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If you re-watched all Yuri on Ice episodes more than twice because there are just too many days between one Wednesday and the next one and you can’t live without regular doses of the skating anime…

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the absolute best thing with the whole episode was that their rings were called out and ???? it was normal ??? all their friends clapped and cheered for them ??? and all the strangers as well ???? in the yoi universe it’s completely irrelevant that viktor and yuuri are of the same sex and that makes me so emotional i can’t even describe how important that is to me yuri on ice doing gods work in normalizing gay relationships


Shahi has always had incredible chemistry with whomever she is working opposite on any show, but never to the degree she had with Acker. Both are incredible actresses on their own, but paired together on screen they delivered some of the most stunning moments of their careers. Their chemistry gave birth to the relationship between their characters and their joint commitment to nurture that relationship made it something truly special that will live on in the lexicon of pop culture until the end of time. You absolutely can’t talk about either character or either actress without mentioning the other because these parts richly intertwined them. For years, and likely decades, to hear the mention of one will elicit a reference to the other. Their hard work and dedication to Shaw and Root has forever bonded them in ways I doubt they could have fully comprehended when this journey began.

The greatest part of Magical Beasts was accidentally the very homoerotic relationship between Credence Barebone and Graves, which you think is probably unintentional because this is a typical American-Hollywood bait situation, but you can’t help hooking cause….it’s freaking Collin Ferrell and Ezra Miller, which is hot af….

Then you realize that the plot twist is that Graves is freaking Gellert Grindelwald, one of the most famous gay wizards in the entire HP community, so….

Probably wasn’t so accidental after all. *slow claps*

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Steve uploaled a snapchat of Louis leaving the stage, and there is his manager there, all smiley and clapping for Louis... and meanwhile Russell is not around... amazing

Rusty sucks. Thanks for the snap, Steve!! Steve’s team, the crowd, and the lads are the only way we’re going to get to see Louis, so I’m glad they’re there.