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G dragon Scenario #14 “Backup dancer” REQUEST

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“OMG!!!” someone screams.

You touched your head and looked up. The brakes from the platform where you were dancing failed and you fell, hurting yourself really bad. You look down, preparing yourself to see a broken bone or something like that. But you can’t tell. The only thing you’re sure about, is that the amount of pain in your right leg wasn’t normal at all.

“Don’t move” someone says “We have to take her out!” a woman says. They were screaming because the music was too loud. The show didn’t stop after you fell. In fact just a few people notice the accident on stage, meanwhile all the people on backstage saw it and they were so worried about you.

You on the other hand were completely out of words. The pain didn’t allow you to think and much less to say something.

Someone carries you carefully to the backstage into a room, putting you down on a couch.

“Let me check” a woman on her 30s says, smiling at you. She’s a doctor.

“Where does it hurt?” she asks “Mmm… my right leg” you answered “All your leg? or…”

But just then Ji yong appears in the room, his face is red and he’s all sweaty. “Are you ok?” he seems worry about you and you just nodded. He sits right beside you.

You can hear TOP’s solo in the background.

“What happened?” Taeyang appears “The brakes failed” a male voice answered “She fell from really high” another man says.

“I need to examine you…” says the woman, she starts to move your feet up and down “Ah!” you screamed and tears appears in your eyes. You feel Ji yong’s hand grabbing yours.

“Well… your ankle is not fractured is sprained” she says “Good” you answered, keeping the tears in your eyes. You really don’t want to cry in front of everyone.

She takes out of her bag something that seems like Arnica and rubs it on your ankle “Oh! Fu..” you get to cover your mouth with your hands before cursing but you can’t control your tears no more. “I know it hurts but this will make you feel better” she says. “Ah!” you dig your nails into Ji yong’s palm leaving marks.

“I’ll take her to the nursing” one of the members of the staff says “No! I can dance” you said.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Ji yong is shocked “Is just the last song. Besides is “Sober"… I’m gonna be fine” you try to stand up, but Ji yong stops you “No!… you’re going to hurt your ankle even more” he looks at the doctor and she says “I recommend you to not. Your ankle is hurt by now, if you dance you can make it worse”. Ji yong nods his head.

"Please don’t do this…” you beg him “You know how much this means to me… let me do it”.

He shook his head looking at the floor “Y/N…”.

“I know my limits” you said.

By the look on his face you can tell he’s starting to doubt.

“Please Ji” you said as a whisper and he looks back at you.He knows you well…

He knows you love what you do which is dance, you were always the first one to arrive to the practice room, and the last one to leave. You’re such a hard worker and you’re so passionate about it… just, like him with his music.

“Fine” he sighed and shook his head again frustrated “You’re so stubborn”…

The performance is about to start. 

Daesung’s drum solo begins, and all of you were preparing to enter.

Ji yong holds your arm and you turn at him. He seems concerned. “Please promise me you’ll take care of yourself” he whispers in your ear and he walks away.

And then the song starts and you’re dancing like nothing happened, even though you’re in pain. At one point of the song you feel dizzy but you manage to keep going.

This is important to you, dancing is your passion and have the opportunity to work with one of the most famous groups is an experience that you don’t want to waste. (Just a song, just one more… I can do it) you keep repeating in your head.

All the members and the dancers are keeping an eye on you all the time. Especially Ji yong.

The song is about to finish when it starts the part of the choreography that scares you the most… the jumping. It was already hard and painful for you to dance so you can’t imagine how you are going to be able to keep smiling to the audience once you’ll start to jump.

Out of nowhere Ji yong comes and makes a gesture, he’s asking you to jump on his back.

You hesitate at first but then he lowers a bit and you jump up onto his back and he carries you.

He puts his arms behind your knees holding you tight. He starts to jump with you on his back and at the end of the song he started to spin really fast, making you laugh. Once the song ends, he puts you back on the floor gently and he smiles.  

You walked off the stage, walked a few steps and then you collapse on a chair.

“Are you ok?!” your friend says “Yeah! I’m just tired” is hard for you to breathe.
“How’s your ankle? ” the doctor says, putting on her knees grabbing your ankle “It’s fine" you said and she gave you a harsh gaze cause she knows you’re lying "It hurts a little bit” you admit and she frowns “A lot… it hurts a lot” you sighed.

“We need to go to the hospital now” she says looking at your ankle.

“But I thought you said it was just twisted” you got scared. “And it is… but I need to take care of it and I can’t do it here”

You left before he can see you. He was saying goodbye to the fans when they took you…

You were at the hospital with your ankle bandaged when he appears through the door.

“Here you are!” he says. He was hiding something in his back.

“What’s that?” you asked and he smiles.

Ji yong places his hand over your cheek caressing it carefully, giving you a rose.

“Thank you!” you said. “I was really worried about you…”

“I shouldn’t have let you…” he’s looking at the floor.

“Hey! I was the one who asked you, and I’m really thankful for that” you smiled and he smiled back at you.

“Don’t you dare, scaring me like that ever again!” was all he said before reaching your lips, moving against them softly…

I love moodboards but the one thing that irks me is that no one credits the owners of the pictures like all they do it (I do not own any of these pictures!) like ok…..

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Welcome to the most prominent academy for wizards in the entire universe; Geodonelune Royal Magic Academy!

Princess Diamond Aquarius has lived her old life training to become the best Wizardess that has ever lived. It’s a shock when she’s accepted as a provisional student at the worlds best academy for wizards. She must prove her worth to the so called Scale Of Judgement to be officially accepted as a student. But things will be tough, learning new magic, meeting new people and accepting your fate. This journey is sure to be thrilling and adventurous with a sweet romance and swoon moments!

It’s especially hard when you perfect older brother attends as well, and is an expert in the field of magic.

Can Diamond do it? Or will her whole world come crashing down?

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