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Star Trek!AU Spiritassassin

-Chirrut and Baze working in security for the science vessel NCC-2348 Whills.

-Baze was the perfect member of Star Fleet, always got his reports done on time, always had good ideas on how to increase security.

-Chirrut and Baze had been on the Whills for so long, they had seen captains come and go, and they were jokingly called the Guardians of the Whills, because they were the only original crew left.

-Chirrut and Baze are the Whills’ power couple, and it was a not so secret rule that any one who joined the Whills, whether they were an officer or an enlisted, would find they were no longer on the Whills if Baze or Chirrut did not approve of them within six months.

-Baze and Chirrut had both been offered new posts, but neither Baze nor Chirrut ever took them, and they would only ever be considered of they could both go. But the Whills is where they needed to be, so they never took new postings anyway

-The Whills was a small ship, that did not often have a lot of security issues, so Baze and Chirrut often helped out in other departments.

–Baze likes to help the engineers around the ship, enjoys fixing things and making parts of the ship run more efficiently. He always gets a sense of pride whenever something works.

–Chirrut likes to take Bridge duty, and every time he is given the bridge he always makes jokes about taking over navigation.

-And then the Whills was attacked. It was ruthless, and unexpected. The Whills was a science vessel, not a military ship, most spats they got into they just ran away, called for back up, got away, or talked their way out of, but they couldn’t this time.

-Baze, Chirrut, and a few of the scientists managed to escape, but the Whills was destroyed.

-Once Baze and Chirrut were safe Baze resigned from Starfleet, ignoring Chirrut’s disappointment in him, and Chirrut trying to hide his disappointment.

-Baze still goes to space though, goes with Chirrut to his next posting, because they’re married, but Baze is now a civilian instead of an officer. Baze has to adjust to it, he doesn’t have the clearance levels he used to, doesn’t hold as much influence, but he adjusts.

-Chirrut doesn’t have the influence he used to have either and he finds it frustrating, because he just wants to get things DONE but he’s no longer one of the senior crew members and they have their own way of doing things and they don’t want/need Chirrut to “Shake things up”

-Chirrut sometimes tries to tempt Baze back into Star Fleet, which is the usual source of their arguments.

-Security Officers Baze and Chirrut ftw

v luči prešernovega dne (kinda): js sm se lotu prevajat ‘my name is cow’ (že pred časom – ampak najprej nism upoštevu historičnega vidika mema, kar mi ni blo všeč) in sm zdej končal s sledečim:

jaz krava sem –
ko pade noč,
al luna s'ja,
čis’ na vso moč,
inu ljudi
vstal je le duh,
jaz sem pokonc’ –
jaz ližem kruh.

ampak se ne spoznam (niti dovolj niti sploh…) na starejšo slovenščino, zato so dobrodošle vse kritike in izboljšave!


★  Dream  [ft. Sugar Relish]

Varian, now 12 years old, ventures into the Fade to keep himself occupied while searching for Solas. There he meets a very persistent Desire Demon who’s very new to the job. 

( even though this was a random thought of mine, thank you @bittersweet-blue-hearts // It’s like 2am I don’t know what I’m doing anymore )

whenever I’m super super sad I go to my safe space. My safe space, specifically, is a world on minecraft in peaceful mode. In this place I tend a tiny flock of sheep and build a small cabin next to their field. I am neither an architect nor very good at building things, but nevertheless it calms me. Sometimes I sit in my cabin and look at my sheep through the window and think about how fluffy and good they are.
I am not allowed to have negative thoughts while in this place. I am only allowed to listen to the calming music and my sheepies’ baa’s, and quietly build.



non-canon map of the free marches

the official map of thedas is tragically underpopulated, so here’s an alternative. all headcanon & completely made up, but useful for fic/worldbuilding or just interesting for the curious. feel free to nab bits & pieces for your own stuff, just gimme a credit if you do!

all of these place names exist in the real-world, & i’ve taken them from ireland, scotland, scandinavia, switzerland, belgium, & northern england. i’ve tried to match up my invented names to the canon ones (for example, ‘kirkwall’ is a real place in scotland, so the names i put around thedas’ kirkwall are also scottish).

more map shenanigans

under the cut: full list of places, by area

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But imagine a perfect world where three beautiful polyamorous horned giants and one angry lesbian elf baby with a bad hair cut go on a great adventure 

i’ve never even played inquisition and i love him :^ )