all d december

I presume there is no mention of where Branch’s Hug Time friendship bracelet went, right? 

In saying that, I headcanon that he kept it safely hidden in a small secret compartment in his bunker. Or in a random drawer, idk. Either way, it hasn’t seen the light of day since Branch first placed it in there.

…. until Poppy somehow manages to find it one day while, idk, trying to wake Branch up - distractions are everywhere in the bunker, I’d imagine. 

Poppy brings it to Branch with questions, to which he kindly ignores saying something like, “I don’t need it, Poppy, really. I’ve got yours!” while putting it back in its home. 

Realising the bracelet had stopped working during its neglected period, Poppy decides to “borrow” it for the day without Branch’s knowledge.

She takes it to Mandy Sparkledust, who repairs the bracelet in no time. Mandy asks who it belongs to, and Poppy replies.

Mandy then puts the bracelet in a small blue sparkly box and ties it with a matching bow. Poppy leaves for Branch after a hearty thank you. 

She finds Branch, gives him the present, a thank you and heart-to-heart ensues just before - bing! - their bracelets light up! They hug and everyone is happy ♥ 

Best of SRKajol 2014

We’ve grown as actors and as people. Our friendship doesn’t depend on us calling each other every day and knowing what’s going on in each other’s lives. But, when we meet, there’s warmth and no need to put on a mask. It’s the comfort level with a person you’ve known for 20 years. - Kajol on SRK

(dedicated to Anesya )

                                    and Happy New Year!!!