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The 5 Flavors of Fear: A Pennywise Guide to Fine Dining

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There are many different ways to prepare a meal, and so many flavors to choose from! To ensure that you are getting the best out of your feeding, we will go over the five primary flavors—and some simple steps to prepare them—so that you may can produce the tastiest fear you’ve eaten in thirty years.

Flavor One: Bitter Fear

A basic flavor, Bitter Fears are easy to come by, but often harder to digest. Humans are naturally bland, but just the right amount of Bitter Fear can make for a decent meal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with Bitter Fear:

Adult humans are prone to experiencing Bitter Fears. By showing them images of the past, usually in the form of a deceased child (preferably eaten by yourself) or lost loved one, their own memories will serve as a newly-opened spigot of Bitter Fear. However, given that this fear is mainly supplemented by adults, the notoriously flavorless form taken by humans, the flavor is short-lived and must be utilized quickly.

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One way to know that your meal is ready is to check your prey for tears. If tears are flowing simultaneously from both eyes, the human is ready to eat. Remember, bitter tears make for Bitter Fears.

Flavor Two: Sour Fear

Sour fears manifest by the concentration of sudden-onset fear. Human tendencies toward anxiety, phobias and the like will aid in your efforts to properly prepare a sour meal.

Try to startle the human by creating an atmosphere of anxiety. Sudden, out-of-place sound or movement will concentrate their fear quickly and efficiently.

The key to perfecting Sour Fears and get the most out of your meal is stealth. Remain out of sight to allow your prey plenty of time to imagine the worst. Their fears will gradually reach a peak. Then, when the scent is lip-puckering ripe—strike!

Flavor Three: Spicy Fear

Spicy Fear comes in a variety of forms—much like yourself. To gain the perfect blend of Spicy Fear, it is imperative that you focus on your prey’s feelings of helplessness and anger. By accurately pinpointing their fears, you will be able to adjust them to your preferred level of spice.

Most adolescent humans are susceptible to Spicy Fear. However, given that adulthood is impending and their weak bodies are preoccupied with other—oftentimes helpful in your violent efforts—hormones, their flavor may be mild and not fulfilling to your tastes.

To get the best Spicy Fear from your prey, reveal yourself right away as an immediate and apparent danger. Take the form of what they fear most, and pursue them. The chase will excite their blood, stirring up their primal, fearful instincts.

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WARNING: Dealing with Spicy Fear is no small matter, and should be handled with extreme prejudice. If the human uses their anger to overcome your influence, their primitive instinct to fight may negate your efforts and ruin your meal.

Therefore, we encourage you to pursue prey in an enclosed environment, directing their attention to their helplessness to avoid their fate. (Additional tip: Mocking your catch once they are unable to flee adds an extra kick that is sure to make the meal).

Flavor Four: Sweet Fear

Arguably the most addictive of the flavors, Sweet Fear can only can only be incited and optimized by the perfect balance of trust and unease.

Children are especially flavorful in this area. Their robust imagination and blind faith, once tainted with mistrust, enriches the sweet flavor of their tiny, chewy bodies.

Begin with an investigation of the human’s particular likes and dislikes regarding material possessions and personal interactions. Appeal to their preferences by presenting a friendly, non-threatening form to draw them close. This will form a brief “bond” of trust with the human, creating a base to build upon for the eventual feeding.

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Once the base of fragile trust has been made, shatter it. If you want a quick, indulgent meal, attack the human immediately. Their lingering unease will provide a suitable snack on its own. However, if you prefer to increase the richness of your prey’s flavor, fatally wound them as soon as they are within reach.

The sudden shift from unease to outright terror and confusion will sprinkle the human with delightfully enriching taste. After all, seduction is the proper way to make a sweet treat.

Flavor Five: Savory Fear

The most satisfying of all flavors of fear, Savory Fears are also the most difficult to perfect. Savory Fear is an acquired taste, but nonetheless a fine-dining experience that will reward patience and practice.

Like humans, your prey will require curating in order to achieve that delectable savory flavor. After all, salting the meat makes for a tasty treat. To get the best out of your prey, imitate the following procedure at your discretion:

Locate your prey and anticipate their reaction to your presence. Gradually reveal yourself to them, repeating the process over a select period of time to saturate the fear. No matter the initial flavor—be it sweet, sour, or bitter—the curating process will allow plenty of time for their fears to ruminate and become Savory Fears.

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Once you have cornered your prey, you may enjoy your patient efforts. Or, using your dead-lights, suspend—float—your catch. Similar to the human practice of hanging meat, this suspension will employ your powers beyond any physical action.

The dead-lights you possess will send your victim meal into a catatonic state of madness, inflicting upon them endless visions of paralyzing terror. The longer they float, the more savory their fear will become, and you will be free to indulge in your well-deserved moments of true, fine dining.

Enjoy your meal.

Blessing your dash with some of my most favorite Haylor manips of all time


*sighs happily*

I mean they would totally pose for a fan like this


the best thing in here is Ed’s face lmao

I’m sobbing

whatthefuckhwtsthefuck what rhdfcv fuck


now make out in the count of three please


stab me mom and dad

this is so pretty what the heck?

I found this yesterday and I’ve been crying over it ever since


fuck me… …to the moon….. ….and back… ……


fuck again


I really genuinely thought this was real for a second. fuck me oh my god

I’m really crying now they make me so emotional

Happy Valentine's Day!❤️ Wishing you all a lovely day aaand I hope y'all enjoy these hotass gifs😏

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Henry Cavill's "I love my boyfriend!!" smile he gives every time he looks at Ben is what I live for.



He has a smile literally glued to his face around Ben, it’s equally disgusting and cute, he’s so fond of him and I don’t know how to deal. What’s even better is that BEN IS EQUALLY AS GROSS

THEY’RE THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy 13rw playlists

these songs make me think of the happiness within each character (except bryce tyler and marcus), considering there is too much sadness in this fucking show lmao 

this is like pre-shitty actions on their tapes like when they were genuine and sweet kids

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Good afternoon! Before the semester starts I wanted to make sure that I will be more organized than before, so I decided to make some printables for myself. A lot of you guys asked me to share the files on tumblr so that you can use them too. I have made the monthly overview for 2017; 

you can find the complete file here:

Disclaimer: these printable are all made by me (credits to the font makers though). Feel free to use them for personal use, however if you upload them I’d be very happy if you credit/tag me. :D Please reblog if you’re going to use it c: Please don’t redistribute without asking for permission. I hope you guys like it 💕

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Can I just remind everyone that these boys are in fact idiots a lot of the time. And I 100% would not have them any other way.

Harry is not smooth nor cool.

Louis is not big or tough as he likes to think he is

Niall is….Niall

Liam is not actually cool or sexy

And together well….honestly it’s a bit of a mess

But so help me if you try and hurt these boys I will fight you. Because I love these idiots and they deserve the world.

None of these gifs are mine, all credit to the makers.

I got a request if I could share the pond leaves, and of course!
4 rc/pond deco
As for uploading the whole lot.
Hm, you know, if everyone was cool with including cc in buildings, I would share everything I build, but I’m far from a NoCC simmer and linking and finding all the stuff is just a bit -not fun- to me (I don’t mind simple wcifs tho!). It has nothing to do with me not wanting to give credit to all the awesome cc makers, it’s just me, wanting to spend my time on other things. :)
(Also, thanks for all the tips in my pond leaves wcif and birthday wishes! <3)

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Mind telling me where's that gif from? Where Louis' like "marriage,sex ,everything" THANK YOU! :)

It’s from this Brazilian interview which took place during the “This Is Us” press junket. Begins at around 9:15. 

What’s funny is that Zayn, Liam, and Louis are being shown these pictures of women and they have to choose if they’d date them or run (I know, real classy) 

Anyway, Louis had pretty much passed on all of them, coming up with one excuse or another, and then one pictures shows up and Zayn and Liam say that she kind of looks like Harry and that’s where Louis responds that he’s all for it!

(credit to gif maker)

RM Appreciation | Day 8 | “Derp Monster”

white girls running in horror movies amiright

boy you betta-

yo imagine snapchatting with him ((rippppp))

dance line who? i only know seaweed monster

honestly this whole log is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen

them dimples tho 😩😩 !!

get em baby

((every namjoon dance on idol weekly is the greatest thing to ever happen to me))


((no gifs are my own))

day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day 7

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It's not an exaggeration to say that every time Benedict shows up on my dash, I grin like an idiot. So I love your posts, especially when my mood needs a boost. :) Works every time.

How lovely of you say so, @neriesle ! He lifts my spirits too, and in so many ways…whether he’s defining classic elegance…

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…or playing the cheeky tart for a bit of fun…

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…the picture of sheer sophistication…

…or being an utter dork…

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…teasing us mercilessly…

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…or being completely, unselfconsciously, confident & casual…

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…or giving us the living heart & soul of his fully truthful & beautifully rendered characters…

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…putting his deep compassion into action & urging others to do the same…

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…and by simply, beautifully, being himself–a generous, shining soul to which few can ever compare…

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A fluffy friendship AU that nobody asked for (for purely selfish reasons and because a girl can dream)

MoMo is tired lately

He’s wearing the eye mask Jian Yi got him for Christmas (he bought it as a joke and never thought Red would actually wear it, but he’s secretly pleased every time he does)

So they’re suppose to be leaving for first period already but for some reason MoMo was out late last night (*cough/hetian/cough*) and he looks exhausted [college isn’t easy for him]

Jian Yi tries, but he can’t seem to get MoMo to wake up.

It’s okay though, Jian Yi knows what will help

No matter what happens, Jian Yi will always work hard for MoMo (and make him cups of coffee when he needs it)

cause that’s what friends are for! (ノ◕ω◕)ノ*:・゚✧:゚✧  \(^o^)/

^^^momma bear jian yi doing his best and taking care of MoMo!!!^^^

kermit the frog gif icons.

yes, that’s what you read. by clicking here you will find 60 gif icons of the one and only, everyone’s favorite meme, kermit the frog from the tv show the muppets. why, you ask? why not? none of the gifs are mine, i’ve simply cropped and edited them, and all credit goes to their makers. if any of yours have been used and you’d like them removed, do let me know. please like/reblog if you’re using.