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maybe (probably) people already realized this

but i never pay attention to the fact that when zayn want that liam approaches ( that of course he do) zayn is the one that take out liam’s in ears

not liam 

but zayn

and liam is there letting zayn do whatever he want 

why they’re so domestic all the fucking time

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Clingy | Jinyoung | Jr.

Plot: One night, Jr. comes home late and you give him the cold shoulder. Apparently, he doesn’t get the hint…
Author: Admin Nana
Genre: Angst w/ Fluff

Character: JInyoung x Reader

Request: Made by anonymous: Whoever you are an you are reading this: THANK YOU!

WARNING: Contains mild swear words so please do not be offended. Thank you.

HELLO EVERYONE! CURRENTLY RIGHT NOW, I’M DONE WITH MY FIRST EXAM!!! YAY! Anyways, I totally hope you enjoyed this FABULOUS story… At least I hope it is… Sorry for caps, I’m just really excited. Thank you Sakuras! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

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   “UGH! PICK UP WILL YOU JINYOUNG!?” You screamed into the receiver. It was 7:00 on a Thursday night and you were stuck on the bed screaming at your phone. Idiot, idiot, idiot. I HATE HIM! You had called Jr. what seemed like a gazillion times. You had came home, cleaned up, made dinner and organized everything in the time he didn’t pick up. You checked the messages and realized you had sent of a dozen messages. You felt a tear slide down your cheek but quickly wiped it away. Stop it Y/N. Get yourself together. If that idiot wants go out with some other girl, then let him be. Even so, your insides were churning.

“Did he pick up yet?” your best friend Min asked.

“NO! IF HE DID, I WOULDN’T BE SCREAMING RIGHT NOW AND EATING A TUB OF ICE CREAM!” You screamed and swallowed a spoonful of ice cream while watching TV.

“Okay, okay, calm down Y/N-ah. He’s probably stuck in traffic or maybe his phone died or something.” she said, trying to soothe you.

   Everybody who was close to you knew that you were very clingy and overprotective. You got jealous easily, but covered it up and denied it. Out in public, you had no streak of jealousy, but behind doors, you were a overzealously jealous monster. You tried not to be so envious, but it was just part of your nature. You were happy and grateful that Min was trying to help you, but right now, you were a complete mess.

“But, he said he would be home early today. HE SAID SO.” you whimpered into the phone. 

  You buried yourself into more pillows and blankets as you heard your best friend sigh. 

“Okay… Here’s a solution, just ask him when he gets home. You know, Y/N, he’s not cheating on you. I’m pretty sure. “ Min said.

“Okay… Whatever… Sorry for bothering you. Bye!” you replied and ended the call. 

   Here you were again, talking to nobody all alone. Suddenly, you heard the door open and shut and looked up to see an overly cheerful Jr. walk in. You rolled your eyes before activating what you called your Chill Aura mode, basically giving him barely a glance and a flat “Welcome home.” Jinyoung was surprised at your behavior as he stood there in shock as you just mindlessly flipped through the different channels on the TV. Usually you were bright and greeted him with hugs and kisses. So he just stood there dazed, scratching his neck from behind. Jr. didn’t know how to react so he just walked in to change and take a shower.

   Inside your brain, you were literally tearing apart. He didn’t give you a hello back. Your stubbornness took over as you texted Min what was happening. You knew that this was kinda your fault, but did not prevail, After all, he was the one to start it first! 

He walked in and didn’t say HELLO!

Y’know, this is kinda your fault….

Well, I didn’t start this first, he did. He’s so clueless! UGH.

Calm down. He’s probably tired from work. Give him a break, will ya?

Hmph. I’m tired too. Whatever… TTYL BAI.


   You groaned as Jinyoung walked out of the bedroom and you began cleaning up your mess. 

“Jagiya, are were going to eat dinner?” he asked.

“I already ate so you can eat alone for today.” you replied coldly.

“Y/N-ah whats wrong?” he asked, suddenly concerned at your tone.

“Nothing, its none of your business anyways.” you retorted.

   That did it for him. His temper was usually controlled and so was yours but the tone of your voice set him off. He stormed over to you and looked you straight in the eye.

“Y/N-ah WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” he yelled.

You winced before pushing him away and screaming back, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT’S GOING ON! I SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THE SAME QUESTION!”


“WELL FOR STARTERS, YOU’RE SCREAMING AT ME. YOU DIDN’T EVEN SAY HELLO TO ME WHEN YOU CAME HOME AND NOW YOU’RE MAKING ME HAVE TO DO THIS WITH YOU!?” you shouted back, your face turning an odd purple shade, twisting up in fury.



“ARE YOU SAYING THAT I’M CHEATING ON YOU!? I PROBABLY WOULD SINCE YOU’RE SO CLINGY!” he retorted back, but stepped back after realizing what he just said.

   You stepped back, in shock at his cruel and harsh words. Tears started to drop from your eyes and you grabbed your phone, coats and boots as you flee to Min’s house. You heard footsteps coming behind you so you sprinted as fast as you can. The last thing you heard before turning back was the echoes of Jinyoung’s shouts for you to come back.

“Oh my gosh, what the hell did I do?” Jinyoung muttered to himself as he dashed back home. He always knew you were a bit clingy and was a bit sensitive but this had never been a huge problem before. He slid down, back towards the wall as he tried to go over what had just happened. What do I do now? If I ever lose Y/N-ah, I don’t know what I would do. 

   Meanwhile at Min’s house, you sobbed as you told her what happened. She stopped your tears as she lead you to her room and made you watch Netflix as she quietly slipped outside. Min dialed Jr.’s number and was grateful when he picked up.

“Min-shii? Is Y/N with you? Is she okay? Where are you?” he asked in a hurry.

Min chuckled before replying, “She’s okay now, but still upset. You should probably check your calls and messages before coming over here. Oh, and you might wanna bring some of her favorite things too, just in case.” 

“Oh my goodness, thank you. I’ll be over in 15 minutes. Don’t tell her I’m coming.”

“No problem and it’s okay. Bye.”


   Before Jr. ran out to go buy some of your favorite snacks and flowers, he quickly checked his messages. He was surprised at the amount of messages and quickly scanned through all of them. Oh my god, no wonder she misunderstood. I’m a terrible boyfriend. He shook his head in disbelief, a guilty feeling forming in his throat but waved it away. In about 15 minutes or so, Jinyoung arrived at Min’s house, desperately wanting to see you. He raced inside and Min motioned to the door before nodding and leaving to go somewhere else. He opened it and you looked up from the TV, shocked. You quickly ran to the corner and faced the wall, feeling embarrassed for yourself.

“Jagi, please talk to me. I’m sorry about earlier. I can explain everything…” He begged.

  You still remained silent, slightly shifting from side to side in anticipation. 

“I turned off my phone and just saw your message. I’m really sorry, Jagiya. I take everything back. I don’t know what I would do without you. “ He continued.

   With that, he stepped towards you and hugged you, arms around your waist as he laid his head on your neck. You felt his breath hitch as you turned around and kissed him. He kissed you back and you let go, hugging him. As you let go and looked up to his pale face, he caressed your cheek before leaning in for another kiss. You blushed and pushed him away jokingly.

“Yah, who let you have another one?” you teased.

His eyes crinkled into a smile as you stuck your tongue out at him. Your gaze met at the sight of Pepero and your favorite flowers, cherry blossoms.

‘Ahhh! Did you buy all of this for me, Jr? Thank you!” you cried out.

He smiled and motioned you to cuddle with him as you watched TV. 

“I have the best girlfriend ever!” he blurted out and you blushed before pecking him on the cheek lovingly.

“And I have the best boyfriend ever!” you replied, giggling and both of you spent the night playing around.


I hope you enjoyed! I spent all of my time like 1 hour writing this and this is so cliche and is like most of my other stories but please enjoy no matter what! Thank you so much and i love you whoever you are! v(=∩_∩=)フ

9 Times Harry Made No Attempt To Hide The Fact That He Was Touching Liam’s Bum

Okay, look. I know I’m reaching on some of these, and I know there are a lot more pictures like this that I’ve missed, I just have noticed a pattern of one of Harry’s hands mysteriously disappearing behind Liam, and…well, see for yourself. 

(None of these pictures are mine - credit to all owners. If any of these are yours, let me know and I’ll credit you.)


I mean really, just look at the smug looks on both of their faces.


I realize this was a thing they were doing, but it can’t be a coincidence that Harry was so conveniently standing next to Liam for it.


And with your own bandmates standing right there, Styles!! 


Liam looks pretty happy here…just saying.


Like…he’s not even TRYING to hide what he’s doing and Liam’s not even TRYING to pretend it’s not happening.


Shock factor in this one.


On stage…in front of thousands of fans…Lirry shippers included…thanks for helping us out, Harry.

9.) And, the grand finale, my all time favorite:



in every nice shot, chanyeol just have to

ruin it

kai and sehun’s are his favorites

not his intention, it’s just that

he’s a born creep

or derp

and when u see it, you’ll shit brix

and just when everyone thought finally a ni ce picture



this amv is so important