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Locked Up

Can you do a reaction to getting locked in the school overnight with your crush, the bad boy, BTS

These are more like scenarios if anything but I still hope that it was close to what you wanted, and I apologize for taking so long to post this

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Originally posted by simondismydaddy

Being locked up in school isn’t great. Especially when it’s dark. And alone. Well at least you were until you ran into namjoon, the bad boy of the school and honestly you were thinking that it possibly couldn’t get any better. You liked him and now you were alone with him. He seemed quite surprised to see you out of all people in school so late. Namjoon did know you, kinda, since he sees you in like half his classes and getting the sense that you weren’t ok with being alone he dragged you along to an empty classroom. Great. The whole time you two were in there you personally felt like you were about to explode. Yeah, he made you swoon that much. “So why are you stuck in here?” his head tilts a bit and his gaze meets yours. “I could ask you the same thing,” he smirks a little and pick his head back up, still looking into your eyes. “Fell asleep in class, and the teacher didn’t bother to wake me up.” The way he rolled his eyes told pretty much what he thought of his teacher. “Now you tell me your story.” “Well lets just say last minute restroom breaks aren’t a good idea,” you chuckled awkwardly as he grinned. He opened his mouth to speak but the lights of the room turned off and you instantly cuddled yourself into namjoon without a second thought. After realizing this you blushed muttering a quick sorry and pulled back from him but he put his around you and kept you close. “It’s ok, I don’t mind holding you.”


Originally posted by beagletae

You never thought you’d get detention, you weren’t perfect but you never did anything wrong, and you didn’t think that detention would be the reason you’d be locked up in school. It was already dark and school was already scary enough you didn’t need this. Seokjin soon came along when you found him asleep in one of the schools closets, and all because he wanted alone time. The whole time you guys talked and just strolled the dimly lit halls which was a little more comforting with him. He might of been the bad boy but he was actually pretty nice. Being with him in a situation like this just made being locked in school not so bad. “You know how I got stuck here, what’s your story?” “Detention,” you groaned slightly. “Oh someone’s been naughty,” he says teasingly making you blush. “I didn’t do anything bad, my teacher is just strict, and he ‘forgot’ that I was there and left me.” You grumbled under your breath and jin laughed a little when seeing you puff your cheeks out of irritation. “Ah, cute,” he mumbles to himself. “Hey well on the bright side you’re stuck with me,” he winks at you and you swear you stopped breathing for two seconds. “Yeah, I’m with you,” you smiled.


Originally posted by minniesuga

You weren’t all that surprised when you realized that you were locked in. It’s what you get for hiding away to ditch you’re last hour only because you were trying to avoid your crush. New seating charts aren’t  that all great because now you sit right next to him. And at the moment you thought you were screwed because he suddenly popped up decided to tag along with you at some point even though he seemed to pay no mind to you. You were already hating life at the moment and you were hating it even more because he was here alone with you and you knew you were going to embarrass yourself at some point. The cafeteria was left unlocked so you sat across from each other in silence and glancing at each other every now and then to. Perfect, you thought. I’m not doing anything and I’m already embarrassing, you mentally slapped yourself as you tried avoiding eye contact with yoongi. “So you weren’t in class today,” he says and you finally look at him, but he was staring at his hands. “Why not?” his eye looked up and you looked down again and blushed. “I-I wasn’t feeling it today,” you say. “Just for that class?” he raises a brow. “I mean- well-  no it’s just,” you groaned and your hands rubbed at your face making yoongi chuckle. “You don’t gotta explain it’s fine,” your eyes meet with his now and he smiles slightly. “Just don’t skip it next time, it’s lame when you’re gone.”


Originally posted by jeonsshi

So you’re in school, and it’s way past school hours. And you’re also alone…in the dark…and locked in. What could go wrong? To say were scared was an understatement. You were terrified and who wouldn’t be when you’re stuck in school at night. You were sure you were going to die in here, it was the perfect set up for a horror flick. When you heard a sudden bang you screamed and another scream followed, a scream that wasn’t yours. “God you scared me!” Hoseok huffed and held his hand to his chest. You stared at him relieved that you weren’t the only one her now but also wondering why he was here. “S-sorry I didn’t mean to,” you rubbed your arm sheepishly. “It’s fine, kinda my fault to since I dropped that trash can back there,” he points behind him and laugh. You couldn’t help but giggle “and how did that happen?” Hoseok stood by you now with a shy expression. “Don’t tell anyone but I got a little freaked out and ended up running into it.” You smirked a bit and cross your arms “the famous bad boy, Jung Hoseok, was scared?” you said dramatically. “Yeah, yeah whatever you were even more scared you screamed like you were about to die,” “Well because I thought I was,” you shared a laugh before he gently held your forearm and smiled as you felt the heat rush to your cheeks. Good thing it was dark. “Maybe we should stay close just in case anything else happens,” “O-ok”


Originally posted by gotjimin

Never in your life did you ever think you’d be stuck in a dark room alone with your crush jimin. Well of course you have. And it was happening, but not the way you thought (you dirty person you;)) You were in a dark room alright but that room was the janitors closet…at school…locked in. Now you didn’t know this would happen you were just trying to hide away from the douches that were bugging you. Jimin was hiding away to but that’s for a whole other reason and apparently he had the same idea as you. He startled you as he swung open the door and slipped in with no questions asked. He shut the door and quickly put his ear against it and just as you were about to say something you felt his hands roam around your shoulders then your face before cover your mouth and bringing your head to his chest. “Stay quiet,” he says, ear still pressed against the door. Seconds past and you squirmed out of his grasp “what are yo-” “shh!” you sigh “what are you doing?” you whispered. Jimin stayed there for a moment before leaning away from the door and turned around to face what he assumed to be you. “I was running away from a friend of mine,” “why?” “I pranked  him, and I got him good this time.” You couldn’t see but you knew he was grinning ear to ear. “Who are you by the way?” he asks. “Oh y/n, not sure if you know me but we have the same history class.” He stood silently for a second. “Do you have your phone?” “Yeah, why?” “Turn on the flashlight so I can see you.” You did as you were told and it wasn’t until you turned on the light you realized how close he was. You dropped your phone out of surprise and you both reached for it. At that very moment there was a click. “Did you hear that?” You got up and jiggled the knob only to groan when realizing that you were locked in. “Well were stuck in here,” you huffed and hit you back against the door. Jimin had the light on you and he giggled suddenly. “W-what?” you were beginning to blush. “Nothing, you’re just cute when you’re angry,” “B-but I’m not,” what was he saying? “well, you’re still cute.”


Originally posted by taedamn

When taehyung asked you to help him out with studying after school you were quite happy and took the offer. How could say no to him? Yes he’s the bad boy but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t strive for good grades. Plus you liked him so you were down to help him out. But there you were, by the classroom two hours after the last bell had rung waiting on taehyung to show up. A few more minutes, you thought. And after those few minuets you already made your down the hall. Of course he didn’t show, you scoffed to yourself. You found yourself at the main entrance just about to push open the doors when you hear your name being called. “Hey where are you going?” “Home,” you said a bit harshly. “Why? I thought you were gonna help me out?” he pouted almost. “I was but then you showed up tow hours late and I have to be home.” There was really no reason to be mad but if was gonna be busy before hand he should’ve said something! You tried pushing open the door but it wouldn’t budge so you tried the other one but to no avail it didn’t open either. Taehyung then went in to help but that didn’t work. “We’re stuck in here,” he said all too calmly. “Stuck!?” you eyes widened. “As in we’re locked in here?!” You ended up going through the whole school just to get out but everything was locked. Eventually you gave up and sat in a hall hugging your knees. Taehyung looked at you and really couldn’t help but think it was his fault (really wasn’t) and sat by you. “It’s not so bad y/n, I’m here,” he smiles at you and you sigh and return a slanted smile. “Well I hope you’re good company,” you joked. “I guess to pass the time we can study?” you say unsurely. Taehyung smirks suddenly and his eyes lock with yours. “I have a better Idea.”

(you played hide and seek you nasties) 


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You just wanted to work in peace and quiet get finished early so you could take a nap but no~ jungkook kept throwing wads of paper into your hair and bugged you anyway he could. And here you thought that sitting right in front of him was a blessing. (Still kinda is I mean he notices you) You tried to stop him but he wouldn’t have it and you were slowly becoming more and more irritated. You were a time bomb and any little thing at that moment could make you explode. Jungkook, of course, helped with that when he poked your back making you yelp and scream at him for not leaving you alone. And now your here. Stuck in a class room tired and annoyed. “C'mon I already said I was sorry,” he kneels in front of your desk with his arms resting on it and head sitting over them looking up at you with his big brown eyes. You rolled your eyes and avoided any eye contact with the boy. “Sorry isn’t gonna take me home now is it.” It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Why must you hate me so,” “I don’t, you just irritate me,” you said bluntly. “So you do like me,” he beamed. You choked on your own air and the blood instantly rushed to your cheeks. Jungkook laughed at your reaction letting himself fall to the ground and just kinda roll there in laughter. You glared at him with your now rosy cheeks and stood up from your seat and made your way to the door. “W-Where you goin’?” He scrambled to pick himself up from the floor and raced to the door to block you from it. “Home I don’t want to be here,” “Aw, I was only joking you seriously can’t be mad, plus you can’t just leave.” “whatever,” you moved him out of the way and reached to turn the knob but it was locked. You groan and tried the other one but you were met with the same fate. A locked door. “Great, Just great!” “Locked?” “What do you think?” He comes near you again leaving you trapped against the door. “Well if that’s the case, I have a way to make you forgive me.”

Hope you liked it😊

and again I’m sorry this took awhile it’s been a busy week and I couldn’t really work on anything.

Much love~💖

Imagine finding a really embarrassing photo of yourself as Jeff’s lock screen and he refuses to change it when you ask.

I gotta give credit where it’s due and thank @tapes-at-monets for creating ‘Dating Jeff Atkins’ headcanons which spawned this idea :)

I Do Not Own The GIF. All Credit Goes to Owner Wherever He/She Is.


Monet’s was everyone’s go-to cafe whether it be in the mornings before school, afternoons after school, or someplace to grab a quick bite to eat for dinner. So, of course, this is where Clay finds you and your boyfriend Jeff grabbing a bite to eat.

“Hey, guys, I’m really sorry to interrupt, but I need a favor.”

Jeff immediately glances up, on edge, and you smile sheepishly at Clay since he had walked up right when you had taken an enormous bite of your sandwich. “What happened? What’s wrong?” Jeff asks and you roll your eyes in good humor at the protectiveness your boyfriend feels over the Jensen boy. 

“Uh, nothing..?” Clay frowns. “I just- my phone died. I was looking for Tony, but I can’t find him anywhere. Can I use one of your phones?”

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“I’m thankful for wonho because he thinks of the team a lot and always protect the team and also for being the same age as me” Shownu


This will be updated every weekend (or when I’m able to do so) with new videos. As for the raw videos, I will edit this once I see a subbed version of it.

Please do send a message to inform me if I’m missing a video, or if a raw video has been subbed by someone.

PS. Fancams and videos from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or V app probably won’t be included. 

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[PRE-COMEBACK: 170510 - 170520]
170510 - Vernon’s Teaser  
170511 - Jeonghan’s Teaser
170511 - Mingyu’s Teaser
170512 - Seokmin’s Teaser
170512 - Jihoon’s Teaser
170512 - Junhui’s Teaser
170513 - Dino’s Teaser
170513 - Wonwoo’s Teaser
170513 - Hoshi’s Teaser
170514 - Seungkwan’s Teaser
170514 - Minghao’s Teaser
170514 - Jisoo’s Teaser
170515 - Seungcheol’s Teaser
170517 - AL1 Highlight Medley 
170520 - Don’t Wanna Cry Special Spot

[FIRST WEEK: 170522 - 170528] 
170522 - Don’t Wanna Cry M/V 
170523 - AL1 Album Showcase - Dont Wanna Cry (raw)
170523 - AL1 Album Showcase - Crazy In Love (raw)
170523 - AL1 Album Showcase - Photo Time (raw)
170523 - AL1 Album Showcase - Talk (raw)
170523 - AL1 Album Showcase - Q&A (raw)
170523 - AL1 Album Showcase Full (raw
170523 - V APP - AL1 Showcase (sub)
170524 - Show Champion - Special Interview (raw | sub
170524 - Show Champion - Don’t Wanna Cry (raw
170524 - AL1 Jacket Behind The Scenes (raw)

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A Dean scenario where a thunder storm wakes you in the middle of the night. You can't fall back to sleep so Dean either sings to you until you do or it can be a smut. Sweet or sexy (:

Title: Rainy Nights

Genre: Fluff


Hope you like it! I don’t think I’ve ever finished a request this fast. With that I’m going to bed. Good night y’all!

   Pictures/Artwork/Gifs are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.


It wasn’t that you were afraid of thunderstorms. Iit was that there was no way you could sleep through the downpour happening right outside your window. The glass nearly shook from the wind and the rain pelted against the window. The thunder cracked loudly and the lightning flashed bright enough to illuminate the entire room. This caused you to lay in bed wide awake. You’d been tossing and turning but forced yourself to lie still once you realized you were waking your boyfriend, Dean, up.

You tried to wait until you thought he was sleeping again before you rolled over. He sighed deeply. “Baby, why are you moving so much?” He sighed. You could tell he was slightly irritated. His schedule was always busy and sleep was something he took very seriously. That being said it wasn’t your fault mother nature decided to throw a tantrum at two in the morning.

“I’m sorry but this storm is keeping me up.” You rolled over to face him. He was laying on his stomach, no shirt on and the blankets bunched down to his waist. His face turned towards you. He cracked one eye and gave you a hard look. You offered an apologetic one in return. He sighed and rolled over to his back and raised his arm up inviting you to cuddle into his side which you quickly did. Your head rested comfortably just below the crook of his neck. He looped his arm around you and began to sing.

“Sunny days..Everybody loves them…” He crooned into your ear.

“Are you serious?” You titled your head slightly to make eye contact but only caught his smirk.

“Tell me baby.” He continued on.

“You watched the New Edition Story one time.” You continued to interrupt him.

“Can you stand the rain.”

You pushed up just enough to look down at him, slightly propped on your elbow.

“Can. You. Stand. The. Rain.” He punctuated each word by alternating raising each of his shoulders and a grin on his face.

“Petty level just increased to 12.” You said shaking your head but unable to hide your own smile.

“Alright, alright. I’ll quit.” He pulled you back down to his chest. He moved and grabbed his phone. There was the clicking of his fingers against the screen before a song started to play, one of your favorites in fact.

A soft smile formed on your lips and you felt yourself relax into his embrace. He started to humming at first until the course came.

“Rain down (on) On me. Let your love just fall like raindrops.” You could listen to him all day as he easily harmonized with the song. You joined in softly singing along with him. You were no CoKo but you could at least carry a tune.

The chorus finished and Hyuk leaned forward bringing his lips against your ear to whisper the next lyrics “Full as a dam at capacity..My passions about to explode.” He followed that up with a kiss to your neck just below your neck. He’d rolled you both to your sides and pulled your body flush against his. He let his hand trail over your nightgown from where your bra line usually ended to where your panty-line would normally begin and began bunching the material up in an attempt to expose more of your thigh.

You were too into the song and grabbed his hand balling it into a fist and bring it to your mouth. “EVERY LITTLE DRIP DROP…JUST RAIN!!”

It was his turn to look at you like you’d lost your mind. “Are you serious right now?” You heard him say from behind you.

“You don’t know nothin bout this. It was before your time.” You said with a dismissive wave of your hand and went back to singing your heart out.

“Baby, I’m tryna…” He trailed off.

“Shower. Sprinkle. Fall down on me.” You whispered along but a loud clap of thunder brought your little performance up short.

You heard a deep chuckle behind you and felt yourself being pulled back against Hyuk. He kissed your temple. The song ended and instead of choosing another song he started humming Weak to you. “Who told you about SWV?” You asked on a yawn.

“You really think I wouldn’t remember when you leave them on repeat every time you take a shower?” You could hear the smile in his voice. Your only response was a smile of your own and another yawn.

You both laid like that him holding your hand gently rubbing his thumb across it and singing until you fell back asleep.


‘You sure you’re gonna be all right?’ he asked, turning serious as J.B. skittered into the hallway, his claws clattering across the floor.

You grinned, leaning down to pick the dog up. He was wagging his tail excitably. ‘‘Course we are,’ you assured him as J.B. began trying to lick your cheek.

Imagine puppysitting J.B. while Eggsy’s away.

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Can you do a reaction to them getting massaged by you. Like you being really good at it

[A/N: Quick note, since I am getting request for reactions I’ll be now opening those up as well so feel free to request them ☺
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[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


Originally posted by jungkook-e

Ah namjoon. He would just love the fact that your hands can do fucking wonders. He’ll probably keep asking you to give him a nice back rub every now and then because he just can’t get enough. “BABE,” his loud voice calls out to you. “What do you want!?” you call back. You entered the bedroom with namjoon already laying on his stomach. “Can you give me a massage?” “I just gave you one an hour ago,” you said. “PLEAAAASE,” he’d whine making you laugh. “Alright, alright but this is the last one for today.”


Jin really likes the fact that you know how work your hands to please him ;) the way you massage his back sends him to heaven. So after a long day of doing whatever tired him out he’ll straight to you, grab your hands and tell you to work your magic. “Y/n I could really use one of your massages,” he plops down by you on the bed already tugging at your sleeve. “Long day?” you ask and he hums back tiredly. He’s still tugging a bit at your sleeve and you giggle. “Was it dance practice?” jin nods, “three awful hours of horrible dance practice, so please make me feel better.”


He really appreciates your wonderful talented hands. He really does. Although he probably wound’t ask for them very often no matter how much he loves your massages. When yoongi feels like he’s very stressed he would most definitely come to you to relieve his stress. And he just really enjoys your touch in general. “Ok, how about here,” you press your hands onto his back with just a bit more pressure and he groans a bit too loudly with pleasure. “That feels great.” You continue to give him a massage and listening to him hum happily to the feeling making you grin. “You’re really loving this aren’t you?” “Sooooo freaking much, god you have no idea.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

So knowing hobi he probably wouldn’t really ask for your wonderful massages but instead plop down in front of you at random times to give his shoulders a good rub down. “Really hobi?” “Yes,” he reaches behind him to grab your hands “please you give really good massages.” He’d win you over with his cute antics and have you work your hands on him. “Ah, that feels really nice,” he sighs happily and let’s his head fall back. “You’re hands are wonder full,” “just my hands?” you gave his shoulders a tight squeeze. “N-no you to- don’t be so rough.” You giggle and continued on to massage your boyfriend.


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Like hobi, jimin would want your massages at random times because he loves them so much and it’s like his only other excuse to have you touch him. Whenever you give him one of your famous massages he’ll honestly just praise you while you do so. “You really know what you’re doing,” he groans into his pillow. “You act like I’ve never done this to you,” you dig your hands into his back earning another groan from him. “You’re too good at this,” he laughs a little. “I’m never going to get tired of this.”


Originally posted by hellosarang

Taehyung is all for your massages. He’ll even call you the goddess of them because he thinks you’re just that great. This boy would literally do anything just to have one from you. Well maybe not anything but he just really likes them. Once your hands are on him he’s a happy puppy. “I feel like I’m in heaven,” he mutters to himself. “Are my massages that great tae?” “Their magical,” he’d moan little when you hit the right spot his back and mumble thank you over and over again.


This bunny right here loves your massages so much that he just kinda commands them now. Not in a rude way of course, he’s just trying to funny or whatever. He likes the way your hands feel on him. He sometimes would tell you how it makes him feel relaxed and all good inside. “Is this ok?” you ask him as your hands work on his back. “Perfect,” he hums and nuzzles his face into the pillow he hugged. “How much are you enjoying this?” “Way too much,” he admits laughing a bit. “I live for this.”

I hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖

Reaction Masterlist


Originally posted by jack777

When Their S/O Teases them   {X

When Their S/O Walks in on Them Changing   {X}

When Their S/O is Clumsy AF   {X

When Their S/O has a Panic Attack   {X}

When Their S/O Gives Them a Sexy Dance   {X}

When Their S/O Walks Down the Aisle    {X}

When They Take Care of Their S/O Younger Sibling   {X}

When They Get Left Alone W/ Their Baby   {X}

When the Relationship Goes Public   {X

When They get Caught in the Act   {X}

Their S/O Bringing Home a Puppy   {X}

When Their S/O is Sick   {X}

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Under the cut, you will find #124 100X100 GIF ICONS of KJ APA. All of these gifs are roleplayable, and none of them belong to me so credit goes to the rightful owners. I did crop, resize, sharpen and add a texture to them though so please don’t add to other gif hunts. Please like or reblog if you find this useful, thanks!

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               【 — ☆ male/male gif hunt; 

Bellow the cut you will find 100+ gifs of various m/m couples from various tv shows. None of these gifs belong to me, so all credit goes to the rightful owners. I did this hunt for my personal use, because i was tired of going from tag to tag looking for gifs rçrçrç. If you find this useful, like or reblog. xoxo

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                        Recent (2016-current)

 By clicking here, you will find roughly #550 HQ small/medium, textless gifs of Zoey Deutch strictly from projects 2016 and newer. All of these gifs are roleplayable and none of them belong to me so all credit goes to the rightful owners (mostly @dailydeutch and @wmuse); more gifs will be added as they are found. 

↳ I also did separate, smaller hunts of Zoey’s specific roles so that if someone is searching for a GIF or character in particular, they can have an easier time finding those images. Links for those hunts are listed below.

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Monsta X Reaction-Asking you out!

Okay so I’m on a roll today!  Okay this is my first shot at Monsta X.  I love their song “Hero”  and I think they are a great up and coming band!  So here you go and remember to send in those requests!  (if you have suggests, weather helpful or mean, please send a private message and not in the comments, thanks!)

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Shownu:  Being the strong leader that he is.  He wouldn’t show his affection in the normal way.  He’d be way to shy about it to do anything about it at the moment.  He’d walk up and ask for your number and give you a call later.

Wonho:  He would be confident in his own mind that you would absolutly like him back.  He will try and impress you with a subtle joke or try and make you laugh first before he made his move.

Minhyuk:  He is absolute sunshine and that would be obvious to you.  He would spend his time making sure that you are happy before he makes any kind of move on you.  He would want to make sure he makes your day happy and full of sunshine before he asks you out.

Kihyun:  His huge outgoing personality would be his ace when it comes to confessing his feelings you.  He would take you somewhere that you could be alone like a dinner or place to eat.  There he would ask you out.

Hyungwon:  He would be the one to get you to confess to him first.  He wouldn’t be mean about it, but he wouldn’t want to hurt his pride by telling you first.  He would tease you and drops hints until you asked him out.

JooHeon:  He wouldn’t know how to go about asking you out.  He wouldn’t be sure of what your feelings for him were and would be nervous about what to do.  Once he was confident he would ask if you feel anything for him and then decide what to do after that.

I.M.:  Here comes Mr.Confident.  When he set his sites on you, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants.  Instead of being all shy and aloof, he would walk right up to you and ask you out, knowing that you will say yes before he even goes up to you.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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You quirked an eyebrow at Rick after he had explained the plan to you. ‘Criminals? You want a team of criminals to help save the city?’ You didn’t even try to hide the incredulous tone behind your voice.

‘No, I want you to help me with them,’ he said.

You sighed deeply. ‘What, so you know that there’s one person that’s actually looking out for you?’

Rick nodded, a small smirk on his face.

‘You are an utter pain, Flag,’ you said. ‘But all right. As long as there’s some of your men on that team as well.’

‘Of course there is,’ he assured you.

‘I really don’t know what you’d do without me sometimes,’ you murmured.

‘Neither do I,’ he said, pulling you in for a brief side hug.

‘Now,’ you said, clapping as you shifted slightly, ‘can we get back to the important thing of this evening. How’re things?’

Rick chuckled, moving his arm away from you and starting to catch you up on the things you’d missed while away.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).


Sailor Moon Backpacks for sale at Hot Topic, current online price is $29.92. For now they only have Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter, I’m not sure if they will have the others or not but I’ll keep everyone posted.



Michael Gray x Reader

(Not my photo, credit goes to its owner/s)

Michael didn’t really expect anything to happen as he left his home that morning, he most certainly didn’t expect to see you, Tommy’s Assistant and the woman he has adored so much from afar in the arms of a man that wasn’t him. It all seemed terribly cliché - something right out of one of those awful romance books your mother reads in front of the fire - but he felt like the wind had been completely knocked out of him, like the world was caving in beneath him. Michael watched as the stranger embraced you in one of the longest hugs he’d ever seen, clearly this man loved you (or claimed to) very much and the feeling appeared mutual.
Turning up the collar of his beige raincoat, he strode away hoping to get away without you seeing, knowing he’d be far too disappointed and angry to form a coherent sentence if you were to stop and talk to him.

~ x ~

You’d no idea what had gotten into Michael, he’d been avoiding you for days, whenever you entered the same room as him he’d glare at you before storming out. No matter how much you tried to shrug off his peculiar behaviour you couldn’t help but feel hurt by his chilliness towards you.
“Polly?” You called out as you entered the Shelby household before taking off your coat and hanging it up on the stand.
“In the kitchen (Y/N)” Polly shouted back just as you began to make your way to that very room.
“How are you (Y/N)? Tommy keeping you busy? She questioned as she pottered around putting cups and plates away.

“Can’t complain to be honest Poll, I think I spend most of my time tidying up after him than doing any secretarial work.” You chuckled, leaning against the kitchen units.

“Now that doesn’t surprise me, he’s never quite learnt the art of putting things away.” Polly said as she began to boil some water on the stove. “Anyway I’m guessing you’re not really here to talk about Tommy’s flaws, what’s on your mind?”

“It’s actually concerning Michael, I’m not really sure what I’ve done but I seem to have pissed him off somehow. Maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid but I’m convinced he’s avoiding me. I was just wondering if you knew why because if I have done something I want to try and make it right.” You explained as you rubbed your hand anxiously.

“Hmm I think I have an idea what might be the problem but let me speak to him first and I’ll try and get him to talk to you. I don’t believe it’s anything you’ve done, it’s just his childish idiocy stopping him from seeing the truth. Leave it with me and I’ll see what I can do.” Polly says as she gently rests her hand upon yours in a bid to reassure you.


It must have been the early hours of the morning when you were woken up to the sounds of shouting and banging coming from the front door and windows of your home, it took you a few moments to adjust to being awake before you realised that that the voice you could hear was familiar.
Getting up and wrapping your dressing gown around you, you walked over to the window to look down at an all to familiar figure.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! ARE YOU AWAKE? I WANT TO TALK TO YOU! (Y/N)!” Michael shouted as he staggered from side to side beneath your window.

“Michael? What the hell are you doing? Be quiet you’ll wake my parents.” You answered in a tone just above a whisper.

“BUT I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.” He continued to shout despite your pleas for him to stop.

“Oh golly.” You said aloud to yourself as you took a deep breath and headed down the stairs to open the door for him.

Upon opening the door, you watched as Michael struggled to stay upright as many attempts to grab the door frame failed.

“Are you drunk?”

“Mmm maybe just a little bit.” He slurred as he demonstrated using his thumb and forefinger before gesturing to the doorstep “Sit with me.”

“Michael, what’s all this about?” You asked as you sat on the cold hard step.

“Who was that… that…. that GUY you were with a few days ago? I saw you both as I left to get some cigarettes.” He finally blurted out as he began to tense his fists.

“Ahhh so this is what has had your knickers in a twist.” You giggled. “That ‘guy’ is my brother, he travelled here from his home in Edinburgh to tell me he was getting married.”

“Oh… good.”

“Who else could he have been? Besides why are you so bothered?”

“I like you (Y/N), I like you more than you realise.” Michael admitted whilst taking your hand and gently encasing it within the palms of his own. “I may be more drunk than I’d care to admit but Polly was about to kick my arse if I didn’t tell you the truth, I was only going to have one drink for Dutch courage.” He chuckled at his own stupidity.

“Well Mr Gray, you might be interested to know I happen to like you a lot too.” You said smiling as you watched Michaels eyes open wide like a child’s on Christmas morning.

“You do? Can I kiss you to confirm I’m not imagining this?” He asked albeit rather cheekily.

You nodded as he leaned in, capturing your soft lips with his own.

This is for Ambrollins Fans

I must not be the only one who loves to see Seth wreck Dean right? Cuz its simply beautiful…

There is Angsty Ambrollins…

There is dominating/evil!Seth Ambrollins…

There is ‘Fuck me harder’ Ambrollins…

There is a dirty/trash talking!Seth Ambrollins…

There is a Possessive!Seth…

& a Protective!Seth…

Also the adorable!Dean Ambrollins…

Who can forget the crazy grudge holding Ex-Girlfriend!Dean Ambrollins…

& last but not the least, secretly holding onto old flame!Seth Ambrollins.

Its a hard ship since both are bottoms, but with Dean, Seth looks like a legit top and top!Seth deserve some love too

(Credit for all the gifs/pics goes to WONDERFUL owners/makers. You guys are amazing.)

✰. — chloe bridges gif hunt ❞

Bellow the cut you will find 245 icon gifs of the wonderful Chloe Bridges. None of these gifs belong to me, so all credit goes to the rightful owners ( big part of these are made by the marvelous @kbunburyhelps ). I have only added a PSD to them and cut/resized them. If you find this useful, please like or reblog. The PSD used on these is “psd.03” by @franchowski and  alongside a simple texture. If there is any problem with the gifs, please let me know. Thanks for checking them out and hopefully they can be useful for you. Xoxo

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zayn & perrie: the timeline

hello, so i honestly don’t know what this is… it starts from when they first met until now. it’s just pictures, instagram screenshots, tweets, etc. basically anything involving zayn and perrie, including both families and some friends. it’s extremely long, but i think reading it from start to finish might help people appreciate their relationship. i’ll add to it whenever something happens. xoxo :)

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