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Katie McGrath + Colors: Black (1/?) 

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you - don’t bother me.”- Yohji Yamamoto

“I promise to hold you when you’re cold or when you just want to be held.

I promise to always kiss you goodbye.

I promise to take you on cute dates. Museums, concerts, fancy restaurants and the shitty ones too.

I promise to surprise you with flowers or your favorite candy.

I promise to kill the spiders although I’m terrified of them as well.

I promise to always touch you gently.

I promise to listen to you.

I promise to hold your hand when someone stares at you for too long.

I promise to never go a day without telling you how indescribably beautiful you are, and how insanely lucky I am to call you mine.

I promise to always encourage you and your singing, I promise to always be your #1 fan.

I promise to be there on days you cry whenever you are reminded by the fact that your mom gave up on you so easily, and how she was embarrassed by the fact that you love me.

I promise to work everyday to be a better person, for you and for myself. I want you proud of me.

I promise to never force you on rollercoasters no matter how much I want to see your face on one.

I promise to write about you, you’re my inspiration.

I promise to watch Spongebob with you when you’re in a bad mood and you’re just wanting a laugh.

I promise to make stupid jokes so I can see your beautiful smile.

I promise to take pictures of you doing absolutely nothing because thats all it takes for you to be the most captivating human I’ve ever known.

I promise to carry you when you don’t feel like walking.

I promise to jump in front of anyone who tries to hurt you.

I promise to watch your chick flicks, they annoy me, but you don’t.

I promise to tease you just to see you pout so I can kiss your pouty lips and see you smile afterwards. Knowing I have that power, is the most rewarding thing.

I promise to sing to you although I sound like shit.

I promise to put my book down whenever you’re wanting to talk. My attention is yours whenever you want it.

I promise to always defend you.

I promise to wait for you. People say its too hard on your heart, but whats harder is imagining my life without you in it.

I promise to be open with you about how I feel even if its hard for me. You taught me to lay everything out there because I don’t know when I’ll ever have that chance again.

I promise to be different from every other person you’ve ever known, every person thats walked out on you.

I promise to tell everyone I come across how lucky I am to simply know you.

I promise to love you unconditionally.

I promise to be your safe place forever.

I promise to never make you feel like your feelings are invalid.

I promise to remember every important date of ours.

I promise to kiss every place you’re insecure about.

I promise you that every lyric, every person I come across, every sunset, will remind me of you when I go days without speaking to you. I miss you so much that I look for you in everything I see.

I promise to be 100% without a doubt, completely yours.

I promise to never give you a reason to not trust me.

I promise to play the guitar for you even with my slight fear of playing in front of people.

I promise to always make sure you’re warm.

I promise that you’re safe as long as you’re with me.

I promise to call you randomly when I miss your voice.

I promise to make life fun, so be ready for adventures, memories, and more memories.

I promise to give you your space whenever you want it.

I promise to write you cute poems, and give you a lot of forehead kisses.

I promise to rub your arm with my thumb because I know how much you love it.

I promise to brush your hair whenever you get out of the shower if you’re too lazy to.

I promise to go out of my way to make sure you feel safe all the time.

I promise to love you so much it makes people sick.

I promise to watch scary movies with you that I’ve already seen so I can cover your eyes when I know a scary part is coming up.

I promise to be grateful for your love every single day.

I promise you that I won’t give up.”

—  I’ll be here when you come back


Fake texts: Fuckboy!Hyung Line accidentally receiving a mature image from Y/N

Genre: Smut (NSFW), slight fluff 

A/N: y'all are free to leave requests!! 

Disclaimer: the pictures I just in the texts aren’t mine, all credits go to the owners



Katie McGrath + Colors: Shades of Pink (6/?)

“I don’t like pink and I am not into girlie stuff, bows and frills, sugary looking things.”-Katie McGrath

(Black, Green, Red, White, Blue, etc.) 


How They Would React To Your Death.....

Featuring The Vampire Diaries Characters/ The Originals in platonic instances. (only the ones I’ve been introduced to. Don’t judge, I’m only on season four. I hopped on the TVD bandwagon a little late, okay?)

Elena Gilbert

You and Elena had been best friends since before you could remember a time without her there. You two were always attached to the hip and never once did you ever think for a moment she wouldn’t be apart of your life. And while you thought that so did Elena. After losing her parents, Jenna, and then losing you was her breaking point. She lost her strength and collapsed into the pain. Elena couldn’t breath, causing her to hyperventilate and get swallowed whole into an anxiety attack that no one could pull her out of. Elena cried for days until she physically couldn’t. A part of her would forever be broken without you.

Jeremy Gilbert

Similar to Elena, you were like a sister to Jeremy. When Elena or Jenna couldn’t get through to him, you were able to. The two of you had a different kind of bond and it didn’t mean he loved her any less because he loved the both of you the same. You were just more understanding and less judgmental. Jeremy could tell you things and know that you would never use it against him. So, when your death reached him, he was instantly in denial. You couldn’t be dead, that wasn’t possible. You couldn’t die, you couldn’t leave him like everyone else did. You weren’t gone, you couldn’t be. 

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie came to you first when she found out that she was actually a witch. It brought you two closer and it was because of you that she was able to tell others. You became her crutch when her Grams died. You supported her in ways that fueled her to continue witchcraft. You believed in Bonnie even when she didn’t. And with your death, Bonnie not only felt it emotionally but physically too. She cried out in pain when you took your last breath. And for months, she wasn’t able to practice because without you to tell her she could, she felt like she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried. 

Caroline Forbes

Caroline would never admit it but she was jealous of the friendships you made. It was easy for you to make friends and while Caroline could be charismatic, she would always find a way to ruin it somehow. But in the midst of her suppressed jealousy, she knew you and you knew her. You’d always be there for her no matter how many times she would let her green monster show. And with you gone, Caroline felt like she had wasted so much time giving into her jealousy to actually cherish the friendship she had with you. Guilt consumed her thoughts, Caroline hoping you knew that she loved you like she was suppose to.

Matt Donovan

You and Matt had jokingly made a pact that the two of you would stay human and beat the odds Mystic Falls threw at them. Even though it was a silly pact that was meant to have no truth within its spaces, it did. Matt was so sure the two of you were going to be the badass humans that it never occurred to him that one of you would actually die. And when you had, it opened up his eyes that despite never seeing you again, it was a blessing in disguise. You were too wrapped up in the supernatural world and he was only glad that weren’t stuck living in Mystic Fall’s nightmare. Matt grieved over the loss of you but was also the one who bounced back to reality quicker than the rest. 

Tyler Lockwood

You had been a friend to Tyler long before everyone else had. With Tyler being a prick, he was never one to you. You were the ear he desperately needed and never once spoke a word of what he shared. You were there when he learned of the curse and promised that you’d always be there. You guided him in the right direction and with you no longer here Tyler was afraid he was going to spiral downward. His chest hurt, the feelings of grief intensifying with every second he reminded himself that he would never see you again. He locked himself in the old Lockwood cellar, crying over the friend he lost. 

Stefan Salvatore

The friendship between you and Stefan was unlike any other. Sometimes you swore that you were falling for him but other times, you knew you weren’t. You reminded him so much of Lexi and that was exactly what he needed when she passed. You kept him in line despite your mundane nature and inability to understand the need to feed. You promised to always be there for each other in times of desperate measures. But with you gone, who was suppose to keep him from going backwards? The grief was too much for him, the repeated pain of losing a great friend was tearing him apart. Stefan had spent hours at your grave the four days after you were buried. He didn’t know it but you were there watching him when he decided to turn off his humanity. Turning it off was the only way to make it all go away. Stefan needed you and without you, he would lose himself in the Ripper. 

Damon Salvatore

Damon never understood why you were always so nice to him. He could insult you for hours and every time you would just treat him like he hadn’t. He found it weird that you never hated him despite how hard he tried. Eventually, he gave up and accepted your friendship. And when he found out that you died, he wished he hadn’t succumb to your persistence in being a friend.Because then maybe it wouldn’t hurt so bad to know that you were never coming home. Alongside Alaric, he drank himself under the table, numbing the memory of you. Damon hadn’t fully gone off the deep-end but the trail of bodies he left behind wasn’t exactly a good sign either. 

Alaric Saltzman

You reminded Alaric of the kind of girl he would want his future daughters to be like. Strong, independent, smart, witty, accepting, and loving. It hurt to watch you die. He had gone through two bottles of bourbon that night, desperately holding onto the memories of the two of you training in the woods every morning before school. Alaric was slowly losing grip on reality. Every time he tried to sleep, all he could hear was your laugh echoing in his ears. He would never be the same. Your death was one that he wouldn’t be able to get over so easily. 

Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus and you hadn’t started on the right foot in the beginning. While he tried to hurt your friends and pit them against each other, you resented him. But, he he had quickly earned your trust when he came to your rescue against a few vampires that were new to Mystic Falls. Even though he had done bad things, you gave him a chance. Klaus always being suspicious and paranoid took a bit to warm up to you but nevertheless, he did. Klaus had felt anger boiling inside of him as he learned of your death. He broke everything that was in sight, smashing them into pieces. Yelling in anger and knocking everything off the walls and tables. Klaus swore to avenge you by going after every being that was involved in your death despite what it would cost him. He wouldn’t dare let the only person who was willing to give him a clean slate be wronged. 

Rebekah Mikaleson

Rebekah trusted no one in Mystic Falls except for you. You had showed her genuine kindness despite her vindictive ways. She appreciated your friendship and promised to take it to the grave. Rebekah knew you would never lie or attempt to betray her like others. You kept your word and had even undaggered her against the pleas of your friends. While she trusted you, you trusted her. So when the news broke that you had died, Rebekah grew silent. Pain swirling inside as she defined the words that came from her brother’s lips. She went unspoken for days while her heart broke into a million pieces as the truth of not having someone she could trust sink in.

Kol Mikaelson

Kol contemplated flipping the switch. He had witnessed you take your last breath and every time he closed his eyes, that was the only thing he saw. He was distraught on the inside despite him holding his facial expressions still. Kol blamed himself because he could have tried harder in trying to save you. What he had done wasn’t good enough. You were one of the few he had met in his lifetime that didn’t try to change him. While you admitted to him that you didn’t like the person he could be at times, it didn’t change how much you two could get along. And for that, he saw you as a friend, an ally. And because he lost you, he couldn’t bear the pain of never seeing you again. So, he did what he does best. Became the monster he tried so hard to contain when he was around you. 

Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah was the only one who hadn’t gotten the pleasure to know you. He had met you briefly in the beginning of his encounter with Mystic Falls but never got the chance to figure you out as a person. When he had heard of your passing, apart of him felt saddened by the fact that he would never have that chance. Elijah dug through his brain of all the qualities his siblings had told him about you and silently mourned with a slight twinge of regret that he will never have the chance to know the beautiful person you were. 


nct as text posts [5/?]

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the text posts, or the original photos. All credits go to the rightful owners!

BTS - Going down on you          (Yoongi)

Request: Can you write a “Yoongi going down on you” reaction please? Thank you, ah, I love your blog!!! Please keep up the good work and good luck!!

-> I wrote this for female readers but if you want me to write it for male readers as well, just tell me, please  



Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Please give me a second before I start to write this…cause I’m not sure how to start this

First things first, it would probably all start of with a make out session…Your hands were in his hair while his lips were on your jaw and I think I already stated this once but I think Yoongi enjoys make out sessions. This is actually not the point of this but I just felt like it was necessary to say that it started with a make out session…Now, to the actualy point: 

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Visualizing: BTS and BDSM (NSFW)

Request: Could I request a BDSM BTS imagine that’s a visual imagine so NSFW ;)

Warnings: BDSM images, porn images, don’t watch if you’re uncomfortable with any of these warnings!

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Monsta x - Exo flirts with you:


He wouldn’t be able to stop himself walking over to you and putting his arm around your shoulders, bringing you closer to him; as he had just witnessed Tao bend his neck extremely close to you in order to get your opinion on his Gucci cologne.

“yah, get your Gucci smellin’ ass away from my girlfriend”

Originally posted by monstaxmemes


You’re at the MAMA awards watching Exo perform and Minhyuk couldn’t help but notice that, as Xiumin lifts up his shirt, he focus’ all of his attention on you. Frantically, he looks between you (completely engrossed in the whole performance) and Xiumin, before finally he rests his glare ahead on the Exo member.

*mumbling to himself* “ugh.. can ..he not see.. she’s with me”

Originally posted by hyeonwoo


After watching Chanyeol put one of his fluffy, winter hats on your head, upon seeing you shivering, Hyungwon had decided to give both of you the silent treatment. Not only because he thought Chanyeol was flirting,but because he felt guilty because he hadn’t noticed that you were cold.

*thinking to himself* “Why did HE have to notice before I did?!”

Originally posted by monstaxmemes


Upon seeing Suho trying to make you laugh by doing his signature awkward dancing, Jooheon would immediately run over to you both and try and upstage Suho. This would eventually end in a competition between the two boys to see who could make you laugh the most.

“See, she’s laughing the most at me, aren’t you y/n?!”

Originally posted by wonhuff


Lay would purposely make eye contact with you while he, in his sleeveless shirt,  flexes his arm muscles. After seeing this, Shownu would stand directly in front of Lay, making sure you were watching him, and would continue on to then flex every muscle he could.

*no words, just constant smirking”

Originally posted by hairykpoppits


After seeing Sehun try numerous amounts of pick up lines on you, he couldn’t help but interrupt him mid pick up,by slinging his arm around your waist, kissing you and then finally smirking at a shocked Sehun.

“Yehet your ass back to the waiting room and leave my girlfriend alone”

Originally posted by heonykih


Kihyun’s smile dropped immediately after he saw Luhan “accidentally” push your bottle from the table onto the floor; causing you to bend over to pick it up. Upon seeing Luhan obviously checking out your butt, he casually walked over to you and put a protective hand on your bum. Continuing, he then sat down, pulling you onto his lap paired with a smirk aimed at Luhan.

“The only flute she’s going to be blowin’ is mine”

Originally posted by kihyeun

(All gif credits to original owners)

Hi, hope you enjoy this, thankyou for requesting ^_^

{I accidentally uploaded this to my separate account without realising; so it took forever to copy and paste everything with the gifs back onto here xD}


Draco being touch starved would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him being stunned by your gentle touch to his shoulder as you’d ask him if he’s alright, realizing how kind and caring you truly are and being unable to find the right words to thank you

-Him purposely sitting closer to you whenever he can, enjoying to feel your warmth and even more as you’d scoot right back just to be even closer

-Him not letting go of your hand easily yet having a soft grip, loving how delicate you feel in his and even more that you would hold him just as much

-Him always getting irritated and asking you if you really need to leave him whenever you’d have to get back to your room after you’d spend some time cuddling with him

-Him tightening his grip around you whenever you’d hold him, fearing you might leave or be taken away from him too soon, only to get quiet and look away from you when you’d point it out to him

-Him letting you stroke and play with his hair as much as you want whenever you’re both alone, feeling like you’re the only one who can truly be kind towards him

-Him getting speechless whenever you’d hold onto his arm and lean into his shoulder after a long day, feeling like he can finally be himself with you so comfortable

-Him yearning for more in his sleep, usually pulling you closer and unable to let go of you until you’re both finally awake

-Him feeling better and getting quite cocky whenever you’d kiss him, whether it be his forehead, cheeks, hands or lips, simply because he knows fora fact that you love him

-Him always avoiding your questions or your taunts whenever you’d confront him about his behaviour when you’d touch him, still too prideful to admit how much he needs you

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BTS reaction - you fall asleep, snuggled up to them ( JK; HS; JM )

Request: Jungkook, Hoseok and Jimin reaction to you falling asleep while snuggling up to them please!! <3 <3 




Originally posted by ttaegiis

I think we all agree when I say that Hoseok would love affection and skinship in a relationship. So if you snuggled up to him, he wouldn’t mind at all. He would gladly wrap his arms around you and pull you even closer. Hoseok would probably ask you if something was up but if you just wanted to snuggle up to him, he’d be extremly happy. At first you would probably talk a bit, maybe have a little tickle fight but eventually you’d fall into the same position again. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be the first time that you guys fell asleep like that so he was kind of just “used to it” ( since he was constantly touching you anyways ). Nevertheless, he’d absolutely adore the sight of you sleeping all snuggled up to him. He would softly stroke your back and maybe even press a kiss on your forehead before closing his eyes as well/being on his phone ( maybe he’d just hold you and enjoy the moment with you ). 

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Visualizing: SO riding BTS

request: Could I request a visual imagine of (Y/N) riding the BTS member and like how they would? Like as in reverse cowgirl or like being tied up etc // Hey, can you do a visual for when you’re riding the BTS members? thanks!]

A/N: Gotchu fam

Warnings: if you’re uncomfortable with porn images, don’t read further


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Carl being jealous that you’re not paying attention to him would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Carl :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him glaring at whoever’s talking to you so much, only to end up sneaking around you both to try and eavesdrop yet always stumble whenever you’d catch him

-Him playing around with his hat and finally putting it on as he’s about to leave, hoping you’ll notice and run up to catch him and ask where he’s going

-Him bringing over Judith in his arms and being all sorts of playful and cute with her, in hopes to distract you and get your attention back to him

-Him finding a some fun games to play with Michonne and some of the others at times, just to finally have an excuse to separate you both and get you along with him

-Him pretending to have a headache or having struggle with his eye and making his way towards you to beg you for your help, knowing that you’ll pay only attention

-Him sometimes just getting so annoyed by them he can’t help but throw some piece of paper or a small pebble towards them before ducking down or hiding himself

-Him wanting to prove his point and moving towards you to give you his hat or his flannel to wear, showing off that you’re already his

-Him sometimes being blunt and just asking them as to what is their deal with you, surprising you with annoyed he can be and possessive of you

-Him pulling your hand over and saying he needs a moment with you to show you something, only to drag you as far away as he can from them

-Him laughing and denying about being jealous, saying he’s just trying to be playful with you whenever you’d question his attitude

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