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5 months doesn’t even begin to express how much we miss and love you. I gave you all the words that I could muster up inside me. Because you did so much for me in such a small space of time. You gave me my first publication. My very first moment in life where I finally felt proud of myself. You gave me amazing people who cared and could see a voice in me that I didn’t even know was there.

But most of all, you gave my damaged spirit the will to live. And I wish, oh how I wish. Somebody, anybody, literally anyone..could of done the same for you in that final moment. I wish I discovered your genius sooner and not right beforehand either. I wish I could of met you and known what you would have thought of me. Just a sad little australian girl who writes poetry, aha.

Enough of that though. We shall love you and celebrate you until the end of time. You were/are so much to sooooooo many people, Chris. I have so much to thank you for. But you know that already. I’m forever in your debt. I’ll continue to honour you for as long as humanely possible. Your music is everything.

I love you.

Tanya the Evil (Caster)

Stat Ranks:
Strength E
Agility C
Luck B
Endurance E
Mana A

Territory Takeover: Increases own Arts card performance by 8% (Rank B)
Military Promotion: Gain 4% NP Gauge per turn. (Rank  A+)

Imperial Doctrine: Increases party’s attack for 3 turns. Increases party’s damage dealt for 3 turns. Charges NP gauge by 15% (Rank EX)
Devil of the Battlefield:  Grants self guts status for 5 turns. Charges NP gauge by 40% (Rank EX)
Mana Shot: Increases own Buster card performance for 1 turn. (Rank A)

Noble Phantasm:
Name: Deus Vult
Rank: EX
Classification: Anti-Army
Type: Arts
Effect: Deals damage to all enemies, Lock enemy Noble Phantasms (1 turn).
Overcharge Effect: Decreases all enemies defense for 3 turns.
Hit Count: 1

Tanya Degurechaff is a legendary mage soldier within the Empire. Responsible for the creation of various war doctrines, strategems and techniques in waging modern war. She is also known to the greatest mage soldier in the Empire’s history. Earning the nickname ‘White Silver’ and eventually 'Argent’ in her various victories that resulted in the conquest of several nations and armies that would later result in the first World War.

However, no one knew that her creation was the result of apparent divine intervention.

Recruited into the military from her orphaned age of nine, Tanya had displayed early on of her immense magical strength. It is said that her unnatural work ethic and intelligence had lead her from the front to training as a mage soldier. Eventually through turmoil did she eventually reach the rank of Warrant Officer. Through conflict, technnology, poltical manipulation and her own abilities promoted her in commanding both her own battalion and becoming the world’s youngest military officer ever.

Forced into exile by a power hungry Empire, Tanya became a brilliant war tactician and political statesman during her time in America. Since then no one knows of her whereabouts after the war is over and all nations had pursued peace. It is rumored that Tanya had spent the rest of her days in peace. Something that she had always wanted in 'both lifetimes’.

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what are your favorite masks???


1. rhassoul clay mask - it will literally suck up all the shit in your pores and its better than bentonite clay in my opinion. after i wash it off my face all the white nasty sebum in your pores will be on the surface and i just take a wash cloth and scrape it off (idk if this is good advice becuase you probably damage your skin so do this with caution) but it leaves my skin FLAWLESS. then i rub some ice on my face to close my pores. /// *i recommend steaming your face when you do this*

2. Turmeric / honey / greek yogurt mask - great for acne and dark spots . i tend to pick at my face alot (dont do this you will regret it) and this mask usually clears up all the damage . after this mask i put evening primrose oil on my face which helps fade dark marks and keeps your skin clear and smooth . 

3. coffee mask - 2 spoonfuls of coffee , a tad bit of lukewarm water and some HONEY . i let this mask sit for about 8 hours (the first time i made this i let it sit for hours by accident and it worked so now i let it sit for long periods of time on purpose) but this masks makes my skin glowwwwwwwwwwwww . this mask is really for your under eye bags to remove the dark circles but you can put it all over your face !!!

edit: for the coffee mask when i say let it sit i mean in the bowl that you make it in not on your face!!!

concept: magic wands intended for kids that allow them to practice the verbal and somatic components for combat spells without worrying about hurting themselves or anyone else. 

concept: taako and angus using these shitty wands for a giant long term laser tag battle that spans the entire moon base

God takes the worst of us, the most shattered and damaged and rebellious and prideful, and reverses our entropy into pulsing life. He sees a desert and says, “I see a garden.” God can take a miserable sinner like me and you and breathe something brand new into these jagged veins. This is the work of Christ, shaping us, connecting us, healing us.

J.S. Park

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There’s nothing childish about caring.

Okay like Yoongi may look sexy doing that mic drop thing

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but all I can imagine is him doing his little scurry walk run back out to pick up the mic after the cameras stop rolling like,

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giving it back to the staff with a bow and an apology.