all cops are bastards

Detroit Cops Have Left Two Black Children To Die After Runover

On Wednesday a car of criminal suspects has casually rammed into multiple children during the chase by Detroit Police. Patrol car refused to stop and continued the pursuit. Two kids were killed, they were - Michaelangelo Jackson and his sister Makiah, ages 6 and 3. They and the rest kids were playing in front of the house when the cars appeared nearby and plowed them.
I understand that chase of criminals on cars must be very hard work, but cops should be professionals! How could they just keep chasing the criminal after runover into the children? That’s an example of criminal negligence! True bastards.

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God. Actual. DAMN. Not only is the fact that they’re just talking about police who died outside of the violence that they put themselves in, but they very clearly can’t hide their anti-Blackness because I haven’t seen this post any time a White celebrity died. Not to mention the fact that police have killed over 300 people this year alone, and those are just the ones that I know of. This is disgusting, and a prime example of narcissistic pig culture.