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Sooo… hope everyone knows Calvin & Hobbes. Cause I had a flash today and Calvin and Belphegor danced in my mind for a sec and I thought: “I can totally see Bel using a Duplicator to create an army to fight Rasiel”

Aaand. There it goes.

This must have been Rumple throughout Hook and Zelena’s musical numbers in the musical episode:

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I get it you guys, he made your lives miserable. But spending over 300 years hunting Rumple down for revenge, and being jealous that he picked your sister over you to cast his curse for over 28 years seems kind of fucking crazy. Move on already!

- totally just because he wants to destroy everything tony loves, yes, that’s it, no feels at all there

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Imagine: baby!Pokemon trainer!Orochimaru likes snakey Pokemon, gets a Dratini, and then is /so miffed/ when it eventually evolves into a Dragonite. It's no longer even vaguely snake-like! Sarutobi's eyes are laughing at him. The Dragonite looks sheepish and abashed.

Ok, that’s cute to be sure, but you’re saying Orochimaru would be disappointed in Dragonite. The only people who are disappointed in Dragonite are people who value appearances more than other factors or have a theme for their team or something. Dragonite is a pseudo-legendary, extremely rare pokemon who has fantastic attack stats, really destructive moves, can flatten most pokemon, and circle the globe in 16 hours.

Orochimaru “Gotta Learn All Jutsu Catch ‘Em All” would be creepily thrilled with this acquisition and the chance to study it.

Personally, I just realized last night that I can vaguely equate Orochimaru to Giovanni.  Head of an organization that is legit on the surface and deeply questionable and unethical underneath, is made of an accumulation of criminal types going against established powers for the forceful acquisition of valuables in the leader’s pursuit for knowledge and power (and pokemon/bloodlines/money). Has weirdly loyal underlings with downtrodden childhoods who don’t often manage what he wants and are sometimes scared of him. Carries out or orders cloning experiments on a unique living organism where the experiment then goes wrong, involves a body count, and is no longer under his control.

Eventually gets beaten by a child and reforms his ways (to a degree).

Yes. Yes, I am now very fond of this parallel.  All we need is Orochimaru to be a little more of a businessman and Giovanni to be a little more of a scientist.

The seven + Reyna and Nico Camping
  • Frank: chillin with the bears
  • Annabeth + Piper: hiking together
  • Percy: swimming in the lake and pulling on people's fishing lines but he's actually just cutting them off
  • Jason: trying to hit Percy with a skipping rock, but it comes back and hits him in the face
  • Hazel: making s'mores and exploring caves
  • Reyna: playing with the marshmallow skewers as swords
  • Leo: trying not to create a forest fire and being that weirdo who purposely torches their marshmallows.
  • Nico: telling creepy ghost stories and shaking people's tents and has a flashlight under his face at all times creepily lighting his face up
I Can Be

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Can you please write a Sirius x slytherin reader where they REALLY don’t like each other at the start of hogwarts and slowly fall for each other with some magical bonding moment? I really love you writings and I’m so sorry that I creepily read all of them! Thank you and keep up the good work!

A/N: This isn’t a lot of falling for each other because it was getting long… lmk if you want a part 2 with romance and stuff!

Warnings: mild language

Part 2

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Sirius pokes his head around the corner again, checking to see if anybody is there. Seeing an empty corridor, he hightails it to the next room so he can take a breather.

Slowly closing the door behind him, he takes a deep breath, and turns around – then almost screams.

“Bloody hell, Y/N!” he whispers angrily, staring at her in shock. “Y-you nearly gave me a heart attack!”

Y/N simply stares back at him with a cocked eyebrow and a skeptical expression. “It’s after hours, Sirius.”

As Sirius’ shock recovers, so does his usual sarcasm. “Yes, I know that, Y/N.”

“And I’m a prefect.”

“Know that too.”

“So I have to report you.”

“’Course you do, love. Unless…” Sirius moves closer to Y/N, making her back into the wall behind her to keep some distance between them – but her attempts are futile, because they are soon nose to nose. Sirius places both hands on either side of Y/N’s head, leaning close. “I could convince you to be… lenient with me…” Taking a hand of the wall, he uses one finger and with the lightest of touches traces the length of Y/N’s jawline.

It doesn’t have the desired affect. Y/N’s eyes narrow and she pushes Sirius off of her. “Off, Black.”

She stalks towards the door. With one last withering glance over her shoulder, she’s gone, and Sirius lets out a long breath, collapsing against the wall.

“I hate her.”

James scoffs as he stabs his sausage and pops it in his mouth. “No you don’t, mate,” he retorts, talking around his food, making Lily cringe and toss a napkin towards him before turning back to Marlene. “Stop pouting, she was just doing her job.”

Sirius glares at James for a second before returning to his previous position – glaring down the table at Y/N. “I’m not pouting,” he mutters. “And of course I hate her. She’s been the bane of my existence ever since we came to this school.”

Further along the table, Y/N gets out of her chair and starts heading towards the door of the Great Hall. Seeing her movement, Sirius stares pointedly at his plate. Then he fake coughs and mumbles under his breath. “Goody two shoes.”

Without breaking her stride, Y/N retorts, “Man whore.”

Sirius’ head snaps up and he stares at her retreating back incredulously, barely noticing James dissolving in laughter next to him. James claps him on the shoulder, shaking his head. “Let’s go to class, mate.”

Later that day, Sirius strolls into the detention room and flashes a smirk at Professor McGonagall, causing her to roll her eyes. Sirius turns and scans the room – and his expression abruptly changes to an angry frown. “What are you doing here?”

Y/N glances up, surprised at the question, and simply shrugs and averts her eyes from Sirius’ face. He growls at her unresponsiveness and stalks closer. “Why are you in detention?”

“There was a student prowling the halls last night, and Y/N has failed to tell me who it was.” As Y/N stares pointedly at her desk, the tips of her ears turning red, Sirius whips around and stares at McGonagall who has gotten up from her chair and fixed him with her piercing glare. “Now, to work, both of you.” She directs them to a pile of dirty cauldrons and, with a wave of her wand, conjures up some muggle cleaning supplies, and then – she’s gone.

Y/N immediately grabs the nearest bottle and begins her work – but Sirius just stands there, staring at her. “You – you didn’t tell anybody?”

Y/N pauses for just a fraction of a second before continuing her rigorous attack on the cauldron. “No.”

“Why not?” Sirius asks softly, moving to stand next to her. Seeing as she intends to ignore him, he gently takes her chin in his large hand and turns her head to face him. “Why not? I t-thought you have a problem with me…”

Y/N drops her materials back on the table and looks at Sirius with fire in her eyes, surprising him. “It’s you who has a problem with me!” Seeing his look of confusion, Y/N sighs and looks down at the floor. “Ever since first year, y-you’ve been an ass to me, Sirius… and eventually, I just stopped trying.”

She turns back to the task at hand, not acknowledging Sirius’ wide eyes and dumbfounded expression as he realizes that she’s right. He’s the one who made their relationship like this. “B-but why –”

“I didn’t tell anybody because you’re a good person, Sirius… and I hope that one day you realize that.”

He remains frozen next to her, watching her use the spray bottle on the grimy exterior of the cauldron and then wipe it down – slowly, methodically.

Sirius grabs her arm, stopping her movement. “That’s what you do to me,” he says softly, gesturing to the cauldron.

Y/N just stares at him, confused. “What?”

Sirius smiles. “You take something ugly and make it better.”

Scoffing, Y/N shakes her head. “You aren’t any better, Black.”

With a sudden jerk, Sirius pulls her towards him and envelops her in a warm embrace, resting his chin on the top of her head with a soft smile playing on his lips. “But I can be.”

What the f*ck is table manners?!

Brought to you by the three Bakuras. By that I mean yes Ryou Bakura included. You might wonder how on earth would the mild, sweet Bakura got involved here? Well you will find out now! 

1. Ryou Bakura

Okay, I admit that this guy at least bother to tie his napkin before the meal. However…

… I would really appreciate it if this guy doesn’t eat the steak with such Dull Eyes of Unhappiness. Seriously it’s a meat and it’s delicious! There is no reason for you to eat it all creepily… unless this is vegetarian Marik not cruel enough to left him all hungry, but still is not happy at all by having to control him eating meat. 

Eating with creepy expressions like this might scare the people sitting with you and make them lose appetite, so this might count as a slightly unmannered action. Just slightly.

Now let’s move to the next instance where he eats in the anime…

Apparently this is when he came back from the hell of eternal card games and being so hungry he just open the damn fridge, sit down on the floor and began eating them all without even bothering to find a table. Not even any napkin in sight!

See? See how happy he is?! Who bother finding a table when you could just enjoy all the food?! Look at his expression and the way he is holding that banana lovingly!

That banana must be very happy…

… even though it causes a victim later. (photo from here)

And the last time we see him eating in the anime. That table must be prepared for like 3 people and he can eat it all?! Holy spit. He is also going to put the meat or whatever it is and the spaghetti inside his mouth at the same time without very much caring how it would make him look like a glutton. But who cares again?! He is happy!!

2. Yami Bakura

This guy unlike his host isn’t shown eating much, only one scene, but that scene is so extremely memorable and showing that he has even worse table manners.

One thing I would like to make clear with you first is that, in the anime, the “tsundere” attitude of Bakura is extremely played up, showing clearly in the scenes with Marik. Not even an innocent piece of steak could be immune from his tsundereness, which is why he glares at it so hatefully even when it’s just a piece of food.

“What the fuck are you looking at you little shit?! Hey don’t you dare being cocky on me now, you are just here because I’m hungry, not because I love you!”

“Hah, I see! Still continue being cocky, huh?! I’ll show you what I can do!!”


“Motherf@#%@#^king and now they call it rare steak?! Rare my ass! I want my goddamn steak to be extremely bloody, to the point that I feel the blood more than the steak itself!!! I’m so gonna kill whoever the fuck made this fucking well-done piece!!!”

So, I guess this is Yami Bakura’s definition of rare steak…

… which, even by my standard, still looks very creepy.

How did he not get any meat juice on his shirt, though?! :v Anyway we could see that everyone would be scared shitless when they see a man who tear apart his steak as if it massacred his family, and who could guarantee that he won’t turn his fangs to you?! Very inappropriated manner.

He got nothing on his past self, however…

3. Thief King Bakura

Here we have the definition of bad table manners, a thief who is always very hungry that he would do anything for his food!

After messing up in the Pharaoh’s Palace, he angrily goes into an inn and just as angrily, throw a golden bracelet on the table…

And threatens the owner for food, which is very rude and might get an angry remark back instead of food. Don’t underestimate TKB’s hunger.

Did you see what the owner says though?! “It’s worth more than my whole inn!” MORE THAN AN INN FOR RA’S SAKE. So we could make out that TKB couldn’t give a fuck about any valuable thing if it doesn’t bring him food. Food is always his first priority.

So of course, when the food is brought out, he can’t be any happier!

One of the cutest panel of TKB. He is eating so violently, stuffing as much food into his mouth as he can like a hungry lion. This behavior would definitely earn some eyebrows from the prissy adults and whispering like “children nowadays…” but does he care?! Why should he?! Fuck table manners, he is enjoying the goddamn chicken!

Luckily he isn’t noticed by the adults, but still be noticed by the asshole who are jealous with his food… and decide to come there stealing his food and all his gold.

(I forever admire that smile on YB’s face though. And anyway what the hell is with the size of the table?! That bracelet is worth a whole inn, so why does he only get a tiny ass little table?! The owner is cheating, really.)

Interrupting someone’s meal is always one of the rudest things a person could do, and TKB is of course not pleased. But we all have different ways of dealing with the situation, so what would TKB do?


I change the dialogues a bit to make it more suitable for this post.

So, in conclusion, all Bakuras have certain kind of bad eating behavior. But TKB definitely takes the cake. Threatening the chef just for food, ready to exchange a very valuable bracelet just for some chickens and potatos, stuffing them all down his stomach like he hasn’t eaten in years, and killing people just because they mess with his meal… yeah, definitely sounds like a guy you would want to sit with during meals!

What did we learn from this?! That’s right, you shouldn’t eat with the Bakuras if you value your life. xD

Trick - Bucky Barnes

Requested by anonymous. Part of the winter fic prompts. Request: person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there???)

“Oh come on, tell me the truth,” you said, shoving Bucky’s arm playfully on the couch.

“Why do you even care?”

“Because it’s interesting to think about you and Steve before everything. Ya know, back in the olden days,” you joked. Bucky looked at you like he was not impressed but still blew air out of his nose. 

“No, Steve was not a lady killer,” he said blandly. You busted out laughing, mostly because of the look on Bucky’s face but also because you were just a little bit drunk. 

“No? Not with that body?” you teased. 

“He didn’t always look like that. And he’s always been this awkward,” Bucky joked along with you.

“I’m sitting right in here,” Steve called from the next room over. You and Bucky exchanged glances and burst out laughing again. 

“So what about you?” you asked, propping your elbow up on the couch, looking at Bucky. He smiled and rubbed his hands along his thighs. 


“Yeah, were you a lady killer?”

“No, not really. I mean I had girlfriends and stuff but I wouldn’t say I was a lady killer,” he said, not looking at you but instead examining the glass in his hand with a frown on his face. 

“Liar,” Steve said, walking into the room. You turned towards Steve with a raised eyebrow. He nodded and you looked back at Bucky.

“Are you lying to me Bucky?”

“No, Steve’s just delusional because he never had one woman like him nonetheless a couple of them.” You looked between them both, wondering who was telling the truth.

“Maybe,” Steve said, walking towards the exit. “I’m just saying I didn’t have a different date every night.” You looked back over at Bucky when Steve left.

“So is that true?”

“Yeah,” he said bitterly, taking a drink. You shook your head as your eyes met.

“Why would you lie?”

“I don’t want you to get the wrong impression about me. And that was a long time ago, I’m not like that anymore.”

“Trust me, Bucky, I already have the wrong impression of you. I still love you,” you said to the man who had become one of your best friends in the last few months he had stayed in the Avengers tower.

“Well that’s a relief.” You felt your cheeks warm up a little bit with a slight blush and took another drink. Why would Bucky be concerned about how you perceived him?

“So, show me your moves,” you said with a wink.

“What?” Bucky asked almost disturbed.

“Show me how you got these girls,” you responded, doing a little dance as you did. Bucky snorted at you and shook his head.

“I’m not doing that.”

“Yes you are.”

“He’s a great dancer!” Steve called from the other room. Bucky looked like he could murder Steve in that instance. He rolled his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself. 

“Don’t you have better things to do?” Bucky shouted back. You could hear Steve chuckle from the next room. 

“You can dance?” you asked. Bucky nodded reluctantly and you stood up, holding out your hand. “Oh come on, I promise I won’t step on your foot.” Bucky sighed and took your outstretched hand and followed you to the center of the living room.

Bucky took both of your hands and put one on his shoulder and the other in his hand, while his other hand snaked around your waist. He pulled you close to his chest in a quick motion and began to teach you the steps. Bucky was an excellent teacher but he was still a million times better than you.

As Bucky slowly waltzed you around the living room, you felt yourself slowly falling for Bucky. You could understand how he had a date every night. You weren’t sure if it was his dancing skills or simply the way his hands felt on your body or if it was the fact that he never broke eye contact with you, making you feel like the most important person in the world, but whatever he was doing was intoxicating. 

“Can you dance to any Christmas songs?” you hummed. Your head was now resting on Bucky’s shoulder, and you could feel his throat vibrate when he answered.

“I can dance to anything.” You smiled as Bucky changed the music to The Christmas Song. He waltzed you around the living room, the mood growing even more with the glow of the white and gold Christmas tree.

“So besides your dancing what else have you got up your sleeve? You can’t tell me this is all you did to get a girl.”

“No it wasn’t,” he said, changing up the dancing steps enough to throw you off. Suddenly, Bucky was walking you backwards as if you were doing a tango. He stopped once your back was gently backed up against the wall. “I can also do this.”

“This? Hm, I though it would be more impressive. I mean, all you did was creepily back me up,” you said as Bucky moved his hands to either side of your face. He smiled and looked down at his feet.

“You are nothing like the girls from back then. But trust me, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve.”

“Oh yeah, like what?” you hummed. Bucky smiled and leaned in close to whisper in your ear.

“Look up.” You looked up and saw mistletoe hanging directing above you and Bucky. You felt your blush creeping back up to your cheeks and butterflies in your stomach. Actual butterflies. God, he was good.

You looked back at Bucky whose eyes kept switching from your eyes to your lips. He glanced back up at your eyes and you nodded slightly. Bucky closed the gap between the two of you by grabbing your cheeks and pressing his lips delicately to yours. Bucky was by far the greatest kisser you had ever met. He took your breath away while also making you feel like you were hooked on something. One hand explored your hair while the other your back. Bucky was skilled, yet made you feel like you were the only girl you ever mattered. He pulled away from you and looked at you breathlessly.

“So you have that up your sleeve as well,” you said with a smile. Bucky nodded and licked his lips. “That was by far your best trick,” you said, grabbing his cheeks and pulling him in for another passionate kiss.

“I can hear you, ya know!” Steve called again, but this time you could hardly heard him.

I'll be your teacher

Bill by Elentori

Big thank you to her for listening to my crappy stories and talk to me :D This fic is for her. And for anyone who is willing to read crappy smut.

Warning: PWP, DipBill, bottom!Bill, NSFW <Read at your own risk>

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I’ve honestly been wanting to do this for a long time, so here goes! Type the word into your tags and click on the last one you used!

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The Zodiac Signs when Trick or Treating.

Aries: Only goes down the street but has to be home by a specific time. They have their little sibling tagging along with them and they have to make sure that they stay safe and get candy that they aren’t allergic to.

Taurus: They don’t go. They think that candy is such a waste and it does nothing but ruin one’s teeth. They think that it’s better to stay inside, eat a salad and study.

Gemini: They go in a big group of people and walk far and wide to make sure that they receive loads of candy. They take a new route every year to get a taste of everything.

Cancer: They don’t go either. Their horrible fear of the dark stops them from roaming the streets to get the free candy that they always desire. For the whole night they stand by their window, creepily watching all that pass by.

Leo: Squeezing into last years outfit may be a mission, but it’s a struggle that they’re willing to go through just so that they can find their next victim to pounce upon.

Virgo: It’s hard to walk from door to door carrying a hefty bag when you’re trying to get a guy/ girl to notice you, but the Virgo’s have no trouble doing it, and acing it.

Libra: Walking around their neighbourhood with a matching outfit for their animal is the way to go. They’re the ones who always get extra candy.

Scorpio: They live in an area where everyone wishes they could go and Trick or Treat. They receive the best kinds of candy and never miss a house. Their whole night is spent outside.

Sagittarius: Throws a party instead of going Trick or Treating. They party till the cows come home. They fill mini pumpkins with candy for everyone.

Capricorn: They enjoy something much more exciting like being out exploring a haunted house somewhere in the woods or coming up with some scary pranks. 

Aquarius: Cliche child who does the trip, gets scared by everything and comes home then has their mom check every piece of candy before they can eat it. 

Pisces: Walking around isn’t something that appears on their wish list. They’d much rather stay inside, cuddled up with their boyfriend/ girlfriend and watch a good horror movie (just to get closer together).

so domestic earth AUs of Star Wars are fucking delightful but guys do you know what my dumb ass really wants out of that sort of thing

i need an AU where the clones are the goddamn children they chronologically are in canon

like.  LIKE.  imagine Anakin as an average guy who flies shit or smth for a living and Padme is this amazing high-powered politician kicking ass and taking names, and they’re married (totally eloped and it was SCANDALOUS) and Ahsoka’s always hanging around for reasons.  Anakin’s teaching her to fly shit.  and SOMEHOW Anakin acquires this little blond twelve-year-old foster kid named Rex.  tell me that would not be adorable.  you’ll be lying.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!  so it turns out Rex has like eleven million brothers and cousins scattered around the foster care system - all boys, various ages, all CREEPILY IDENTICAL, Anakin doesn’t know who Jango Fett was and if he’s either the world’s most productive sperm donor or just REALLY got around, but holy shit this guy has so many progeny.  and so there are all these kids who’ve had kinda crappy lives so far and Anakin just like… starts collecting them.  and they do seriously all look pretty much the same and their names range from fairly normal (like Jesse) to strange but appropriate (Echo) to what the hell (Hardcase?!?!).  but he just keeps taking them in and they have a cute loving Children of the Corn family.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!  because Anakin’s weird brother Obi-Wan shows up one day and goes “wait Anakin where the hell did you get all these children” and one thing leads to another and somehow Obi-Wan ALSO ends up with a handful of children, including Cody who’s Rex’s twin and they’ve been separated for years but now they are REUNITED.  and also some guy called Plo lives in this zen retreat or smth up in the mountains and he has like five more of these kids.

and then one day Padme goes up to Anakin and casually informs him she’s pregnant, apparently with twins, and between Anakin’s ten million adopted kids and Ahsoka who practically lives with them anyway (does she have parents?? idk) and these two babies they’re about to have, they should probably look into getting a larger house.  or a compound.

((seriously though if this already exists y’all need to link me RIGHT NOW))

What I loved about Supernatural 10x19 “The Werther Project”
  • Sam agreeing to kill Crowley because that’s surely gonna go off without a hitch
  • “like a diseased killer puppy”
  • Dean really starting to lose control
  • The Cinematography! Especially the transition from Sam and the tape recorder to the original Men of Letters meeting
  • “I’m 300 years old. Beauty sleep isn’t optional.”
  • Dean showing up all creepily when Sam is investigating the house
  • Dean o-so-convincingly pretending to be part of the neighborhood watch
  • Susie describing Sam as “Tall, white, pretty hair.”
  • Rowena to the rescue!
  • Sam showing off his lock-picking abilities
  • Sam generally being a BAMF this episode
  • BENNY! We missed you!
  • Rowena to the rescue! 
  • …. or is it?
  • Purgatory being Dean’s “happy place”
  • Have I mentioned Benny yet?
  • Sam easily translating Latin on the go… you know, like one does
  • Dean admitting to having thought about suicide and that Cas and Sam won’t be able to kill him if the time comes and if they do they’ll never recover from that and ahhhhh
  • Dean breaking free of the enchantment
  • Sam putting Rowena in shackles 
  • “The universe is trying to tell us something we already know. We’re stronger together than apart.”

Steve Harvey needs to quit asking the children on Little Big Shots obnoxiously cisheteronormative questions. He constantly and creepily asks all the little boys if they have girlfriends, if the girls like them because of their talents, and about any girl trouble. Ellen, you need to get on this and stop him forcing gender norms on kids. A fucking five-year-old isn’t concerned about dating anyone of any gender. Note too, he never asks the girls about possible paramours.

I can’t deal with Steve Harvey.