all dai wants for christmas is you

Unpopular truths you should keep in mind!

While most of the studyblr community is really empowering, uplifting and inspiring, there are also ideals and misconceptions that are really harmful, so please always keep in mind:

  • You don´t need straight A´s. In some subjects, or basically in life, passing is sometimes enough. Don´t expect yourself to get only straight A´s and destroy yourself for these grades.
  • Your health, physical and mental, is more important than your grades.
  • Not everyone enjoys studying. Some studyblrs may be there because they try to motivate themselves, not because they love studying.
  • You don´t need expensive stationery. Cheap ones are more than enough.
  • You don´t need to wish for stationary for christmas or your birthday. Wish for something your really want and what brings you joy.
  • Staying up all night and having only 4 hours of sleep is not healthy!
  • Drinking multiple coffees per day every day is very bad for your stomach and heart!
  • Being productive can mean lots of things. It means something different for everyone, and while for some of us it means studying 8 hours a day, for others it may mean 2 hours, or maybe just organizing and sorting out stuff.
  • Not every day is the same. While today may be wonderful and productive, tomorrow may be not so productive. You are a human being, not a machine.
  • Honestly, being 100 days in a row productive is more harmful than helpful. Take that day off if you need too!
  • Your bullet journal must not be perfect or artsy. As long as it helps you organize your stuff and as long as you are happy with it, everything is fine!
  • You don´t need to do calligraphy to be a studyblr or a good student.
  • You don´t need to rewrite all your notes. As long as you know how to learn from them, that is enough.
  • Your handwriting doesn´t need to beautiful. You (and your teachers) should be able to read it without problems, that´s all.
  • Studying too much can make you depressed. But that is normal and will pass.
  • Just because others may find a class easy does not mean you have to. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths.
  • Ambience and piano music is not for everyone. It is totally okay if you listen to heavy metal while studying, as long as you can concentrate.
  • Getting up early is not always good for being productive. If you are not a morning person, you might not be able to concentrate.
  • Your background does not have to be white.
  • You do not have to study on your bed or wrapped in blankets. There are enough people who get tired by doing so.
  • Your desk will be messy more often than not, and that is totally okay.
  • Everyone is procrastinating sometimes.
  • Planning your whole day or week, including every single minute, does not make sense. You will have moments where you will just sit there and stare, you may want to eat an unplanned snack or whatever. Don´t try to plan every second. Give yourself some freedom.
  • Enjoy your breaks. Don´t minimize them down to just 5 minutes. Take breaks as long as you need them to be in order to feel well and to focus again.
  • Don´t revise in your head as soon as you´re not studying. Give yourself times where you don´t think about it at all.
  • You don´t have to revise on your way to school. There are many other productive things you can do, even if it is only waking up and mentally prepairing yourself for the day.

Rec list for the week of 1/7/17

Thank you for all the great fic this week, everyone! And if you haven’t read the stories on this list, go read!

Fantasy AUs:

  • Sky for Forever by @timelords-wizards-winchesters (Nine x Rose, mermaid au)

Bed sharing/Fake relationship:

31 Days of Ficmas:


Other prompts:

So, LOL, the new “custom content” thing? I wouldn’t waste a single fucking penny on that garbage. And, I strong suggest nobody else does, either. I’m sure this goes without saying, however, going to say it anyway: Considering how long it takes the staff (I don’t care whose at fault) to get things done (STILL WAITING ON PUMPKIN GUTS NEWS, WEREN’T WERE GIVEN YET ANOTHER “WILL HAVE AN UPDATE THIS DAY” NOT LONG AGO AND SAID DAY HAS PASSED?), considering all the shit that’s been mentioned about how long it has taken them to ship out the Furvilla Fan Badges, the FV Merchandise people bought for Christmas….Why the holy fuck would you want to blow THAT amount of money to “custom content” that’ll probably NEVER get done?

GUYS, DO NO FALL FOR THIS SHIT! DO NOT DO IT! I can almost guarantee you that the money will fall into the pit of Slash and you will NEVER see it again. This is just another attempt for him to reap benefits before fucking off like he did with his other pet site. I get if users have been asking for/wanting custom content, but JESUS HOLY FUCK…jesus fucking christ. I mean, my fucking god. No. Just. No.

Don’t do it ya’ll, it’s a huge fucking trap and I’d really hate to see ya’ll fucked in the ass out of your money. Even if you are in good with the money gods and dropping, what, $225 on this shit is like dropping a penny, don’t do it for the sake of sanity. 

My only thing would be to say…and in total contradiction of the above, have one person who just doesn’t give a fuck either way…shove money for this shit as an experiment for the rest of us - just to see how well it goes. Like, dip the toes in the pond sort of thing. Though, my fear is that it’d go over pretty well for a bit before shit just fell apart. The whole..leading people into a false sense of security shit, ya know?


The baby crabs are coming back and this year has been the biggest return since like 1995 or something! ( ゚▽゚)/ Usually there’s only been smatterings for the longest time but this is a SEA. The buildings down at the Kampong have been inundated and a whole load of the crablets have made it up near the top town parts of the island which hardly anyone has seen in recent memory! :D

So glad they are not spiders lol. Three of them fell from the ceiling (one landed on my head and the others on my laptop). I’ve had to put off this post for a while because i’ve been spotting more of them running around the house and priorities i have to go and throw them outside BEFORE THEY DIE. WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY COMING IN FROM???

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #7
  • “Baby all I want for Christmas is a higher GPA, maybe some motivation, a little less body fat, and a few thousand dollars”

@colgraph merry chrissus

I view all of the other fusions besides victuuri as platonic, but definitely! I had a scenario in mind for otabek and yuri’s, so I might draw it later


@captain-ereri-yaoilover2 !!!!! of course you can omg??? I’m really happy that you’d want to cosplay them!! <’:

 Hey guys,
I just want to send a HUGE thank you to all the people who in these days have been liking and sharing my Sailor moon + Superman piece and following my blog.
I am amazed at just how many of you I could reach with a single heartfelt drawing,and all of the appreciation you demonstrated me is  the greatest encouragement I have to try and keep this magic happening.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas,and all the best for the New Year.


Merry Christmas! This is how I spent a third of my day today. The first third fully clothed with family, the second third wearing what you see in the pics snapping a few guys I know from school, just teasing them and what not, and the final third completely naked when all those same guys came over and we messed around a bit. Unfortunately you can’t see that. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Consider this my little present to you all ;)! Hope you enjoy. Comment if you like pics like these and if you want more like them in the future.

I don’t know how to fully enjoy any of these moments without wondering if it’s the last.
—  Jay Asher, What Light

I’m daydreaming of the day when we can spend Christmas Day together. You can cook all day and I’ll help when I can, but mostly I’ll just wrap my arms around you from behind and nibble on your ears and neck. We can have a quiet meal together, then slow dance to classic Christmas songs in the living room with the lights turned low. When we’re sleepy from the meal and the dancing, we can curl up on the couch and watch Christmas movies until I fall asleep, nuzzled against your chest. Baby, all I want for Christmas is you.

due to shit work I’m never gonna be able to get to the end of this drawing in time so here have the shitty sketch /o/ *ollies into the Moon*

My Favorite End Card Moments!

You guys asked for it, so here it is! I apologize that these are a bit blurry/grainy, since the videos were smaller the quality was lower. So, my favorite moments were…

When Patton was just very excited

When Logan smiled, just a little, at the thought of Virgil listening to audiobooks

Roman getting very excited about showing Logan his script

and that part where Watson just freaking DIES

Which Logan completely supports, and though the cover is ridiculous, he loves his present

When Roman is HYPED for his present from Patton

When, surprisingly, its pasta? But Roman appreciated it anyway. 

Because it was made with love <3

….and Kumin!

When Patton realized his secret santa is his dark strange son

When Patton looked ready to PHYSICALLY FIGHT Virgil

When Roman didn’t need a fork to eat pasta

When Virgil was the most majestic being I have ever seen in my life

When Patton tried his best… again (he was always more of a thrower than a catcher!)

Virgil’s present. It was just perfect, a beautiful parallel to Accepting Anxiety. And we learned Verge is pretty good at art!


When Patton loved his Dark Strange Son

When Virgil gave Patton a run for his title as the softest bean

But played it cool cuz he’s cool what? Feelings? Nah he’s cool

When Logan was content

And Princey loved his pasta… though some garlic bread would be nice

And Patton regained his title as the softest, purest bean

And it all ended with an accidental Dad Joke

Bonus: Some derps and a wild Thomas almost cracking up

Hope this is everything you guys wanted!!!! Sorry its so long, lots of lovely moments!!! <3

Here’s the first one: CLICK THIS

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Warnings: a bit of smut and a while lotta fluff :) 

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Ya’ll I just want to say I’m shocked that I have made it to over 1000 followers. This pack was intended for the TBS 12 days of Christmas, but I have LITERALLY been so busy. On top of working retail everyday this past week my laptop had also been acting funky smh. I barely had the time to playtest and take pics and when I did my game would crash. All is good now though and I just want to say thanks for rocking with me. Every thank you message doesn’t go unnoticed. Consider this a 1000 followers gift and Christmas gift all in one I love yall!!







christmas is almost here, which is why I decided to do a mutuals appreciation post to thank you all for following me and being so supportive and kind :’)
I am now almost at 8k followers which is a huge number so thank you very much for each & every follow ♡

the mentioned people below are not only great blogs to follow, but also great friends of mine and I love seeing them on my blog & dashboard ♡

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The Hot Christmas Date

Summary: AU. Bucky Barnes makes it his mission to show his best friend, Reader, that sometimes, a little cheesiness is good for the heart.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (mention of Steve x Peggy)

Word Count: 2,437

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, Christmas stuff, Love Actually references (okay, I stole from that movie), total cheese, bad photoshop, I’m rusty cause I haven’t written Bucky in a month, sorry

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Emily’s ( @buckthegrump) Writing Challenge. Thanks for letting me play. My prompt was “You didn’t see anything.” but it’s only mentioned in passing.

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