughts and following you into the store. By the time he had got into the store, he saw that you had already picked out a bunch of sets in his favourite colours, and you were already walking to the dressings rooms, which, being such a fancy lingerie shop, each dressing room was private, pretty much like separate rooms. You started trying a few of them on, not teasing Jaebum yet as you left the best for last.

“Are you almost done y/n?” Jaebum asked

“Just one left!” you put on the last set on lingerie, which consisted of a red lace bra with matching panties, complimented by a small black bow at the front of the underwear and the middle of the bra, you saved this one for last at it was Jaebum’s favourite colour and you knew it would be difficult to resist.

“I think I’m going to get this one!” you open the curtain in the small private room and walk out, Jaebum’s eyes widening instantly.

“Well? How do you like it?”

“I–uh-I– um, It looks amazing on you princess” he stuttered, his eyes not daring to leave you.

“Awesome! I’m getting it!” you hopped excitingly, you boobs shaking with you and Jaebum getting more and more frustrated. Leaving the curtain open, you turned around to grab the coat hanger, Jaebum’s eyes diverting to your ass. You then proceeded to purposely drop the coat hanger on the floor.

“Oh! oops” you say, as you slowly start to bend down and pick it up, you ass on display for Jaebum. The bulge in his pants immediately growing, so he instantly got up, turning away and ridding himself of all his thoughts, except for one, which was you not getting away with all of this.

“I’m going to wait outside” with that, he walked straight out of the dressing room and you couldn’t help but start laughing to yourself, you’ve been pushing him all day and you think he has finally cracked it. His frustration evident as he walked out of the room.

It was already night time, you didn’t realise how long you were at the shopping center, literally all day. The car ride home was silent and you decided to stop taunting Jaebum, not wanting to push him further as you could tell by his face that he had hit his limit. I’m going to pay for this is the only thing you thought. You and Jaebum arrived home, ridding yourself of you shoes, you walked silently through the house as you both places your bags onto your shared bed, packing them away, tension filling the room, Jaebum wasn’t saying much if nothing at all, you figured maybe you got away with your little antics today, maybe.

“I’m going to go have a shower ok?” Jaebum nodded at you as you walked in the bathroom with a towel and a change of pajamas. You rid yourself of you clothes, turning on the water and testing the temperature before you stepped in, embracing the warmth of the water. To liberated by the steam and the relaxation of the water to notice the door opening in the bathroom. Not noticing anything until two hands slid around your waist, turning you around and slamming you against the shower wall.

You gasped in shock at the sudden impact, “Jaebum! What are you doing!”

“Did you actually think you were going to get away with what you did today baby girl?”

“I -uh-”

“You’re going to do everything I say, and if you’re a good girl, maybe you can come by the end of this, but you can bet sure as hell I’m going to put you through as much teasing as you did today”

You gulped, your stomach turning, both afraid and excited, you know Jaebum is dominant, but you have never done this to him before, so seeing him this extremely dominant was new, you had pushed his limits today, now he was about to push yours.

“Do you know how hard it was to control myself today, to not grab you and fuck you in the shopping center?”

“Jaebum I–” Suddenly he pulled you forward, a hard smack planted on you ass and you gasped in pleasure and pain.

“What did you call me?”

“Sorry Daddy”

“Good girl princess” Jaebum then proceeded to hang a rope of the shower tap, it was only now you realised he even had it.

“Whats that for?” you asked.

“That all depends on you princess” He smirked at you, grabbing your two hands and placing them above your head before leaving his weight against you, your body plastered against the wall, his member rubbing against your crotch, making you moan in delight as he finally pressed his lips against yours. Immediately pushing his tongue into your mouth and dominating the kiss, the kiss extremely rough making you both pant in second and he was biting you bottom lip as he pulled away. His lips moved to your jaw, kissing trails across it and down to your neck before biting and sucking in your most sensitive spot, making you become weak instantly and you moaned against him as he left bruises all up and down you neck, marking your body his. You tried freeing your wrists from his, in efforts to touch him, but there was no way you were getting out of his grip, which only became tighter.

“Tsk tsk tsk, I don’t think so baby girl, there’s no touching me tonight, or there will be a price to pay, you’ve been a bad girl all day, so why would you think I would let you touch me?” He smirked at you, clearly enjoying the facial expression of disbelief set upon your features.

“Whats wrong? Already feeling frustrated? Well I haven’t even started yet…You’re going to feel all the frustration I did today baby” you sighed in pleasure as his kissed moved down to your collarbone, leaving territorial marks the whole way down before he reached your breast, stopping right in front of them.

“Remember, no touching, or you’ll be punished” You nodded at him before another hard smack landed against your ass.

“Yes daddy” you said, and he finally released your arms from his grip, but you left them above your head in an attempt to follow his orders. He smashed his lips against your breast while the other hand roughly grabbed the other. You moaned in delight as his tongue flicked your bud at a fast pace, his tongue lavishing at your nipple as he bit, tugged, sucked and even pulled, the mixture of pleasure and pain cursing through you and straight to your core, which was already soaking wet for him. His hand rubbed and gripped at your other breast roughly. His second hand, grabbing at your hip, keeping you against the wall of the shower, water splashing down on your skin, his mouth nipped at the side of your breast, leaving yet another mark on you skin as he kissed and sucked on the sensitive skin. The sensations he was giving you meant you didn’t even realise his hand left you waist as he all of a sudden gave a hard circular rub to you clit, the sudden feeling shocking you and you hands flung down you his shoulders as you mewled with delight, but just as quick as he started, he stopped, all motions coming to an end, and you realised what you had done wrong, you touched him.

“Fuck, I’m sorry daddy I didn’t mean to, it just felt so good, i–” He cut you off with a finger to your lips.

“Shh baby girl, so disappointing, you were actually doing pretty well” You stared at him, wondering what you punishment would be, you followed his actions as he grabbed the rope from the shower tap and then grabbed you hands.

“Daddy please, It was an accident I wont do it again” you pleaded him.

“This will make sure of that princess” He tied the rope around your hands, pulling them up before tying the other end of the rope onto the end of the shower head, the part of the shower head that keeps the shower hose connected to the wall. You looked up at your hands, there was no way of getting them down now. Your eyes diverted to Jaebum’s eyes, which were full of devilish lust and you could tell that the roped were not your punishment. Jaebum’s hand twisted the shower tap so that the hose was at a less powerful rate, and then he reached up for the hose, before placing it right at your clit, and you screamed, your head tilting back as the water shot up into your clit, your core throbbing and your back arching, Jaebum’s body weight immediately pressing against your hips, not allowing you to move as the shower head continued its torture, your screams and moans continued, sinful curses leaving you mouth at an unstoppable rate.

“FUCK! Daddy!” Jaebum stared at your expressions, chuckling at you as he moved his free hand to turn up the water pressure and you became louder instantly, you wouldn’t be able to last through much more of this, and Jaebum knew that which is why he constantly inched up the water pressure of the hose. He started to move the hose up and down while his lips once again latched to your breast, the sensations filling you into overdrive and your orgasm approaching you. Your screams continued with the water hose and his teeth nibbling at your breast, you attempted to wriggle away from the hose, the water driving you absolutely insane, but there was nowhere to go, nowhere Jaebum was letting you go, and you could feel the knot in your stomach, and you’re ready to approach the feeling with open arms.

“Daddy. I’m–” but then the feeling went away as quick as it came, Jaebum stopped everything he was doing do you in an instant and you screamed in frustration.

“You can come when I think you’ve been a good enough girl to” you groaned again, Jaebum was not letting you get out of this easy. He chuckled at your anger.

“Not fun being teased and taunted is it” You stared at Jaebum, and another hard slap was felt on your ass and you winced.

“Answer me”

You shook you head, “No daddy… it’s not”

Jaebum put the water hose back in its place, you took this second of recovering from your orgasm denial to look at his face, his hair wet and his skin glistening with the water which was still pouring down on the two of you, he looked absolutely stunning.

“Round 2” He said to you, as he lowered himself down onto his knees and pulled you forward into him. You eyes shut and your head fell back as he licked a clean strip upwards on your folds, curses leaving your lips as you wriggled you legs but he held you in place, torturing you with his kitten licks. You felt tiny licks on your folds and you wanted more, but you didn’t dare ask, he would probably just stop completely. Instead you endured his continuous torture, which went on forever and you moaned in pleasure and frustration.

“Daddy…” you begged, your legs shaking, your orgasm begging to come through.

“No baby girl, I’m taking my time with you” he smirked up at you before continuing his ministrations. Frustration evident on his face and he was enjoying it, but he decided to finally pick up his pace. Flat tonguing your folds and it felt like heaven. He moved up and down leaving not one part of you un-licked. He sucked and nibbled at you clit and you writhed before him, moans befalling your plump lips. He continued to lick up and down and you felt one his hands remove from your hip before plunging 3 fingers at once into you, pushing them in and out at an unstoppable rate and you almost cried from the feeling, your stomach twisting and turning as your high approached.

“Fuck!” you screamed and moaned and screamed even more as he curled his fingers inside you, moving his fingers around relentlessly, while his tongue continued sucking at you clit, leaving kisses and licks up and down. You felt his other hand leave your hips and move to your opening. He pulled out his other hand for just a small movement, then used both his hand to spread your opening as he licked his tongue around your entrance, his fingers moving in and out to spread you as he tongue fucked and finger fucked you all at once. The feeling making you eyes roll to the back of your head and your hands gripped the rope so very tightly as you tried to keep your composure. His tongue moved back to your clit and he plunged 4 fingers inside you, curling them all and roughly fingering you, hitting you g-spot every time. You felt the knot in your stomach and you were ready to let your orgasm rip through you, your walls clenching around Jaebum’s fingers due to the feeling, and as soon as you did that he stopped all motions once again, every feeling disappearing and your orgasm being denied for a second time and you screamed from all the loss.

“AH!” you cried out, almost tearing at the anger set inside of you.

“Not until I say so princess, remember?” He taunted you, and all you could do was look at him, his devilish smirk and his eyes full of lust, his facial expression screamed that he enjoying what he was doing, making you suffer after what you did today. You were breathless, panting uncontrollably, you chest heaving up and down and you thought that you would choke.

Jaebum stood up, moving as close to you as possible, no space left between, he placed a hand beside you head while the other messaged his length, ready for you.

“Hope you’re ready princess” he looked you right into eyes and then he pushed into you, your head falling onto his shoulder, your core already sensitive from your previous highs being ripped from you. He thrusted up and down at unbearably fast pace, not giving any time to spare. The sound of skin on skin and the sound of the water increasing the intensity of the situation. His face was concentrated, moans and curses leaving his mouth as he continues his merciless thrusts in and out of you. Rough fucking you like he had never done before, you could barely breath from the strong thrusts which were pushing your whole body up and down the shower wall.

“Fuckk! Daddy” You screamed, dirty mewls leaving your mouth. He continued to thrust into you as his lips found yours, nibbling at your bottom lip before his tongue dominated your mouth and you tried you best to return the kiss. He grabbed your leg, wrapping it around your waist and you kept you balance. The new position giving him a better angle on you as he hit the spot that made you scream out, he thrusted deeper, harder and faster, as if that was even possible, but he did it, and you cursed and cursed as you felt you high coming closer.

He moved his hand down to your core, starting to rub you clit while thrusting into you, the feeling ripping through your whole body and you could barely keep yourself up, if your leg was wrapped around Jaebum and you hands weren’t tied to the shower head, you would have definitely fallen down by now. His unsparing thrusts continued into you, along with his hand rubbing rough circles in you clit and you started to see stars, his body basically hitting yours whenever he thrust back into you. He would pull out almost the whole way every time only to plunge back in, his thrusts firm and rough and you started to clench around him, the familiar know once again finding itself in your stomach and you begged he wouldn’t do it again.

“Daddy I–”

“Not yet princess” You cried out at his response, knowing you wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer, but not ready to see what would happen if you didn’t, so with all the power you had, you held you high as best you could.

Jaebum pounded into you, you moaned and writhed before him, his length pounding in and out of you, your walls clenching repeatedly and you have almost hit your limit.

“Come for me baby girl” He didn’t need to ask you twice. your head fell back as your overdue orgasm finally ripped and burned through your body. Curses left you mouth and you screamed as Jaebum continued his thrusts for you to hold out your high, you sensitivity from your previous denials evident in your orgasm, you thought the pleasure would never end but your body finally started to relax and then Jaebum pulled out of you, you almost fell at the loss, you legs weak, your whole body weak. Jaebum untied your hands, your wrists extremely read from gripping so hard at the rope.

“On your knees” You did as you were told, dropping immediately, water splashing on the top of your head as Jaebum pushed himself into your mouth, ready for his high to come full speed, you did your best as he thrust in and out of your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks and sucking him whenever he thrust back into your mouth. His fast pace causing you to gag and for tears to form in your eyes, which made him feel more aroused. You eyes diverted to his, locking on each other and he groaned at your facial expression, face fucking you faster, and harder, his length pushing at the back of your throat. He moaned at the feeling of your tongue and at the feeling of you gagging against him. You grabbed onto his upper thighs for support as you bobbed your head up and down meeting his thrust as best you could.

“Fuck y/n!” and then he shot his seed into your mouth, still fucking your mouth as he held out his high for as long as possible. He threw his head back, his eyes screwed shut and his eyebrows furrowed together, his muscles tensing as he balanced his hands on the wall, and although you could barely see it through your water eyes, the sight was absolutely beautiful, his muscles started to relax as he rode out the end of his high, his thrusts becoming weaker and sloppy, his eyes opening and his pants filling the room, his chest going up and down at an extremely fast rate and his body was attempting to relax against your, you gave him once last suck as he pulled himself out of your mouth, turning off the water taps at the same time, and then you swallowed, his eyes piercing through you as you swallowed every bit of him, licking around your mouth to get every bit off him off your face and he couldn’t have thought of a better sight in that moment. You tried to stand up and fell against him, he grabbed you and you both started laughing.

“Consider my lesson learned” you chuckled as you stared up at him. He chuckled back at you before placing a soft kiss on your lips, opposite to any of his earlier actions, and you kissed him back, your lips moulding into each other. He held you up, drying you both up with a towel before scooping you up into his arms, walking out of the bathroom and placing you onto the bed, and he laid beside you, holding you against him.

“Goodnight princess”

“Goodnight Jaebum” You two both fell asleep, exhausted and holding each other, not wanting to be anywhere else in that moment.

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I finished always and forever, lara jean…I’m gonna need a solid month to recover literally don’t speak to me don’t look at me don’t breathe in my direction I’m emotionally COMPROMISED

The Lucky One Pt 1 (reader x Bucky)

Hello, my dear friends! This has been a long time coming and I’ve finally found the time to get it started, but we’ll see how often I can post from here. I hope you all like it! 


The Lucky One Pt 1 (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, reader’s mom, Bucky, (James), OC Kevin Jenkins, OC Caleb, more to come.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: angst, a little fluff, small mentions of sexual situations

Word Count: 2208

A/N: This is part one of my fic for Stark Tower’s Movie Challenge. I chose the movie “The Lucky One” and I’m really excited about it! I’ve read the book AND seen the movie but it’s been a while so I hope my own loose interpretation is fun and entertaining. Please let me know your thoughts, whether you’ve see the movie or not, I appreciate your feedback!! :)

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Tags are at the bottom (I’ll consider adding tags, I’m still trying to figure a new system out)

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“I can’t believe you hired a stranger off the street without even consulting me! I mean…he’s not even from around here. He’s a drifter from who-knows-where and he could be a…a serial killer or something!” you spoke emphatically, not quite a yell but nearly.

“What? You were gone, we need the help, he needs a job. What’s there to consult about?” she shrugged innocently.

“Mother. I know you’re not as…able as you used to be, but we were doing just fine! I’m perfectly capable of hauling the bales of hay and training the horses and dealing with owners and…”

“…and running yourself into the ground. Honey, you can’t do it all by yourself. Not forever. You’re stretched too thin. This James fella seems perfectly capable of doing the heavy lifting. I mean look at him throw those bales around with those muscles. And that jaw, yowzah…. If I were 30 years younger…” your mother swooned, craning her neck toward the window.

“Mom!” you laughed. She always was a pistol.

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I listened to the Bloodsucker Proxy Variant yesterday and what really struck me is how much Frank and Sadie seem to genuinely like Michelle–which, of course they would since her parents are two of the very few people in their very small circle. But I wonder how that would mesh with their virtual ignorance about what to do with children.

Like, Donna mentions to Sadie that Michelle’s birthday is coming up and it’s like:

“Frank, we simply must get a present for Michelle Henderson.”

“Sadie, do we know a Michelle Henderson?”

“Of course we do! Daughter of our dear friends, Dave and Donna Henderson.”

“Hmm. Rings a bell.”

“And, as a result, is half werewolf and half vampire.”

“Nearly there.”

“When she was teething, she helped us pop the cork off of a particularly tricky to open bottle of champagne with her baby fangs.”

“Michelle Henderson!”

So, of course, they have to get her a top shelf present which, to them, means a top shelf bottle of something alcoholic. 

Donna is amused but not very surprised to open the obviously bottle shaped present that arrives from the Doyles, two days before Michelle’s birthday.

The Doyles’ phone rings and it’s Donna.

“Good effort but Michelle is turning three.”

“I don’t understand the correlation.”

“Try something chocolate.”

The next day, another bottle shaped present arrives. Chocolate liqueur.

Phone rings.

“So nearly there.”

“Donna darling, why don’t you just tell me what she drinks?”

“Apple juice. She’s turning three.”

Pause. “Apple juice?”


“As in the food?” Obvious distaste.

“Look, Sadie. I appreciate the thought but–”

“No! Stop it. Sadie saves the day. I’ve fixed everything, don’t you worry about a thing.”

Donna sighs as Sadie abruptly hangs up the phone.

The next day, around sundown, a deliveryman shows up with a package–not bottle shaped which is promising. Even more promising is the strong chocolate smell coming from the box. She opens it up and it’s four huge cupcakes, piled high with frosting. From some upscale bakery from the look of the gilded label which–incidentally–reads: Liquor Infused Chocolate Cupcakes

Sadie’s boarding school perfected handwriting is on the attached card:

Baby steps as it were. Consider this a raincheck until she’s old enough to have a proper drink with us in four or five years.

Love, Uncle Frank and Aunt Sadie

Donna makes a sound that’s halfway between a sigh and a snort of laughter. That’s gonna be one hell of an 8th birthday.

Blow On Me.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 85 - “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor” Filled for @zimdan19  

Thank you for the prompt, I tried to do caring Harvey for you, but it went a little more toward the dark side.  I hope you like it. :) 

“Mike, where the hell are you?  It’s 8 am,” Harvey lectured, not even bothering with greetings.

“Mm sick,” Mike drawled into the phone, sounding pitiful.

‘Well, I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor’, Harvey hears Rachel scold before she says her goodbyes.

“You better not be faking!” Harvey grumbled, starting to think of the enormous stack of work he left on Mike’s desk last night.

“Mm not, I had a fever last night, and my body was all achy, and now there are these weird spots on my chest,” Mike explained, yawning and snuggling back down under the duvet.

“Spots?” Harvey sputtered alarmed, “Mike have you ever had the chicken pox before?”

“Nope, why?”

“Put Rachel on the phone right now!” Harvey demanded.

There was some shuffling, and a muffled yell: “RACH, you still here?” More rustling and a moment later Rachel’s terse voice in his ears.

“Harvey, I don’t have time for this, I have a test this morning, and I’m already running 5 minutes late,” she ranted.

If Harvey’s wasn’t so worried about Mike, he might have pulled her up on her attitude and given her the watch yourself speech, but time was of the essence.

“You need to drive him to the Doctor, adult chicken pox can be deadly in some people,” Harvey insisted, now on his feet pacing his office, uncharacteristically unsettled.

“I can’t,” she spat, “I have to take this test today!”

Harvey hung up on her, grabbed his coat and told Donna he would be gone all day.


Harvey lectured Mike the whole car ride to the doctor about how chicken pox can cause pneumonia, encephalitis, and even infertility in some cases.  Mike tried to take his mother hen act seriously, but even Ray was rolling his eyes from the driver’s seat.


“Good thing you came in as soon as you did,” Doctor Lackett confirmed, “Because of that we can give you an anti-viral drug that should limit the severity and length of your illness.”

Harvey was smirking at Mike, so Mike did the biggest and most impressive eye roll he could muster.

“Antiviral meds three times a day, you can take an antihistamine tablet at night and Panadol if you need it,” he advised, turning to address Harvey,” Keep him hydrated, and you might want to dab some calamine lotion on his spots to stop the scratching.”  The doctor apparently concluding that he is Mike’s significant other.

Even in his misery, Mike didn’t hesitate to confirm that, “Yes honey, that would be amazing.”  Then sat back and watched as Harvey’s cheeks turn a dark shade of pink.

Harvey pushed to his feet, “Come on then, pumpkin, let’s get you home.”

Mike grinned at him and held out his hand.  That little asshole, Harvey thought affectionately as he grabbed the outstretched hand and pulled Mike out the door.

Harvey liked the feel of Mike’s hand in his, and for Mike’s part, he didn’t hold on loosely, his grip was firm and self-assured.   Mike’s hand remained in his until they entered the car, Ray flicking Harvey a knowing look.  Harvey directed Ray to drop them back at his condo, silencing Mike’s obvious half-hearted objections.


Mike looked at home in Harvey’s condo, he grabbed a glass of water and took his medication.  Moving to the living room he selected a Steven Segal movie from Harvey’s DVD collection, and flopped down on the floor, propped up against the sofa.  

Harvey changed into his sweats and joined him, instead choosing to stretch out along the sofa, his hand resting comfortingly on Mike’s shoulder and now and then pressing against Mike’s forehead to check his temperature.

As the credits rolled, Harvey noticed Mike was rubbing his back against the sofa.

“Getting itchy?” Harvey remarked.

“Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to scratch, but it’s so goddamn itchy!”  Mike grizzled, upping the ante and rubbing harder, letting out a sigh of pleasure at the relief it was bringing him.

Harvey couldn’t listen to Mike groaning like that for a minute longer.  “I’ve got some calamine lotion in the bathroom,” he recalled, dismissing himself.

In the time it took Harvey to grab to lotion and calm the hell down, Mike had taken off his tee-shirt and was looking expectantly up at him as he arrived back in the lounge area.  There were angry looking, red blotches covering his back and chest now.

“I’m not going to give this to you am I?” Mike asked, concerned.

“No, once you’ve had them you’re immune, and I had chicken pox when I was six,” Harvey reassured as he sat down behind Mike on the couch.  “Lean forward, and I’ll do your back.”

Mike bent forward and Harvey slid a hand gently from his shoulder blade, down his flank, there was no reason for the action, Harvey needed both hands to apply the lotion.  Mike sighed and leant into it, silently admitting to himself that it felt amazing and for those brief seconds that Harvey was touching him, he felt nothing else.

Using a cotton ball, Harvey pressed the lotion onto each spot in thick blobs that wouldn’t dry right away; he was quick and methodical, all the while Mike was sighing and arching like a cat underneath his hands.

Harvey filled his lungs to the brink and then started blowing air over the wet lotion, knowing the cooling sensation would feel magical.

“Ohhhhh, Oh God that’s good,” Mike moaned unabashedly. He sounded like the star in every porn, ever made.  “Do it again, Harvey,” he begged, head flopping back between Harvey’s legs, staring up at him with pleading eyes.  “Please blow on me?” He asked innocently and then grinned when he realised exactly how that sounded.

Harvey looked down and met his gaze with a smirk.  Mike was urging him to blow on him, not blow him but his thoughts had already deviated to the idea of having Mike in his mouth and even though it was a long shot, he was hoping Mike had missed him harden in his briefs, right next to Mike’s head, at the thought.

“Mike,” Harvey muttered breathlessly.

He watched Mike’s bright blue eyes morph into dark pools of lust, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he started back up at him.

“Harvey,” Mike whispered.

Authors Note:  The end is ambiguous on purpose, I’d like to think that Harvey would put the brakes on because Mike isn’t single, but I also like the idea of bow chicka wow wow.  Also, I’m pretty sure there are a few unlucky people that do get chicken pox more than once.  This is drabble number 4/8, you can find the rest here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s.  Thanks for reading and supporting me.

you know what I’m pissed that there was never any pets in the series. Charlie would have totally gotten a dog sometime after Renée left. It would have been a german shepherd that went through training to be a police dog and it rides around in his car with him all day ok
And ironically the Blacks have stray cats hanging around the house. Billy acts like he hates them but sometimes Jacob wakes up early enough to see him feeding them


Summary: You and Daryl hate each other but get forced to go on a run together.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, smut.

You glared at Daryl from across the table and he glared right back. If looks could kill you’d both be walkers by now. You weren’t even paying attention to what Rick was saying as you were too busy trying to send telepathic insults to the asshole sat opposite you, and you were quite certain he was doing the same. To say you and Daryl don’t get on would be an understatement. You loathed that stupid redneck and his stupid attitude and had done since you first met him. He assumed you were a preppy princess who had rich parents and a horse that shit rainbows, but he knew nothing about you at all. He was just a judgemental dickface. You were both staring at each other, too stubborn to look away first, until Rick slammed his hands down onto the table. You and Daryl jumped and snapped your heads towards Rick.

“What the fuck Rick?!” Daryl barked.
“You’re like a pair of school kids. I’ve been talking to you both for about ten minutes and I bet you didn’t hear a damn thing I said!” Rick scolded. You bit your lip and felt bad. You knew this between you and Daryl was getting on Ricks last nerve, and he was right, you had no clue what the fuck he was talking about.
“I’m sorry Rick. Whatever you need, we’ll do it.” You smiled at him.
“I want you to both go on a run for some clothes, its getting warmer now and we need stuff for everyone.” He sighed.
“Hell nah! I ain’t goin’ with this dumb bitch. She’ll just get me killed!” Daryl yelled, earning a dirty look from you.
“Shut your mouth asshole, can’t even take one for the fucking team, selfish prick.” You spat, knowing how to push his buttons. He stood up that fast that his chair fell over.
“What d’ya just say to me ya fuckin’ whore?!” He roared. You just sat there smirking at him, knowing you worked him up.
“That’s enough!” Rick bellowed, causing you both to look at him sheepishly.
“You better deal with these issues and put them aside. We’re in the middle of a damn apocalypse for crying out loud, grow up!” With that he stood up and left the room, you and Daryl feeling like naughty children after a telling off.

“C’mon, I ain’t got all day.” He sighed as he left the room.
The car ride there was silent which was actually progress because you’d normally be winding each other up and nearly killing each other by this point. You went in and cleared the shop of walkers without much effort. Then you got to work sorting through the clothes, you doing the women’s and Daryl doing the men’s. Your clothes were covered in walker guts and felt disgusting as they clung to you and smelt absolutely awful, so you took this opportunity to change clothes. You grabbed a new top and jeans along with new underwear and went behind a shelf for privacy. Just as you’d put your new panties on, being otherwise naked, Daryl walked round the corner.

“Hey y/n ya thi-“ He stopped dead in his tracks as you were stood there only in panties staring at him wide eyed. He blushed but couldn’t look away. He may think you were a spoilt princess but in this moment he wanted nothing more than to fuck that spoilt princess and grab her amazing breasts and play with them. Before he even registered his dirty thoughts his pants suddenly grew tighter, making him blush even more. You couldn’t even form words, you were still startled and weirdly a little turned on. You loved that he couldn’t take his eyes off you and it didn’t take long to notice his rather large bulge in his pants.

You both just stood there staring each other down again, only instead of hate, it was now with lust. Being as stubborn as you both were, you didn’t want to make the first move and wanted the other to give in first. You smirked as you cupped your own breast and pinched your nipple. Daryl’s breathing hitched and you knew you were breaking him. You tugged on your nipple and a moan escaped your lips. Daryl stood there watching, fighting the urge he had to grab you and take you right there. He wasn’t weak and he wasn’t going to cave first. You bit your lip as you slipped your other hand inside your panties and started to play with your clit, you were surprised at how wet you were. You started moaning more and louder, you just couldn’t help yourself, knowing he was watching. He undid his pants and slid his hand inside, grasping at his rock hard dick and stroking himself whilst looking at you. It was taking all his will power to stay stood where he was, but as soon as you removed your hand from your panties and slowly licked clean one of your fingers, he pounced at you like a wild animal. He pushed you against the wall with a growl and he grabbed your hand, sucking the other fingers and tasting you. He pinned your hands above your head on the wall with one of his hands and leant his forehead on yours.

“Didn’t take as long as I thought it would to break you Dixon. “ You smirked looking at him.
“You’re weaker than I thought.” You were pushing his buttons again on purpose. He grabbed your jaw and he growled at you again, making you even wetter.
“Ya been a naughty girl princess, and I’m gon’ have to teach ya a lesson.” He drawled into your ear huskily. You whimpered at his words. He grabbed your arm and dragged you over to the counter, bending you over it. He slowly slid your panties down, enjoying the view, and spanked you so hard it was sure to bruise. You couldn’t help but gasp at the feeling, wanting more. He did it a few more times and then you felt his tip at your dripping wet entrance. You pushed back onto him, want in him inside and he spanked you again. Without warning he pushed into you with a loud grunt, causing you to cry out. He didn’t let you adjust to his impressive size as he thrust in and out of you ferociously whilst gripping your hips. Your moans were loud but you couldn’t control them, the pleasure was too intense. He grabbed your hair and pulled you up a bit, using his other hand to palm your breast and play with your nipple, making you shiver.

“Ya like that princess?” He moaned as he nipped your neck.
“Yes. Fuck Daryl it feels so good!” You felt yourself getting close, it had been so long since you’d been touched at all and no one had ever fucked you like this before. He pushed you back down and tightly gripped your hips again. He could sense you were close so he pulled out, causing you to whimper at the loss of him filling you up. He slapped your thigh and made you jump up onto him, wrapping your legs around his waist. He pushed you up against the wall and you cried out again as he pushed back into you. This new position making him fill you to the hilt.
“Fuck princess, ya feel so good.” He moaned. You hands tangled in his hair and he kissed you greedily. You were surprised at how soft his lips were but his kisses were harsh and needy. His tongue traced your bottom lip and you happily granted access to him, letting him dominate the kiss.
Your back started arching and you were trying so hard to hold back.
“C’mon princess, cum for me.” He growled, feeling near his own release. You let out a loud moan following his name as the pleasure consumed you, feeling bliss as your orgasm radiated throughout your body. He felt your walls tighten around him and seeing the pleasure on your face pushed him over the edge, he pulled out last minute and you wrapped your soft hand around his length and jerked him off onto your stomach. He gently placed you back on the floor and chucked you a random piece of clothing to clean yourself up with. Once you were both dressed he walked back up to you, grabbing your jaw once again and kissed you hard.

“I hope ya learned ya lesson princess.” He whispered with a smirk. You blushed and couldn’t help but smile. He had finally found a way to shut you up, he was feeling a little smug about it.
The ride back home was filled with knowing looks and glances at each other. When you got back you both started to unload the clothes and Rick came out to see you both.
“How did it go?” He asked, just waiting for you to both start arguing about something.
“Went really good, got a lot of shit.” Daryl said with a small smile. Rick noticed and looked at you, noticing you glancing at Daryl. You went to grab a box but Daryl took it out of your hands.
“I’ll take that in, just go inside and relax.” He said softly. You smiled at him and Rick noticed, raising an eyebrow at you both.
“Well it seems you two make a good team.” He said smirking slightly.
“Mhmm.” Daryl said, not fully paying attention to Rick anymore as you were both staring at each other again, as if you were the only two left on the planet. Rick noticed they weren’t hateful glares this time.
“Well good because I’m pairing you two up for watch duty too.” He smiled as he started to walk away. You and Daryl just both smirked at each other and started taking the stuff inside. When Rick was out of sight Daryl spanked your ass hard making you squeal.
“See ya at watch princess.” He growled into your ear as he walked past with a smirk.


Your POV:

That morning when I woke up I didn’t think that day would be in any way stranger than any other day. That morning when I had breakfast I had no idea what was coming. That day when I sat down on the bus and put my earphones in I didn’t know that if I had known what would happen I wouldn’t be sitting there calmly listening to my music. That morning when I walked into my US History class I didn’t know that the boy of my dreams would come up to me and decide that today was the day to make all those daydreams I’d had for the past year a reality.

I had just sat down behind my desk when it happened. The bell hadn’t rung yet and students were still piling into the classroom. I was just getting my books out of my bag when someone approached me. I didn’t bother looking up, because I honestly didn’t expect that they were going to talk to me. I wasn’t exactly someone that people talked to all that much. I was the shy girl in class that always sat in the back and never really socialized with people. What would people talk to me about?

“Hey, Maya,”

Those words were the only thing I needed for my attention to be fully focused on the person in front of me.

Just like any other girl in high school I had a massive crush on one of the boys in my class. We had US History together and I had fallen for him possibly the first moment I had seen him. It wasn’t just one particular thing about him that had made me fall in love. Oh, no. It was literally everything about him. The smile he always wore. The way his coffee brown eyes joined in on that smile. The crinkles beneath them. That laugh of his that was music to my ears. His confidence. And not even that stuck-narcissistic type of confidence that some people seem to have. It wasn’t the kind that he had to fake. It just radiated of off him and it was joined by a certain kindness. Everybody loved him and every girl was in love with him. How could you not be? He was Shawn Mendes. He had everything every girl had ever wanted in a boy. He was cute, he was sweet, he was friendly and he was the perfect boyfriend. Or so I imagined. I didn’t know first hand. Not anywhere else other than my dreams, that is.

“Oh, um, hi,” I said, nervously shifting my position in my chair. I cursed myself for being nervous around him again. I just couldn’t help it. That was the kind of effect he had on me. He could make me giggle like the regular teenage girl and blush to a level at which my cheeks gained that rare deep crimson color all at once.

“I’ve, uhm, I didn’t- Uh, I didn’t think this was going to be this hard.” he said, fidgeting with his hoodie. “I’ve been wanting to ask you something, but I don’t know how you’ll react and I hope it’s in a positive way because I’ll be crushed- Not that should affect your decision in any way. I mean, it’s not like I want to force you into anything, I just-” he bit his lower lip nervously and took a step back, apparently horrified at all the rambling he’d done. I would have stopped him from rambling so much if I hadn’t found it so adorable and if I’d had any idea as to what I could say. But I knew I had to stop him from embrassing himself, so I just said my first guess to his request out loud-

“You want me to do your homework for you, don’t you?” -and immediately regretted it. My cheeks stained with an even deeper red if that were possible. That sounded so accusing and so rude. Great, great, great. Just great. I had just been rude to the boy I’d had a crush on for ages. He would probably never want to talk to me again. He would think me the meanest and rudest-

Shawn laughed. He laughed. I was taken aback.

“No, no, no. That’s not it.” he said quickly, still chuckling. “I’m not that kind of person. I just… It’s a different kind of question.” Thankfully, he seemed calmer and more composed than before. I just nodded as a signal for him to go on. “I, um,” he started again, “I was just wondering if you were free on Friday? Do you have any plans for the evening?”

“No, not really. Apart from watching Netflix. But that can wait.” I smiled at him and he returned the smile.

“I was wondering if, maybe, you’d like to go out with me?” he said, fidgeting with his hoodie again. I believe that that was the first time I ever saw Shawn nervous and I couldn’t help but smile. Especially at the fact that he was nervous talking to me.

I was surprised that he asked me out. I never really thought he noticed me in that way before. But I couldn’t say I wasn’t happy about it. I was ecstatic, because I would never have been brave enough to ask him out myself.

“Sure.” I said with a smile. He grinned at me. I told him where I lived and we settled on details. However, he refused to tell me where he would be taking me, saying it would be a surprise. We didn’t get to talk much after that, because the bell rang, signalling that it was time for class to start.

All throughout the class I couldn’t keep the smile from returning to my face again and again, no matter how many times I tried to stifle it. My focus wasn’t at its best either, but that didn’t matter. I was happy and excited. And I couldn’t really ask for anything else at that moment.


I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my reflection intently. I was wearing a caramel colored dress that was tight at the top and flowing at the bottom. It wasn’t too long, but it wasn’t too short either. It was somewhere mid-length. I had paired it with gold-colored flats. I decided that I would only wear simple earrings as jewelry and leave my hair as it was, letting it do its own thing. I still didn’t know where Shawn was taking me, so I didn’t want to risk anything. I wanted to keep it in between casual and fancy.

I never usually wore dresses. I tended to stick to my jeans and hoodies. Who doesn’t? They’re the most comfortable thing you can wear.

But tonight I felt like putting one on. It made me feel pretty and I wanted to feel pretty. It helped with the mad butterflies that didn’t even seem to be in my tummy, but seemed to be all around me, disorienting me even.

I smiled at my reflection, hoping to heighten my confidence and lower my nervousness. It helped a bit, but not as much as I hoped it would. The fact that it hadn’t helped much especially showed when the doorbell rang and I jumped as if I’d seen a ghost. I exhaled, slowing my excited racing heartbeat a bit and descended the stairs. I had to be the one to greet Shawn, because my parents were away at some sort of family dinner which they had good-naturedly excluded me from so I could go on my date.

I opened the door, revealing a slightly nervous looking but smiling Shawn standing outside. As soon as he saw me his eyes twinkled. He just looked at me for a few seconds and then smiled wide.

“Wow.” he breathed. “You look amazing.”

“Thank you.” I said, feeling a slight blush creep up on my cheeks. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

Once we’d exchanged our greetings I locked the door to my house and Shawn led me to the car, which was his mom’s, but had let him borrow it for the date. He finally told me where we were going and I couldn’t help but grin at his creativity. He had thought that an amusement park date would be the perfect first date, which I agreed with. I loved amusement parks. We both grew giddy as we neared our destination and to my relief, the tension and nervousness between us seemed to melt away. Everything was going perfectly. Or at least that’s what it seemed like until we reached our destination. The destination which had a “Closed” sign on it.

“What?” Shawn gasped. “But the website said it would be open. They should be open on Fridays. What amusement park isn’t open on a Friday?”

“It says they’re renovating.” I said, looking at the sign once more, unravelling the mystery.

Once the words had left my mouth I saw the light blush dusted against Shawn’s cheeks. “Oh, wow. I am so sorry. I am so so sorry, Maya-” he said, turning toward me. “I just really wanted this date to be perfect, because you’re the most beautiful and sweetest girl I’ve ever met and I completely ruined it and I just-”

I cut him off, trying to ignore his “most beautiful” and “sweetest” remark, because I knew I would just end up blushing and breaking out into a smile, which I didn’t think was appropriate while Shawn was feeling this terrible.

“Hey, hey, it’s not ruined.” I said. “We can still salvage our date. Come on, let’s get in the car and go somewhere else. We could go to the park. It’s simple, but it’s always beautiful this time of day.”

Shawn kept apologizing about his mistake all throughout the car ride and I told him continuously that I didn’t mind. I was relieved when we reached the park, because I didn’t want him feeling guilty and like he’d ruined the date, because as a first, I, of all people, didn’t want our date to be a failure and as a second, I was sure that he hadn’t ruined it. And I was determined to show him so.

Shawn parked the car and I took his hand in mine leading him toward a bench in the park. He didn’t let go. I stole a glance at him and I saw a ghost of a smile on his lips at the soft touch of our hands. That made me happy, because at least I knew I wasn’t the only party which was completely infatuated with the other person.

Once we had seated ourselves on the bench I decided to get a conversation flowing. But turns out I didn’t have to, because Shawn was the first that started talking.

“Do you ever marvel at the stars, Maya?” he asked me suddenly.

The question caught me off guard, partly because I didn’t know what exactly he meant by that. “I guess so.” I said precariously. “Why?”

“Because,” he said, turning toward me with a wondrous look in his eyes, “when you look at them it’s as if you’re literally looking into the past. It takes the light from the stars such a long time to get to us that we could literally just not know if that star was extinguished a long time ago. It could have been, but we still see it. We see it the way it had been. It’s just so strange and wondrous to think about, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, it is.” I said slowly, taking his words in. “It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” I asked after a few seconds of us just looking at the stars together. During that time we’d scooted closer to each other. I was now so close to him that I could smell his cologne.

“About what?”

“About time. Does time really exist or is just an illusion?”

“I guess you could say that time doesn’t exist. Not really. Clocks exist.”

“So, why does it matter, then?” I said, putting my head on his shoulder. I felt the slight pressure of him slowly lowering his head against mine. “Why does it matter what we do on this earth and when we do it? It’s such a vast space out there. It just makes me think. We’re so insignificant and yet we’re all so worried about what we do in this life constantly. As if we’re the most important beings in this universe. And there could be thousands- No, millions- billions like us. All different species. All different individuals. Maybe somewhere out there, billions and billions of light years away there is a planet just like ours with a species just as self-absorbed as ours who think they’re the center of the universe too.”

Shawn just chuckled.

“What are you laughing about?” I said, straightening up and shoving him in the shoulder playfully.

“Nothing.” he shook his head, still laughing. “I just never thought I’d meet someone with thoughts so similar to my own.”

I just shrugged and laughed again. “What can I say? I’m special.”

By this I hadn’t noticed that we had moved even closer toward each other. I could feel Shawn’s warm breath on my face and his eyes lurking on my lips. My heart sped up accordingly. No words were exchanged at that moment. All conversation stopped. And everything else around us disappeared. Suddenly there was no universe, no other planets, no other individuals, whether from our planet or not… There was only one world and there were only two people in it.

Suddenly I felt the light pressure of Shawn’s lips to mine. I just stood there, what was really happening not seeming to reach my overly-excited brain. I only realized what was going on when I felt Shawn’s arms around my waist as he pulled me in closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

I hadn’t quite imagined this moment to be this way. Whenever I had thought about my first kiss I’d always gotten nervous. I always thought that I wouldn’t be doing something right and that that would be the only thing I would be able to think about when it finally happened.

But oddly enough none of that happened. Time melted away around us and only the present moment existed. And that’s just the way I liked it. I wanted to enjoy this. I wanted to enjoy Shawn’s soft lips on mine, his steady heartbeat under the palm of my hand, which I had moved to his chest, his arms still around my waist, trying to pull me even closer as if that were even possible, the touch of his hair against my hand as I ran my hand through it. This was all happening right now. And I was enjoying it.

After a while we both pulled away, looking into each other’s eyes. And that’s when I knew. We were no longer those nervous kids we’d been a few days ago when we’d agreed to go on this date. We were two people that had shared each other’s thoughts and had finally realized that those silly crushes in fact did mean a lot more. We were living in the present moment in our own little world, our own little paradise. And we were no longer scared of it. It was ours to keep and we knew that we were going to enjoy it.

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Basics, Part Two 

Castiel x Reader

Words: 2,053


Another week passed by seamlessly. You had bought Castiel a speaker and iPod, teaching him how to use it. Proudly he played the music you downloaded for him; he especially loved ‘Making Love Out Of Nothing At All’ from the car ride days ago. You had to admit, the song left your heart tingling.
“Now just turn the dial” you guided Castiel’s hand on the dryer, and proudly beamed at him once he finished.
“It was simple” Cas said, smiling back at you. He picked up the empty basket and placed it on the washing machine. You continued cleaning up the room, and folding the laundry you had taken out to allow him to clean his own.
He watched you carefully fold each one, taking extra care with the brothers FBI suits. Cas couldn’t help but smile when you began humming to yourself, seemingly forgetting he was there.
“I’m going to go find Dean” Cas’s voice broke through the silence.
“What?” you stood up, hands on your hips. “Oh, alright”.
Castiel forced his feet to move, and he awkwardly shoved his hands in the pockets of the new sweat-shirt you bought him. A dark blue with red strings hanging from the hood. He still couldn’t understand what their purpose was. But he loved the sweat-shirt. At first you bought it, and forgot to give it to him since he was making a food run with Sam. So you stuffed it into your drawer, and now it smelled like you.
Sometimes he wanted to figure out what you smelled like; Dean said that girls always smell amazing. But he couldn’t figure it out. As an angel he had been around flowers that have ceased to exist. He squeezed his eyes shut tight, trying to remember anything from his angelic past that remind him of you. But nothing came to mind, it was as if you were a brand new being, something his father made on a whim. No algorithms could possibly solve what you were, even your soul was more beautiful than any other humans was. He remembered what it looked like when he first met you. A faint blue, with a few small gashes. He guessed they were from the damage hunting does to someone psychologically, but eventually they got deeper and wider, and he had to bite back his tongue from saying anything. Dean and Sam’s souls were even worse, practically littered in marks and gashes.
“Hey buddy, what’s up?” Dean’s voice drew him out of his thoughts and he nodded, taking a seat.
“Could I ask you something?” Cas leaned awkwardly in his seat.
“Shoot” Dean poured himself another glass of whiskey, and Cas watched the liquid fill the glass with a certain deadly grace.
“I know you have been with copious amounts of women” Cas started and Dean choked on his drink, raising a brow at the former angel.
“Your point?”
“Well have you ever felt differently about one of them?” Cas asked.
“What’s this about?” Dean asked, leaning forward and staring at Castiel. Footsteps echoed in the library and Castiel moved his eyes to follow your figure walk through the room. Dean sighed and smirked.
“Ah” he pointed, “Got it”.
Castiel began biting at his lip, “I don’t k-“
“Just tell her” Dean said, “Y/N is great, you guys would be great together” Dean smiled at the thought.
“How do I know if she returns these feelings?” Cas asked, a certain hope in his eyes.
“You don’t. That’s why you tell her first” Dean said and took another swig of his drink. Castiel nodded and began walking up the metal stairs, wanting to breath the night air.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” you shouted accusingly at Dean. “He’s gone?! Just like that?” you screamed, gripping the glass in your fingers tighter.
“We’ll find him, calm down first!” Dean shouted back, grabbing the keys to the Impala. Angrily you sat in the backseat, praying to any deity out there for Castiel’s safety.
The Impala rode hard against the pouring rain, and Dean turned on the radio where you and Castiel left off the day before. Playing that same old tune.
‘I can make all your demons be gone’ it played, and you pressed your head against the window, shutting your eyes tight.
‘but i’m never gonna make it without you, do you really wanna see me crawl?and I’m never gonna make it like you do, making love out of nothing all’.
The words washed over you like a security blanket, as if Castiel was still sitting in the seat next to you.
The search was a bust, and after shouting at Dean and Sam for ages, you retired to your bedroom for another sleepless night. It wasn’t until nearly a month later when a strong knock came at the bunkers door at nearly three in the morning.
You grabbed the gun from under your pillow, carefully stalking towards the war room. The knocking sounded again and you blinked a few times to adjust to the darkness before flicking the light switch on.
Your heart began thumping in your chest as you placed your hand on the handle, suddenly regretting not waking Sam or Dean up.
You opened the door a crack and heard thunder rumble in the distance. Rain poured down heavily and looking carefully you saw a soaked through blue sweatshirt, and beautiful blue eyes to match it. You exhaled, and let the soaking wet man into the bunker.
“Damn you” you whispered, and he smiled, shaking his hair out on the floor like a puppy. “How are you back?” you asked, looking at him. You felt a buzz in the air, practically hearing it.
“You’re an-“
“Angel. This grace is not mine, I do not know how much longer it will hold me” he said while following you towards the hallway.
“We’ll figure it out in the morning alright? Just get some rest” you opened the door to his room, and everything lay like he left it. You placed a hand on his arm, squeezing it. This time though, he felt it like he did when he was human. Touch still meant just as much.
“Y/N, I have to tell you-“
“Tomorrow, Castiel. Get some rest” you smiled and shut his door behind you, making your way back under the covers.
Castiel buried himself under the sheets, a human habit he realized was absolutely pointless now. You must have forgotten he no longer needs to sleep. Still he lay in the bed, on the same sheets he accidentally dyed green in the wash when he didn’t separate his colors. He balled the material in his fist, realizing then that you made him human. Not the loss of grace, nor the habits - it was all you.
It was when he swung the bunkers door open in his dirty jacket, and your eyes melted over his. It was when your hair fell so beautifully over your shoulders that he realized he should pay more attention to it.
It was when you teased him about staring at the sun for too long, and then he thought he shouldn’t stare at you for too long either because you were brighter than it.
It was when you linked your warm fingers with his, oh so humanly alive, and left the bar laughing.
It was when you picked out a lamp for him, that you later told him matched his eyes.
It was when he listened to that song with you, every word registering so perfectly in his head to connect back to you. That whole song was about you. So quietly, he got up and turned the iPod on. It had 34% battery left, and he smiled softly at it, pressing play.
‘And I’m never gonna tell you everything I’ve got to tell you, but I know I’ve got to give it a try” played over the entire room, giving Castiel that sigh of relief he was waiting for.
Morning came and Castiel practically jumped out of bed, eagerly knocking at your door like a child.
“Son of a bitch” Dean muttered, walking up to Cas and hugging him. “When’d you get back?”
“Last night, Y/N opened the door. I was going to say hello, but you saw me first” Castiel said.
“Sammy!” Dean shouted, banging loudly at his brothers door. Cas furrowed his brows, but then saw Sam’s relieved face, and hugged the moose right back.
“Yeah?” you swung the door open, and Castiel dropped his eyes to your pajamas, and old white t-shirt of his. He cleared his throat and you looked past him and Dean and Sam.
“Look who’s back!” you exclaimed and both brothers exhaled a laugh. “I’ll be right out to make breakfast, hope you still like waffles, Cas” you said.
“I don’t eat any-“ but he door swung shut, and Cas stood there, staring at the old wood.
Eventually he joined the brothers in the kitchen, telling them everything that had happened.
“So how much longer will this grace last?” Sam asked, putting his apple down. Castiel shrugged and Dean sighed.
“We’ll figure it out” he reassured and Cas nodded.
Days passed by, eventually the rise and setting of the sun happened so often that Castiel realized two weeks had flown by. He sat right outside the bunker, on the cement steps. This time being careful of staring at the sun. He thought about the consequences of telling you how he felt. Long after you died, he’d still be walking the earth, eternally grieving. He thought about how you’d react, most importantly how you wouldn’t. Whether you’d purse your lips, or smile in return was the difference between heartbreak and pure happiness for him.
Then Dean’s voice penetrated his mind, telling him to just tell you.
“Hey” you greeted behind him, ripping him from his thoughts.
“Hello” Castiel said, and you sat in the same place you did nearly two months ago.
“It’s beautiful out” you mentioned, placing your bare toes in the grass still soaked from dew of the morning.
“Yes, the sky is clear” he said and you smiled, watching his eyes jump from different areas of the sky to the next.
“What did you have to tell me?”
“What?” Cas asked, looking down at your figure beside him.
“I completely forgot” you brought your knees up to your chest, “When you came back, you tried telling me something that night but I was so hung up on you resting that I forgot to ask what you wanted to say” you rambled for a moment, and Castiel exhaled.
“What? What is it?” you asked again, looking at his face. His eyes changed instantly, almost like a fear. “Did something happen while you were gone?”
“No” he suddenly smiled, “It was a little before that” he said.
“I don’t understand” you furrowed your brows.
“Y/N. While I was human, it was you who taught me how to be human. How to laugh, cry, smile, and sigh. And while I was without grace, the feelings that I suppressed as an angel, had the ability to surface. I realized that I may hold feelings for you more intense than friendship. If I’m expressing this correctly, I have fallen in love with you as a human, and still do love you” he said and your lips fell apart. You made an inaudible sound before turning to face him completely.
The sun shone so brightly behind him, the rays struck your eyes painfully. You could see his eyes, waiting for an answer, for a motion, - for anything. So you gave him that. Gingerly you placed a hand on the back of his neck, moving him close enough for him to feel your breath on his lips. You felt him stiffen, and bit back a smile before pressing your lips to his.
All the words you wanted to say disappeared into this, into his lips, tongue, and teeth.
“I may have too” you said, wondering if that was even proper english, but too ecstatic to care.
Castiel wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you tight against his chest. You rested your head on his shoulder and continued to watch the birds fly through the sky. And everything was alright, everything finally made sense.

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favorite activity to do outside with each character


Sodapop - Racing in general, whether it be foot or drag

Darry - Picnic or walking around the park

Steve - Rides in a car all day or finding races/fights

Two-Bit - Goes to start petty arguments with people and steal as much as he can off of them until they notice

Johnny - Hand holds and walks everywhere until you get lost xD

Dallas - Goes to a pool /if summer anyways/ so he can look at you and call you crude names xD /he loves you though/

Tim - Breaking any stupid law there is /like how in Oklahoma, its illegal to take a bite out of someone else’s burger so there’s that/

Curly - Walks in the park or admiring murals /if any anyways/

Angela - pOOL PARTy

Kathy - “”I go that way, you come this way, and we’ll count how much stuff we swiped. Whoever got the most stuff wins.””

Evie - Making flower crowns

Cherry - Going to an out-door movie and also the pool

Sandy - Flower crowns, speed driving down the road

Sylvia - “Time for fucking with some fuckers

Listen Up Fuckers

Alright, so writers are not fucking Amazon Prime Two-Day Services shipping. Allow me to explain.

I was talking with a good friend of mine about requests and stuff and about how many she had and I was telling her about some advice my editor gave me.

“If you choose to get in the car for the ride you asked for, don’t complain about the driver’s speed or route.”

This is so so so important. She (my editor) was helping me with something and I was talking about how I felt pressure to write and release it because it had been a couple of days and that was what she said.

She told me not to rush, to do it and do it right, because the anon who requested it signed up for the “ride,” and therefore if they wanted it done, they should have known beforehand it was going to be on my terms.

Right, back to my friend. She mentioned how many requests she had left and how some people just keep hounding her about when their request would go up and how it’s stressful and heartbreaking and it just fucking set me off.

You guys don’t pay us to do this. You don’t commission us, you ask. You ask and we accept. Because we want to. We write fanfiction because we love to. This isn’t about money, right. We want to write, so we do. But sometimes you guys just fucking don’t get it.

You request that we write you something, so we do our best. Sometimes an idea flows well, and we finish quickly. Sometimes you get that two-day shipping. But sometimes these things called writer’s block, lack of inspiration, and personal lives happen. Sometimes you won’t get what you asked for for one month, or two. Or six.

When a writer has 20+ requests, that shit takes some fucking time, guys. Fanfiction doesn't just happen. This isn’t a five-minute paragraph you bullshit for English class, this is a full story with plot and characters and development.  Think of it like one of those giant fucking puzzles with the tiny, tiny pieces. All of the pieces have to fit into place for the picture to be complete. Well, the same goes for writing.

You know good and well that JK Rowling didn’t fucking write Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in fucking two days, nor would you have expected her too. Granted, some of us aren’t writing novels here (some are and I commend you jeez) and so, of course, it won’t take as long as an actual novel would.

“But I requested this a month ago!” I hear you screaming. Okay, sure. Did you stop to consider perhaps that writer has much more going on than your request? We aren’t robots. We don’t sit in empty rooms and write all day.

You can choose to get in the car for this ride, but do not complain about my speed or route.

There are going to be bumps in the road. There will be complications. Writing takes time (just like drawing, or any form of art, ffs), effort, inspiration, motivation. Don’t even get me started on the research it sometimes takes.

Please, for the love of God, do not hound a writer about when your request is going up. It puts so much pressure on us. We aren’t Amazon Prime. Your package has not been promised to be fresh and on your doorstep in two days.

You come to our blogs and ask us to write stories for you because you like the way we write. And that’s great (hell, that’s amazing. We love it when you love us) but don’t show up expecting your fic to be done in a day and be perfect. Don’t hound whoever about when the request will go up. (Especially if you know that writer has been taking requests. Odds are your request is one of many and that writer is going in order.)

Writers do not have to accept your request. Remember that. If they don’t want to write it, they won’t.

The point of this post was supposed to be not to hound writers about writing your request. I don’t know if this is well written, but it’s what I’ve got to say. And if you have a problem with it, get the fuck off my blog.

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Fab needs a prompt! Must work quick brain! Uh uh snoring! Soma snoring and reactions! Interpret as you will

His snoring drove her crazy.  She would reach over and smack him with her pillow, and he would grunt, shuffle slightly, and keep snoring.  Maka would groan and shove him enough to startle him awake.

Stop,” she would moan.

“Not doin’ anything,” he would slur sleepily, and she’d groan again and flop back against her pillow.

He seemed to snore most often when he lay on his back.  She would wrap Soul’s arms around her middle and make him cuddle up on his side as they settled in for sleep, and this helped, but somewhere in the middle of the night, they’d roll apart among the tangled sheets and his snoring would start, loud and raucous and shaking the windows in their frames.

Once she stood with her hands on her hips in the drug store, tapping one sneaker-clad foot as she gazed at the array of products in front of her.  Soul had been grabbing bags of chips in another aisle and joined her as she held two in her hand, weighing her options.

No, Maka, c’mon, it’s not that bad,” he said, a tinge of red across his cheeks as he dragged her away.

“Yes it is!” she insisted, dropping the boxes unceremoniously as he hustled her towards the checkout line.  “Ugh!”

After the worst nights, she would feel almost hungover in the morning, groggy and unresponsive.  Soul would slide into his chair at the kitchen table, looking a little sheepish and passing her a bowl of cereal.

Maka would stare in the dark for what felt like hours at his sleeping body, watching the rise and fall of his chest and feeling like her ears were going to melt off, and hate, hate, hate his snoring.

But she would give everything in the world to hear it now, as she stands in too-tight black shoes and watches his unmoving chest.  All she can hear is quiet murmuring, muffled sobs behind handkerchiefs, barely worn dress clothes stretching ominously as people stiffly hugged one another.  She wants to shove him, hard, as hard as she can so he can grunts and grouse at her, grumbling and grouchy, but she can’t because he won’t wake no matter what she does anymore.

Her hearing seems hypersensitive all day, all through the droning speeches, all through the short car ride to the gravesite, the wails of anguish as they stood in that sunny courtyard pounding against her brain.  She stands with her hands clasped over her abdomen, head bowed slightly, and concentrates on tuning out the sounds that are starting to give her a headache.

The phrase “silent as the grave”, she realizes later that evening, is not quite accurate; the noises in that windy cemetery were almost deafening, loud and insistent.  It is here, in her apartment, where the silence reigns, where the emptiness echoes painfully in her ears.  She had though the noise was bad, but really, what killed was the silence.

And then it isn’t silent anymore: there is the sound of her knees hitting the hardwood floor, the choked sobs ripping past her lips, the soft shake of her shoulders as Maka cries in an apartment that is finally, finally, just as she’d wished, quiet.

Dear F,

When I used to think about you, I’d get a knot inside- twisting its way around my delicate heart and squeezing so tightly. It hurt so bad. What we had wasn’t a relationship. What we had was a despondent friendship-bound together by glimpses of hope and me wondering, “Does he like me as more than a friend?” I know it’s cliché to say you were my best friend, but you were. You were the best guy friend I’ve ever had and I am sorry. I am sorry I was a terrible friend, I am sorry I cried after you told me you didn’t feel the same way about me, I am sorry I kissed you on my driveway on August 13, 2015. I miss the way I felt when I saw you just as a friend. I miss that day we flew home from Guatemala together and we shared ginger ale on the plane and listened to Taylor Swift songs together. I hope you remember that day. My dear, sweet friend, I hope you remember.

I remember with a nostalgic ache the day you called me up, sobbing on the phone saying how you had a really rough day at swim practice and when you saw my simple text afterwards stating how much I cared about you, you broke down. I wanted nothing more than to hug you and hold you and help you stick all those pieces back together inside you.

You told me about how others thought you were gay, you told me about the girls you loved, you told me about how you got along with your mom better than your dad.

You came to me one day with a collection of beach houses on the Oregon coast and said, “Hey, I found a few beach houses for us!” Other people thought we were dating. I thought you liked me. I definitely fell in love with the way your blue-green eyes were so damn expressive.

We saw The Oh Hellos on New Years Eve together and I thought you might kiss me. You didn’t.

You were Homecoming King and I followed suit as Homecoming Queen the year after. I thought we were meant for each other. Our families liked each other, I had known you since the third grade. We went to Sunday School together and I remember when I thought you were an older, “popular” kid who wouldn’t ever talk to me. But you did.

It was your junior year of high school and my sophomore year. I was dating another boy. We had just become friends. I was sitting on my friend’s bed. She was probably painting her fingernails black and we were discussing boys as most typical fifteen year old girls do. She mentioned you. “Hey, he said in P.E. class that he’d like to marry a girl like you.” I responded with, “Ew. That’s gross. I have a boyfriend. He is just a friend to me.”

I was wrong.

I wrote you a letter about how I loved you so. I became brave somehow and gave it to you the summer before you went off to college. We had a picnic up in the Colorado woods a week later and you said, “Sorry, you’re just a friend to me.”

I’ve watched you go from an extraverted, friendly, open 17 year old boy with so much potential, to a 20 year old man who is cold and distant and does things he vowed as a 17 year old he would never do. You told me over this summer how you get along better with your dad than your mom now.

We spent one last day shopping and eating sushi and as you told me you friendzoned me, I felt I had nothing left to lose. You are still a good guy, my dear friend. I know you are. You gave our leftover food to a homeless man that day and you let me pick all the music on our car ride and you still know where your heart should be. It’s just not there yet.

When I asked if I could kiss you, you responded with, “Yes, please.” And as our mouths became familiar with one another, I had a glimmer of hope. Friends shouldn’t kiss how we kissed. You said, “See you sometime.” And drove away.

We don’t talk anymore.

When I used to think about you, I’d feel heartbroken. But now when I hear a familiar Mat Kearney song, I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. When I hear someone say, “Oh my lanta!” I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. When I smell chlorine, I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. My wonderful friend, our time has passed. I understand now. Your journey is no longer connected to my journey and I will forever have our memories. You taught me so much and I don’t see you as a wonderful, precious, extraordinary thing anymore. I can’t idealize you any longer.

You’re just a boy.

And you’re going to be alright. And I’m going to be alright. And maybe we’ll run into each other in an airport or something someday, and we’ll catch up. Remember, my beloved, flamboyant, giving, artistic, talented, forgiving friend, you are loved. “And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.”

Eternally sending my gratitude,