all clapped

today I witnessed a woman swearing, spitting and physically attacking people on the train and by the time she was escorted off the train everyone fucking clapped and all I could think of is “God damn Tumblr will never believe me”

If exams are taking over your life because you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and making you want to die and question your purpose and giving you identity issues clap your hands


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.13

Doctor Palmer, it’s very nice to see you again.

Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast (spoilers obvs)

I have to say that, being a huge fan of the original , I was very sceptical about this live action version. But it completely won me over. I’ve seen it twice (once in IMAX which I definitely recommend) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for 3 days. The movie was an absolute delight and I wanted to highlight my favourite bits :)

  • The fact that the Prince is an adult (and no mention of how long ago he was cursed)
  • The memory charm!
  • The group scenes with real crowds (I get really annoyed when movies have street scenes etc. with only 4 people in them)
  • Diverse Cast!
  • The priest giving her the books (makes much more sense than having a bookstore in that village)
  • “Ugh!”
  • Belle the tinkerer/inventor
  • Belle teaching the little girl how to read
  • Cadenza playing a bit of Be Our Guest when Maurice arrives in the castle (reminded me that the song was originally going to be for him)
  • Maurice stealing a rose
  • The entire Gaston song, but specifically:
  • LeFou paying the people to participate and sing along (Gaston is not blindly adored by all the townspeople)
  • The clapping/instrumental bridge
  • ‘And his name’s G-A-S-T’ which was in the soundtrack for the original but cut for the movie so I was super happy to see it was included
  • The castle crumbling and the servants going through changes every time a petal falls (I remember that last bit was in the Broadway musical too)
  • Mrs Potts being understanding of Belle’s escaping
  • Belle not eating a thing during Be Our Guest ^^
  • The Beast reacting to Romeo and Juliette and also the King Arthur bit
  • Belle’s reaction to the library
  • The magical book literally lets her travel as a reference to her ‘travelling’ with the books she used to read at home (I only realised this two days after I saw the film…)
  • The Beast in make-up
  • Why is she running away in her yellow dress surely it’s not very practical oh wait it’s so he can see her in the distance as he sings Evermore (my heart!)
  • Speaking of, Evermore was so dramatic™ I loved it
  • Stanley’s reaction to being wardrobed
  • The servants changing back (and the heart attack I almost had with Chip)
  • The way the castle changed as the rising sun hit the different sections (I miss the glitter magic but this worked nicely)
  • The beard line (again, almost made it in the original so a nice touch to have it here)
  • The village being called Villeneuve (reference to Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve who wrote the original fairy-tale!)
  • The entire aesthetic really
  • Celine Dion and Josh Groban <3
  • Alan Menken’s score, oh boy had I missed his music!

Basically being such a big fan of the original only made me love it more. It feels like they added certain things specifically for Disney nerds. And it also feels like they had fun making it? I really was not expecting to love it was much as I did. I wasn’t expecting to like it at all really, so it was a nice surprise 🥀

Dirty dancing in a dungeon

Our party consist of a 3 half-elves( ranger, sorcerer & rogue), and me a Halfling rogue. We’re in a dungeon trying to get to the spymaster, as we enter a room with no doors.

DM: You search the empty room and see writing in the corner. It says: “A box without hinges, key, or lid,
yet golden treasure inside is hid.”
Sorcerer: Do we just say it?! I minor illusion an egg!
DM: Okay
Me: Nothing is happening, okay I want to do an egg dance!

This has all been taken place in about 30 seconds.

DM: Uhm, okay roll for it.
Me: *Nat20*
DM: *choking back laughter* Okay you swirl around in beautiful circles while chanting the word egg. A door opens and out steps the spymaster clapping.

We’re all laughing our asses off, when our DM tells us that just saying the word egg would’ve been enough, but she wanted to see where that was going.

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