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JHO Bracelets have been chosen!

A big round of applause and big thank you to everyone who contributed to a bracelet design!

The final chosen bracelets were designed by @happilylouie​ and @claudiyah​.

The order has gone in and will arrive in ~3 weeks. Keep your eye out for more details when they arrive. We have also ordered more ‘Given a Chance’, as well as both ‘Home’ designs.

I am going to try to go through my files and credit all the participating artists but if I miss your name for some reason, please let me know!


i made some wallpapers (designed for iphone 6 but should work for any phone) inspired by my favourite studious hogwarts students. the bottom couple are a bit shabby but i think the top two are pretty buff xxxx
• please like/reblog if u use them!! they took a lil while to make n i’d love to kno if you guys like them!!
• credits go to all original photographers and artists, i am but a dumb collager
• for best quality enlarge photo, fit it to your screen and then screen shot
• also let me kno if u want anymore, i’ll def do requests xxx


Some requested a translation of the following comic, so I translated it. I’m not a typesetter so if someone wants to make the words look prettier, by all means, go for it. Just remember to credit the artist for the original artwork! with the translation, please. ^__^;;; 

Spoilers if you haven’t read Part VI: Stone Ocean~


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It’s so close to Halloween guys are you excited yet?! I have compiled a short list of my favourite halloween inspired eye makeup designs for you guys to maybe get some inspiration from or just to appreciate because of how awesome they are.

I’d love to know what you guys have got planned for Halloween night and who/what you’re dressing up as if you are

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I haven’t seen any 1920x1080 pictures of these yet, which is a shame as they are so beautiful, so here you go! All credit goes to riot games and their amazing artists.

Guys, does anyone know who’s the artist of that piece? ‘cause I asked this account and they never answered me, so they obviously don’t mind crediting the authors of all the art they repost.

I’m unfollowing them of course.

Please signal boost this so that I can find the creator of this lovely fanart.

Everybody Cut Footloose!

Just a little side drabble I thought of while reading @wittyy-name’s lovely klance fic “Shut Up And Dance With Me” (there’s also art by @wolfpainters which is AMAZING pls go check them out) between Pidge and Anita (my voltron OC). I will use they/them pronouns for Pidge instead of she/her this time, as they’re used in SUADWM and other fics of Wittyy’s. All credits go to the amazing writer and artist, and go read SUADWM and the other fics bc they’re super great!

Edit: this got really long so technically it’s not a drabble anymore. Plus it was hard describing dance moves so y'all might have to listen to the song while reading that part rip me

They saw her every Tuesday without fail. Every Tuesday Pidge would see the same girl at the park during the weekly dance meets with Hunk and Lance, always watching in amusement as they danced. By now they could spot her in the circle of people instantly; standing around 5'4" with medium length raven hair, dual-colored eyes—the left dark blue and the right green—and light tan skin, her left arm tattooed with a sleeve of pink cherry blossoms. They couldn’t miss her, and they couldn’t deny that she was cute, too. Whenever Pidge caught sight of the girl, she was cheering and clapping along with the rest of the crowd as they, Hunk, and Lance switched in and out of the dance circle, however she always seemed to cheer the loudest for Pidge, boosting their confidence greatly.

However, what caught Pidge’s eye a few times was that the girl looked anxious to dance in the circle like other people did at times. She takes a small step forward, only to pull back and stay where she is, resorting to dancing shyly with the crowd. What she needed was a little push of encouragement, and Pidge decided that they would be the one to give it—and maybe get to know her better.

Tuesday rolled around again, and Pidge, Hunk, and Lance set up the speaker and donations bucket per usual. As Lance and Hunk talked amongst each other, Pidge looked around to see if that girl was here yet. And sure enough, they found her standing a couple yards away under one of the park’s trees, fiddling with her phone. She wore an orange short-sleeved shirt with the shoulders cut out that hung loosely around her torso, dark grey leggings, and teal high-top Converse.

Pidge excused themselves as they made their way toward her, an excited grin forming all the while. Don’t be awkward. Don’t be awkward. Don’t be awkward, echoed their thoughts. They saw the girl look up from her phone and at them, smile widely, and wave. Pidge happily waved back. “H-Hey!” they stuttered with a voice crack, mentally kicking themselves afterwards. Great first impression, Pidge. They stopped in front of the girl, ears burning, and oh god she was cuter up close. Upon observation, Pidge noticed that the breast pocket of the girl’s shirt had a little green alien with its middle fingers up peeking out from the top. Cute.

“Hey,” they said again.

“Hey,” the girl repeated brightly. Her voice was smooth and nice to listen to. “I didn’t think I’d finally get to personally meet one of the park’s legendary dancers.” Pidge laughed at the girl's spunky tone and rubbed the back of their neck sheepishly. “Well, here I am, haha. I’m Pidge, by the way.” Pidge pointed to Hunk and Lance. “The lanky one’s Lance and the big guy’s Hunk. We all go to the same dance studio.”

“Anita. You guys go to the Altea dance studio, right?”

“Yeah. We’re all practicing for regionals auditions there, actually. Hunk and I are doing a duo dance.”

A thick blanket of awkward silence passed over the two then, both not knowing what to say next. Thankfully, Anita saved the day. “I, uh, I like your shirt,” she said, gesturing to Pidge’s “Non-Binary Day” t-shirt. “Huh? Oh, thanks! Lance got it for me. I got him one that says "Gettin’ Bi” in return. I like yours, too. That alien represents 90% of my day.“ Anita giggled before thanking them. The heat from Pidge’s ears spread to their cheeks. They were starting to believe that whole ‘love at first sight’ shtick.

"S-So I’ve noticed,” they then said, “that whenever you’re here, you always look like you wanna step in and dance at some point. But then you always go back.” Anita looked surprised at first; they found out so quickly. Now it was her turn to rub her neck. “Cat’s out of the bag, huh?” she replied with a nervous chuckle. “If I’m being honest, I don’t think I’m that good, not as good as you three, at least. Dancing isn’t really my forte….”

“Oh no, don’t go starting that with me,” Pidge said, mocking Shiro’s 'stern dad voice’. “I’m sure you can dance at least a little. Why don’t you show us? Just me, Lance, and Hunk.” Pidge saw Anita’s face light up. “For real?” she asked. “O-Okay!”

Anita followed Pidge to where Lance and Hunk were. After she was introduced, Anita went to plug in her phone to the speaker and picked a song from her playlist. She then stood a good length away from the three dancers and waited. Once the music played, Anita tapped her foot in time with the beginning beats. Pidge immediately realized that Anita’s pick was Kenny Loggins’ Footloose.

As more instruments came in, Anita’s foot tapping switched to swift hip movements and light bouncing. It continued like this until the lyrics were heard, to which then Anita added arm movements, steps, and small kicks to the jerks of her hips. Once the beat dropped and the lyric “Now I gotta cut loose, Footloose” sounded, all of Anita’s moves increased tenfold. She jumped, kicked, nodded her head, shook her hips, and swung her arms in time with the music perfectly and smoothly.

Throughout the song, Pidge saw that Anita’s dancing had a certain vibe to it. It wasn’t as strictly choreographed like Lance, or as well calculated like them or Hunk. It was carefree and out there while still hitting every beat just right. Anita was letting loose with a smile on her face, feeling as if she was dancing on air rather than the hard ground.

Oh man, Pidge was falling for her more, and they were falling fast.

As the song came to end, Anita cried the last lyric, “Everybody cut Footloose!”, hit the last five beats, and finished with her arms spread next to her in a star pose. It was then silent, but it was followed by Pidge, Hunk, and Lance clapping for her. Onlookers who gathered were applauding as well. Anita saw Pidge clapping the loudest, however, like she did when they danced, which made her smile.

The clapping ceased and Anita made room for Hunk to dance next. She went over to Pidge, who had an obviously proud grin on their face, and sat next to them. “And you said dancing wasn’t your forte,” was the first thing they said. Anita rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah. You proved me wrong, Pidge. How did I do, though?”

“I think you did great. It was….nice watching you dance so freely.”

Anita felt her cheeks heat up at that. “Th-Thank you.” She paused for a moment watching Lance join Hunk in the dance circle. “H-Hey, Pidge, do you….wanna go out with me sometime?” Pidge felt their stomach do backflips just then. Did they hear correctly? Was this actually happening?

“Y-You mean, 'out’ out? Like, just the two of us? Like a date?”

“Yeah, like a date. I’ve been meaning to ask ever since I saw you here, but that would’ve been ridiculous of me. Plus I didn’t really want to bother you with it because you’d probably think I’m weird….”

Okay, so this was happening. Pidge was not, in fact, dreaming. This was real. Very, very real.

Pidge was at a loss for words. Anita could clearly see that their face was bright red. “Pidge, you okay?” she asked. Pidge nodded so quickly that they thought their glasses were going to fly off their face. “Y-Y-Yeah, I’m great! A-A date sounds nice! And it’s not weird, either! I’ve….actually wanted to say the same thing to you, but I never had the guts to talk to you. But now that I have, it can be settled!”

Anita smiled brightly at Pidge’s answer, immediately pulling them into a hug, to which they almost fainted from the emotional overload.

Later, after everyone went home for the day and Hunk and Lance were gathering their things, Anita and Pidge exchanged numbers. “So….” Anita started, “I’ll text you the time and place on Saturday?”

“Sounds good,” Pidge replied, still shaken from the moments that had unfolded before. In a sudden act of boldness, they stood on their toes and pecked Anita’s cheek. “I’ll see you then,” they said happily, then running off to Hunk and Lance, leaving Anita frozen in place to process what had just happened.

Anita reached up to touch the spot where Pidge had kissed her. “Holy fuck….” she said to herself. She then turned and walked out of the park, smiling, but screaming internally.

[[Later in the group chat]]


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