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| SORIS ; SHIANNI ; NELAROS | DAO | NPC Sketch Portraits: City Elf Origin |

Did some warmups ages ago with some of my origin faves. I thought it might be nice to do this once in awhile… Especially given how all DAO npcs look like badly animated sacks of flour. 

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.


Beruani Month - Day 25: A selfie together

Rome (Italy)

Paris (France)

Seville (Spain)

Athens (Greece)


bagginshield???? my city now

I saw Kingsman 2 yesterday and it was very good. I recommend to go watch it if you haven’t already. 😁 I had to doodle something after the movie and instead of Eggsy it turned out to be Harry. Heheh 😁

(Like most of us, India and Godwin never actually watched the Joey Drew cartoons when they were kids. They’ve always been aware of them of course, but Joey Drew Studios started to sink a fair a mount of time before they were even born. Anyway, obviously, this is a ch-3-trailer-inspired-doodle. -HG)


One of my prints for Toronto Fan Expo~ will probably make a new tumblr soon with less sidlink shenanigans/ shit posts and more actual art/sketches.(less LoZ stuff, more my own illustration, character stuff) Stay tuned friends!