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1:34 AM: am I going to randomly bleed all over my sheets tonight? will I drool all over the cutie tomorrow? I should put on a pad. I don't want to though. I want to paint and draw with the girl tomorrow. I want to kiss her. when will the universe collapse so there's never fleas in the world ever again? I hate these damn fleas. will they try to go for my period blood? god I hope not. I should go put on underwear and a pad. and grab a night light to distract the damn fleas from my phone.



I know I say this everytime I post one of these but fuck I love you guys. You all are sweethearts and cuties and I love you all. Thanks so much for liking my blog. And just for the record I look through the notes on my RPs and love seeing that some of you like them. Thank you so so much for everything you guys💙💜💙


Polina: Honey, don’t you think this vampire on the picture with his girlfriend looks like you and me ^_____^

Deimos: Aww, really ;) But I think she kissed him many times. I want to get your kiss too ;)


Morgan, cutie, stop it, or I’m ready to leave Deimos and play only with you xD


I was tagged for a selfie thing by peacheis and I look like trash right now so I just took a bunch of selfies from like the past 2 months

I’m not tagging anyone just do it if u want and tag me in it so I can see all you cuties 💕

Hey I hope everyone is having a good day today, and if u aren’t just remember that u can restart ur day at any time and just try again. Also u are smart and beautiful and a unique human being and you deserve to be happy! (And I love you very much.) if you are having a good day, I’m very glad for you and I hope tomorrow is even better! You are all magnificent cuties and I want everyone to be happy. :)

dear friends,

we’re so glad that you’ve partaken in our humble quest to call out some cool people on this website. me and kevin have found some very mean blogs doing this kind of things & we thought ‘well! that’s not nice!’ and responded to them by creating this blog. you’re all cutie patooties!
we’re having so much fun! me and kevin were actually spending some quality time together, with a cup of wine & e network, but this is so much better. i should talk about this in the next “cool suburban moms” meeting!

with love,

barbara jones