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Tom performed live on Instagram on January 27, 2017. All the credit goes to him and a small part to me for managing to record it

‘Excerpts from Journal #4’

rating: gen
word count: 3229
summary: A first-person view of Stanford Pines’ initial thoughts and discoveries of the strangest anomalies of all—his own family.
a/n: before i say anything else, this wonderful fic wasn’t written by me, but @theaustinstollhaus
he popped out of a hole in the internet like a weird genie and took me up on a fanfic request, follow him. seriously all the credit goes to him, but he insisted i post it.

the foundation/inspiration that lead to the making of this was this post, which i’m sure a lot of you might remember.

(personally when i first read this i was so blown away by how delightfully and humorously in-character it is, almost as if these were excerpts from the actual journal and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did <3)

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Jack slid under the security tape right after the encore and tried to looks as much of a part of crew as he could. He reeeally had no intention of meeting the manager. He had had enough of that one, thank you. He knocked on the door to the dressing room twice and after a yelled invitation opened the door and slid in with a smile. 

‘VIP ticket?’ asked Fyfe with a grin. 

‘Noooot exactly,’ he answered, shrugging. ‘I heard your manager say the ticket fell through so I decided to come and thank you for the show. It was amazing.’ 

‘Waaaait,’ drawled Heda from her place in front of the vanity. ‘I know you. You are Jack Raiden, are you not? I saw you play once in Windenburg. You were pretty awesome.’ 

Jack blinked in confusion. RtD knew him? ‘Thanks. All credit goes to the band.’ 

‘Well, some credit goes to us too,’ hushed Heda with a grin. ‘I’m Heda.’ 

He shook her hand, nodding. ‘You are a brilliant vocalist. Your voice just brings the music alive. And believe me, it was already very much alive.’ 

She laughed, looking at her band. ‘What do you say we spend this night with Mr Raiden here?’ 

‘All in!’ echoed Fyfe, while Sorcha nodded. They rose to follow them toward the door as Heda asked, ‘Know any good places to hang out here? It’s our first time in Magnolia Promenade.’ 

‘Mine too,’ he laughed. ‘But I believe in my bar-sensor.’ 

Before Heda could reach the door it opened and the manager walked in with a mournful expression. ‘Ah, listen guys, I have some bad news. The VIP tickets for today are not coming and… Wait! Who are you?’ he asked, pointing at Jack. 

‘Jim, this is Jack, our friend. We just met, so the friendship is raw and vulnerable. Try not to break it with your face,’ drawled Heda, pushing him out of the way. ‘We are going out. Be a sweetie and pack Zombear up for us, could you?’ 

‘B-b-but…’ sputtered the man in desperation. Apparently there was nothing else to say, only James was not used to be in a state like that so, in a small voice, he cried after them: ‘What’s with that fucking bear anyway?!’ 

Heda stopped in the doorway, throwing him a wicked grin. ‘Blimey, I hoped we wouldn’t have to tell you like this, Jim,’ sighed Heda. ‘You know how he is always here, and he always sits down on the end of every show and tells us his impressions. He takes care of us and makes sure everything is ready to go… Well, Jim, the truth is… He is our real manager.’ With a laugh the band left, banging the door shut after them. 

James touched his face, massaging his pounding temples. ‘They will kill me. This band is going to kill me.’ Then he sighed and went to pack their stupid bear up. 


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This is really good.  I like how Lori is just watching over them as the oldest, how Lynn is giving him a noogie which fits her personality and relationship with Lincoln, and how Lucy isn’t in the group but is still connected.  

Also, Lola’s face creeps me out. The way she’s looking at him just screams “MINE!!!”.  

All credit goes to mickeyelric11.


Summary: Phil can’t stop listening to Fools by Troye Sivan and thinking about where it all went wrong with Dan.

Genre: angst 

Word Count: 1530 (not including lyrics)

Warnings: brief mentions of alcohol

Author’s Note: First I would like to say that I’m well aware this song was not out in 2012 but for the sake of this fic, let’s all just pretend that it was. This is my fic for day 7 of @phanweek! Today’s prompt is 2012!phan (sfw)! Shout out to @chocolatesaucelester for the feedback. And of course a huge shout out to Troye Sivan for writing the song Fools that inspired this fic! All credit goes to him! Enjoy! EDIT: This is also part of a series of oneshots based on Troye Sivan’s album Blue Neighborhood.

Blue Neighborhood Series

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Brendan Blackwell

  • Family Oriented
  • Romantic
  • Self Assured

Brendan has always been a ladies man ever since he was young and even though he might come off as a player because of how flirty he is, he is a very sweet guy and has always dreamed of having a big loving family.

Soo this is Brendan, Annabeth’s so called lover.

*note I did not make this sim I downloaded him off the gallery all credit goes to the original owner.


Billy Watts on Facebook made this. All credit goes to him. #unexpectedcena #JohnCena #wwe #wrestling #jontron #jontronshow #meme JonTron

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