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Yoonji-yah who is sleeping well,
I will give you your gift when you wake up
So hurry up and wake up
Happy Birthday


you wouldn’t mind if I tagged along, would you? ( for @poisonpam )

  • Till: Actually Flake deserves these angel wings y'know. But because their too heavy I'll carry them for him, even though I can't move.

hire me bioware i have big ideas like ‘leliana is happy,’ ‘her gf is there,’ and ‘nothing bad happens to her ever again’

  • you: I want a love like Johnny and June
  • me, a piece of anime trash: I want a love like Roy and Riza

Taemin:woah the stars look beautiful tonight
yeah they are
Taemin:you know who else is beautiful?
Kyungsoo:*sigh* let me guess….kai?



“So, I see you’ve been busy these past few days; spending time kicking ass and adding another impressive scar to the collection?” she asked to fill the ever increasing silence and the massive terrapin was certain his heart gave out when she suddenly reached for his face. Her fingers brushing over the scar on his chin and the other tugging lightly at one of his mask tails almost absentmindedly.

Downturn face lifted to look at her; realizing with his forward-leaning seated position that they were nearly eye-level. He wasn’t sure how to react, while she gave him hugs and touched his arm on occasion, she’d never touched his face or dared touch his mask (not while she thought he was awake anyway). The fact she was touching him so brazenly and without prompting was quite shocking but he didn’t dare deter her from doing it. When a flash of realization dawned over her blue eyes at exactly what she had just done, he was quick to smile back, appeasing her nervousness at her uncharacteristic action.

“Yep,” Raphael replied with a breathy chuckle, “Don’t know how much of a scar it’ll leave since ya did such a good job bandagin’ it.” he said, bravely brushing his chin firmer against her fingertips, which only caused her smile to widen and her cheeks flush a soft pink hue. The sight of her reaction had his stomach in knots and heart pounding so frantically against his plastron that he swore she could hear it.

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This is a scene from the latest chapter of my 2014/2016 Raphril fict “Crazy”, which you can read at the tumblr link above or on or A03.

Also, if you’re in the mood for some NSFW 2014/16 Raphril action, check out this hawt pict I put on my NSFW blog. ;-D