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When Their S/O Has Bad Stress/Anxiety {Reaction}

Note: I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted, but since this is my first request(!!!) I did try really hard to make this good. Also one of these talks of a panic attack and as I have no first hand experience I am sorry if it is inaccurate. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my first request!~Rin

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a GOT7 reaction to their s/o having really bad anxiety and they stress and worry about everything? Sorry if you’ve done something like this.

Park Jinyoung

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Jinyoung knew that you had a job interview for your dream job. Jinyoung also knew how high your level of anxiety could get. Having this knowledge of you he stopped by your favorite cafe before coming over for breakfast the day of. He arrived to find you hyperventilating as you went over the possible interview questions again and again. Your appearance told him that maybe giving you coffee wouldn’t be the best thing right now.

Jinyoung:”Did you sleep last night?”

Y/N: “How could I have slept at a time like this? I had to go over those questions and I still need to.”

Jinyoung: “Jagiya I am taking these away and we are going to take a nap until it’s time for you to go. You don’t need to worry about anything, because I know that you are amazing and you will do amazing.”

Im Jaebum

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Public speaking was not your strong suit. Even if you were 100% prepared and knew everything about your topic you couldn’t help, but stress out about everything. Did you remember to alphabetically sort your works cited? Was the slide theme appropriate for the subject matter? Had you chosen to wear a good outfit that wouldn’t distract from you presentation? All these worries and more ran through your head and eventually out of your mouth as you sat with Jaebum. He just chuckled slightly and squeezed your hand in his own as you ran your mouth a mile a minute.

Y/N: “Do you think I should have used smaller index cards? Is a ponytail really okay for this or should I put my hair down? Oh my god did I forge-”

Jaebum: “Y/N you have spent the past week polishing this thing past perfection. You will do just fine.”

Y/N: “But-”

Jaebum: “You may be cute when you worry like this, but there is no need. I believe in you.”

Jackson Wang

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Jackson stalwartly believed that four in the morning was a perfect time to be asleep. No one need to be up at a time like that no matter the reason. That’s why he was slightly miffed to find himself waking up at 4:12 in the morning, because you were out of bed doing things. It took him only a second to realize why and once this occurred all annoyance faded away. The only thing in his mind was making you forget your worries at least long enough to fall back to sleep.

Without any warning he pulled you back onto the bed and began to tickle you. Even when you screamed for him to stop he continued. He continued until you ran out of breathe and settled back into the plush comforter wrapped up in his arms and eyes drooping closed.

Jackson: “Better?”


Kim Yugyeom

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Your shirt was pulled up your back slightly as you slid down the mirror. The cool slide of the glass was lost in the back of your mind. Instead you felt overwhelming fear and anxiety wash over you in waves throwing you against the rock that was your own mind. Breaths escaped you as your heart pounded unrelentingly against your chest.

Oblivious to your panic attack Yugyeom bounded into the room excitedly rambling about this and that. Plopping down next to you he draped his arm over your shoulders only to have you not cling to him like usual. Looking at you he realized what was happening, but had no idea how to help you. Unbeknownst to him his helplessness was the best thing for you at the moment.

Yugyeom: “Oh my god Y/N are you okay? What do I do? What can I do? I am such a shit boyfriend I can’t even help you out.”

Y/N: “Gyeomie… Gyeomie. It’s okay, i’m okay. Don’t… Don’t you start freaking out on me.”

Yugyeom: “Jagiya thank god” *Instantly embraces you*

Choi Youngjae

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It had been a year since you last talked to anyone in your family. You hadn’t left on such great terms, but recently your mother reached out to you. Now your parents were coming to visit you and even though they were family you couldn’t help how much your hands shook at the thought.

Standing in the kitchen you dried dishes while Youngjae cleaned the countertops. It was when he had his back to you that you dropped the cup in your hands and in shattered in the sink. In an instant Youngjae was checking you over making sure you weren’t hurt. He only grew concerned when he noticed how hard your hands shook as he held them in his own.

Youngjae: “Wait here I know the perfect thing.”

Y/N: “I’m fine Jae! It’s just a little cold in thi-”

Youngjae: “But Coco really wants to see you.” *Holds Coco up to your face*

Mark Tuan

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No matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t get Korean down. You had really hoped that you would’ve been fluent enough by now to at least hold a simple conversation. After learning a word,though, it slipped right out of your grasp the second you went to use it. Sitting at your desk pouring over textbooks you clenched your hands ready to just throw the thing to the side.

    At this moment Maek opened your door a plate of your favorite snack held in one hand and a soft blanket held in the other. Sneaking up behind you he draped the blanket over your shoulders and hugged you with one arm. He set the snacks down on top you desk covering the books that caused you so much stress.

Mark: “Take a break. It doesn’t matter to me if you speak Korean. I am from L.A. after all.”

Y/N: “I just feel bad that you have to translate for me when the boys are around.”

Mark: “If doing that means you are around then I am okay with that. I love you so I don’t mind being a translator.”


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You felt heat run through you body and without realizing it the pencil in your hand snapped in half. Without realizing it you had been clenching your hands, not in anger but in stress. As you realized how much stress you had building up on you tears started to fall down your face.

Hearing you crying BamBam rushed in to find you face down sobbing into your books. He knew finals were coming up for you, but he hadn’t realized how much of a toll studying was taking on you. Unsure of what to do BamBam did what he knew best.

BamBam: “Look at me. I promise you will feel a lot better.”

Y/N: *Lifts head and looks at him*

BamBam: *Dabs*

Y/N: “I hate you so much”

BamBam: “But you’re not crying so I will take that as a compliment.”


my belly has always been my “problem” area, the part i’m most insecure about! but i’m loving it more and more, and seeing it as an adorable cute part of me! if your belly looks like mine, or is bigger, or is smaller, it’s beautiful because it’s part of you!

please try not to compare yourself to those polished, posed and “perfect” girls you see on the internet! it’s okay to be polished up sometimes and looking glamorous, but always remember: WE ARE REAL, WE DONT NEED TO COMPARE OURSELVES TO THESE IMAGES, WE ARE REAL WOMEN LIVING REAL LIFES ❤️ i know i for one don’t have the time and energy to look “perfect” all the time! and i’m sure as hell that “perfect” girl in the magazine or on the internet doesn’t look that “perfect” and glamorous all the time, because they are real women too! you are beautiful without being polished and glamorous, without being in the right angle, without being posed, you are JUST beautiful!


Got7 Imagine: Jackson as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
  • Inbox / Requests are OPEN
  • Masterlist

University AU list: Mark | Jaebum | Jinyoung


  • Second/ Sophomore Year
  • Major in Fencing at the Physical Education/ Sports Department
  • Student Ambassador
  • Excellent Grades
  • Best friends with Mark from the Science Department and Bam Bam from the Arts Department
  • Known around campus as the sweetest guy alive by females and the everybody’s bro by males
  • How he commutes to campus: Usually jogs or walk but will take a ride on Jaebum’s car if he’s running late
  • Everyday outfit: All black athletic wear, nike or adidas
  • Class Schedule: 8 am to 2 pm classes because he has early morning practice with the fencing team
  • At school during at the crack of dawn and lasts until afternoons practicing at the gym, in a lecture, or on ambassador duty in the offices

During Class:

  • Takes his seat right by the middle row, usually right in the center of the hall
  • Has a pen and one piece of paper, usually at the very bottom of his bag
  • Tries to take notes but scribbles hieroglyphics because he can’t catch up with the speed of the professor
  • Gives up and type notes on his computer instead and gets distracted by social media notifications
  • Hands in his assignment on time; fulfills the minimum and tries for maximum (even if he struggles)
  • Sits with his friends and usually gets distracted every 5 seconds
  • Has habit of breathing heavily and drumming his fingers if the class gets boring
  • Starts off sitting properly at the beginning of class and has his upper body laid flat on the table by the end of class
  • Always arrives just after the professor steps in because he was too caught up with morning practice

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has caesar salad with shreds of chicken breast with organic green tea
  • From time to time he has a cheat day and has a burger with chips/ crisps/ fries
  • Always tries to talk to Mark even if Mark doesn’t reply
  • Talks to Jaebum and Youngjae as well cause they all live together and share house chores
  • Occasionally goes out with Bam bam and Jinyoung off campus to have grilled meat
  • If he’s preparing for a competition, he’d be in the gym practicing
  • If he’s particularly free that day he’d go play basketball with Mark
  • Other times he’d be working at the offices as the uni/ college’s student ambassador
  • Helping out mostly undergraduates and freshmen around campus
  • Tries his best to answer any questions students have about their career path
  • Low-key on the side promoting his beloved organic products

During Exam Season:

  • This boy will be panicking
  • Asks his hyungs, noonas and friends to tutor him
  • He will disappear for a good few days to study
  • Hella stressed and you can tell from a glimpse
  • So stressed that he’ll neglect food AND sleep if necessary
  • Speaks out loud to himself while studying to help himself remember things
  • Has his hair up in a ponytail to stop it from falling over his eyes
  • Stubble Jackson at the very peaks of exam season (reference to Law of Jungle for accurate depiction)
  • He shows up to his exams hobo style and ALL BLACK
  • “I am attending the funeral of my grades.”
  • Checks grade or GPA updates every day during the holidays
  • Thanks his mom and gives a speech to celebrate the world, when he finds out he scored flying colours on most his exams

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Thinks himself as unattractive or not desirable when there’s a flock of Jackies everywhere (like boy, please, be more confident)
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and humbled
  • Also would politely decline if he’s not interested, tells admirers that he has other goals in priority and that he wouldn’t mind being friends instead

How you meet him:

  • It was at the beginning of the uni/ college break when you meet Jackson
  • You visiting the offices, hopefully, to rearrange the clashing class schedule for your next academic year
  • It was pretty much your second time in the office aside from the time you had your interview there
  • The office was empty besides the one guy dressed in FULL BLACK by the desks
  • He had his back facing towards you
  • “Excuse me—”
  • You slip into the office and touch the guy’s shoulder
  • “ARGH!” “AHH!”
  • He jumped up at your touch and screamed that resulted in scared you
  • The two of you just kind of looked at each other and burst out laughing
  • “Hi, sorry for scaring you just now, I’m trying to look for the program advisor. Any idea where they would be?”
  • “Actually, _______ is currently in a meeting. But, I can try to help you out. I’m Jackson, one of the many student ambassadors here.”
  • Jackson smiled at you and pulled out a chair, motioning you to sit next to him
  • “So what exactly do you need help with?”
  • “I just need to rearrange my schedule for next semester/ quarter. I have a night class that’s clashing with my part-time shift.”
  • “Oh okay, that’s quite simple then. I’ll do it for you cause the meeting might take a while.”
  • You then went on into telling him what classes you’d need to change and got business done. You thanked Jackson and left for home and enjoyed the rest of your well-deserved break/ holiday
  • For the rest of the academic year, you’d always run into Jackson in the offices
  • You guys gradually become really good friends
  • You also grew to help around the offices, and people thought you were a student ambassador at some point (when you were not)
  • Fast forward to the end of the academic year, it was the end of your last class when you find Jackson waiting outside
  • “Hey!”
  • “Hi, Jackson! What are you doing here?”
  • He hands you a sign-up form for the student ambassador program
  • “Came to hand this to you. Figure you should actually become part of the team since it’s been a while you’ve been helping out now.”
  • “Haha, I should. Thank you for delivering this to me! Got anything planned for later since it is now officially holidays.”
  • “Nothing, but I would want to hang out with you.”
  • “We see each other all the time, Jack! Classes and at the offices?”
  • “I want to see you outside of school and the offices for once.”
  • Jackson smiles cutely at you and boy you know it’s gonna be the perfect way to start your uni/ college break

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(Jackson looks like a polished but cute af high schooler here HAHAHA)^

Percy Jackson Orchestra AU

I recently returned from Concert Festival with my orchestra (we got the highest score of all the orchestras who entered woooo), and it got me thinking about this au. 

  • Although they’re all in different grades, all of the main seven are in the same orchestra class, due to the fact that they all began learning at different times and are now all on (about) equal footing
  • Chiron is their teacher/conductor, and has a small rivalry with Mr. D, the band’s teacher


  • Cellist
  • Senior who has been playing since freshman year. He enjoys the class & being with his friends, but doesn’t care all that much about chair placement or being the best cellist in the orchestra
  • Percy’s relationship with Annabeth is an orchestra romance and as such ridiculously dorky and cute, and everyone in the class had been lowkey shipping them since middle school 
  • They have their first kiss after their orchestra gets the highest score at a competition, beating their long-time rivals
  • He doesn’t continue it into college, but the people he met and the experiences he had always stick with him
  • ALSO PSEUDO SWORD FIGHTS WITH BOWS, which were all fun until Leo’s bow-hair is yanked completely out of the frog
  • Probably learns all the Star Wars themes on his cello because he’s a fuckin nerd
  • Once almost dropped his cello in a swimming pool. It’s a long story that most try to forget.

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Dating Two Face would Include:

Note, anything with // on it means that the points are dependant on his coin.

- Being in a very on off relationship.
- The nature and state of your relationship very much depending on the flip of a coin. Obviously.
- Being called things like ‘Honey’ and 'Darling’ // Being called a 'Whore’ and a 'Skank’.
- Late nights cuddling in bed, talking and messing around. // Long nights alone in bed because he’s pissed at you for no reason other than the coin or because he’s plotting and hiring goons.
- Lots of cuddling and physical affection // Physical abuse.
- Polishing his coin collection.
- Making sure to show lots of affection to both sides of him, so that he knows you love and respect him as a whole.
- Conjugal visits to Arkham. // Him refusing to accept your visits.
- Fuelling his alcohol addiction or being mercilessly beaten for trying to make him stop.
- Learning how to sew - creating multiple half and half suits for him.
- Dates to
- buying/making yourself duality themed outfits.
- Learning the perfect techniques for flipping and catching coins.
- Kiss good buy to any and all dice.
- Him being very handsy and affectionate. Cute names and lots of pda. // Him actively neglecting you and your physical/mental need.
- Having to respect whatever the coin tells him to do and not actively encourage ignoring it, less you want to argue over it.
- Even if it means having to put up with his smell after he refused to shower 4 days in a row, because of the coin.
- Being Batmans first stop when he needs information on whatever Two Face is up to.
- Being the polices first stop when he needs information on whatever Two Face is up to.
- Having to become very good at hiding from authorities.
- Living solely on criminal activity. (his or yours) Since it’s incredibly hard to have a registered job and hide from the government.
- Him being super possessive, jealous, paranoid // him being super placid and uncaring about what you do and who you see.
- Watching him use his own thugs as punching bags when thing have gone wrong and needs to release pent up frustration // Being his punching bag when things go wrong and he needs to release pent frustration.
- Rough demanding sex // slow caring sex.
- Him being a complete switch in the bedroom.
- Dealing with and guarding yourself from his constant mood swings.
- Living on near constant adrenalin because you never know what to expect from him really.
- Becoming well versed in law.
- Being able to really relate to the song 'Hot N Cold’ by Katy Perry.

alyseb630  asked:

33. “Please don’t do this.” Marichat

And the words spring to life between them, casting images of memories he doesn’t remember, creating a past that only she knows. Her back is against the wall and she has no where else to go except forward, but all she wants to do is go backwards. 

For Marinette isn’t talking to Chat Noir, she knows, but instead Chat Blanc as he saunters forward, green eyes cold and more blue than usual sunlight. 

Moonlight shimmers off the pristine white material, looking too perfect, too right, too–too much of a blur of what’s real and what’s not. 

He smirks, all teeth and all bite, with his gaze lazy as he picks up chin with a clawed hand, letting the sharpness of his nails prick her skin. 

“I’ll do what I’ll please,” and his voice his honey, elegant, polished. 

She won’t turn her eyes away, she won’t cry, she won’t scream, she won’t–

–respond to his kiss because that’s what he’s doing. Kissing her like she’s his. 

But she’s not. 

She is equals with a boy who wears black and tells terrible jokes and is all stupidity rolled into cuteness. Not lower than one who is too perfect, too polished, too calculated. 

Chat Blanc growls when her lips don’t move and his grip around her jaw becomes tighter and his eyes freeze her to the bone as he glares. “Something you don’t like?”

“You,” she grits out. “I don’t like you.”

His mouth presses into a firm line. “But you love him.”

“I do,” she affirms, the truth sounding true as a bell tolls in the distance. “And right now you’re not him.” 

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Why am I doing this?

Because all of you precious gems deserve nice things.

Some of you have made me laugh. Some of you have helped me through hard times. Some of you have had no interaction with me what so ever.

You all are precious, so you are getting some nice things.

Anyway, here’s the Loot

The Village Witch Starter Kit:

Whats in it?

Candles, bottles, tea, sparkly grey nail polish,feathers with bells, a card deck, crochet hook, floral stationary and green tapers.

Scarf is jingly and included.

Whats that? A box?

naw ducky,


What’s in it you ask?

Hair clips, make up, hella cute nail polish, a polk-a-dot scarf, glitter tubes, pretty tights, scented candles, and jewelry.

Look at that cute

Matte purple lipstick because you are a royal

It was too perfect to pass up

A Divination Kit:

All that you can see.

The beeswax candles are from a local  company and they burn long, lean, and clean. they smell really great.

Why Uno? Because I want some one to help my figure out how to use it as a divination system, because why not?

Med Mage

An informative book on herbal remedies, two LOCAL beeswax candles, Lavender essential oil, and 4 green glass bottles.

and finally:


Nice stuff for your bath, face masks, 2 hand creams, a calming scented candle, a pumice stone, a cupcake cup, and some purple lipstick.

because I DO REALIZE that not all of my followers are witches, though kudos for sticking with me for so long.

So that’s some great stuff yeah?

So what are the rules?

1)you have to be following me, duh.

2)you can like OR re-blog this post, but only one will count, please don’t spam

3)no giveaway blogs

How will it work?

on 2/14/2015

I will pick 5 winners at random. In the order that they are chosen, they will get to choose their kit.

So yeah follw, like or reblog, and possiably win.

Just a reminder, you are precious gems who deserve nice things! BTW I am not doing international shipping. I am not made of money sorry!

Naya’s Beauty Tips: Neutral Nail Colors

This post brought to you by U by Kotex. All opinions are 100% mine.


External image

I love a good nail polish, but even more so I love neutral tones that are feminine and soft. I found the perfect neutral shades from Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, “Arm Candy” and “Pink Pong.” And if I want to spice things up with a little pop of color, a deep red like Sally Hansen’s “Wine Not” is perfect too. (Umm… how cute are these polish names?). 

Nail Tip: I usually do two coats of polish. The first is the base coat so that your second coat sets and you get the most out of the color. If you’re feeling adventurous, try following your second coat with some nail art for an extra pop of color. Adding a few simple lines or geometric shapes looks super fun and vibrant. Check out the pic below for some nail art inspiration! After you’ve done both coats, complete your manicure with a clear top coat and you’re done! (Special thank you to my friend for trusting me to do her manicure lol).


External image
External image
External image

I’m obsessed with these colors! Want to get your own bottle of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure for free? Visit any Target store by February 22nd and get a FREE Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polish when you buy 3 U by Kotex products. How cool is that?

Ok, now help me choose which color I should wear. Which one is your favorite?

myeyesarefried  asked:

Tony sighed and took a seat next to her, leaning his back against the wall. “The only time you fail,” he said, and he sounded tired, “is when you stop getting up. You get up, you try again. You label it an attempt, not a failure. You learn from it. You don't make that mistake again. But you get up. You try again.”“How many times?” she mumbled.“You do it right, or you do it again,” he said, as if that was all there was. “So you do it again until you do it right.”

From “Things Unseen (That Are Captured on Film)”

Old family motto: Do it right, or do it again.  In other words, if you half-ass it, it’ll probably have to be redone, and end up taking twice as much time and effort as it would have if you’d just done it properly to begin with.

We’re a hardass bunch of old Yankees, but we ain’t wrong.

Here, I was speaking to lessons that Tony learned the hard way, and I suspect, he learned alone.  

I think Howard Stark was very image conscious, very driven, very determined to be the biggest and the best and to present a very professional, very successful face to the public.  The pictures in the “Tony Stark retrospective” in Iron Man really bother me.  They feel like Tony’s being used in a PR blitz.  Like Tony was being trotted out like another product of StarkIndustries.

As long as he was small and cute and obedient, as long as he was part of the polished image of the perfect family, Tony had a measure of approval.  I get the feeling that he ended up in boarding school right around the time his presence stopped being an asset.

More than that, I think that a lot of the approval Tony got was dependent on his ability to produce.  To conform.  To do what his father wanted, what Obie wanted, to be profitable and productive.  To not make mistakes.  To not fail.

Most of all, I suspect failure was not tolerated.

Life without a capacity for failure, without a margin for error, is terrifying.  If failure isn’t an option, if success is the only acceptable outcome, then any hint of a stumbling block can be paralyzing.  For a child, especially, that’s a horrible thing to face.   

Tony still doesn’t handle failure well.  Because no one was there to pick him up, dust him off, and tell him it’s okay.  Try again.  You can do it.  You didn’t do it this time, but you can.  Let’s try again.

I believe you can do it.

I don’t think Tony really thinks about it, in this scene.  But he knows failure, he knows the way your throat closes up and your chest seizes.  He knows the crippling fear and self-disgust and shame that can chew at you, when you fail publicly.

And he recognizes this kid needs to hear words that he never did.  It’s okay.   Get up.  Try again.  WE will try again.  Not YOU will try again.  WE.  No one’s deserting you, no one’s kicking you out, it’s okay.  You’re still one of us.

Even when you screw up.  Failing doesn’t make you a failure.  

Shoutan's Blog Update - 2016-07-25 - B's-LOG FAN MEETING 2016

*Please do not repost*

Both days were completed safely!
I was allowed to appear as NaL from appoli (apple-polisher) on 23rd!
Everyone who visited, thank you very much!

Thanks to Nishiyama-kun who I look up to and, Takeuchi-kun’s moderator who I got along with and became troublesome
And also everyone who visited, it became a really fun stage.
I keep feeling grateful.

Anyway, I was allowed to sing appoli’s song from the very start but…
I was really nervous… Laughs
I intended to somehow do my best to be able to show my gratitude (゚ Д゚ ) waaa

Also, co-starring with UK’s Yoshiki-kun and, Manager Tatsuo’s Motegi-san was super fun I want to do this againn somehow (*^_^*)

I’m thankful to Yoshiki-kun for taking these from the backstage monitor (*^_^*)

You know this shirt!
It’s got the green apple appoli’s symbol!
Also under it… although hard to understand.

It’s got eve there!

appoli, calls their fans eve right.
To think that there was such a perfect shirt(^▽^)
It must be fateee.

Also, Yoshiki-kun and Motegi-san!
Although both of them were smiling, Motegi-san was really nervous.
It’s cute (^▽^)
Yoshiki-kun was weell like usual laughs
He was all relaaxed!

And the photo taken by Yoshiki-kun.

What’s up with the image quality (*`へ´*) laughs

There’s also a punch line, it was one fired up day!

Once again thank you very much!

  • john buying sherlock pretty dresses and weaving flowers in sherlock’s hair tho
  • also did i mention sherlock wearing john’s jumpers and long socks tho
  • also also sherlock in high waisted shorts frICK
  • what abouttt sherlock in flowy light summer dresses (w/ bikini underneath because it’s beach timee!!!!) with cute shades and cute nail polish
  • BUT THEN sherlock also has this perfectly tight little black dress with bright red lipstick and perfect hair straight out of the rollers and wowww
Just saying

Part one of a requested imagine about the song just saying! Possibly writing a part two.

“What a total asshole.” I sneered as I watched Chad wink at the waitress from across the restaurant. I was sitting at the table with the rest of my band mates, Ashton, Luke, and Mikey. 

“Cal, we know you hate the guy, but do you really have to complain every time we see him out?” 

I ignored this and kept on with my rant, “I mean, (y/n) deserves so much better than that sleaze ball. Someone who will take care of her, someone who wont cheat on her, someone who isn’t dumb as a rock.”

“Someone like you?” Ashton suggested as he stuck some fries in his mouth. The guys laughed and I shook my head. They were making fun of me because I had liked (y/n) since freshman year, and ever since then I had sat around watching her date the biggest scumbags in school. 

The conversation at our table went on without me as I watched (y/n) sit down at the table with Chad. (y/n) was so beautiful, her (y/h/c) hair was perfect, her (y/e/c) that I honesty couldn’t keep rom staring at, her amazing body, just everything. 

Chad sat there in his football jersey dazing off into space as (y/n) spoke to him, and it wasn’t until his friends showed up that his face lit up. 

“Yo!” He called to them in his dumb-jock voice. They all walked to the table and squished into the booth, (y/n) right in the middle. She looked down with a sad expression at the table. 

“Calum? Hello? Anyone home?” I snapped back into reality and looked up at Luke, “I asked if you still wanted to go to Bree’s party?”

“Uh yeah, sure.” As we got up from the table I noticed (y/n) looking at us, I met her glance and she smiled slightly. Wow she was beautiful. 

“What are you looking at dweeb?” Chad asked, standing from the table. 

“He’s just looking at that poster on the wall Chad,” Luke started, as Chad turned around to see the poster Luke was referring to we hurried out the door. 

“What a fucking dick.” Mikey started as we got into the car. 

“She smiled at me. (y/n) smiled at me. Do you know what this means?” My grin was huge, “That she knows I exist. She actually saw me.”


I was sitting in the kitchen refilling my drink, thinking about (y/n) when I saw her. Oh no. Bree. I mean I obviously knew she was going to be here, it was her party, I just hoped I wouldn’t see her. 

“Oh mah goshhhh” Bree squealed in her southern accent. “You look so good!” She said as she touched my chest. She was cute, and she had a huge thing for me, but I knew that Luke was into her. Not that it mattered, I was so into (y/n) to even notice other girls. 

“Thanks Bree. I need to use the bathroom?” I asked her as she twisted her long blonde hair around her pointer finger with perfect pink nail polish. 

“Right down the hall, want me to take you?” She took a step toward me just in time for Chad and all his friends to walk into the kitchen. 

“Oh shit.” I said under my breath as he saw me. 

“Hey twerp.” He said as he brushed my hair (he wasn’t even that much taller for god’s sake). Anger welled up inside me as I heard the guys call me into the living room. 

“Calum! Come sing that new song of yours! Bree has a sick drum set!” Ashton cheered childishly making me smile. “And a electric, bass, and microphone!”

“Oh yeah,” Bree said, “Daddy has a studio where he gives bands record deals! Isn’t that cool?”

“Huh.” I nodded. 

“Come on Calum! Lets show these people 5 seconds of summer!” Mikey yelled. 

“Is that your band?” Bree asked in awe.

“Yeah it is.” Luke yelled. Bree smiled at Luke making him blush uncontrollably. 

I laughed as I walked over to them and picked up the bass. Wow this is nice. 

Then as I began to play (y/n) stepped into the living room. 

Play this song

Hope you don’t hate it -ar

ive come to the complicated conclusion that i ship tom riddle and chanel oberlin (oriddle). tom could help chanel grow up and stop being a whiny little kid (ugly duckling to swan cliche YES) and chanel could help tom to fall in love, maybe. or introduce him to the finer things in life.

but imagine all the things these two could get done if they put their minds together. chanel could come up with the initial plan (no matter how wonky and crazy it is) and tom could polish it to perfection. magic and pure craziness

AND just imagine how cute there kids would be. blonde ringlets and piercing black eyes

most aesthetically pleasing couple i can think of

anonymous asked:

Why do you like old dudes?

I just like badasses with unconventionally attractive faces with a lot of personality in their looks I guess?

I love my action movie actors and in hollywood action movies most of the time it’s the middle aged bad guy with a serious face and low serious voice and/or the middle aged badass hero with a serious face and low serious voice and sometimes a movie with some kind of centerfold model looking dude as the star. 

I’m just very very bored by how the “young” stars often just end up looking too perfect and polished, so the other ones stick more and look way more interesting. It’s not so much an age thing than that I can think of a bazillion generic interchangeable good looking actors but there’s only one guy who for example has the Vinnie Jones vibe. (Who already had that in his first movies.)

Like with Game of Thrones, Jon Snow/Kit Harington is cute and all but he looks kind of boring? I think Jorah Mormont/Iain Glen is way more attractive because he looks more interesting and has more defined facial features (and dat voice). I feel like a bunch of older actors have that aged more unique attractiveness where there’s more going on with their faces and less focus on having to look like a potential heartthrob so “imperfection” is okay. I dig it.

Imagine for luk3ys-penguin

You’re both famous-Luke Hemmings

Today was our only free day in a week so Luke and I thought we’d go cite seeing

Being that this was mine and my bands first time in NYC we wanted to take in as much as possible

Being the opening band for 5 seconds of summer meant consist traveling but Luke knew I loved to see new things so whenever we could we’d go around the cities. Today we were headed to the Empire State Building. I’m pretty scared of heights but I thought this was something I needed to see

“You know”, Luke started “I’m really glad you guys are on tour with us”
“So am I, it’s been so amazing.” I said turning to look at him. “I didn’t think me and the girls’ little band would end up here. Or me end up here with you.” I blushed looking down smiling shyly.
“I’ve always loved your "little band” you guys are amazing, you’re amazing"  he says grabbing my one of my hands. “You’re not too bad yourself"  I said giggling and blushing even more
"Am I?” He grinned at me confidently. Once you get to really know Luke he’s totally himself and he makes it easy for others to be themselves as well I loved that about him. Once we got to the build i looked at Luke nervously. “Okay don’t laugh but I’m a bit scared.” I said really embarrassed
“It’s ok I’ll be there every step of the way” he said. He really was the sweetest guy ever. Out of the corner of my eye I saw people taking photos of us

“Crap, Luke look over there.” I said letting go of his hand. I got so caught up in being with Luke I forgot we’re supposed to be careful. 5 seconds of summer were becoming such a big deal and my band was still just starting the rumors that would go around could be bad for the both of our bands and the fans. 5sos loved their fans and I respected that cause so did I.

“Just ignore them” he said as we entered the empire state building. Once we arrived at the top I was so amazed at the view of New York.  Everything was so beautiful you’d have to be there to believe me. “Wow it’s so beautiful"  I said thinking out loud. "Not as beautiful as you are” Luke said

I looked at him and laughed. “You’re cheesy. I love it.” I said leaning my head against his chest as Luke wrapped his arms around me. Once we were done we continued to walk around the city. Even though I could help but get nervous about the things that would be said when those pictures got out
We ended up heading back to the hotel where a couple of 5SOS fans were waiting for the chance to see one of the boys. Luke stopped to talk to them so I stood back not.wanting to get in the way. One of the girls walked up to me, “Your band literally gives me life and I’m so happy you guys are touring with 5sos” I couldn’t help but smile. “Aww you’re the sweetest thing ever” “is it ok if I get a picture with you?” She asked. “Of course love” we took 3 pictures one normal, one sweet, and one silly. The girl went back over to Luke and one of her friends came up to me “so are you and Luke dating?”

I quickly looked at Luke then back down. It was kind of tiring hiding but I was willing. “Yeah we are.” He smiled over at me. “Omg otp I ship it!” She said excitedly. I was so surprised that he actually said and that his fans were so accepting. “Cake? Omg Calum’s been replaced.” One of the girls joked. I just giggled at the excitement that was breaking out in front of me.

“Just do us a favor guys and keep it low key. We don’t want to upset any of the fans ok?” I asked the girls. “Your secret is safe with us, just know that we totally support you guys” one fan said. I couldn’t help but smile. We waved good bye to the girls and headed into the hotel. We ended hanging out in my room. Since we were behind closed doors we could finally be ourselves. We watched funny YouTube videos and took cute couples selfies. That’s when our phones started blowing up with tweets and photos from both the media and fans. One headline reading.“ Who is this mystery girl we’ve been catching 5 seconds of summer singer Luke Hemmings with lately? Perhaps a new love interest”

I looked through the things most of it was supports but not everything could be perfect. All most everyone was supportive but I still was nervous. “Now what?” I asked. “You have that radio interview tomorrow.” I said putting my phone. “They’re going to ask about us.” He said. I nodded but suddenly the nail polish on my nails were interesting. “Don’t worry about it.” Luke said pulling me into him. “I know I just want things to go smoothly.” I said sighing as breathed in his scent. I really did care about Luke, I wanted everything to just be perfect for him and I wanted my band to be us not just the people getting famous off of 5sos which I knew people would say.

The next day:
I went with 5SOS to their radio interview,  Luke wanted me there. The radio interview went well until they ask the question I’d been dreading.  “So Luke the internet blew up last night with photos of this mystery girl. First off who is she and second off are you two a thing?” The interviewer asked

“Yeah.” Luke said looking at the guys. “Her name is Carolle. She’s part of the band thats our opening act this year.” He said in his casual business way. “They’re awesome. They’ll be big sooner than they think.” Ashton said with a giggle. “Definitely we’re their biggest fans.” Calum said. I was getting really antsy in my seat outside of the recording area. “Wow guess we’ll have to get them soon.” The interviewer said. “So you were seen in a picture holding hands. Is there something going on there?” The interviewer said.

“Carolle is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the chance to know. I’m lucky to have gotten the chance to know her while on tour, and yeah we’ve been dating for a while now.” Oh my god he confirmed us, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t smiling from ear to ear right now"  “aww I’m so happy for you guys you two look really cute together” “thank you that means a lot coming from you” Luke looked up at me through the window and gave me a wink.

I just smiled at him. When Luke and the guys got out, I pretty much ran into his arms. “You’re amazing. Have I ever told you that?” I asked him. As we walked out of the radio station lights quickly flashed over and over and over again in our faces and for the first time Luke took my hand neither of us having to hide. I smiled over at him and held his hand tightly. It was official no more hiding or sneaking and I couldn’t feel anymore revealed with the response our relationship was getting.

Hope you like it 

~Gabie and Kareemah  <3

Oh and  these are not our gifs credit to the owner